Thursday, October 6, 2022

Wenger reveals transfer deal price bracket

Arsene Wenger has reflected on the manner in which clubs have spent money during the current transfer window but once again made clear that he will not be changing his policy of spending only what he feels Arsenal can afford.

While rivals Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City have all bolstered their squad with big money signings bankrolled by their respective cash-rich owners, the Frenchman has maintained that he will not be making purchases over the £30 million threshold.

“At the moment you have two categories of movement, one from zero to 10 million, and one from 30 to 50 million. We are in between,” he told assembled press ahead of the Emirates Cup.

“In between nothing happens at the moment, there has been very little movement. All over Europe our industry is basically in a very bad financial situation. All the clubs who live from the money which football generates do not buy.

“The only clubs who buy at the moment in Europe are ones who buy with money which is not generated by our industry. There are two categories of club – those who travel with sweat and those who travel with petrol. We are those who travel with sweat.”

Asked to comment on whether he has lodged bids for either Spanish midfielder Juan Mata or Everton defender Phil Jagielka, each thought to be within the Gunners price range, Wenger maintained that he would not be forced into talking about specific individuals while also taking a sly dig at Barcelona.

“Our business will be done sooner rather than later but it is difficult to speak about any individual player because that makes things difficult.

“I cannot complain about other clubs talking about our players and then do the same.

“I like the player [Mata], but that does not mean we will buy him. The other player [Jagielka] is under contract at Everton. If we want to buy a player, we need first the agreement of their club.

“At the moment the rules are constructed in a way where it is basically forbidden to speak about one individual player. I know that not everybody respects it, but I try to do as well as I can.”

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And another dig at Barcelona. You go boss! Lets hope we do see a new face or two sooner rather than later


At the moment Wenger is only comfortable in a bracket that covers between nought pound Stirling and nought pound Stirling.

There’s no movement Arsene because you refuse to make any.

Be the first for once, be proactive not reactive. I know that’ll make you dizzy and you’ll probably get a nose bleed but we want a leader not a follower.

Do something, anything. The fans are dying to back you, even in their heart of hearts the anti black scarfed doomers.

For fucksake just give us a reason to believe in you again.

[has a little cry]


You need to wise up and understand wenger is the main man to lead us. Stop complaining and back our guys…. A special season awaits you miserable git.


How can you say the fans are dying to back Arsene when as soon as he promises big signings are imminent and gives one of the most honest interviews I have seen a manager give, you go whingeing on about us not wading in and signing players on impulse. Would you rather we signed Mata in a week or Downing a lot sooner? Either admit you want Wenger out or stop being a miserable so and so.


Sweat propulsion. Now there’s an idea.


@Jezza…yeah the main man who has led us to nothing for 6 years…delusional!


Go support a club that ‘wins’ then. There’s plenty of winners out there for you to support. Ill support this club.. win or lose.


He paid over £10m for Gervinho, so he can’t even agree with himself. Just shut up your stupid crap talk Wenger and sort out the fucking problems like you’re paid to. This his last chance for me, as 8 years without a proper title challenge should finally see him sacked. What other top club in Europe would put up with that?


Do yourself a favor and read more carefully before you make yourself look like an idiot.


£10.5m is between 0-10 and 30-50. GCSE maths = FAIL

Your comments have shown you to be a moron.


Wow @ron. GCSE English language = FAIL.

Fredrik Högstedt

These are the sort of retards that cry out for Arsènes resignation.


learn to read you fool


No transfers between £10-30 million. How about Young, Downing, Jones, Henderson, Boateng, De Gea, Wickham and has already been mentioned Gervinho.

Wenger really needs to stop spouting rubbish and sign players so they can settle in.

Jimi Ogunsanya

God… u guys should really learn to read properly, he said, “one from zero to 10 million, and one from 30 to 50 million. We are in between”.
He was clearly referring to where we stand… *sigh*


No, he is saying where transfers are happening. I.e there are transfers happening at less than £10 million and transfers at more than £30 million, but nothing in between. Yet clearly ‘movement’ is happening in between.


