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Wenger stands firm over Nasri and Fabregas

Arsene Wenger claimed this morning that Samir Nasri will be an Arsenal player this season, however, the Frenchman stopped short of making a similarly decisive comment about the future of Cesc Fabregas.

Speaking to assembled media in Kuala Lumpur as his side gear up for their first pre-season game against a Malaysian XI, the Frenchman made clear he was confident that his compatriot would stay loyal to the Gunners.

“I expect Samir Nasri to stay. There is always speculation, but he is committed to the club right now.’

“Will he be at the club next season? I say yes. The second part (of the question) – will he sign a new contract? I hope yes, but I am not the only one to decide.”

While Nasri has made the journey to the Far East, Spanish playmaker Fabregas has remained in London with fitness problems cited as a reason for his absence.

“Cesc loves the club and hopefully we will manage. We know that this story for Barcelona has gone on for years now, we have to close that and focus on the season, hopefully with Cesc Fabregas.”

News of Nasri’s apparent decision to honour the final year of his contract at the Emirates appears to tally with a report in L’Equipe this morning which claims the 23-year-old will stay for twelve months before walking away free next summer.

In contrast France Football still insist that an imminent move to Manchester City is on the cards with the midfielder set to become the highest paid French player in the world with a contract which could earn him €10.7 million a season.

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I still think we should sell him though, and of course replace him properly

Willy young

My take in his comments is that Cesc is gone. Surprised by stance on Nasri as if he won’t sign extension £20m is lost!


Agree. The ‘we will manage’ part does seem to indicate he could be on his way.

Also surprised at the Nasri situation unless it’s a means to drive the price up (though £23m seems high already), unless he’s now happier if he’s been told he’ll get the Cesc CM role.

All ifs and buts at the moment…


Get rid of the pair of them and have done with it.

Fed up of Barca

We simply have to get rid of Nasri.

If he won’t sign a new deal we cannot afford to lose him on a free next summer. to me this would be gross mismanagement.

As for Cesc – He’s got a long contract, is a total professional so if Barca don’t stump up the cash on a deadline imposed by us then he has to stay.


Crazy to let nasri go on a free next summer, either he renews contract (very unlikely) or we should take the 20 million for him and reinvest


Yep, I agree with the consensus, we need to get some cash for nasri if he won’t sign a new deal. Would hate to see him in another prem team next season, but much worse if he appears the following year and for nothing.
Would rather cesc stay forever!

Dave Gooner

Any idea why Cesc would bother to tweet Asia gooners an apology, and a promise to make it up to them in the future? Doesn’t sound like a player insisting on leaving to me. I’d say Cesc is not all that impressed with Barcelona’s commitment to him. Rating him 15m less than Torres? Compare their World Cups – one was a total flop, the other – unsurprisingly – provided the assist for the World Cup winning goal… I’d say unless Barca start acting like they value him – RESPECT him – , he will stay where he is. Their valuation… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I see no point in keeping Nasri, the damage has been done. He could sign a five year contract but I don’t think many fans will forgive the actions of him/his agent,so Knowing he will leave for nothing in a year will simply cause more animosity. Look at the reaction Adebayor got.
Maybe Arsene is getting tough and will play him in every minute of every game, regardless of injury, running him into the ground like a second hand motor.


“His actions”, just refusing to sign a extent to his contract? Man, I don’t understand it. When players try to force their departure, we blame them with the old “they don’t respect contract”. When a player fulfill it, we blame him, “he doesn’t let us taking money on his back”. Waow. It’s not a wedding but a professional contract. If he is commited, then fine. Sure Flamini left the club, but he was more than good on his last season.


With our start to the season we need to be able to hit the floor running so what is better for Arsenal? ..£25M in the bank or spent on a player that may take a few weeks (months!) to get used to the premier league and the Arsenal style of play..? ..or a £25M player that has already meshed with the other players knowing that he needs to play well enough to keep (or even up!) his current market value ready for a Bosman move next Summer? And when he is stood on the open-top bus trundling down Holloway Road… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I have no problem with him honouring the last year of his contract, but it would be poor business practice to not cash in on him now. But don’t expect me to thank a player for holding the club to ransom when he has had only 6 good months in 3 years.

Tuan Nguyen

We want a player, the Club keeps the player now, then we still complain loosing millions for keeping the player. I think this is a way to show the other clubs how to respect the contract.


Cesc is going absolutely nowhere!! I think he has been left behind to make sure he is totally over his injury – I am certain that he spent the whole of the 2010-11 season carrying the after effects of the injury he picked up towards the end of the 2009-10 campaign having had hardly any recovery time last summer due to the World Cup. And as for Nasri – I am sure that if the prospect of him leaving was even remotely possible then he would be in London not Kuala Lumpar right now. Wenger’s quote “Will he sign a… Read more »


I would rather we kept Nasri, even if it means losing him on a free next year. Send out a message to all our players – “Fuck you, you’re under contract, and WE will decide if you are to be sold or not.” Yeah, we’d lose money, but rather that than be bullied by players, agents and nouveau rich bastards.


At least Cesc and Nasri are not coming out into the press saying they want out re: Modric and Sp*rs. Sucks to be a club full of twats!


There is no chance we’ll let him go on a free. He either signs a new deal now or we sell. I think we’ve improved our 5 yr deal for him so maybe he will sign! As for cesc I have a feeling he will still be here this season and maybe the season after. Barca have shown him no respect, all they’ve done is prick teased him for the last 3 years. There is only one club that truly values him and that is the Arsenal!


I love the optimism! I sometimes am able to muster the same but this silly season is dragging me in the mud. I found myself about to type “one of two more signings would be perfect.” Arsene is putting words in my mouth already! The man is sneaky like that.

Joakim Apell

AW said he would sort out the Nasri situation before the end of June. It’s now 11th of July……..

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