Friday, September 30, 2022

Arsenal confirm Fabregas sale

Arsenal have confirmed that terms have finally been agreed with Barcelona over the sale of Cesc Fabregas.

The Spaniard flew to Barcelona this evening and will be officially unveiled at the Camp Nou tomorrow afternoon. As expected Arsenal did not disclose the details of the deal.

Speaking about the loss of his club captain Arsene Wenger reflected:

“We have been clear that we didn’t want Cesc to leave and that remains the case. However, we understand Cesc’s desire to move to his home town club and have now accepted an offer from Barcelona. We thank Cesc for his contribution at Arsenal and wish him future success.”

The official announcement, can be read here.

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hmm gutted but it was about time he went so now we can start to buy some qulity


Barcelona are cunts. And they got Cesc for less than he’s worth. I don’t think we’ll see another Cesc in a gunners shirt in the foreseeable future, just like there won’t be another Dennis or LeBob or TH14, but if Wenger is smart, he’ll re-invest the money in talent who are willing to give it their all on the pitch. I hate ManUre and can’t stand Ferguson, but somehow, he always found a way to make his team click after their top star leaves, why can’t Wenger do that? He’s had the job for long enough to have enough experience.… Read more »

Chris Thompson

watch Jack will be out the door next! whats it saying ppl when all our best players wont 2 leave ? ill be the 1st to say it we are no longer a top 4 side :-/


Thanks for everything Cesc
Arsenal Legend.


dennis is a legend.

fabregas not near to this status


i complete understand what you mean but in terms of legend i mean the sort of player we are unlikely to see again. Its safe to say we will never have a player like henry, bergkamp, brady etc. and i truly believe we wont see a player like cesc again (in a arsenal shirt), so in my mind he is a legend.


Totally agree. Based on the last two years, he lost his right to the status of an Arsenal legend. Grateful for everything he has done at the club and appreaciate he was at times a really great player for us. He is now Barcelona and of no further future interest to me. A memory.

Savage is a Dave

Exactly, no way is that man considered a legend. Great player but that is all. Unfortunately for him Arsene decided to surround him with utter tripe so he definately cannot be blamed for that but legend? No way.


You are forgetting a young lad named Jack.


Well said mate. Cesc is scum.


just don’t insult the boy. he’s given the Club a lot. in hard times when Arsenal has been its own worse enemy…


Legends win things. Cesc didn’t. Go and enjoy your mongolian cluster fuck with Pique, Valdez, Xavi, Iniesta and of course the mother of all cum goblets Poohole.

Thanks for teaching Jack how to be a better player technically, shame you would never share the passion…


grow up already

John B.

Arsenal legend? He dicked us around for two summers, and it was both him and Barcelona who put pressure on Arsenal to sell him half of what he’s actually worth in today’s market.


Completely agree. I didn’t think he deserved the captain’s armband after showing his true interests lay elsewhere.


The word “legend” gets bandied around far too easily. He’s a good player that left before he could become a legend.


he is definately no arsenal legend.


A legend wins something. Cesc is no legend. Just remember his performances in the “big” games. Never showed up. Very talented and I wish Wenger would have supported him with better players. I think Cesc is one of the top players in the world and I am sad to see him leave but at 24 years of age he is no legend. Now he has no chance of being an Arsenal legend.

Good luck to him in Barcelona. He will get a lot of rest for his hamstring.


So Matt Le Tissier isn’t a Saints legend?


Matt LeTissier is a Saints legend, but you have to put things into context – Saints have NEVER won anything, so to be a Saints legend you dont have to have won anything. Dennis, Theirry, Pirates, in recent memory won something with the gunners – so are legends. Dennis or Theirry wouldnt have allowed Arsenal (esp as Captain) to not win anything..


sorry quality


he will be very very sadly missed


Wooohooo!! Thank god for that now we need to get rid of that other c##t…..

Come on lets sign “Jaaaadsooooon”……


how the hell can you compare cesc to nasri? nasri had a decent 4 months. Cesc has been a world beater since he started playing for us. Remember….”Hes only seventeen, hes better than Roy Keane, Fabregas Woah Woah Fabregas Woah Woah.
Arsenal great = cesc
Typical greedy scum= nasri


He may have been better than Nasri, and it’s great that he could help the club, but if he doesn’t want to be at Arsenal then thanks for the 35m and you in CL.