Mr. John the Knucklehead, go to………He clearly said no movement “AT THE MOMENT NOW”


Out of these, IMO, Young is the only one who is value for Money…….


Find me another manager that has coped so successfully in the wake of a move to a new stadium. Find me another manager that has used his resources so effectively to maintain high standard results, and in doing so prevented total panic which might have encouraged a total foreign takeover. Find me another manager that beat both Barcelona and Manchester United last season. I know we all want trophies, but most clubs never win anything. So many of the people who write on these comment boards expected every season after the Invincibles to be easy and perfect. Yes, he has… Read more »


Thanks dude! Arsene is the GREATEST manager in world football. In Arsene We Trust. All ye naysayers and doomsday fans can go to hell, sh*t among the rocks, burn the sea and somersault among your sh*t. Arsene forever!!!


You unapriciative bastards. Without Wenger Arsenal wouldn’t even be considered a top club for the past 15 years. We would’ve of been a everton or fulham.


So essentially what your saying is that he has a job for life beyond the scope of examination based on the past and those of is that plough the money into the club should just take what we are given and be grateful for it?

Ever hear of debate? Democracy? Progress? Ambition?

Trust has to earned. I don’t trust this group of players and the manager that dictates how they play and behave under pressure should NOT be beyond reproach.


I think people will only appreciate what Wenger has done in the last 6 years only after he’s gone.


You realise in the last six years we have done precisely nothing don’t you?! I think we may finally be on the up IF we bring in the players we hope to this summer so I think next season will be critical. Whilst I have been a growing critic of Mr Wenger for the past 12 months this is the most definitive, constructive and positive statements he’s made. In my opinion of course. Regardless of what you think of AW the man is a true gent and is pure class. I really hope that I have been wrong this past… Read more »


I don’t know about you, but despite the trophies I’ve enjoyed the last 6 years (although last year’s collapse was horrific). We play nice football, we’re not doomed financially and we don’t buy our success. I’m fine with that to be honest. Trophies are nice but football is a form of entertainment and while I’m still being entertained, I’m gonna back Arsene




Look wenger never speaks about transfers until there done, it’s all speculation. he usually names a few quality players, then buys someone unknown or proven in a different league and has played well in some tournament such as Andre arshavin and chamak in the season before lasts season’s French league. I would love to see a new keeper, I want Hugo loris but that won’t happen with Chris samba as CB, A solid DM like melo or de rossi Mata would be a god send if we managed to keep cesc in the middle with mata on the left n… Read more »


Championship Manager is Great!


so basically if replace the whole team we will see an improvement…. tell you what f*ck off and support City.

Glory hunting pricks


for christ sake ! didn’t we get any money when they sold the club ?! … oh no,…i forgot, this new owner bought arsenal because it is a dream company : spending a little,getting huge benefits !

Fredrik Högstedt

Do you know how this works? The money Kroenke and Usmanov payed for shares has left the club along with the previous shareholders, not gone into the club.


Nyx, NO! WE didn’t get any money when they sold the club cos they didn’t sell the club to themselves. Those who owned shares sold their shares to Kroenke & Usmanov. How does that money come to AFC? Just be a fan ok? Stop talking about money cos I think its a concept that exceeds your understanding. Trust Wenger. He’s the GREATEST!


Dude!!! Relax!!!! Everyone has to learn………..Even you learnt about matters such as this…….How would you feel if someone said u to not touch the subject again??????


In Arsene we trust!!!! And people need to learn to read up in here. Recommendation: read every article at least twice…then read it again. And then shut the fuck up if you have nothing positive to say! If you can’t trust the manager go support Man-few, Chelfleas, Livingfools or Man-shitty. Up the Arsenal!!!!!!


So basically you just contradicted yourself.


