Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Arsenal confirm Mertesacker signing

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of German international Per Mertesacker from Werder Bremen in a deal thought to be worth in the region of £10 million.

The 26-year-old centre-back is Arsene Wenger’s second signing of the day and follows Brazilian left-back Andre Santos in strengthening the Gunners defensive options.

Speaking about his decision to leave the Bundesliga for the Premier League, Mertesacker explained:

“I had a great time with Werder and I have a lot to thank the club for. With this transfer to London a dream has come true, taking another step in my career.

“I have always considered the English Premier League an intriguing challenge.”

Reflecting on the loss of his star defender, Werder manager Klaus Allofs stated:

“Per expressed the desire to transfer now. And we have always said that if the conditions are in order then we would approve such a transfer.

“On the one hand it’s sad because we still had a lot that we wanted to achieve with Per. On the other hand, we knew how much he is interested in the English league. We have had a good working relationship and wish Per all the best with Arsenal.”

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Willkommen in Arsenal Per!


first…woo hoo…

6.6 ft …woo hoo

not silvestre … woo hoo



Johnny Massacre



If they were both fruits, you could call them that.


Yahoo!!!! first to post


Slight fail there mate, always next time. 😉


that’s gotta be embarrassing


I wish I was that tall 🙁


oh yeah!


Excellent news, welcome to Arsenal Herr Mertesacker. I suppose when they said they would try to the very last minute for signings, they really meant it. Faints.




..or PerMaelen :p

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Arsenal Bystander

YES! We finally got the defender we been crying out for!

Too tall, do not want


Too old? Too tall?

Mate, you are too stupid.

My name is not important

Just get that that rod out your ass and know thy meme…sigh.



He’s 6 foot 6
He’s 6 foot 6
We’ve got Mertesacker
Fuck…er…Na$ri cos he’s a cunt.

need to work on the last bit.

Arsenal Bystander

We’ve got Mertesacker
Alongside the Verminator

hahah poor try by me too.


We’ve got Mertesacker
and Na$ri’s a prick?

has to rhyme with 6 right?
like 5 foot 4 Adebayor

It’s getting there…

Adam, Watford

He’s 6 foot 6
He’s 6 foot 6
We’ve got Mertesacker
To put your strikers in a fix !



how about we fudge the height like we did for arshavin?

He’s 6 foot 3
He’s 6 foot 3
We’ve got Mertesacker
Fuck Samir Nasri




SUCKING VERMINATION! 6.6 tall. now let the long throw ins flow and those corners too


Too tall? Shut up and be happy

My name is not important

Some people just seem to be too thick to understand a joke even if it jumped up and slapped them in the face.




Finally. This guy should have been signed years ago and it would been anoyher story.



Midfield Corporal

There’s got to be a song for him to The Prodigys Firestarter.


Ok can we get Schneider In now???? Thats all we need.
Sczeny – Sagna-Verm-Mert-Santos- song-wilshere-gervinho-arshavin/Schneider -Theo-VP.
Good first team and then??? absolute crap on the bench. 3 more players needed.


Gervinho in the right side of the midfield? Really?


We’re never getting Schneider of 3 more players so you are going to be disappointed.


I’ve done a sex wee over this!

why is my name required

welcome to arsenal


We’ve got Mertesacker!
We’ve got Mertesacker!
We’ve got Mertesacker!
Nasri’s a cunt.




Best Mertesacker chant ever! We should all try it out against the welsh Swansea


Thanks, put in a lot of effort into it, songwriting is a tough business. Our fans at Old Trafford were fuckin’ excellent, hope the same guys sing this at Swansea 😛


Irrespective of the relatively low transfer fee, a much better prospect than Cahill. Picking him up at £8m-10m almost justifies the low bid we made England’s 4th/5th choice centre half. Mertesacker has 2 World Cups and 1 Euro’s under his belt and was Werder’s captain. WE NEED LEADERS and this lad ticks the boxes. Along with the acquisition of Santos, we now in theory have a strong defence with strength in depth. A long time since a Gunner has been able to say that! True, all of this would have been better had we been able to conclude our business… Read more »


Thumbs up Toby, spot on.

Adam, Watford

Seconded, Toby, spot on.


I love that fukn post mate 🙂

“We’ve finally got Per

For set pieces we dnt care

Fuk you hating pricks

He’s 6 ft 6”

(still thinking of a tune)

Cmon You Gooners!!


