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Report: Arsenal 1-1 New York Red Bulls

The Emirates Cup went stateside after Arsenal’s 1-1 draw with New York Red Bulls this afternoon.

The game had barely started when the Gunners were dealt yet another injury blow. Jack Wilshere hobbled off after just 3 minutes with an achilles problem, replaced by youngster Benik Afobe.

Arsenal dominated possession, as you might expect, but Thierry Henry had the first real shot of the game, a low effort from outside the box that went just wide of Szczesny’s far post.

Benik Afobe then forced a good save from the NY keeper before Aaron Ramsey was wrongly given offside when clean through. Szczesny was then called into action, making a good save from an Henry free kick from 25 yards out.

Aaron Ramsey should probably have opened the scoring when he fired over from close range with his left foot. Gervinho then thought he should have had a penalty when a last ditch tackle in the box sent him tumbling but the ref waved played on.

If any of this suggests the game was in any way exciting I apologise because it wasn’t. Still, Arsenal took the lead in the 42nd minute, Tomas Rosicky curled in a free kick and Robin van Persie had the simple task of heading home from about 6 yards out.

Gervinho should have made it 2-0 moments later. Another great Rosicky pass put him clean through but his shot was saved.

The second half was more of the same as the MLS side struggled to get any kind of grip on the game at all. Arsenal cut them open at will, Benik Afobe showing some nice stuff, without quite finding the final ball.

Chamakh and Vela replaced van Persie and Gervinho as Arsene Wenger shuffled his forward line. It was Henry who had the next chance though, a typical sidefooted effort but which was easily dealt with by Szczesny.

Arshavin, Bartley and Eboue then came on for Afobe, Koscielny and Sagna, while the Red Bulls brought on Wayne Rooney’s little brother. Who is not as ugly as Wayne but clearly football talent in the Rooney family is directly proportional to ugliness so he probably wishes that he too had a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. That had been smashed in with hammers. The face. Not the nettles.

Despite Arsenal having all the possession and all the no chances New York equalised in the 84th minute.  A corner wasn’t cleared very well, Thierry Henry played a ball which cut the Arsenal defence open and when some bloke crossed it Kyle Bartley could only hammer it into the roof his own net.

The game finished 1-1, with some boos from the crowd, leaving New York Red Bulls the Emirates Cup champions for 2011.

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Nice, 2 months from the end of last campaign and we are still making the same mistakes. The zonal marking can only get better though as you could see that when the ball was played outside the area (to Henry) half od our guys were headless not knowing what to do… I’m getting frustrated already with our game, and the season hasn’t even got to May yet

Eboue's Grandpa

Rosicky did quite well. RIP Nasri’s dream to play in Cesc’s role … **a minute of silence**

rectum spectrum

i think we should cut kyle bartleys head off with an only moderately sharp hatchett, and force the squad to kick it about training tomorrow with wnger screaming ‘do you see what happens? do you see what happens when you fuck with me you fucking cunts?’ and they’d – even tough we nuts like jack w – will be sobbing and in a state of shock, but god fucking help them if they don’t keep the one touch passing session going for a whole hour. then send them to the showers and home. only when the get home there is… Read more »


Better off doing that to Eboue as he was completely absent from defending that. Can’t say I blame Bartley for that goal as they should never have got anywhere near the goal in the first place.


Chamakh needs to go out on loan to get some playing time and confidence. ALthough its frustrating that we’re drawing so many games in pre-season, its important to note that the last 3 goals in 2 days were not conceded by our first choice CB pairing. Its interesting to see Nasri not used at all – probably on his way out in exchange for 20m.. Anyway, maybe he was telling Henry about his future plans (as seen he was whispering to Henry). One thing that Arsene should learn from here is to have better second string players. Injuries do happen… Read more »


That was because he was the only one for NYRB who could trap and distribute under pressure. NYRB had way of getting into the game whatsoever until Henry dropped deep to pick up the ball and help play around Arsenal’s defenders.

William Hancox

Hahahahahahahaha. That’s all. Symptomatic of Arsenal. It seems nothing’s changed from last season.


