Thursday, October 6, 2022

Lansbury close to Norwich move

Arseblog News has learned that Henri Lansbury is close to a permanent move to newly promoted Norwich City.

The England U21 midfielder has only one year left on his contract and enjoyed a fine loan spell at Carrow Road last season, appearing 15 times and scoring 4 goals.

On his Twitter account yesterday he posted the following message, “Is it time for a new chapter, hmmm”, before deleting it, which led many to speculate about his future.

Arsene Wenger appeared impressed with the energetic midfielder last season, comparing him former legend Ray Parlour. “For me, Lansbury will be an Arsenal player”, he said. “He is doing extremely well. He is a type of player who I rate because of his qualities, but as well his mental strength. He is a bit like Ray Parlour – up and down, fantastic engine, good attitude”.

The move, should it happen, would disappoint many Arsenal fans who would like to see the home-grown youngster given a chance, even if they would like to see the club invest in more experience this summer.

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Henri Lansbury

Pretty shocked we wouldn’t keep him around as a squad option.

Tenacity, workrate, good passing, scores goals. Why bother keeping Diaby and Rosicky?


Because they are better, simple as that. Plus they are more experienced. I like to see more Arsenal kids follow jack and make it with the club but all this moaning about AW not keeping them around and signing world class players and all that. Two kids in less than 12 hours, i wish them the best of luck, are not being sold to Real cunting madrid!

Fed up of Barca

At least lansbury wouldn’t plod around the pitch. He’d at least play with tenacity (unlike Rosicky or Diaby)

SF Gooner

This does not make me happy. I feel if you’re not going to spend the money to reinforce with proper quality and experience that you should at least give a few of the kids in the academy a chance. Maybe he will buy but I’m pessimistic due to his record in these matters in the past few years. If he goes, then you just wish him the best. Sorry it couldn’t work out here.


Would the last player out please turn off the lights……


Wenger can’t win. First we have fans stating his youth policy has failed. Then when he starts to reduce the number of youths so he can make space in the squad he’s criticized for getting rid of a player we like because… Not really sure based on…fuck knows… Ahhh my head really really hurts.

Jon Hume

Always thought he seemed like a decent player and a good lad. Will be a shame if he goes, rather have him in the squad than many of the others.

Gavin Gregory

Ridiculous if this goes through. We keep Diaby over Lansbury. We give countless chances to average no passion no hopers like denilson…………

What is going on at Arsenal these days? This is becoming less and less of a club I feel connected too


Lansbury only completed 90 minutes six times for norwich, and was only a sub for the last six games, not exactly the sort of stats that make you think he would improve arsenal.
And before you have a rant at me, I like lansbury, but what has he done to have so many thinking he is some sort of briliant player who should be in the arsenal team


He is English 🙂


Exactly, Robin….. he’s English! hahahahahaha…..


Perfect answer.


He was only at Norwich for half a season so taking part in 12 games is excellent for loanee and he scored crucial goals.

Anyone who has watched play in the youth, reserves and England u19s where he was captain knows he’s a quality player. He had a major impact on the u21s when he came on an only Pearce was fool enough to still not start him.

I hope he has patience enough to stick around a couple more years and fight it out.


Well said eduardp


Sorry Eduardo

Ben Savage

This would be very disappointing. He was arguably our best player out on loan last season and for him to be shipped out so quickly completely sucks.


Coquelin was our best player out on loan last season and I fail to see why we need Lansbury when he have better players before in front (Coquelin, Frimpong) and behind (Bellerin, Jebb, Toral) of him. People complain about Diaby but had you sent him to Norwich he’ll probably be Zidane in comparison to the rest of their players. Provided he will be able to stay fit of course.


Bench player for Norwich, bench player for England U-21:s . Big deal if he leaves….

Gavin Gregory

fitness can be fixed, you could never teach his passion to a reject like diaby or denilson.



Zohaib Ijaz

I pray that this isnt true…I truly believe he can help us this season as a squad player and he has got what it takes to be an Arsenal Player….he has the talent, drive, ambition, and determination….even though he did nt play that much last season at norwich but still he looked good when he did and is ready t step up….i hope we hang on to him


Really not happy with him going. We are going to regret this, especially when we keep permanently injured dross like Diaby in the squad. We need players with attitude like his.

It’s starting to make me wonder what’s the point of the academy if we only get a few players from it, and the majority are sold before they get a chance.

All I can imagine is that Silent Stan has ordered a wholesale clear out. Let’s hope that once this lot are gone, we start buying some real quality.


So, basically, you do n ot know for sure he is moving, but felt to post this as “news”???

Hmmmm indeed Henri.


Surely a season loan in the prem would be a fantastic move for all parties. Arsenal keep a fans favourite and and true Gooner and see if he can cut it Lansbury gets 30+ games at the top level and can see if he’s good enough.
Lansbury will fight for this club yet we give chance after chance to losers like denilson, almunia, bendtner, squillaci etc and perpetual crocks like diaby and rosiky.
What a load of *#%>€$!


