Friday, August 19, 2022

“Lots of bids for Bendtner”, Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner’s father, Thomas, says there have been lots of bids for his son and now it’s just a matter of choosing the right one.

Putting to bed the scurrilous Internet gossip that the reason for the delay in Nick’s departure from Arsenal is because nobody’s really that interested, Bendtner Sr told, “The status right now is that we’ve got a lot to work with. There are bids for Nicklas there, so it’s a luxury. Now we have to find out which club is right.

Some clubs we can reject right away, others we keep working with. We have a very good cooperation with Arsenal about all this”.

Bendtner didn’t travel to Asia or Germany with full permission of the club, who confirmed he was in ‘talks’ with various suitors.

It seems the Bendtners need a bit more wooing but a move is surely not far away.

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I liked him, evidently.



Mr Teddy Ears

I am sure the offer from Clacton is the best for him


He’s holding out for a new belt and some pink boots


both father and son are delusional then.


Bendtner >>> Chamakh


PSG are ready to take Chamakh and many clubs as well……For Bendtner,,,,,, wait a minute,,,,,,,news coming in just now from Emirates,,,,,, they say Barca were all this time fighting to take Bendtner and Fabregas,,,,,,,,Fabregas was just a decoy it seems to “KIDNAP” Bendtner……OMG


I think he is better player than Chamakh. So we should keep him and let Chamakh go.


Bendtner better than Chamakh??? What team were you guys watching last season??! Chamakh kept us going while RVP was out. It was only due to Chamaks off field antics that he was not played for much of the second half of the season. Not only that but Bendtner has had years to prove himself, whereas Chamakh has had a single season. Really don’t get this negative sentiment towards him…


Nooo! Keep bendtner!
He’s a good Player and will most likelymake all arsenal fans feel horrible when he becomes his new teams star player.
He’s better than chamakh, so this makes mo sense in my eyes.


chamakhs off field antics??? care to elaborate?

he was terrible 2nd half of the season, he looked fairly terrible on Saturday too. Bit of a shame really, he and Nasri seemed to be forming a good provider poacher partnership (excuse the alliteration) in the 1st half of the season


What were Chamakh’s “off field antics”?

I think we should hang on to Bendtner for one more season but if he goes he goes…


Chamakh got his chance to shine and he did but then faded.
A few seasons ago Bendtner got his (much smaller) chance and succeeded. Since then he should have been given more games but wenger hasn’t given him enough opportunities.
Krispyduck, you say bendtner has had ‘years to prove himself’, those are mainly just a few starts, many games out of position (which if anything shows.his versitility) and a lot of substitute appearances.


Spot on HR. 09/10 season when RVP was injured he did well. Last season he was played out of position. Wenger should’ve changed formation to 442. All the best to him if he goes.


His goal to game ratio is pretty good but, not good enough for a first team striker at The Arsenal. He has had plenty of time to proove himself. He needs many chances to score and does not have that killer one chance instinct infront of goal.

Goodbye Nick and good luck.


Bendtner has never had a fair run in the team. Wenger always plays him on the wing. Take that into account and realise that his goals and assists per minute were better than Chamakh’s even though Chamakh has been played through the middle.
It’s no wonder that he wants to leave.


now where know where he gets the deluded side of his personality from. His father sounds like a loon.


Chamaks off field antics were related to a video taped incident in Vegas that was (apparently) only stopped from hitting the press through a super injunction. As you can imagine Wenger was less than impressed and stopped playing him because of this and he inevitably went off the boil. I don’t work for Arsenal and am not mates with any team members, and I don’t have the same mechanic as Eboue so all this is rumour – however I’d heard a similar story from so many different people that I have to conclude there is likely some truth in him… Read more »

Danish Gooner

They are both complete Pooooo !


What about Bendtners off field antics? Apparently he’s a former KGB agent who enjoys sticking his cock up a donkey’s arse. Like KRISPYDUCK I have no evidence for my claim but I did hear it from some guy. They say it would be in the public domain but for old Nic’s super injunction.


Wow, lets hope someone comes along with a decent bid and saves his bacon.


Are we talking about a sexual incident or something worse?


He’d be making up rumors himself if he said yes. As it is he’s only helping spread them.

More likely story but not in the least sensational: Van Persie came back from injury and started banging them in, thereby reclaiming his first team place. Chamakh was benches as a result.


