Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Arsenal turn down £10m for Diaby

Arsenal have rejected a £10m bid from an unnamed Turkish club for midfielder Abou Diaby, according to Gunnerblog.

It’s unclear why Arsenal would turn down such an amount of money for a player who has spent more time on the treatement table than on the pitch during his Arsenal career, but continued doubts over the futures of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, as well as want-away Brazilian Denilson, may have played a part in the decision.

Diaby joined Arsenal in January 2006, around the same time as Theo Walcott and Emmanuel Adebayor, but suffered a career threatening injury at the clogging feet of ex-Sunderland player, and now milkman, Dan Smith. Since then he has suffered a litany of injuries and has never been able to put together a sustained period of fitness and/or form.

He made only 17 starts for the club during another injury hit campaign last season, scoring just 2 goals. It remains to be seen if an improved offer will be made but for now a player who seems to be a firm favourite of the manager is staying at the Grove.


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Wenger is bonkers.


Bad reporting, Diaby is injured and may require surgery… He will be with us next season…. maybe we can sell in Jan.


Have to agree with you on that. Plus why is the Turkish club unnamed? I think people are using any excuse to generate bad news stories about club policy.


If this is true, God help us.


fucking wenger. he’s lost his marbles.

Gunner @ Delhi

Have people at Arsenal gone mad? If there was really a bid of such money, Arsenal should have taken it. 10 mill for diaby, who is this crazy club?


Hey, you need to stop for a moment and think this through.. At this moment we have the possibility of losing Denilson, Fab,Nasri and Arshavin, so lets face it, if that happens, would it be wice to sell of one of our other offensive midfielders? I think Diaby has great potential but is stopped by injuries..maby he will kick it off this season 🙂

Sidrus Sidwell

Are you for real? “losing Denilson” ???


10million turned down?? Id have sold him for 4!!

Patanjali Pahwa

You know it is Blogs at the Arseblognews desk and not Allen when you read–suffered a career threatening injury at the clogging feet of ex-Sunderland player, and now milkman, Dan Smith. Comedy gold.


Yeah, that and the byline says “Admin” and not “Allen.”


Well done detective. Don’t let humorous conversation run wild on these comments

Aidan Daley

This is a wind up…..


WTF arsene take the money and run. 10 million for that idiot is more than we could ever hope for


Why go to the trouble of calling him an idiot? Do you even know the guy? Seriously, learn some damn respect.


In fact, I recall reading that he is one of the smartest and well-read Arsenal players. Maybe I am mixing him with someone else, but I don’t think so.


you’re right he’s not an idiot. Just a lazy clueless plodder, who dribbles when he should pass, pass when he should dribble, gets sent off for stupidity, and has an injury every other game. Perhaps we turned down 10 million out of embarrassment?


Well said daryll


Arsene is something else.. how can u turn down 10mil for a player who is half fit and half sane? The way this man acts baffles me, sell the guy for 10mil and buy matuidi. I think arsene has lost it!!


We would be crazy to sell him! I look at rvp, Scott Parker injury prone players who now look much stronger physically.

I am a massive abou diaby fan when he stays injury free he’s going to be a world class player. He’s such a wonderful talent who’s been si unlucky!

Every time he comes back from injury arsenal fans expect top top performances which is unfair on him!

Savage is a Dave

Delusion is a serious crime.


Fair comment John. I have zero doubt he would have been a different player had he not been so unlucky with injuries resulting from dirty play. I do like his Ballon comments, because they do indicate a level of ambition. People deplore the comments, but with a bit of perspective they should realise that they’re positive.

Agent Marlboro

yeah i just loved it how he famously got sent off against newcastle while we was 4-0 up, pure world class. newcastle ended the game 4-4. a game that i will never forget, it was overwhelmingly humiliating.
arsenal vs newcastle:


After the Diaby’s Newcastle Performance I would have given him away for free injury prone or not


You clown – Diaby was by FAR the best player on the pitch for the 1st 45 minutes in that game. It was only when BARton nearly snapped his leg again that he over-reacted and got sent off. Considering what happened before he did well not to punch the little git repeatedly in the face. I just don’t get Arsenal fans anymore – it’s like we hate every single player other than Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie & Wilshere, spend all our time slating them on the internet and groaning, moaning and whinging at the emirates when a pass doesn’t come… Read more »

Allez Gooner


People spend too much time reading hate mongering blogs and tabloid newspapers or playing football manager games.
Wake up! Get a grip on reality and support the team.
Wenger is a genius and if you don’t think so, you are either ignorant or stupid!


