Monday, July 4, 2022

Ferguson: Nasri has agreed to join someone else

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson admits that his chances of landing Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri this summer are slim.

United are reported to have made a £20m bid for Nasri, which was turned down by Arsenal, but it seems a better offer elsewhere may have put paid to a potential transfer to the red side of the city.

Speaking at a press conference in Boston, Ferguson said, “I don’t think he is coming to United. That is all I can tell you. I think that he has agreed to go somewhere else.”

You don’t need to be a genius to know that somewhere else refers to Manchester City. France Football have claimed that Nasri will join Mancini’s mercenaries when he returns from Arsenal’s Asian tour, with a weekly wage of £160,000 mooted.

However, Arsene Wenger claimed earlier today that neither Nasri, nor Cesc Fabregas, would be going anywhere this summer. Never short of an opinion, Ferguson reacted to that by saying, “That is his decision. He is the manager. If he stands by that decision, it is a brave one. I don’t know if the (Arsenal) directors will enjoy that one, but it is possible.

“Maybe he will have to stay”.

The Arsenal board need to weigh up the potential cost of keeping Nasri who has thus far refused to commit to a new deal. His contract expires next summer and if £20m+ is on the table from City it would be almost impossible to turn down, regardless of the manager’s wishes.

If that money were handed straight back to Wenger to re-invest in the squad there’s little doubt the pain of losing Nasri could be offset.

Provided the money wasn’t spent on Stewart Downing.

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Mani Kashmiri

Loving that last line.

Aaron Roco



Nasri. What a total shitbag.


If he goes to city it just shows that he is a money hungry prick like the rest that go to city! Dnt need players like that playing for u! Goodluck sitting on citys bench and goodbye u greedy shit!

Ringo Starr

If he goes to citeh ,It will be a lose-lose situation .He’ll just rot there with their ‘park the bus’ football and we will loose a key player and Wenger and his board will just pocket that money to pay for the ‘stadium’

Ahmed Farrakha

So you would turn down double the salary? Its his job and he is in a good bargaining position. I would be very happy if he stayed. He is quality and we have very little of it right now.


Sell Nasri buy Modric and resign cambell. Bring Les Ferdinand and Teddy Sherignham out of retirement. Also could use Rob Keane.


Whoops! Thought I was on Spudblog


Wenger should be prepared to lose the 20m for the bigger picture. The club is at a crossroads, his job is at a crossroads, and shutting up shop and stopping the rot, in the press, with the players, and with the fans, should be his priority. Think about next summer when next summer comes, right now the fans are on the wrong side balanced, and failure to learn from the past seasons will be a tipping point. Replace Nasri this season, but let him go next season if he still wants to. By that stage we could be above City,… Read more »


You sad twat for reporting as if it was news. Fergie knows he isnt going to United and jas added the last bit about how he “thinks he’s agreed to go somewhere else” because he is a cantancarous old git!

And you’ve fallen for it, well done pea brains.


I am not sure, I was going for the punchy attention grabbing style of lazy sports hackery.


Sounds like news to me, with it being actual quotes recently given. Its not, “insider source” or “it is believed that” bull crap. Keep it up Blogs.

Ps, Even if Nasri were to sign a new contract, it’d be an Adebayor situation all over again. Sell him and get Mata and hopefully Cesc will stay


I dislike hit whoring blogs but I don’t think this article or it’s headline is sensationalist. Fergie did say that. Whether or not what he said is true is anyone’s guess but there is nothing wrong with reporting it considering Fergie’s position in football.


its a quote from an interview he had in boston,

your a dumb piece of shit go support spurs you fucking cunt

forever arsenal

Arseneal are you on something? read sids comment again


It is the first bit of anything close to news all summer on it.

Actual quotes, from an actual source.


Actual quotes, from an actual cunt.


Quotes from a rival manager who has missed out on a signing and is resoritng to shit stirring and trying to undermine that same player with his parent club.

This isnt fantasy manager, just selling nasri now and signing Mata is not a good deal, why on earth would you think that? Mata MIGHT work and why not just sign him anyway? Why strengthen a rival?

And Nasri is not Adebayor, chatting like you know the future is kinda funny.


I hear that renegade


Fergie is just doing his usual shit-stirring. The sooner that old soak kicks the bucket, the better.


Hell yes! Begrudging partisanship respesct , but what a hole he will leave. Stick the Cannon in and FIRE!


I’m with Sid on this. Ferguscunt is just shit stirring. He hasn’t got a clue what’s happening with Nasri, just like most people, but he knows he’s not going to get him. Everybody’s falling for it and making their minds up before anything happens. Might turn out to be right. Might turn out to be wrong. But he sure as hell doesn’t know.


I’m so confused. Samir says he wants to play good football, and it’s not about money. If he signs for citeh, that’s 2 lies he told.

I hope ferguson’s Tongue rots in his pickled head.