More likely,but if something makes me wonder it is that right at the moment Rvp returned Chamakh found himself on the bench,but it still lasted a month for the Dutchman to found the net. The rest is history,as he was absolutely superb in the second half of the season,but I would rather saw three strikers scoring 15+,than only one of them playing in position. You have to take note,while RvP ended the season scoring 22 goals,Chamakh and Bendtner shared 20 between the two of them-but hardly started any match in the middle from January I understand that Wenger sacrificed the… Read more »


With Gervinho in the mix now, we don’t need this perennial chance-waster.


Goonersville – rather than post anything here and give Blogs’ chums (not) at Schillings a possible little earner, I suggest you Google “Chamakh Las Vegas Blackmail”….

For my part I couldn’t give a flying sea cucumber what he gets up to but on field Chamakh goes into next season with something to prove in terms of reputation.


Thanks guys this story completely passed me by I was unaware. Could this be linked to his downturn in form ?

Johnny Massacre

Bendtner. Champions League Second Leg. Arsenal Vs Barcelona, Barcelona leading. FInal Arsenal chance of the game. Ball falls to Bendtner. One on one with keeper with defender barnstorming behind him to the left. The self-proclaimed best striker in the world fails horribly, taking too much time and ends up doing nothing and getting tackled.

I’m sorry, but Bendtner is slow and lumbering, with the dribbling ability of me.


aaaaaaand Chamack would have been quicker, right?

Ashish Koshy

YEAH! lol… funny that people still feel he’s better than Chamakh who at least saw us through the first half of last season!


hehe ashish! hows bnglr?


GOONERSVILLE – apparently so. Like I said it was also mentioned by Bloggs and Tayo from the Tuesday Club crew which is why I would even consider repeating it. Anyway the only real point I wanted to make is I think Chamakh will come good. Just my $0.02.


I wonder if he would be ever be good enough, even if he was played down the middle?

Hard to say if I would want to keep him or not.


Bad Ram; bad lamb


The London Zoo have made a bid.One of their elephants has died


Sporting Dr.dre headphones. What a epic LAMER. GTFO and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Din Danska jävel. World class and nothing to show for it. Don’t make me laugh. Tack å hej Bendtner


How arrogant was he?Cupping his ears when he scored v the migthy Orient.The real Bender was in the Nou Camp


[…] […]


I have some Tesco clubcard vouchers ?

John B.

I feel Chamakh is the better talent, but at the moment–or, for the last six months–he’s looked completely bereft of confidence and ideas. I think he needs a good run in the team, and no doubt Van Persie’s annual long-term injury will provide it. Gervinho I don’t see being played centrally even if RVP is injured.


I heard something similar to Krispyduck ,but as I am in the US and superinjunctions don’t mean jack here the story headline was “Soccer star caught in blackmail scandal” supposedly chamack got with a couple of Swedish chicks In Vegas and one of them filmed it and threatened to go public unless $£€ were paid.

[…] turns us nicely to the morning’s transfer dealings. Nicklas Bendtner‘s agent and full-time dad reckons the Dane has loads of offers, so many that he […]

[…] Bendtner’s dad says there have been lots of bids for Nicklas Bendtner. Which is […]

[…] Bendtner’s father  told “The status right now is that we’ve got a lot to work with. There are bids for Nicklas there, […]


Caption for the picture: “Flop Gun”



Today Bendtner witll sign with Bendnter, as he bid the most money for himself. “I’m the greatest striker the world has ever seen, so I’m totally worth it”, claimed the former Arsenal player. Afterwards he removed his sunglasses, checked his reflection in the mirror and murmured”…also the handsomest striker the world has ever seen.”

[…] today. Starting with possible departures, Nicklas Bendtner’s fagent has told everyone that a host of clubs are on the hunt for the rangy Dane’s signature. The last time I checked Sevilla and Besiktas […]

[…] So what has been the problem? The money has been available since the get-go. Our transfer fund, pre-Nasri and Cesc, was around £35m which was to be boosted by sales of ‘fringe’ players. How many of these players have we actually sold? Vela, on loan. Denilson, on loan (despite the fact I’m pretty sure there were concrete bids from Spain). Almunia, gone nowhere. Clichy, we got some money for. What of Nicklas Bendtner, for example? Back in July Arsene confirmed he was being left out of things because he was in talks with other clubs, and the player’s father… Read more »

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