Nasri will be off to Man City now we’ve become their feeder club. Should see if we can make swp part of any deal, could do with bringing in a bit of quality on the right


So another own goal conceded again. How to win any trophy with such defenders,Basically it’s the same old system ,Pass and pass all ove rthe pitch.No direct running at defenders which can cause mayhem.
The gunners were lucky.If they had encountered MU or Chelsea with all the gaps,two to three passes would have dissected the gunners defence and goals will be scored at the Arsenal end.


chamack and vela are poor players technically good but anything else their asked to do they can’t , bartley was unfortunate wont blame him as much as wenger the clown bringing eboue on again same old arsenal though 100 passes fuck all end product as soon as you take rvp and gervinhoooo off afobe mad a few good runs but he isn’t a winger so why play him their? wenger sort this shit out now


Second half was a training session. Goals from open play aren’t the concern, set pieces are.

indian gooner

Having watched both of our matches i have some questions to AW. a)Why does he play Eboue when he is said to be off?What does this accomplish? b)What does Chamack bring to the team…other than supplying hair gels to the other players c)Why are most of our players one footed – Rosicky,vela,ramsey,jack,song,gibbs,sagna,chamakh are all so one footed that it is embarrassing. In tight spots when they dont have the place and time to turn around to get the ball into their favourite leg, many potential moves can collapse-See how barca play when under tight positions.most of their players seem cool… Read more »


Frustrating. It seems that the sky is a different color to Arsene. Most people see blue and he sees something completely different. Either the club are broke or he is being a complete asshole by not buying reinforcements. This is really frustrating.


What a load of guff, glad you never made it to X, Y & Z

The BearMan

Rosicky did well first half, but when he is tired he looses the discipline. Second half was a disaster he gave the ball away on three separate occasions. Chamakh is the player most worrying for me. Not even one strike on Goal. The Wenger system does not suit Chamakh.

Arsenal better team but again throw it away when it really mattered. I repeat myself – A defensive coach is desperately needed Pat to an early retirement is needed.

Who will be top gun this season for Arsenal. RvP, Walcott or Gervinho?

William Hancox

Nevermind racist post was deleted.


i give up already. Same old arsenal with same old AW attitude, defending his player blindly. What is the point of having wold class offense when your defensive side will gave a free goal for every goal we create…can’t help it.


Nasri played the 90′ yesterday, didn’t he? Plus, ad the fact that only 6 subs where allowed, and Wenger wanted to give some timeplay to Bartley, and Afobe and you have the reason why he stayed on the bench.

And, yes, it’s frustrating, definitely.


Not the end of the world, it’s still only pre season and some of the pricks that have already posted above would do well to remember that.

With TV and Ramsey back in the side, we have a very good squad.


This is the first time Arsenal has failed to win the Emirates cup right? Could this be a gud thing? I think so.


No hamburg won it 3 years ago


Arsenal’s trophy drought has coincided with the Emirates cup run. Am superstitious like that.


There goes my theory.


Koscielny and Verminator were excellent! We need to keep the momentum going when we change thd team! You could see today when Van, Gervinho, sagna and koshi went off, we lost our way! But there’re some positives though! Gervinho is great, van can’t stop scoring, koshi and vaminator are a good pertnership, Gibbs was great today! Three more signings and we shall be singing BUT, wats wrong with ESPN? I mean we all know that we need to sort out our defending as a team but there’s no need to focus on that and forget the positives! Thank God Martin… Read more »


To think had we kept a clean sheet and won the tournament, all our troubles would be over and we would be immediately installed as favourites for everything.

Either that or it meant nothing, and the problems were yet to be tested in a competitive game, new signings yet to arrive, and the first team are yet to play together for 90 mins. That was a training game if ever there was one.

Well done Afobe by the way.


