Scholes comments irrelevant: website


Former Manchester United player and the ginger with the worst tackle since Carrot Top got his mickey caught in a mincer, Paul Scholes, has been widely quoted today talking about Arsenal, labelling them this or that or something.

Here at Arseblog News, however, we couldn’t care less what Scholes thinks. Whatever our frustrations with the team, the manager, the players, the board, the tealady or anyone else, the day we get upset by the likes of Paul Scholes would be a sad day indeed. It would be sadder still if we sided with a former Manchester United player and used his comments as a stick to beat the club we support with.

Also, the fact that we’ve taken time to say we don’t care doesn’t mean we really do care, before someone accuses us of that. We just really don’t care so much we had to let people know we don’t care.

Apropos of nothing, here’s a picture of an Arsenal side winning the league at Old Trafford.

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bring back kanu


I think they are all shouting: “Get that up you Scholes you fucking little cunt”


Oh man I just burst out laughing when I saw tha tpicture. Class guys.


Arsenal flatter to deceive? Might want to take a look at your England career first Paul you nugget.

Anish Banerji

Hahaha that picture is funny! 🙂


Fuck off scholes you gypsy faced ginger cunny


well if you’re upset by the comments it’s only because it makes sense.


I’m not upset by his comments far from it

But he’s still a pikey faced redtop cunny


Shut up you gInger loving cunt bag

Fancy Dan

The problem is that Scholes said that Atsenal play attractive football without winning anything and that that’s pointless. It’s winning cups that counts.

Scoles might be ginger, inept at tackling, ugly, Man United etc etc but sadly for us he is totally right.


in fairness he was right about the tealady

Midfield Corporal

I have it from a source close to the club that Arsene sees the tea lady as the natural successor to Clichy…she certainly understands the offside law better.

George Blazenby

Thank you blogs 😀


I couldn’t care less what Paul Scholes thinks,says ,or how much he farts. He can cut his head off, stick it on a pole, be burnt on a stake; I still wouldn’t give a shit.
Paul Scholes is a Humongous ginger haired cunt IMO


Lads have a bit of compassion. How would you like it if you had a face like a slapped arse and a voice that makes mice throw themselves onto traps. Forgive the worrbilings of the afflicted they no not what they do. Plus he’s only a cunt so who cares.


Even better, it’s a picture of us winning the league at OT, and Francis Jeffers was in the team!


Poor old Francis Jeffers. We turned him shit and now he plays for Motherwell or something like that.
Oh, HAHA, and there’s Richard Wright! Whatever happened to him?
And who’s that midget guy second from the left he looks like a greedy filthy little backstabbing cunt doesn’t he?


Scholes should still be too embarrassed by Utd’s humiliation in the Champions League final to comment on other teams. He should focus his scorn on a lot of the over-rated average clowns in his own team. Including his own manager, who was embarrassed twice by Barcelona in two finals. A manager who learned absolutely nothing from the first whooping in Rome and put out a paper thin midfield to be totally detroyed all over again.

At least Arsenal beat Barcelona once, as big as the gulf clearly is.


Great to see some fight back in the comments. We arsenal fans have been taking far too much crap this summer. We are the Arsenal, the tabloids, the doomers and everyone else who dares to criticize us.




That picture = Brilliant!

I laughed till my eyes watered.

scholes is a cunt

S tupid
C unt
H airy
O range
L ittle
E pileptic
S cumbag

Midfield Corporal

Good article Arseblog, I enjoyed reading it immensely. Impartial and honest, well done!


Wow ! What brave stoic, comments. You all have your heads in the sand. “Denial” to you lot – REALLY IS a river in Egypt. “Unity in ignorance.” should be your new motto for the club.
“In Arsene we rust.”


Spectrum go take your end is nigh sandwich board and fuck off .

Lots of love

Midfield Corporal

The Nile is a river in Egypt, not denial, but good effort for trying to crowbar a weak soundbite in anyway. Unity in ignorance- good one, in Arsene we rust- oh fuck off, that’s poor.
Hey you don’t have to be mad to work here…but it helps!!!
Sex instructor, first lesson free!!!
Come everyone join in!!!!!!!!!!!


We’re on the slippery slope, guys.

3 top players are desperate to leave at the same time. Does this not prove something has gone very wrong?

This club has gone nowhere in 6 years with the Frenchman in charge. Things will not improve until he is removed.

The club is in decline and this will not be reversed until there is change at the top.


Regardless of whos the manager nothing will change. We have a board who are really not overly fussed about winning trophies as long as the ‘brand’ reaps in profits every year. Wengers target is qualifying for champions league that’s it . You won’t see any pressure on him from the board until we don’t qualify. The general beef most fans have with the club isn’t taken seriously by the likes of hill wood who instead branded disgruntled fans as a few idiots. Wenger has the most comfy seat in the house and nobody at board level is going to ask… Read more »


I entirely agree. Just one thing though – this may be the year Arsenal don’t qualify for the Champion’s League! There’s an awkward play off to get through first. There’s nothing in the recent performances to suggest we are likely to succeed.

