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Walcott praises ‘loyal’ fans for trophy drought patience

Arsenal’s most polite striker, Theo Walcott, has acknowledged that he and his teammates owe the Emirates faithful a trophy after a six year silverware drought which has left some supporters practising their noose knots.

The Southampton Academy graduate has seen the club lose in three cup finals since he moved to North London in January 2006 and after limping to a fourth place finish in the Premier League last term recognises the need to secure success.

“Without a doubt [we owe the fans],” Walcott told

“They have been so loyal to us when we have not been winning trophies which we should be for such a big club.

“As players we are disappointed in ourselves but that is in the past now. This year is a massive one for everyone, for the Club itself. The fans are very important to us all and hopefully we can make them proud.”

Looking ahead to the new season Walcott also reflected on the quality of Gervinho after the summer signing made a stunning start to life in the red and white shirt by notching two goals in a 30 minute debut cameo against Cologne.

“[Gervinho] will be a breath of fresh air I think. He looks a great talent.

“You can tell he can bring goals, he has got plenty of pace about him and he is very comfortable on the ball. I am looking forward to playing with him.

“You don’t want to put too much pressure on him but I am sure he can deal with that.”

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Without a doubt your fucking right. Don’t know if I …or many other fans can take another trophyless season. Its all well and good talking up the style, skill and panache we can play the game but without the proof of shiny things it won’t be long remembered.

Fed up of Barca

Get a grip, there are only 4 trophies to go for and numerous teams (many with better “resources” that can win them.

not winning trophies is not the problem imo. The problem is the way we bottle decent positions.
I doubt many fans would be as irate as we are if we’d lost the league on the last game of the season giving it our best shot. It’s the half baked performances and mass bottling that really grate.

unbelievable coimax

Not sure if I agree. A trophy may gloss over things. As long as ee are challenging for the prem til the last day and ill be happier. If we capitulate for the 6th time in 6 seasons and its time for Wenger byebye


Blimey, if winning something isn’t enough to put an end to not winning anything I fear we’re on a hiding to nothing.


If winning a trophy papers over the cracks so be it that’s ay ok with me

Can’t please some people


Glad he appreciates how tough it is for us, maybe he should sign a contract with Robin before we end up with more players blaming everyone but themselves for not winning things just as they’re contracts about to expire.


You can please all the people some of the time. You can please some of the people all the time. But you can’t please all the people all of the time.

Maybe written with arsenal fans in mind!!!!


Master of the bleeding obvious. That sense of de ja vu again. Wenger has obviously created them all in his own image. Like some lover that’s been treated badly I still believe they can change and I’m looking forward to the new season. I must be stupid…


more talk again.


“……..a six year silverware drought which has left some supporters practising their noose knots…..” In Kenya the supporters stopped practicing the noose knot two years ago, they have been putting it to use………………………….. on themselves!!


A player says thank you and we abuse him… Are you sp*rs in disguise?


I believe we will still be in the top four. Am not sure what order but we’ll be in there and it’s another good achievement considering how our club is managed. Think about it peeps, we hardly spend big money, we bring players though our ranks and we still compete I the top four and the champions league every year. I am desperate for us to win something but I also understand that we’re battling with teams with much more spending power than us. If Wenger was to leave and another manager came in on the same budgets as Wenger… Read more »


If we were losing only to the ‘big’ clubs you’d have a point. We’re losing to clubs with no financial muscle and its those losses and our performance in those losses which is so galling. It’s not for lack of finances we’re losing. It’s lack of guts, lack of will-power and lack of commitment to winning.
If all you have to fall back on is luck that shows how far we’ve fallen.

Shaun Murphy

I wish, they’d stop interviewing players if it’s just going to be the same inane, patronising shit. The words lose all meaning because we’ve heard it a milliion times before, including from players who have either now left us or are doing their utmost to get to of the club. What else is he supposed to say. “fuck the fans and their trophy, I earn a shed load of cash win, lose or draw. Happy days!”

Lee Pitt

I’m with Matty, I believe good times are very very close. We ended 4th and we lost a cup final but we was so so close but fell at last hurdle again. Our best players are constantly wanted by the best teams in Europe and our worst players are hard to get rid off – but I know it too Man Utd years and fergie how many years to win his first trophy….. Took man city n Chelsea how many years over 50yrs n both started winning cos 1 spent over 750m and over 400m so I ask you to… Read more »


Keep improving like you have been Theo, and we won’t have to wait much longer…

…you little sawn off Thierry.

Professor Plum

He’s such a nice young man. Such a pitty he’s bird’s got floppy tits.

Midfield Corporal

Well said Matty. Give mourinho our budget over the last six years and see what he would do, not much I bet.


I agree. The Blackburn game was the worst for me – we were still completely in the title race, and should have had a real point to prove but most players didn’t turn up until there were 10 mins left. Took my old man for his 1st trip to the grove (travelled across the country for his 70th) & it was a massive let down, with a poisonous atmosphere. Then for the 1st time ever I left early from the villa game to escape the boos – felt guilty, but it wasn’t a nice place to be. Hope there’s a… Read more »


(meant as reply to Fed up top)


In order for us to win something domestically we have to beat man utd man city Chelsea all who have the resources to give players alot more money and give clubs lots more cash for players , we simply can’t compete for the best players therefore I don’t quite understand why everyone is disappointed when we don’t win anything. In Europe we have to add Barcelona real Madrid etc to the mix . Wake up !!!! We simply can’t compete and if we do manage to win anyting it will be a miracle!! . Thi may sound defeatist but it… Read more »


It’s not reality.

We didn’t lose the title because we couldn’t beat manure or chelski. We lost because we couldn’t beat Newcastle or Birmingham or Bolton or Blackburn or Fulham or…. And they have none of the financial muscle to which you attribute our losing.

It’s down to character and tactics. Not enough of either in the team and no evidence it has changed in the last three months.


Yes we lost o those teams down to the character of the team which is made up of players who can’t perform when the pressure is on. That is what you pay for united ge results because they pay for players who can cope with the pressure . You pay for quality and character. Can you ever see chelsea man utd capitulating like we did??? I don’t think so!!!

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