Umm. This was a glorified training game. Not at all encouraging, but not at all a big deal either…


In all honesty, I was more concerned with our toothlessness in the final third than the goals we conceded over the weekend. I can understand all the hysteria and frustration about the goals conceded because they were all avoidable and simply down to disorganisation and individual foolishness. Our ability to do nothing with the ball against a team that hardly pressed us to submission of possession is quite worrisome. We have all the possession in the world but lack any sort of penetration. I fear for us when the injuries come and when Gervinho goes to the african nations cup… Read more »


What’s with the racist rants?! Not acceptable.


I am disappointed. It does not matter whether it is a worthless cup or a World Cup, or a back yard football – there are always Winners and losers. King Henry has showed it again – he came and took the trophy, yet again. It did not matter what trophy was on stake this time. He could hardly breath after the game. Winning mentality is what Arsenal need now more that anything. I am disappointed, because for the first time in many years this is the first preseason when I have no belief in this team.

Sofa King

WTF? Where’d all the racist wankers come from?


All our best Academy prospects are black. Aneke, Afobe, Frimpong, Bartley and Gibbs are of mixed backround.

You’ll be a long time waiting Boris, you daft mug.


Boris even if your posts are some kind joke that you find amusing they are not funny in the least. So please comment elsewhere like a racist website for moronic idiots or something.


Are we being trolled maybe?


Arseblog, Andrew Allen and anyone else associated with this site: re Boris “There is no pardon…”: You need to delete or block or whatever this crap asap or you will undo years of hard work and thousands of loyal support.

Somethings are more important than football and standing up to trolls/vermin like “Boris” is one of them…


seriously when did this become an anti “anyone white” blog? WTF some of our greatest players were/are black a la Viera/henry/wright/campbell etc etc seriously, bad these vermin like BORIS and EIE they clearly arent Arsenal supporters, this is about football, religion/color and creed should be irrelevant


1) Best chance of silverware already gone.
2) this formation will never break down defences we need to change back.
3) no defensive coaching we could have the best defenders in the world this system would leave them exposed.


Well done Blogs


Good work Andy and Arseblog, no-one wants that on here or anywhere.

Del Thomas

its a pity you cant ban players like squillachi playing for us in the same way! i would be happy to fill in a form if you could! Even better, have one saying he has to play for spurs or united!


Also can someone remind we what Chamakh does for the team again?

Chamakh passes the ball back to whoever passed it to him as quickly as he can.
He’s reluctant to have a shot at goal, will never spin, turn and take on his marker.
He doesn’t even fully use his main attribute (height and heading ability) very often as he seldom shows in the box.
Feel free to add to the list

North Bank Ned

BBC says Wilshere’ s injury means he may miss the England friendly against Holland on Aug. 10. WTF is the FA doing having international friendlies three days before the Premiership season starts?


“…a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle.”



Pre season or not, both displays lacked dignity, guts and ambition. There were very few good individual performances. I am very disappointed we have only made one decent signings so far and haven’t got rid of wasters. The emirates cup would have been perfect opportunity to showcase new signings that have had time to integrate into the squad. Instead we played the hangers on eg eboue/sqidlaci who need to be sold off pronto. What an embarassment! Hopefully not a sign of things to come! Usually I defend wenger all day, but I think he’s sailing much closer to wind these… Read more »


The results were mediocre but there are some big positives: Vermaelen is back and Koscielny looks like a good pairing. Ramsey looks solid and has recovered nicely (compared to the unfortunate situations with Eduardo and Diaby). Rosicky looks like the spark he was before his hamstring problems. After Vela and Chamakh came on, he and Song looked like the only players chasing balls down and hustling. RvP looks strong. gervinho looks like a great signing (although so did Arshavin two years ago). I agree with the comments about Vela and Chamakh. What do they bring to the show?


Good performance I thought. Only players that disappointed where the subs – Chamakh and Vela. Rosicky was my MOTM. He must be shattered today because he saw alot of the ball. When players leave the club you need players to step up and Rosicky is shopwing he can do that. Just because he is over 30 doesn’t mean he is ‘too old’. Why does everyone always shout shoot when one of our players gets within 25yards of goal!? Especially when there is a defender standing right infront of them. People need to start supporting the team instead of booing and… Read more »

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