Dont paint nasri all bad. Nasri wants money and maybe trophies, Cesc wants trophies. Nasri is willing to respect his contract and leave, cesc wasnt willing. So he whined his way out. Cesc played well for arsenal, but he is no hero.


I agree femi. I don’t necessarily think Cesc “whined” his way out (although he clearly wasn’t expressing desire to stay) but I do agree that Nasri has done little wrong in comparison. He is just a 24 year old who doesn’t see his future here so he isn’t resigning a contract. If a player isn’t meant for Arsenal it doesn’t make him a horrible person. Clichy did the same thing and people were easy on him.


Cesc has been quality for us and I wish the manager had bought the players we desperately needed over the last couple of seasons to convince him that he could have won things with us!
One of the best central midfielders in the world and we are going to find it impossible to replace his assists and goals for the £30 million we gave got for him!!


He’s not an Arsenal legend. He is a great player, but since he’s never won anything for us, he just goes down as a former player. Shame.


nobody in this squad has won anything at arsenal except the clowns who are leaving and rvp ,cesc has been a great player for us so give him some respect we now have money to spend so it’s not his fault if wenger the senile twat doesn’t spend it same with money grabbing french cunt get the 20 mill for him sign cahill ffs simple!!!!! wenger is messing around you wonder why cesc wanted to go not just because he loves barca he wants to win trophies which people have to understand,it just wont happen at arsenal under wengers guidance… Read more »


RVP won something for us in his first season! get your stats right


well, I think he won an FA Cup, exactly what Legend Liam Brady did.


Well guess what, Cesc was also in the 2005 FA Cup winning team.


Fantastic player, made such a great contribution to the club and throughout this whole saga remained silent about Arsenal. Perhaps this will be the changing of the tides…




What?! Who knew? How did they keep this one quiet?

Fab will be missed. Would have loved to see him lead our side to some glory but it is not to be. More room for our youngsters to grow I guess but they will have missed an opportunity to learn from a master.

Alpha t

I’m gutted to hear this inevitable news! Cesc will be missed
Nasri on the other hand never convinced me, he’s just a more technical Diaby IMO, dwells on the ball and was never good enough to replace Cesc!


Why he would leave to go sit on the bench is beyond me. He will languish as a player there and was well on the way to being king here. Thanks for the time you spent with us, Cesc. Too bad you’ve joined those cunts. By the way, the money we got for him is grossly inadequate. Have fun as a thirty minute player, Cesc….

Granite Gooner

New it was coming but still hard to swallow


For how many more years do you think Xavi will be playing? Don’t you figure by then Cesc would have been well groomed into the Barca team. Geesh, get over yourself.


Oops, sorry @granite, this was a response to @Weasel above 🙂


We need a creative player ASAP.


I’m sorry but Im only concerned by people who play for Arsenal Fc

Savage is a Dave

+ 1,000,000


like! like!! like!!!


fuck yeah


Little Catalan cunt – handy with a football and a jamon. apparently.

Why Not

Very sad. Could have been handled so much better by arse and in the end by cesc. But what a player he’s been
otoh I wont be sad to see nasri go at all.
Now we find out if wenger can identify Any area we could improve


I don’t want to sound to disrespectful, because Cesc was great for us and a professional until the end.
But the whole thing just gets a big bag of WHATEVER from me now.
Now those awful classless gobshites can finally leave us alone and I hope Real Madrid batter them in all competitions for the next 10 years.

Cesc has not been the main man at Arsenal since Wilshere stepped up.

Now we flog the other whining 6 month wonder and buy someone with a pair of bollocks, ready for the fucking fight!

North Bank Ned

Shame we won’t get to see him in the red and white in his pomp. Barca got a bargain, beyond doubt. But it is what it was always going to be. Great players are never easy to replace but we have to move on regardless.