Wenger a genius????????? ignorant and stupid fans cannot see this.???? I thought we were making progress as a fan base from the one dimensional dillusion we’ve had over our manager but i see there are still some the hold the premature view of extremes i.e “He is a genius” or “He is an idiot”. obviously after the grief its apparent most of us are leaning towards the latter. however, after sobering weeks we have come to accept that Wenger is smart but somehow lacks the common sense to his own detriment. Have any of you AKBs ever wondered why this… Read more »


Allez I take exeption to “Wenger is a genius and if you don’t think so, you are either ignorant or stupid” Based on what is aw a genius. A genius does not persist with players clearly not good enough costing us precious points every season. Embarking on some sort of siege mentality crusade to prove to the world his way us right. Not building on winning teams leaving keys players wanting away. Sticking to a set formation no matter who we play and refusing to change the formation even when clearly not working. instead ignorantly throwing on square pegs for… Read more »


I think it would be best for both club and player if he moves on.


I think it would be best for club and player if he can avoid ankle-snapping tackles for a 10-game stretch so that he can fulfill the promise he shows every time he gets a run of games.


Absolutely ridiculous!


Yeah, let’s sell our entire mf in one summer. I’m no Diaby fan either but you can’t let the entire mf leave


We should sell Diaby and buy Parker. Sell Squallaci and buy Scott Dann. Sell Nasri and buy Downing. Sell Almunia and buy Green. Wenger is so dumb. We need mediocre english players to win the league. Listen to the fans you french git!


Sell nasri and buy downing ? Are you on crack ?


Just a guess, but it’s possible he was joking here…


Funniest reply today. Most appropriate too. Downing who would be non league if he wasn’t left footed…




Sell Nasri and buy Downing??????

The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

The only good bit of transfer news I have heard so far this summer is that Downing is in talks with Liverpool – please, God, let that go through, so there is no risk of him joining Arsenal!

The next bit of good news will be when AW denies any interest in Joey GBH Barton.


You’re sarcasmometer seems to be on the fritz again–have it looked at by a licensed professional.


– You’re
+ Your

I’ll show myself out.


The clue was in ‘mediocre’….learn to read.


Good one Adam! And to the people who answered him, it’s called sarcasm. Just wanted to make it clear before people without a sense og humour throw a hissyfit.


It’s important to have squad players who are willing to be just that, and not gripe ala Denilson.

In my mind the pecking order in the middle, ignoring Nasri, is: Cesc, Wilshere, Song, Ramsey, Diaby, Rosicky, Denilson.

I’m not sure you can bring in a 10 million pound player who will be okay with 5th choice. Furthermore, unlike Denilson, Diaby does have genuine talent and could still have his Malouda moment where the package comes together. Ultimately though, I expect Ramsey to be a bigger player for us.

Allez Gooner

I agree.

Diaby and Denilson are pretty damn good squad players. the problem is that there given high salaries too young, and we’ll probably have to offload at least one to keep the bank balance healthy.


Yeah denilson is a quality squad player. I can see all the top European clubs queuing up for his services.


Diaby isn’t a 10 million pound player, that’s the thing! We’d be just as well off with a 1 million pound player in his place.. or just promote some youth player there and make a 10m profit. Why tie up 10m in squad players just because they don’t gripe?


This can’t be true. Surely arsenal would bite the idiotic buying clubs hand of for an offer like that for abou ‘waste man’ diaby . Suspect injury record suspect attitude. He blew the Newcastle away game then showed he had learnt nothing by booting the ball away at Blackpool . Sell this idiot ASAP


Diaby isn’t a pub player! I don’t know what games u lot watch!

Yes he messed up in the Newcastle but he was bloody brilliant in the first half!

People still hate him for his own goal vs Man Utd he didn’t mean it! Just unlucky!

Arsenal fans need to understand diaby can’t produce performances when he keeps getting injured! He’s had some horror tackles!

The Bolton game where Paul Robinson nearly broke his leg into 2 was the game that ruined his season!

In France people rate diaby over nasri. Laurent blanc loves diaby!


Spot on Sir….

Junichi B

“In France”… well I’m in France, and true he is highly rated by Blanc, not more than Nasri.




Maybe we bit the hands off everyone concerned at this club and there is simply noone left to sign a cheque?

This is quite simply the only rational explanation I can come up for this if true.

If this physically weak and mentally bereft runtchick cannot be allowed to leave the nest for a frankly staggering fee then what hope that mother hen will push the rest of the underachieving freeloading brood from under the wing?

Fucking cunty transfer window.
No hair left on me ‘ead so have to pull out me arse hair in frustration.


He single handedly fucked up the Newcastle game for us.

