Exclusive: Agent insists Mata will look at offers

Juan Mata Sr

The agent of Valencia playmaker Juan Mata has remained coy on the future of the 23-year-old following speculation over the youngster’s future. While revealing Mata was unaware of an offer from Arsenal the player’s representative and father insisted that they will look at proposals from potential suitors this summer.

Mata was a key protagonist in the Spanish U-21 European Championship this summer and according to a report in the Daily Mail this morning is the subject of an £18m (€20.2m) offer from Arsenal.

Liverpool are also rumoured to be interested in the player but speaking to Arseblog News Juan Mata Snr revealed he was unaware of an offer from Arsenal, but would not rule out a move this summer. He said, “We’ve just returned from the U21 championships and my son has gone on holidays. As of today we haven’t spoken to anybody.

“I don’t know if Valencia have received a proposal from Arsenal or any other club. We will wait to hear from them”.

Asked if Arsenal would be of interest to his son he said, “I know Arsenal is a big club, a very important club in England, always in the Champions League, but it’s up to any club to pay the required amount to Valencia. Then we can look at the proposals”.

When asked the value Los Che have placed on the youngster he replied, “You would have to ask Valencia”.

Spanish publication Sport claims the release clause for Mata is €20m.

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Which contradicts the Mails story then. Maybe it’s just another rumour…


Its the same every year quite tiresome really, we WONT buy mata! I remember hazard was signing last year never happened.We will buy cheap players that no other big club want. We just can’t compete!!


He is The Juan!!! Bring him home Wenger!!


Kolin you twat, let it happen you naysayer

Robin Yer Pursie

hah, arseblog news pissing in dailyfail with confirmation of…. their bs.


same old arsenal, sameold wenger same old thrash talk sameold blah ,blah,blah mata ,gevinho,alvarez.samba,cahill we are still trying to start the marathon with buying players while man utd have already sgned 3 players and still looking for more. and we wonder why they are champions. wenger still looking for cheap players across europe. somethings will never change. i warned my friends that wenger will not sign any one ,they thought i was joking,it is already 27ths still no sign of any player leaving or coming in. if we don’t get uality players in,we will be here again next season debating… Read more »


@kolin- no sure we have never bought a young expensive spainerd who plays left wing but can play up front also


Its not even July yet, what is the big panic? Most clubs don’t start their new financial year until July, and as Arsenal aren’t run by a sugar daddy like the other big clubs(and liverpool) we can’t be throwing 20 million around here or there on average players. The new players will come, less of the moaning you so called ‘supporters’. Also why are you blaming Wenger? If you know anything about how clubs do business then you will know Ivan is the man you should be looking at


Transfer window opens 2nd July officially. Knowing wenger does this by the book. Nothings gonna happen until then


He played for Spain in the U-21 championship but say he is a 23 year old at the beginning.


so long as he was 21 when championship started; qualifications etc


Too much negativity from ‘supporters’. The transfer window opens next Monday, wait until it closes before turning on the gloom. Wenger knows what we need and he will try to get it. SUPPORT THE ARSENAL no more negativity


ahhhh the booo boys. always complaining. if we do well they cheer..if we do badly they cheer with a smug told you so.


They can always go and ‘support’ Moan U if they don’t like it (assuming they already live in the typical London catchment area).

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chuma anene

Drama all the time everybody is buying we are just jokers same thing last year notting to so for

Bergkamp Nova

Some of u so called supporters are an embarrassment. All you do is piss and moan. Give it a rest and SUPPORT your club!


It’s getting fucking ridiculous. Same shit every summer. We are fucked!!!


Sorry, but its perfectly legitimate at this point to be pissed off at this point! Its always wrong to be permanently negative in a condescending way, but I definitely understand supporters who want the best for the club and feel that the management/board could be doing better! If all fans agreed with the management/board we would be stuffed


at this point at this point.. excuse my rage-driven typos!


At this point.. At this point is 28.6. Wait untill start of pl before you guys moan about the lack of good signings, the f’king window hasn’t opened yet! If we are empty handed at the start of the season then i’ll also start to complain, which means Wenger & co have breaked their promise of busy season.


well said. it’s like sitting in a hot car with a small child screaming ‘have we signed yet, have we signed yet?’ every 2 fucking seconds


Mate, not this point in time since the end of the season, this point in time since, oh let’s say.. the end of 07/08? When we failed to fill significant gaps and have since been raging at the inadequacy of certain players who feature all to frequently.. I’m not really fussed about signings RIGHT now, I could see the Mata thing happening, Gervinho seems possible, Alex oxencart etc looks likely, etc etc etc. I wasn’t reacting to this article at all I was just saying, there are always people who will say “let’s just be quiet and judge in __… Read more »


A spectrum that goes from “throw a fit” to “wait forever” I meant. For some reason my clever text drawing didn’t show up*


Nice to see an agent respecting a club for a change…

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Quality Player
But let’s see what materialises


we have supported d club and those fat cunts who call themselves the board for the past six years and what have we got?failure and greed on d part of d board. Why should we be haggling over meagre prices for samba, gervinho, cahill, oxlade and alvarez? For Christ sake non of these guys is even up to £20m and we all know they are better than most of the over hyped half futballers being bought for £20m. Why have united signed three players when d so-called transfer market is not open til july? Is dat date applicable only to… Read more »

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[…] Juan Manuel Mata is Arsenal’s top transfer target, and his agent has hinted that his client will look at offers for his services. Mata hasn’t acted like Greedybayor to say that Arsenal is […]

[…] clubs, especially Liverpool, Mata has yet to commit his future and his agent (and father) has asserted this fervently. Perhaps the most confidence boosting factor are reports that Arsenal has made an £18million bid […]