Midfield Corporal

If you are only going to look at trophies won then there is no argument we have gone backwards, but you have to take the cost of building a stadium into account. Six years in the scheme of things isn’t an eternity, however frustrating. I started supporting arsenal in 1979, just after the cup final. We didn’t get anywhere near a trophy for 8 years and weren’t paying off a huge mortgage. Now is the time to start reaping the benefits of the cash generated from the new stadium and AW has to prove he’s up to it, but to… Read more »


Not so many years ago comments like this from a fucking little ginger manc cunt would’ve brought all gooners out on a (pardon the pun) united front, time we got that back gooners! Who gives a fucking fuck if he’s right he’s a man u cunt! Nice one blogs!!


Exactly perrygrovesworld
I hear enough of the arsenal trashing from the media and stations like talkshite to have to listen to this Manc gonad sounding off. I dont have the ability to call Adrian Durham a cunt online but I would if I could


Well u can call him a cunt as many times as u like on here to make up for it goonersville. . . . 🙂


You’re deliberately missing ( avoiding ) the point regarding Scholes’ comments. Wouldn’t you agree that after the season we’ve just had ( not to mention the five before that ) Wenger should be being aggressively pro active in the transfer market ? That he should have identified his targets before the end of last season, gotten in EARLY, and have signed at least three by now ? In fact, he himself said he would do his transfer business early in the window this year. So what are we to make of this ? Instead he says ” All the other… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Spectrum, you make some valid points, but saying you want to do your business early is actually doing are quite different things (I imagine, never having brokered a major international transfer myself). I do question why things don’t seem to be getting done, but I don’t know if that’s the managers fault or Gazidis or someone else. Do we bid 17mil for Cahill now or wait to see if there are any other real bidders, if not we might get him for 10 or 12, that’s a significant saving. I’m not making excuses for the manager or the board but… Read more »


I admit to avoiding the point he’s trying to make, i’m just saying i couldnt give a fuck what scholes thinks, says or does. Unless he thinks “i’m gonna eat shit & die now”, then says “i’m gonna eat shit & die now”, then eats shit and dies. Childish maybe, but that feels a lot better than getting wound up by the little shit

Midfield Corporal

Goonersville, don’t listen to Talkshite, it serves no purpose other than to wind you up and try and get you to call or text them at a premium rate. We could win the Champions League, league, FA & league cup but they would still find something negative to say. Mate, you don’t need to go online to call Aidrian Durham a cunt, I’m quite certain he’s already aware of the fact.


Thanks for the advice corporal
maybe im just not as knowledgable as experts like football legend Darren Gough and ex player Adrian Durham I just dont get it

Or maybe they are both Cunts …there I said it again …I feel better


Spectrum Its the 5th of July not the end of the window, why are you laying an egg about lack of sighnings at the start of July? I will reserve judgement until the window is closed. I dont know why we are so inactive it seems to take us forever to sign players (see Nasri Saga, Koscielny Saga Chamakh saga) Clichy and Nasri were offered new deals last year but didnt sign up. Think both have it in theirs heads to leave after seeing us fall apart last term yet neither shouldering any blame themselves. Im not missing any point… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Goonersville, I couldn’t agree more. But who is this Saga chap you keep mentioning, and why aren’t we playing him?????


Corporal the Saga deal broke down 3 times as you can see
The deal was all but done until we offered denilson as an add on
They came back saying our offer was now derisory

Your obviously not in the know I suggest listening to Darren ‘eeh by gum’ Gough and Adrian “Cunt” Durham more

Midfield Corporal

I’ll take your advice on board G’ville, I always like to listen to the footballing opinions of ex international cricketers and Ginger shock jocks, i find they talk such sense.


I happen to know some people who are very close to Alex ferguson, & from what I understand scholes was created in a test tube, & grown in a lab with some rats & guinea pigs, the ginger pigment was added on purpose to make him hate himself everytime he looked in the mirror, thus also making him more competitive, at the time fergie used his own semen in the mix along with an egg from a orangutan which kindly donated by Manchester zoo, later the same orangutan raised little scholes like he was her own, having seen the success… Read more »


Goonersville – You don’t get it, do you ? Let me make it clearer so even you can understand ; Wenger knows ( finally ) that we need QUALITY ( = big name ) players in. He said at season’s end last May, that he recognised the team’s deficiencies ( especially in defence ). He also suggested that he would SPEND THE MONEY to acquire those players. ( Quality doesn’t come cheap ). Cahill I believe, has a release clause in his contract of 17 million pounds. If we were really SERIOUS about strengthening the team for next season, we… Read more »


I’m not sure why I feel compelled to reply, especially given the condescending tone of your comments. Goodness knows I have enough else I should be doing. Maybe it’s because you obviously have a lot of passion for the club? Though it seems to be the youthful kind of passion prone to wild polarizing swings in emotion. I remember when I used to get that way about crushes and girlfriends. Everything seemed the end of the world, so final. As it turns out it was all pretty par for the course. Just because you’ve put a facade of thought behind… Read more »


We don’t buy big name players, we make them.

