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Wilshere: If you are loyal, it means you are a real man

Jack Wilshere has called on Arsenal’s alleged want away players to prove their loyalty to the club by staying at the Emirates and winning silverware.

Speaking in Kuala Lumpur as the speculation about the future of star pair Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas continues unabated, the 19-year-old laid down the gauntlet to his older and more experienced teammates stating:

“Loyalty is a big part of football and it shows if you are a real man or not.

“There have been a few players who have shown Arsenal great loyalty and hopefully we will get a few more like that. Then we will see if we can get a trophy or not.

“If you are loyal, it means you are a real man. We have loyalty at Arsenal and players have shown that in the past.

“Cesc showed that last year and hopefully a few more players will show it this year.

“We have got a good team. We know that and we need to keep our big players. If you look at Tottenham, they are fighting to keep Luka Modric.

“It’s the same for any team – you have to keep your best players. We have to keep ours if we want to win things.

“Robin (van Persie) has said he would be devastated if we lose Cesc. It’s the same for me.”

Echoing comments made by Van Persie yesterday that the club need to make new signings to help end the six year trophy drought, Wilshere continued:

“It would mean everything to win a trophy this season. Last season we just missed out. That last minute against Birmingham ruined everything in a way.

“We are always there or thereabouts at the end of the season. But we need to stay strong and maybe make a few more signings and we will be alright.

“We have been saying in the last few seasons that we need a bit more toughness but the boss knows what he is doing. Hopefully he will bring what we need in and we will win something at the end of the season.”

Jack’s words will no doubt be welcomed by beleaguered fans back in London with many pinning their hopes on the youngster to spearhead a new generation of Gunners capable of matching the achievements of Arsene Wenger’s Highbury years.

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At least the lad’s got heart


Jack is making himself a fan favorite more and more everyday. Gotta say I love hearing him say that. Hopefully Samir heard it as well. Not that it would change anything for the greedy man….

forever arsenal

what a fucking statement of intent. I hope Nasri has heard/read this.. i believe Cesc will stay, If he leads Arsenal out of this horrid spell he will be remembered forever, if he left now and won titles at Barca he will be just another cog that made an unstoppable wheel turn.

Jack your the fans favourite


Good stuff from Mr. Wilshere.


Jack = win




Think this might sum up how we feel about Jack:


I think it’s a bit more than that Jackie, but I like where your head is at. Plus, it wasn’t enough to win last year just to have Cesc and Nasri last year and it still won’t be enough this year. So therefore, Wenger has to go out and add some experience.

Hou Fai Lee

That’s telling them, Jack.


Well said Jacky, too bad we live in a world full of cunts(Nasri)


Makes a nice change for our players to be talking about our players, instead of listening to those Barca cunts doing it.

Mr Teddy Ears

Lets hope the french bucktooth cunt hears what Jack is saying along with the idiot manager and the wankers on the board.

Stop taking fans money and giving it to shareholders you pricks

Dave Gooner

Surprised at the level of venom towards Samir Nasri. He hasn’t gone anywhere, when he could have, and for considerably more money, up to 50k a week if reports are to be believed.

How many of the posters here would stay put out of ‘loyalty’, if offered twice the rewards for the same work. That is what Nasri HAS TURNED DOWN to stay at Arsenal.. He deserves praise, not abuse. And if this is the abusive reaction he can expect, who can blame him if he decides to leave at the end of next season?


We’re not mad at Nasri, we’re mad at the club for not selling him already and making a profit. Cha-ching!


Where are you getting this info from that he’s turned down offers from elsewhere? I still fully expect him to leave.

I think that actually, you’ll find that Arsenal have offered him improved wages and he’s turned those offers down.

Dave Gooner

The same place as you are I’d guess. I saw video of Alex Ferguson say as much. He has made it clear that JamU were in the hunt and had made an offer that was turned down. If you’re askin’ like..?

Samir could be doing like that bloke over at that lesser club across London, and publicly agitate, but he isn’t – despite being in a much stronger position to do so.

Give the fella some credit. Or boo away.


Dave, we turned down the offer, not Nasri

Dave Gooner

Did he put in a transfer request? He’s right to listen to offers. But it doesn’t mean he’s interested.


Dave, you’re on another planet! “not publicly agitate” … all he’s done is publicly agitate! He came out and publicly said that he wanted to join another club because we weren’t winning trophies, he’s turned down increased wage offers from Arsenal and refused to sign a new contract. Now he’s contradicted himself and said he’s willing to stay at the club. If that’s not publicly agitating things, I don’t know what is.

As jin says, the club are the ones that turned offers down, you can’t give Nasri any respect for something that’s out of his control.

Sedara Percy

Well said Jacky. You’re the man. Loyalty and integrity are the keys to winning. I hope the message is fully deciphered by those concerned.


Is it just me or does this kid seem like a Winner already?


Teddy Ear,: enlighten me: what were dividend payments this year? If none then what money is being given to the shareholders and how? Are you saying we should spend more than we earn like, say, greece or Ireland or are you saying our club doesn’t need a board?

Get over yourself with this short term shit. We don’t have £100m to spend and we therefore shouldn’t spend it. I for one would be happy if, on top of everything else he’s done, Arsene’s legacy is one of financial prudence. Go ask, say, a Leeds fan.


Tom c is right, a lot of our money goes into the new stadium, which was down to the board. When the rules come in, the stadium is gonna be a big part. It was arsene who built a good enough team on minimal funds which really makes him one of the best managers in the world considering that we have never dropped out of the champions league!


Jack “The future Arsenal captain, the new Tony Adams” Wilshere has spoken. Listen up all you foreign legion players.


Lets go with him he’s got more money than us.

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