This is nonsense if true, just wasting years and years of development for the sake of 2m that won’t go back into the first team. Lansbury is a quality utillity player with a great knack for making runs into the box, and always makes an impact off the bench for Norwich or England. Clear out the rubbish in the first team and replace with a small number of quality players, then bring Lansbury and Frimpong along and give and let them wet their beaks. The Diaby/Denilson era has failed, Vela, Eboue, Rosicky all need new homes, but let the Academy… Read more »


Another move we’re gonna regret. We should stumped up for Alvarez and should send Lansbury on loan. He has the work ethic and a swagger to his game most players don’t have.


We need players like United have, the gash that tend to beat us more often than not because they love playing for the shirt, Park, O’Shea, Phil Neville, Browne, on their own not great talents, but incorporated into the team they have all done a huge amount to win medals.

Our squaddies are better, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, far more talented, but they don’t have it in them and never will.

Let the young Academy have longer to prove their worth. What the hell use is 1m here and 2m there, Wenger won’t even by a left back for Christ sake.


Lansbury had one year left on his contract FFS, a loan was never on the menu. This clown wanted first team assurances despite achieving nothing so far, and decided to not extend simple as that.

He can take his average dougie and leave for midtable mediocrisy, he’ll never be a top player anyways.


So renew his contract and give him first team football. FFS, if you want clowns, look no further than Eboué, and he’s had a stack of chances, as have Denilson, Diaby, Vela and Rosicky; all of which failed to do anything positive of note. Lansbury is a better player than this shower.


Yeah, he’s a clown, and Vela, Diaby, Traore, Denilson, Squillachi are headed for the stars.

Danish Gooner

Stupid move,twice the player Rosicky is:But then again,wenger have his pet projects,remeber how dismal Rosicky was,Wenger surely doesnt.


Fine…if you don’t want him we’ll be delighted to take him off your hands. He might not have started every game for us in the run in last year but he worked his socks off, always had an impact off the bench if he was sub and chipped in with some absolutely crucial goals. He and Dani Pacheco were the last to leave the pitch after the celebrations that followed the last game…yes he was just on loan, but you could tell it mattered to him, and that’s what we as fans love the most isn’t it?


That and winning. He’s not going to help Arsenal win, ergo… you can have him for 2 mill.


And how do you know? Last season in his one game for the first team against the Scum he scored and we won, so how is that “not going to help Arsenal win”?

You, sir, are an idiot. I wish we could sell you for £2M but I doubt any club would part with 2p for your services.




He’ll go on loan and be playing in the Premiership. Perfect. Then he can come back that much better.

George Blazenby

uhhh, the deal is permanent…


He won’t go on loan with 1 year left on contract. It’s decision time.

Casual Observer

Don’t quite know why such a fuss has been kicked up over this. Granted I like his attitude and a decent English squad player will satisfy many critics. However the overriding factor has to be that the 12 months remaining on his contract. My logic is – first team assurances have to be the issue. Wages tend to have some form of relation to the amount of appearances he’s likely to make for the club. Despite Arsenal’s tendency to offer better contracts to squadplayers, perhaps he wanted better wages than what we were prepared to let him earn in his… Read more »

Casual Observer

And yes, I realise my “sound” and length reasoning is mostly based on assumptions – chiefly Arsenal having offered him an option to stay in the first place. But then I doubt we’ll ever know until Henri releases a tell-all book when he becomes the megastar we are certain he is.

I am at peace. You should be too.

The BearMan

The new model: Wenger has brought in 3 Barca lads and a Swede I think. These lads come expecting to play first team football. The writing is on the wall, the academy is a failure.


The problem isn’t the academy. We got Jack, Gibbs ,and Szscescsny trough the academy. And players like Coq, Bartley, and Frimpong who can all make it. The problem is that Lansbury is pretty average. He didn’t convince Wenger, Stuart P or the Norwich manager he should be a starter and people still think he’s gonna be good enough for a club that is ranked top 5 in Europe???

Just admit you overrated this doughnut and move on, nothing to be dramatic about.


But, he’s English and gets an “A” for effort!


I wonder how many people bemoaning Lansbury’s departure used to list Arturo Lupoli when name-checking our depth at striker. It seems some arsenal fans overrate just about every player on the youth team, as if saying you rate them proves to everyone that you are a big fan because you know who they are.


Casual observer

He keeps useless players like Denilson, Senderos, Eboue, Almunia and many for years giving them chance after chance but don’t have patience for English players.

Vela didn’t get games for WBA but still hanging there. Traore has gone around for several loans and still crap but still there.

Now we have so many deadwoods who don’t get games and can’t get clubs and don’t have the love to play for the team.