When i see him come on as a sub in a losing/drawing game my heart fills with sadness and sorrow


so he gave newcastle a penalty when there clearly wasn’t one did he?? Tell you what, and this goes for anyone else who thinks that was all Diaby’s fault or that newcastle were awesome and fought back hard, watch that game again and keep an eye on dowd, HE’s the one that lost us the 3 points in that game, not any one arsenal player or even arsenal as a collective and certainly not any “fight” or “skill” from newcastle. prick.




Thank you thank you thank you for a finally sensible comment. Diaby was the best player by a million miles in the 1st half – Barton targeted him with a leg breaking tackle in the first few minutes of the 2nd half because it was Diaby making the difference.

The guy is as unlucky and he is class and his luck will change soon 🙂


Widge do you think we would have conceded 4 with 11 players on the pitch regardless of that disgusting pigboy dowd

Aidan Daley

Diaby is a classic example of the woeful lack of class and quality in the Arsenal side over the last 4 years. He is a donkey who is praised by Wenger, paid 50,000 a week to fail miserably and then patted on the back by the club……any fan who thinks Diaby should not be sold immediately must be looking forwards to mid table mediocraty…..10 MILLION??? They should give the bell end away!!


Its fools like you that are responsible for the shit atmosphere at the Emirates. Please name an Arsenal player you actually like beyong Fab, Nasri & wilshere.

Diaby is top top quality when he gets a run of games and even if he wasn’t, with the support of 60,000 fanatical gooners urging him on, he could be 10% better.

We all have a responsibility to raise the players on a bad day, not just sit down and wait to be entertained.

I love Arsenal as much as I hate some of our fans – and thats a lot.

Allez Gooner

too true.

Keep the faith, Pistol.


Song. I like Song. He’s a beast


Allez – I am keeping the faith dude – in the team anyway – it’s just the fans who consistently hate and hate – the barca game is the perfact example of how a ccrowd can lift the team and enable them to give that “bit” extra to beat superior teams. It happens against us all the time – look at Stoke away as a perfect example of an average team thririving off POSITIVE energy from their SUPPORTERS. We will get there and can’t wait for all of Gooverville and his ilk to kiss Wengers arse again!!


@ John,
First of all mate this ain’t France.. so don’t care how highly he is been rated there
He has been an absolute liability for the last 2-3 seasons.
10 m is a lot of money for such injury prone head less player.
Also can’t believe that some club actually made a bid for him…


Diaby is the next viera, he’s just been plagued with injuries and needs to get a good run of form & build confidence. His frustrations against Barton & in another game , I can’t think of at the moment, show his concerns for his ankle. Time will tell… Wenger knows what he’s doing. Have faith


Ollie diaby is not the next vieira

I’m sick of stupid comparisons with vieira. He’s not fit to clean paddys boots. Vieira had a mental and physical toughness diaby can only dream of. A refusal to lose
Diaby strolls about like he couldn’t give a shit

Shadow of Deth

Is there any proof this decision is solely decided by Arsene Wenger (turn down the offer)? Sometime i think he’s being bashed unfairly. And everybody tend to forget the good things that has been done a player and masked it with single or several mistake; this is what they called “mental filter”.


Feel sorry for diaby as well! That whole spurs shirt fiasco! I watched it on French TV kaboul and diaby were just having a laugh, joking about and thesun took it completely out of context! For me diaby is a special player. He literally got all the skills ie heading , tackling, stamina, tricks,/skills, passing ability, shooting ability, dribbling, set pieces etc He just needs a season where he stays injury free so he can showcase all those qualities! You look at our midfield players diaby is probably our most talented one in there in terms of what he has… Read more »


Taxi for John

Diaby has been at the club how many years ? He’s yet to prove he can string 4 games together without getting injured and plays with a frustrating lethargy and lack of fight. He also switches off at set pieces and has proved a liability over and over.
More talent in his locker than cesc and jack ! Do me a favour


John – Spot on, Goonersville, try supporting the team and the players in it and you might find their confidence and level of performance increases too.

Please see my comments to other idiots above.


Sorry pistol but I’ve been a season ticket holder since I was 7 I’m now 34 so don’t give me nonsense about supporting the players ad I’m there every week doing just that. But don’t expect me to sit there cheering a bloke earning 50 grand a week strolling around the pitch showing a massive lack of urgency and will to win. Man u have players who don’t have an ounce of the talent diaby has but work hard and give thier guts for the team. I’ve never seen this from diaby and doubt I ever will.



perhaps that’s the difference.

a United fan will cheer their player regardless of how much the player is earning; you’re not cheering because his shoulders are slumped and he’s making more than you?

Maybe it’d be different if you cheered. Shame that “27 years” of supporting hasn’t taught you that much.