Morefiah Trad your article twice, still didn’t make any sense. No one is allowed to voice an opinion Agree with you or “shut the fuck up” Trust the manager or go support someone else No constructive criticism allowed here You twat Wenger has turned us into the butt of all jokes over the last six years. Look at some of our results Newcastle 4-0 up at half time the first team to concede a 4 goal lead, twice 2 goals up over our local rivals and we gained 1 point , our record against man utd and Chelsea over the… Read more »


the comments are hilarious. if you disagree with the manager go support other clubs! no one is allowed any opinions!


Arsene is great but at some point he needs to spend some money. If Nasri wont resign, sell him and spend all of that money on a replacement. If Mata is available, get him. If Jagielka is really that good, than spend the required money. We have made huge profits for three years straight. Spend some money. Focus on set pieces and lets win the league.

If Wenger keeps on the way he has the last three years, people will abandon him. I am sorry but it is the truth.


Of course, the rest of the footballing world doesn’t believe this but there are only a handful of players are even worth more than 30 mil.


guys,.. it’s really very simple, financial fair play is coming, & when it does le boss will finally be able to compete with other clubs in our league on a level playing field, we all need to remember that however we may hate it, the fact remains that even though we have earned our place in a league through hard work, dedication & financial intelligence there are other clubs who can outbid us for a player all day, & in today’s game cash is king, if we had not made the move to the emirates we would be an even… Read more »


The man kept us in the CL and top four. Kept us competitive in the top of the table when cash-strapped after the Emirates move. We could be in Liverpool’s position… Out of the top four, spending blindly, and stating how not being in CL helps us focus. Rubbish!
Trophies don’t tell the whole story. Arsene frustrates the hell out of us supporters with his guarded ways , but it’s in the best interest for the club. His job is to do what suits the CLUB best, not the fans.


To Fredrik Högstedt and Chuck : really dudes, are you this blind ? Don’t tell me to shut up,what you guys are telling is nonsense,i know how a takeover of a company works : you sell your shares,means they don’t belong to you anymore. Now it’s up to the new owner to show is commitment to the club and inject is own personnal fortune (But he won’t). Don’t get me wrong,i also support our manager,and i think it will help him to have this money injection,not to spend big like the other shitty clubs that you all know,but to be… Read more »


Guys do you AKB understand why their is resentment towards wenger, it’s quotes like we will busy in the Market, only to sign one player with two weeks before the season. Arsene will next season say he needs to improve the defence, like the last 3 years. Arsene is a fool to not sell nasri for a lot of money. How many defenders gave we boughtto shore up the problem? None

This old dog is too stubborn as he believes in diaby, squillaci, eboue, and co


I think I just lol’d at the idea of the financial fair play ruling making a squat bit of difference. City have shown how effective that ruling will be.

rectum spectrum

exactamundo mate. Next up chelsea will sell the sunbed provision rights to ‘UberSun’ for £255m. UberSun being a hastily created russian sunbed manufacturer and distributor of ‘The Worlds leading inovators of sunbed design’

Despite it being an obvious scam to shovel money into the club Fat Frank Lampard – known lover of a poncy tan – will beg with the companys management to let him invest as he sees it as something he’d like to get into once he’s (thankfully) out of the game. because he’s a fucking fat cunt of a human being.

[…] injury isn’t as bad as it was feared, Wenger has revealed that he’ll seal up his proposed deals sooner rather than later, Henry believes that Gervinho would be a hit and Gervinho has even labeled Henry as his […]

[…] injury isn’t as bad as it was feared, Wenger has revealed that he’ll seal up his proposed deals sooner rather than later, Henry believes that Gervinho would be a hit and Gervinho has even labeled Henry as his […]

[…] as bad as it was feared, Wenger has revealed that he’ll seal up his proposed deals sooner rather than later, Henry believes that Gervinho would be a hit and Gervinho has even labeled Henry as his […]

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