Stop your fits Cesc will be remembered as a legend. Was the one bright spark in this dull era. The only headache is we all knew he wanted to leave from last season and now Mr W has big job in finding someone to fill his boots. Good luck Cesc now show them barca cunts they were wrong as you put one of them on the bench


Why is it ‘in principle’? We all know those barca cunts have none. Puyol, Pique, Xavi et al are all wankers for what they didand fifa did fuck all for thistapping up (35m on the never is nuffink really). Cesc will be missed. But barca,can’t wait to see you rot


Cheers cecs it’s been a pleasure watching you play maybe you can teach your Barcelona chums how to behave with a shred of decency. Bunch of pricks!!!


he might start with teaching them how to respect contracts and not whine your way out… my bad! he cant do that.


Moments like this define my love for the Club.

It’s really fascinating how a simple event like this can cause so much pain for so many people. Well, life goes on.

Now, my friends, we have two weeks, which are truly vital for Arsenal Football Club. If the management doesn’t play its cards wisely, I foresee dark times for our beloved Arsenal.


Is it me or is a pattern emerging? star arsenal player appoints darren dein as his agent. Star player agitates for a move (frequently to some Catalan [email protected]).

The deins are just proper wronguns.


Agreed, like father like son – take the money and run


Trying to be positive…………………………………………………this is utterly disgusting!! Arsenal sell a player that they had contracted until 2014 and for peanuts. Cesc is irreplaceable at this moment of time. There’e no one out there who can come in and hit the ground running.

Any hopes of winning any kind of title is gone with him. Arsenal can no longer call itself a big club now.

This will definitely affect other players in a negative way.

Arsene you are my hero but it seems minority is right. You have lost it.


Yes, he has lost it. And I just can’t comprehend how he allowed this hard fall to happen… As if those glorious time were yesterday…

Arsenal Bob

Cesc is not an Arsenal legend, he could have been with the right calibre of team around him.

I look forward to see how Wenger reacts to the void left by his creative talents, he will be difficult to replace. Time to show $amir Na$ri the door now and show our intentions in what remains of the transfer window.


Alan S

Cesc departs with style…Just like his footballing talent A dignified and classy exit for a dignified and classy player. A true professional. I wish him all the success he deserves. Only sorry that had that pratt Wenger recruited one or two players in January 2011, then Cesc might have stayed and led us to greater things.

A sad day for real Arsenal spporters. Hope Wenger follows him out ASAP


Thanks for the memories. True class. You will be sadly missed.


If the figures in the Guardian article are correct (, and my math is right, the deal could be worth up to 53 million pounds including add-ons. Not bad business when all is said and done.


Here’s what the article said, someone with math skills confirm.

“Cesc Fábregas should complete his £35m move to Barcelona today subject to a medical. The details of the deal are understood to be a €14.5m (£12.7m) up-front payment, followed by another €14.5m in October. Arsenal will then receive €5m each year of the five years of Fábregas’s Barça contract, plus €6m based on appearances, goals and honours.”


Guardian got it wrong it seems. It’s apparently a total deal of €40m, including €1m each year for 5 years (that’s €5m total), and the €6m add ons seem to involve the need for Barcelona to win 1 CL and 2 La Liga titles in those 5 years. If that is the deal then it’s a disgrace and Arsenal have shamefully undersold one of the finest talents in world football.

Joe Goon

News in! They performed a blood test at his medical and he has Madrid DNA!


Haha – classic 🙂


Sad to see him go but it’s been on the cards for a long long time. Legend ? I don’t think so but it would have been nice to fill the first team with quality on par with Cesc , then maybe he would have stayed? We have to move on and must spend because if we keep playing the style that we have been we will need a quality supply merchant to cover Cescs loss.

Mental Strength

It was on the cards from the day he joined us, in that his motivation for coming to Arsenal was to prove that he was good enough to play for the Barcelona first team.


I struggle to think of anyonefor sale that could fill Cescs’ boots, bar Sneijder -but if his wages are too much for ManU, you can forget the Arsenal.

bob john

Great player but I have nothing but contempt for him. He has held us to ransom since last season by refusing to play after we accepted £50m bid from Real. The fact that he would only join the Cuntylonians meant we were never gonna get a proper fee for him. Can wish only ill on a team of pus like Alves, Busquets, Xavi, Pique, etc. No doubt in a years time they’ll start with ‘Wilshere is really a Barca player’ shit.