Players are humans, not robots. Quick FYI 🙂


Alex Your missing my point it’s nothing to do with how much he earns. It’s about showing us punters some damn respect we are after all paying his wages and i don’t expect a half hearted performances and childish petulance. I get behind the team every game and I can easily forgive players for lack of ability but not for lack of effort. You think people cheering him running into blind alleys and awful distribution will help go ahead …But it won’t and as for utd fans cheering on players regardless that’s so naive it’s unbelievable they are more fickle… Read more »


Gonnersville – I do understand the sentiment behind what your saying – as long as a player gives his all we can’t ask for much more. What I am saying is though – if he IS having a bad day – it’s the cheers of the SUPPORTERS and their desire to will the team on that could drive, inspire and motivate him to give that bit more and “make the difference”. If all he hears after being disspossed, giving a misplaced pass, wayward shot or whatever is moans and groans (we have all heard them at the ground). How is… Read more »


Look RVP, scott parker were injury prone they have sorted tht issue out!

I am pretty sure with diaby they can sort that out!

However wenger and laurent blanc need to stop rushing him back and playing him straight away!

We would be mad to sell him for £10 million and next season stays injury free!

Brian wallace

It’s diabys attitude that does my head in. Seems to just stroll around. I’d say he has a good game every 1 of 5 if lucky. Added to his never ending injuries I’d be glad to see the back of him, might be harsh but the team comes 1st.


+1 for this. All potential, no application. Unfortunately I suspect that he will be kept because of all the other uncertainty in midfield. Maybe this is Arsene mind game to provoke a change of attitude from being a target of Turkish team (no huge disrespect meant, but not the heady heights he might hope for). If he has a strong, uninterrupted pre-season, and then string some games together without breaking then who knows. Glass half full…

Arsenal fan

People seriously back off i personally like diaby i think he has got a alot to offer the team, he is a good plater when he is fit i want him to stay and can someone plz tell me why we havent signed gervinho, ricky alvarez, cahill or samba, while manchester united are getting stronger fml wish ashley young was at arsenal i hate arsene wenger he puts money ahead of his fans who want success


Wenger’s blind faith for his players is starting to cost us in the transfer market as well as on the pitch now.


Maybe I have too much faith but I think Diaby has what it takes. I’d like us to give him another year. I think he has the skill to really make an impact this season. Rosicky on the other hand, what’s the point anymore?


How can people like this giant turd! All he’s over done is fuck Arsenal in the arsehole with his laziness and selfishness. Diaby everything that’s wrong about the modern Arsenal. If Wenger turned down £10m then he’s a twat, and if he’s genuinely trying to persuade Clichy to stay with a bumper new contract he’s an even bigger twat.


Well said on both counts James

Clichy has been declining the past 2 seasons


Whilst I would agree to a certain extend re: Clichy, I would also say that he has been targeted by opposition teams over the last 2 years because we are not as strong defensively down our left. This is not because “clichy is in decline” at the age of 26/27. This is simply because Arshavin does not track back as muchj as Walcott. How solid Clichy looked at times last year with Nasri infront, not Arshavin. I personally would like Clichy to stay as I don’t see anyone better (don’t even bring leighton baynes into this argument!!) Again, just hating… Read more »


It could just be his agent trying to drum up some interest in him and no actual offer has been made.


Sheesh gooners are selective as hell! it says in the article itself that as 3 of our midfielders’ futures are up in the air we cant exactly just go and sell a 4th.

I would put money on the same people saying “WENGER IS A LOOONZ!? WTEFF?!” saying “OMG we’re a selling club look what wenger has done!” If we were to sell Diaby and then lose Fab and Nasri. Think before you speak, things arent always so black and white, THIS ISNT CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER!!!


@weedysd 😉


Why not sell him, and get the 10£ to buy a new and better defencive midfielder. If Wenger is smart he would sell him and use some money from our pocket aswell and buy a defencive player for 15-20£. This summer was supposed to be a busy summer afterall.

Allez Gooner

The summer hasn’t started yet. Wake up! The international transer window opens on July 1st.
Are you saying that you are more intelligent that Arsene Wenger?


I for one am glad that a deal didn’t materialise. Diaby is excellent when fit and on form. and he’s one of the few players that like to shoot from outside the box


we should be giving him away plus 10 million to the team that’s willing to take him


Diaby was not the only factor for the shittiness that happens at newcastle. There are 10 more players that should take the blame. Cesc was responsible when spurs beat us at home, yet nobody throw a fit at him. I say wenger should sell all the foreigners. They failed. Its time for the arsenal to be english again. Bobby Zamora will wear the no 7 shirt. And Bobby 7 will make defenders cry. Like old times.