This is just Ferguson trying to say something relevant to players not leaving his club. He’s trying to keep himself in the headlines, and deflect attention away from the tremendous clear-out United are having with their sale of all squad players to Sunderland… United are trying to model themselves like we’re run right now: essential players and youth only, and no extra squad players on the books- simply because they cannot afford otherwise, thanks to the Glazers and their mountainous debt. We’re simply doing things on the cheap because the board like their Scrooge McDuck style money pits to swim… Read more »


Wenger confirms Nasri stays. Q.You seem to be in a similar situation with Samir Nasri? A.No. Samir’s situation is clear for me. Q.He definitely stays, come what may? A.He stays. Q.So if a club comes in with a big offer, knowing that he’s in the final year of his contract, you will say, “You’re staying…” A.I’ve just told you that we are in a position where we can say “No”. Q.And you will, in the case of Samir? A.We will. Q.You think that it is worth more to have Samir for one more season and risk losing him on a… Read more »


I love how we start off the transfer season with 40-60m to spend, then when we sell a player for 20m, we have 20m to reinvest, well surely we should now have 60-80m, why aren’t we buying players like Hazard and cahill, any new players are now going to miss pre-season, yet again same old story from Arsene.


we should sell to city, we’re practically their feeder club anyway! 😉


Why? Get to a meeting mate.


The red faced cunt is playing mind games. I have never trusted him or the refs who give him a penalty even though the offence was outside the box.
There is absolutely no doubt that if he doesn’t win a trophy in side a time frame of two to four years ,he would be axed.
If Wenger doesn’t get the quality or expereinced players, he risks turning Arsenal into a fourth rate team ,a million miles from the top three.By quality players I mean players from the major Euro soccer leagues ,not someone from the Kosovo or Afghan leagues.


Wenger says the top teams indulge in financial doping. Do they care?They have trophies and billions in debt.The thought of UEFA ‘s fair financial play does not in the least perturb them.Secretly Wenger is hoping the UEFA plan will make him king in the transfer market. He better wise up and do what is needed. He needs to make a statement of intent by getting some big players otherwise the gunners would be unable to compete.Imho,I think this could be the season when the gunners could be banished to the Europa Cup from which they would spent at least three… Read more »


I love that FIFA soccer mentality of “just sell nasri and buy Mata” and we’ll be fine. Like because they are rated the same one can just step into another’s place and not miss a stride. It takes more than a couple of games to get comfortable playing with a new team in the epl. At this point losing Nasri would almost be more painful then Cesc leaving just due to the sheer suddenness of the move. Cesc everyone would expect but Nasri? I’m hoping its all just silliness and silent stan is gonna step up and pay the man… Read more »


With Cesc and Nasri, how did we look over the last third of the season? The season before? Nasri is hugely overrated, and Cesc is gone from this team. Take Nasri’s money and run. RVP and Verm are the heart of this team, build around them.

forever arsenal

your comments are tiresome to read.

[…] evidence of anything, but speaking about United’s interest in the player he said he believed Nasri had agreed to join somebody else (Man City, obviously), and hinted that Wenger’s decision to keep the player might not sit […]


If Wenger thinks he’s worth keeping we’re willing to lose 20m on him…. why not just give him his wage demands, extend his contract and them sell him next year if he still wants to leave? We’re not 20m down then and still keep the player…

I know players shouldn’t hold clubs to ransom but that’s just the way it works now.. if we need him and he’s willing to stay for a cost we can obviously afford due to the risk of losing 20m next year…


Would be good for AW to stick Nasri up on press conference duty on this tour and let him answer the journo’s questions face to face. There’s only one person who can realistically put an end to the uncertainty and that’s Nasri himself, rather than us relying on stories and quotes generated by his cunt of an agent or Sir Drunkalot. At any stage, the easiest thing in the world would be for him to come out and tell it like it is, staying or going, and the fact he has decided not to, and allowed this to develop, presumably… Read more »

Dave Gooner

I think he already has to AW – that he is staying. That should be enough.


Not enough to save the majority of fans thinking he’s nothing but a greedy twat who isn’t actually committed to the club.

My point was if he isn’t the first but is the second, allowing the situation to develop as it has has done him no favours.

But if he cares not a shit about that, fair enough.

Jas Sagoo

Its Fergie just sh*t stirring again!!


Old bacon face speaks…. just like Evra and everyone else who’ve tried their best to unsettle Nasri. I’m pretty sure he’s on his way out and why shouldn’t he want to? We lose the plot with 15 games to go, lose out on the title and then refuse to make the impact signings we need to truly strengthen the squad vs. Man U. who win the title then go out and buy players that will make them even better. News out today is that Wesley Sneijder is gonna sign either this week or next. I’m so sick of the refusal… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Worth pointing out – in the interest of perspective – what he also said (almost with the same breath): that Paul Scholes was ‘in the top 4 midfielders in the world – him, Iniesta, Xavi and then there’s the rest’.

Indeed. Lets all settle down now shalll we?


Re: the people saying we should keep Nasri for this season and let him go on a free next Summer… what fucking planet are you on? If we can get £20m for him with a year left on his contract, that’s seriously good business. He’s not even proved himself as a great player, a lot of people are forgetting how shit he was in the 2nd half of last season. If he stays, look forward to a season of underachieving from Nasri. His heart clearly isn’t in it – he’ll be resentful that he’s not elsewhere earning double the salary… Read more »

Professor Plum

nasri? fuck him.

[…] Fergie cleared the air about Man Utd’s link to Nasri so all fingers were pointed to the Blue half of Manchester […]

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