Maybe some competition for Song if you’re feeling flush Arsene.


why song? why not anyone else on the starting lineup? and dont tell me there’s a better DM than him in the league


yaya toure


Mancini plays Yaya as an attacking mid. Essien is better when fit but thats rarely, and de Jong is on par with Song defensively but Alex can play with the ball as well. Frimpong WILL be better than all of them, and Arsene is correct in not investing in this position. Plus Djourou played there at the weekend..

Alan S

Now can we please get shot of the wannabe called Nasri. 3 months of good football and he sells us up the river for moneybags Man City. Shame on you Samir. Cesc has more class in his big toe than you will ever have.

Look forward to your welcome back to Emirates. That should be fun

Alpha t

The worst part is we’ll probably go through the same shit with our new young recruit from Barca. I hope we never sign another Spanish player. maybe not never but u know what I mean!

Gossip Gooner

If you are refering to the young barca player Hector Bellerin we just recruited, then yes we will go through the same thing again. He already made public that he wants to go back to barca one day.
And these glorified cunts think they’re so high and mighty that they’ll probably say the same thing about Ignasi in 5 years time.


will forever remember that screamer at the san siro. so sad its come early. we know you had to go join your pals but as an arsenal fan and former player you should know by now you are joining a bunch of Cunts.


Gutted. Even though I knew it was coming I’m still gutted.

I really hope Cesc sends Xavi crying to the bench, the shitcunt.

Arsene's Nose

We all knew that this would happen eventually. And we all understand why he would want to go home but there was a way that Cesc could have kept everyone happy in this. If he hadn’t been so vocal about only going to Barca and completely killing the market, we could have got £50m for him easy. So when Barca came up to us like some tramp on las ramblas with nothing but a pot to piss in, we had no option but to sell just so the rancid smell of urine and diamond blanco would fuck off out of… Read more »


True class. He didn’t bitch or moan or speak against us. He didn’t agitate or make up shit. We would have kept him for another season if we’d won a trophy last year but it wasn’t to be. You don’t have to win a trophy to join the Arsenal pantheon. Integrity and heritage. He’s spent 6 or 7 years with us. What more could we ask for? It’s important that, as fans, we take the time to thank the good ones and he was one of them – on and off the pitch – a Catalan gentleman. Fare thee well… Read more »


Just don’t agree Tom. He did worse than bitch and moan or speak against us; he just stopped playing for us about a season and a half ago. He’s also been in a sulk for ages now and by closing the market to just Barcelona he prevented Arsenal from getting a true market value for him. Yes he is a great player and and should be remembered and thanked for the great service he gave Arsenal, but his actions are not those of a true legend for Arsenal (there are few of those) and he has no place in any… Read more »


To me his tactics were worse than nasri’s. We are making money on nasri but kind of losing money on cesc.


It’s time to sign Eden Hazard!!!!


That would be sweet.


It’s time to cry


He took a penalty for us with a broken leg.


Yeah? I took a shit with a broken toilet door lock. That’s danger right there. 🙂


Hair-line fracture in the top of his fibula that healed in 4-5 weeks? That’s not a broken leg mate..
Still, legend in my book. Some whinge that he stoped playing for us a year or two ago, but that is just nonsense. The man is all class. He was pretty much injured for that whole amount of time and still gave 100%. And the season before last he still managed 19 goals and 19 assists FFS!!


It’s time for bed


fucking ha! 🙂


Gutted!! What a very very poor squad we’re now left with! More chance of getting relegated than winning a trophy in the next few years


Not looking forward to Tuesday night. We were poor creatively v Newcastle and they are shite.


just watching MOTD2 now… we look so weak in comparison to UTD and Chelsea. Just a pile of shit. Really upsetting myself here gonna stop watching. becoming more and more negative about this club. trying not to… help… me……


Drama queen, they nothing special

Danish Gooner

And we got a real shit deal to boot,Nice one Gazidis and Wenger.


New contract for Nasri, give him Cesc’s position, buy Baines, a quality centre back and Benzema, then we’d look like a team again.


Just saw Spanish Supercup. Benzema had two great assists, MOTM performance. He’s the number one striker for Real Madrid. Even if he wanted to leave, we can’t afford him anymore.

We’ve got two world class players left (RvP and Sagna). How much do you want to bet RVP leaves next summer, especially if we don’t win anything?


He threw pizza at old Red Nose’s head


You’re going to a team full of pricks but you will be missed.

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