Casual Observer

Nothing to do with nationality and all to do with ability (giggle – Almunia? Ability?) or even just first team opportunities. Surely you can’t argue with that logic now that Wilshere/SZCZ are integral parts of the team. One is English, one isn’t. Both are bloody good footballers. It’s not as if Senderos/Eboue/Almunia and the “many for years” you intended to bring up with are 20-21 year olds who were competing with Lansbury (or Pennants/Bentleys coming through the system at that time) for squad places. Senderos was part of the unbeatable CL clean-sheet defence – and if you said that wasn’t… Read more »


Are all football fans complete idiots or is it just that Arsenal has attracted this type of moron recently. Some of you use every bit of rumour (because that is what it is) to shout abuse at the club and Wenger. You do not know what is really happening. On the one hand you insist that Wenger must spend money to buy big names – preferably english ones like Barton, Parker, and Cahill, while at the same time shouting abuse because the youngsters are not getting an opportunity. Oh and unless we win the league this year Wenger must be… Read more »


He scored against Spuds at WHL ffs! He must stay! …. And he’s ingerlush!!!

[…] might be more coming this week with the news that Henri Lansbury is reportedly close to a deal with Norwich. I have to say I’d be a bit disappointed with this. Lansbury always looked to have something […]


For fuck sake, what’s the point of all this ‘youth developement policy’ bullshit, if we are just going to sell the most promising players!

What next!? Wilshere to Chelsea!?

So we’re not really going to sign anyone and we’re not really bringing anyone through either, just what the fuck is going on with our club these days!?


Have to say i’m in the unhappy camp about this and for me shows up the holes in Wengers statistical approach and where Fergie is far, far better. The home grown lads may not be as technically good as say Diaby but true love and affection for the club will push players like Lansbury to work that extra hard when your 1-0 to spurs for example because he will hurt him too.


[…] might be more coming this week with the news that Henri Lansbury is reportedly close to a deal with Norwich. I have to say I’d be a bit disappointed with this. Lansbury always looked to have something […]


People are missing the point, it isn’t the fact they are English, they are Arsenal, have been since they were kids.

They deserve at least a chance to become part of the squad. Shouldn’t have to feel like a little Englander to want the Academy to be a success, and for the Boss to give players who are clearly capable enough a chance.


Acually Henri was at Norwich till 14 I believe so he’s not always been at arsenal but when Henri played last year his style and that reminds me of some what old school he’s not all fancy he can make a pass and score he would be awsome at norwich and get exp in prem and if we go down he will rock in championship


I think Lansbury has been unlucky with timing. We have a very good youth policy and you have to be top draw to make the step up lads. JET was one of the best youth players in the country. At reserve team level he’ll get 20 goals from midfield! But once you step up your work rate has to as well. Look at Jack for example, world class talent world class work rate as well. Lansbury am sure will have a good career but with Rambo, wilshere, song, Nasri (if he stays!), cesc (if he stays!), frimpong


Conor Henderson all in front of him it was going to be very hard for Wenger to put him in his first team squad. To be fair to Wenger he will not want Lansbury sitting around when he can play else where. Good luck to the lad, he’s a good education and will be a decent signing for norwich


He was great against the spuds at shite fart lane. Looks a lot more mobile than Henderson.
Not seen anything yes from Henderson to make me think he will be a first teamer to be honest


Henderson is out for this coming season, so perhaps the opportunity to shine will go to Lansbury instead.


Henderson has no business being in front of him.


Henderson won’t stay. This latest injury will hinder his development and he’ll be out the door.


As a City fan I would love to have him back. Not convinced he will ever make it at the very top level but he would be perfect for someone like us. Season ticket holder so I did actually see him play


I think he would have made a better squad player than the likes of diaby and denilson. Not great news


frimpong is shit


I love how everyone is ignoring the fact that the 25 man squad rule which was put into place less year has become a hell of a lot stricter than last year but of course it is just a cheap opportunity to complain about Wenger again. I have become somewhat disillusioned with Wenger over the last 2 years due to broken promises, however, I still respect what he has done for our club in the past and is doing in the medium and long term. I am no deluded AKB and no Wenger whinger either – the constant complaining is… Read more »

[…] as if Arsenal might be facing a losing battle for Henri Lansbury because Norwich is pondering on making a move for the youngster. He has been very impressive in his loan spell with the Canaries and they want to […]

[…] the possible exits from Arsenal is Henri Lansbury  (thanks to arseblog news)who looks like he might be on his way to Norwich City very soon. He impressed on loan as they […]

[…] the possible exits from Arsenal is Henri Lansbury  (thanks to arseblog news)who looks like he might be on his way to Norwich City very soon. He impressed on loan as they […]

[…] Sun picks up on the story Arseblog News brought you a couple of days ago and says Henri Lansbury will join Norwich on a permanent deal for a fee of around […]

Arminda Ashlock

What the…? I saw this article in another webpage, why don’t you at least add a link in the end to show some appreciation for their work?

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