Get the midfielder we badly need ( not benyoun) and we could have a decent season without the playmaker we need then mid table.


I’ve found my home kit this year.

Midfield Corporal

Maybe Arsene will probably stick him up front and start lumping long balls at him, a sort of two fingers to all his critics who says he’s stubborn and unable to change.

Nik knack Mertersack
Na$ri is a cunt
Er…..la la la la
What a cunt!

I’ll start it if you join in.

Michael F

Excellent news, we finally signed one of the quality players who just ‘wasn’t out there’. I like his name too cos it reminds me of compare the meerket.com and I think we ought to nickname him ‘Simples’.


Two good signings hopefully we’ll get a midfielder by the end of the day and I might reconnect sky sports, wasn’t going to throw away my hard earned cash to watch the rubbish we witnessed last sunday

David Bevan



i like the new signings even though they arent big signings but at least they are international players. but what i dont understand is why havent we signed a playmaker. since cesc and na$ri left we are more desperately in need of a midfielder.


To the tune of steppenwolfs ‘Born to be wild’

We’ve got Mertesaker
Heading all the balls away
He’s a german gooner
For The Arsenal he plays


“born in deutchla-a-a-and!”


So how will Chesney see the ball coming now? I am really worried.


Mertersacker vermalen santos sagna ……very nice wenger hurry up with the rest


It would be like watching a nice porn seeing Vermalean and the tall bloke Per playing together… 😛


Remind me never ever to borrow porn off you mate lol.


picture it…….

drum and bass track in the background…….small dog sitting in a ring box…….

Thank you thank you for the tall German defender

Thank you for that Santos bloke

You’re a great manager really

and you’re the biggest cunt in the world……Na$ri Bear


And you gotta know he loves cones


Go in to the hairdressers and ask for a VermaPerm

You’ll get a cut that both makes you look like a cold blooded assassin, and also achieves the illusion of making you look a foot taller.


It’ll also turn you in to a fucking excellent defender.


Sat here watching deadline day and sky sources say were making a bid of £10 million for mikel arteta …………. Back four…. santos per vermalean sanga. Mid ….. Wilshere


Sorry fucked that up stupid phone …. Szny santos per verm sagna wilsh song arteta Ramsey Walcott v-persie now does that sound like a decent team or what ……. GO GUNNERS

Bob the Gunner

Emmanuel “Kick-ASS” Frimpong for Song please !!!
I’m liking the red cards !!!

Bob the Gunner

I wonder if we drew 0-0 with Man Utd last week, these signings would still happen.


please we do not want arteta. buy schneider or hazard edin


Ya I heard this Hazard Edin is a great player 🙂


His experience and international credentials speak for themselves and need little praise from anyone.

The fact that he’s a lifetime Arse fan and not a materialistic merdesack a la Nasri, speaks well for his character. Welcome home, Per!


Sorry Guys, but this fella will be absolutely shredded by the likes of Rooney, Tevez. Remember Pascal Cygan? The turning abilities of an oil tanker


Lighten up Mister! He’s got 75 caps for Germany & is only 26. If it was an England player the same age with the same caps you’d be creaming yourself, and England are shit..




And why take Benayoun? Another light weight midfielder who can join Rosicky and Arshavin in a game of “who can be outmuscled and out-competed first”. Where is M’Villa?


Logical and good signing in my opinion: cheap, near end of contract, experienced, tall. As I follow the Bundesliga quite a bit, it will be interesting to see how he fits into the team and the PL. PM was class 3-4 years ago, but the last 2 years were below average (playing alongside Silvester… I suppose). Bremen’s defense was very (!) unstable last season and I think PM suffered (psychologically; oh something new for us…) under that as well. I’m surprised no one has mentioned that here. So I am not sure yet whether he will be our long awaited… Read more »


Let’s not forget, for 6.2 million he just has to be better than Djourou!

I’m happy enough with Verminator and Kos as the preferred pair. Am I alone?

[…] The giant German international is 26 years old, and at a fee reported to be in the region of  £10 million. Compared to Cahill, this may actually be a bargain. He is one year older than Cahill, so much more experience in terms of both international and Champions League games. Provides the same big-guy presence at the back, brings leadership having been captain of Werder Bremen and is nearly twice as cheap as the aforementioned Gary Cahill. The behemoth explained why he came to Arsenal: […]

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