Double '71

Nevermind all that, why the f#ck is there a banner at the top of this page advertising Matchday VIP for Manure? It’s bad enough with Nike taking the p#ss out of us with that abomination of an away kit without this sort of sh#t too. Get it sorted blogs, NOW!

Double '71

Cheers Blogs, so guess what I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon clicking on… 🙂


Stay out of this paddy fith or you’ll be next!


Diaby for 10million!!!

Wenger run away with money!!!

Anything over 3million for him is a bonus – this one is bumper

No wonder the club wishes to be unnamed with the over the top bid


To me Diaby is a gd player,i like him.I want to see him next ssn as well as clichy.Its like some people 4get how quality the two are.


10 mil – if it’s true then my sense of dread will deepen. HES NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


It doesn’t matter if you like the player or not. It’s business, just look at cesc. I think we can all agree 10mil for him would be good business. The boss would sell after supressing a smile.
Side note: a thank you to blogs for keeping this about arsenal. Keep trash comments on trash websites

frankie frankie

i would have taken a million. seriously, the guy is injured every 3 weeks. I can remember the last time he was fit enought to be even considered for 10 games in a row. plus he is a liability. he’s picked up stupid red cards and booking here and there and will only have 1 good game in 6. how on earth he is even considered for the national team is beyond me. get rid and get rid now. he will end leaving on a free in a couple of years anyway and would have only cost us money. i… Read more »


Look I can recognise diaby has the ability to fo well for us but I’m not seeing him progress and don’t think he has the attitude to bust a gut for the team or to drive himself to greatness. you can blame injuries for some of rusty performances but I can’t forgive lack of effort and acts of sheer stupidity that come with diaby. Times almost up for him and 10m is good business for a bit part player who hasn’t progressed in 5 years


A more measured response there Goonerville – I hope my responses are taken in the right way above. I agree that he hasn’t progressed as we hoped however he has been magnificent at times and he has it in him. I just know we would sell him and he would set the world alight at his new club (a bit like I fear with Bendtner (although he does have to leave to get regular games). Last year, in Jan, everyone was like “we need a new striker bla bla bla”. Bendtner returned from injury scoring 12 goals in 11 games,… Read more »

Jay Shikongo

if english players are so good why can’t they progress far in big tournaments? but realistic, diaby worth less than that and not a regular player either. we need to sell and exchange at least 13 players such as Squillacy 5mil, Alminua 1mil, Clichy 10mil, Denilson 8mil, Rozisky 8mil,Diaby 10mil, Vela 10mil, Eboue 7mil, Bedtner 12mil, Chamakh 10mil, Cesc 40mil, Arshavin 15mil and eastmond 1 mil totaling 137 mil AND rplace them with, Given 6mil, Samba 12mil, Cahill 17mil, Gervi 12mil, Chamberlain 10mil, Parker 7mil, Benzema 25mil, Alverez 10mil, Baines 15mil and Mata 23mil for the same amount than we… Read more »


You have to be off your rocker to think even half of those are possible. No club in their right mind would attempt such a roster overhaul in one season. That would be madness when we sell a few players and clubs are looking to get their hands on all the cash we have just received. Arsenal never sell that many, and even if they did there is no way we would go out and buy that many to cover. Too much work and I would be extremely nervous as well.


This isnt championship manager mate
No fire sale at the emirates

Midfield Corporal

I think AW still sees what he first saw in him and hopes he’ll become this box to box midfielder. He’s worried if we sell him someone else will see the best of him. On his day he’s great but there aren’t enough of them to turn down 10mill in my opinion. Comparison with Vieira have always been ridiculous, they are very different players and would never have been made if he hadn’t been tall, lanky, black and French.


This story has to be wrong. 10 mil for a player who’s best goal at Arsenal has been a beautiful header right into his own net? This is garbage…but…however remote the possibility, true – means Wenger has gone Colonel Kurtz completely and this team is in serious meltdown.

Midfield Corporal

If 10million is the fee offered it’s probably based on him playing a certain number of games, with additional payments if the club win the league, champing league, Nobel prize for literature. Initial fee probably 2 million . 10million is more of a story than a couple of million and extras.

David Cameron

It’s great to be back at the LGA conference.
And I want to congratulate Sir Merrick Cockell on his appointment as Chair of the Local Government Association.
Today, I want to talk about the big issue of the week – the reform of public service pensions.
But before I do that, let me say something about local government.
I want it put on record: I think you are doing a brilliant job in challenging circumstances.
I know it was a tough financial settlement.
And I know you are all grappling with some really difficult decisions.

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