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Clichy questions Arsenal squad depth

Former Gunner Gael Clichy says it was the lack of squad depth that cost Arsenal the chance of silverware last season.

Speaking to Manchester City’s official site, Clichy spoke about his final season at the Emirates, saying, “It started well, just like the team, but then it just collapsed at the end of the season after the cup final”.

And he attributes the failure to lack of competition for places and an inability to cope with key absences. “That’s why you can see the importance of having a big squad because we had a few players who were out. And of course it’s difficult for a team to cope without Robin van Persie and Cesc Fabregas at the same time.

“You know, sometimes it’s difficult to have a lot of players, because the competition is hard, but as a team you need a big squad to go all the way, and that’s why I joined City”.

Clichy becomes City’s fourth left back, along with Wayne Bridge, Aleksandar Kolarov and Jerome Boateng, although Bridge and Boateng have been linked with moves away from Manchester this summer.

Meanwhile, Newcastle manager Alan Pardew says it will be difficult to keep Jose Enrique if Arsenal step up their interest in the Spaniard. Speaking to the BBC he said, “There’ll be a lot of speculation about who will replace Clichy and the knock on effect. It’s not helped our cause.

We’re trying to persuade him to stay, but as he’s got a year to run on his contract and has a desire to play Champions League football, at his age it means it’ll be difficult to keep him”.

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Time for everyone to let ‘er rip.


In before Wenger says “but if we av a big squad how will Denilson develop”?


Vot about Eboue, Vela. If I buy, it will kill them. You don’t vant them dead, no?


“what you are asking is for me to kill Denilson”

(most people would probably settle for that)


Seems as odd comment from Clichy as last season we actually had most of the first-choice XI available for the latter parts of the season

D Morris

Clichy was now 3rd choice at Arsenal after his defenceive mistakes las season. Wenger said the defence had to be improved. With Arshavin being a attacking winger. Arsenal do not need a attacking left back He is behind Kieran Gibbs & Armand Traore. He was told he was not going to make the 25 man squad next season. He was also on higher wages than Gibbs & Traore. Who are both younger. Wenger has all ways known when players are starting to get past there best, & it was time to sell for both partys. He has served Arsenal well… Read more »


Clichy has been in decline for almost 3 years now, but he was far and away our best LB.


I have to agree with what he’s saying here, to be fair.

Fed up of Barca

Don’t blame him for leaving.

If AW / tight fisted board aren’t very careful we’re in massive trouble next season.
As an ST holder and seeing 1st hand the narky atmosphere inside the ground from February onwards if things don’t change I can see full blown riots breaking out

Arsenal is my team

my arse hole smells absolutely terrible

Ejiro Esiri

Good riddance to bad rubbish…tnx for the 8 yrs though..two left foot douche clichy!


Yes Clichy was flawed but he was ultimately a far better player than both Traore and Gibbs put together. Baines would be ideal but that sounds like too ambitious a signing for the Arsenal at the minute. I think Wenger playing vela at left back is more likely.

Midfield Corporal

Clichy more experienced than Gibbs, but suddenly everyone is on Gibbs back saying he’s not the answer. Maybe he’s not but he’s only made a handful of appearances so we can’t be sure. Remember Alex Song? I am not alone in thinking he was terrible and would never make it, he turned out to be a decent player. If Gibbs is first choice he needs experience and guidance from his centre halves and left sided midfielder.


alex song is the boss


Gibbs has yet to prove doubts over his fitness and defensive positioning
Traore is an awful left back please please I don’t want to hear traore is ‘like a new signing’
Enrique or baines please wenger both prem proven


Traore is like a new signing

Midfield Corporal

I can see the tabloid headline when Leighton Baines signs – ‘Baine in the Arse!!’


Funny how he doesn’t mention how many points we dropped thanks to his screw-ups. Why on earth couldn’t he have simply left with his dignity largely intact and without talking shit in the papers?

Screw you, and good riddance, Clichy. You weren’t good enough and now you’ll see out the rest of your career sitting on the bench in soggy Manchester.


I think we should try and sign Roberto Carlos. Hes quite a player. Or maybe just put Vela there..or retrain Denilson to play left back.


I hear stefan Malz can play left back and is available
Amaury bischoff to replace cesc and kaba diawara to replace the great Dane
You heard it hear first people


Kenny Sansom was looking pretty trim last time i saw him how about we bring him and Sol back again to provide a bit of experienced cover at the back?


Clichy should have left without saying anything. He says we didn’t have enough competition but wouldn’t resign with us because he thinks Wenger wants to start Gibbs. Doesn’t that sound like a contradiction?

He is very athletic but very clumsy. He was not improving. Sorry to see him go but onward and upward. Now please buy some players Arsene. We Trust You Will!


Players commenting and cannot say what they really mean is a reality of life and i wonder why they do comment anyway.
Not many are willing to say exactly what they mean and take the consequences.

Maybe, just maybe he means:
Yes, joining a big squad means you don’t play all the time. Maybe that’s why?
Cashing in week in week out and not having to play? Ah life is so unreal.


Spoily his amicable transfer by talking crap…in effect he lost us quite a few points..

Either way…as much as id love baines to be an arsenal player it seems like enrique is going to be wengers target since he is cheaper…i havent watched him too often…should i be worried?

Mike Gooner

I kinda get Gael’s point about Our lack of strength in depth…… let’s PLEASE sign Enrique or Baines S-W-I-F-T-L-Y Arsène!!



World Class

We need to add Aguero for squad depth.

vox in Oz

cmon people, its just time for him to go… Clichy has been our best left back for a long time, lets noit forget that. I have loved watching him play. Wenger has nailed this one, to get 7 mio, even better, the time is pefect, he’s coming down from his peak and time for new blood. PLEASE SIGN SOMEONE. Baines would be perfect and reminds me of Winterburn somehow… not sure why? Wayne Bridge/Enrique there is a few available. please lets not fuck around with Vela, sell him and buy some players, please……………… Good bye Clichy, You were a great… Read more »


LOLzers at the comments at the top – ‘do you want me to kill denillson?’ lets use enrique’s one year contract dilema like people are doing to us with clichey and nasri! offer just enough to pip the opposition. ultimately our budget for replacing left back will prob be the money we got for clichey – which means some obscure frenchman or african. such is life as a gooner. the top teams need highly attacking full backs – at least one anyway, and thats not currently sagna (he does try to get forward lots but really doesnt do a lot… Read more »


Meanwhile, in the real world…


Clichy wasn’t the best left back in the world but he never got help from Arshavin so he was made to look worse than he was. That said, I don’t think we’ll miss him if le boss signs someone. Gibbs is not the answer. Baines please!!!

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