And schools is a cunt.


Fucking Android auto correct. Scholes is a cunt.


Anyway, there’s a Facebook page created called ‘Paul Scholes is a massive massive cunt’.

Thought you’d like to know.

Arsenal is my team

I wonder if us fans did a march around holloway/emirates with banners saying Arsene Wenger, COUGH UP or COCK OFF (sorry blogs used your own quote) we could possible scare le prof into some transfer activity?


Dawdler – Correct. it IS because I have passion for the club. I may sound negative and pessimistic, and I really wish that weren’ t necessary. But I feel strongly that we won’t achieve success whilst we have Wenger in charge. And I’m amazed that despite all that’s happened and is happening, there are still those who believe more in HIM, than in the future of the club, and it’s potential success. By the way, the players are partly to blame, also. Do you deny that ? But then, who buys and develops them ? Who picks them each week… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Spectrum, I might agree with your In Arsene we Rust motto if the team was full of 30 year olds at the end of their career but it’s not. Szechny, Gibbs, Vermalen, DJourou, Wilshere, Ramsey, Song, Walcott, RVP, Sagna, all very good players who will get better. I understand the frustration that they need some more quality/experience to help them push on, but let’s hope this transfer window brings it. If it doesn’t then you can be satisfied that you were right and others like me were fools for showing patience.


Spectrum-Plz suggest a manager you would want in place of arsene

dusky blond lulu

Goodness me look at that 2002 team, infinitely better than our current crop all over the pitch…Nasri wouldn’t get a look in. God I miss Ray Parlour.


Ginger Cunt.

That is all.


Spectrum your caps lock keeps jamming

Like I said earlier the manager is still pleasing the board so he’s not going anywhere so your pubescent wailing doesn’t make any difference.
In the words of Gary Barlow .. Have a little patience !!!

Mr Teddy Ears

Is it me or did we be Barcelona and if I am not mistaken be isnt he a fucked up ginger cock chugger ?


To those that are bitching an bawling about le boss, lack of transfers, etc,.. the current date is July 5th. Not September the 5th, calm the fuck down, take some Valium, jus do what ye gotta do, but cool it, things will happen when they happen, wenger knows what he is doing, he will do what’s best & what’s right, have some faith, if by the time the new season kicks off & things are the same, then we can all bitch & moan as it will be completely justified. but not til then, so remain calm & watch &… Read more »


remember how everyone always said “calm down, it’s only the start of the season…” every single season?!

never turns out well.


Scholes is a douchey looking cunt who takes it up the arse. Fuck off


My my! Do we still have doomsday messengers as fans? I thought you lots have taken to suicide road at the fail rapture? If you dont’t know what this page is about you can print this on your back: SCHOLES IS RITE B’COS AM A GINGER TWAT LIKE HIM

Edward Hackney

lolol. Nice work blogs, that hero image made me piss myself!


While I agree that Scholes’ comments clearly shouldnt be taken seriously, I also think it is our very attitude of quashing any attempts in the past that seemed to force the manager to make changes, that got us into this mess.


While I’m as much a fan of a furious mass debating session as the next man, let’s not forget that Santa Blogs did give us this gift of a thread specifically to allow us the opportunity to set a new world record for calling Scholes a cunt.

So let’s not waste it. Norris McWhirter would be all over this, god rest his soul.


You’re right Mooro!

ps, Scholes is a cunt


Haha, I love the fact that some people reading an article on a website called “ARSEBLOG NEWS” (there’s a clue in the name there, folks) expect an even, impartial argument.

Good work Blogs, journalism at it’s best!

Midfield Corporal

Has anyone mentioned Scholes is a Ginger cunt yet? No? Oh right…..scholes is a Ginger cunt!! Fact!


So Scholes is a cunt Corp? Now that’s news to me I must admit.

But if you say Scholes is a cunt then Scholes must be, indeed, a cunt.

Midfield Corporal

It’s gospel Mooro. Look up the word Cunt in an encyclopaedia…guess whose picture you’ll see.


Well I never. Scholes is officially a cunt.


“And the first annual Mongomery Burns award, for the outstanding achievements in the field of being a massive ginger cunt”,. Goes to,.. PAUL SCHOLES!!!