Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Arsenal confirm Oxlade-Chamberlain signing

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Southampton on the ubiquitous long-term contract and for the equally ubiquitous undisclosed fee.

Arsene Wenger said, “He is an exciting young player who will provide us with creativity and offensive quality. Alex is a versatile player who can play in a number of positions. He can play as an attacking centre midfielder, or wide left and right.

“Alex is a perceptive passer of the ball and has a great understanding of the game and looks to be a very good team player”.

While the new boy himself said, “I’m so excited to be joining Arsenal. It’s a fantastic club and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of playing football at the highest level.

“I’m now looking forward to meeting all my new team mates and giving absolutely everything in an Arsenal shirt.”

Although his number has not yet been revealed the club have confirmed he will go straight into the first team squad. Whether he’s in contention for a place this coming weekend remains to be seen.

Welcome to the Arsenal, Alex, and let’s get behind the new boy.

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Jesus Christ . . .




Arsenal, fuck yeah!


He has a bright future. Can’t wait to see him play in an Arsenal shirt.


Could the core of midfield be British ?? We could feature Ramsey oxlade and wilshire as our middle 3.


And leave out Alex Song? Never.


Maybe field 2 defensive midfielders at sometime. Song – Frimpong.




maybe Frimpong in a year’s time, or if/when Alex song is injured. And I’d still take a healthy Diaby over Ramsey at the moment. Shame they both suffered awful tackles/injuries.

Still, Frimpong, Wilshere, Ox are a nice English trio in Arsenal’s midfield.


He’s a winger..??


new chant needed for him


Cesc cesc, go to Spain,
We’ve got Oxlade-Chamberlain,


And credit for creating such a wonderful “chant” goes to *AARON-GOON*


Well Done sir. Very quick. I would rather Cesc stayed here though.


Really cool chant! Can’t wait to hear it at the emirates

someone else that can read

Love it!!

La Gooner

Another 17 year old? Really Arsene?
and that for supposedly 10-15 million pounds? Are you frickin kidding me? And what, he is a winger?
Guess we’d better change the club name to Wingernal FC !
this is hilarious !

Lord Teddy Ears

Arsene wingman


Yeah… Same goes… Tongue in cheek lads… Here’s hoping our new boys succeed with The Arsenal.


…Meant to be a reply to the “chant”


His name isn’t Oxencart Chamberpot? Sure we got the right guy?


Can we mention centre halves on this post?

rectum spectrum

Its only a matter of time 🙂


Go on, have at it.


Ignoring the bonkers sense of rtansfer priority at the Emirates at the moment, he’s a good signing. Young, quick, talented and English he’s definitely got a lot of promise.

And hey, he’s a signing at least!

With Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey and Walcott it does look as though there’s a conscious move to give the team a more English feel.

Welcome to the club Alex!


I don’t think Ramsey would consider himself English 🙂




So we’re not allowed to grumble about centre backs here right now? Fair enough. This is a good signing.


Even though he’s been linked for yonks, surprised that was turned around and confirmed so quickly.

La Gooner

Oh I wanna grumble soo bad !


All glory to the hypno-arse…


I can’t believe he’s signed a 17 year old winger and not a centre half, the cunt. . . .

La Gooner

Now easy there mate, I’d enjoy ANY signing ANY day but this has become a regular activity now for AW, signing wingers and ignoring the shamble that is our defense, don’t you think?

someone else that can read

signing one player doesn’t mean we won’t sign another….Be pleased he has signed …grumble when the window closes and we haven’t signed a defender (we will sign a defender!!)


Chris Samba is due to miss blackburns first game of the season due to a groin strain, I have it on good authority that it was strained whilst signing an Arsenal contract x




Well they do call him clever dick

Canadian Gooner

fuck yeah lets see the transfer news start rolling in!


Well done, Arsene. And there is clearly a move to go more British, which is a good thing. The future backbone for England emerging at Arsenal.


Mark Wahlberg


Can’t believe he’s bought a 17 year old winger and not a centre-half, the cunt


Hahaha sorry blogger I had to do that


I knw, btw i am very muck with Wenger and I am delighted about this signing, in fact I rushed straight to Wikipedia as soon as I saw Breaking News at the bottom of Sky Sports News.

Also you said you would put up the Q & A stuff with Gazidis, is it over yet


if we have limited money then this is a ridiculous signing irrespective of how good he may be.


well if that is the case why the hell haven’t we bought all the players we need, won’t bore with what positions as we all know them all by now!!


dan, this signing has been in the works for a while. From what we can gather its not all up front and I would assume that when Wenger was talking about money left for transfers such as CBs he was taking into account the very probably signing of Oxlade.
I personally am pretty confident that we have enough money for a CB, lets just hope wenger does sign one.


A good signing and can’t wait to see him in an arsenal shirt. C’mon the gunners!!!!


This means Mata is not coming. Wenger went for the cheaper option. Again.


Could be it’s also the better option, but only time will tell.

Tripp Page

Do people not understand Wenger after all these years? This is what he does. This is what he is good at.


Exactly, ryo, Walcott, gervinho and this kid racing up and down the flanks (I think I heard he was almost as quick as Theo?), what pace and trickery. Man utd looked pretty awesome yesterday with their kids too though, bunch of homos, will be a close fought season this year with Theo winning player of the season and golden boot


Wenger is good at disappointing Arsenal fans by not bringing in quality experienced players that strengthens the team (particularly in defence) instead he brings in yet another youngster?


So can we conclude that this is the super quality we have been waiting for?

Chris Kennedy



Not yet – only until 1/9/2011 12:00 AM you can.


Fuck the haters, I hope he shuts up all the moaners. Welcome to Arsenal Oxford-Cambridge or whatever your name is. Welcome.

Now can we have a centre back? Please?
I’m sure there’s one coming. There has to be… right?




haaaaaaaaaaaahhahhahahahahah…that was good…Oxford-Cambridge!!!


Lol at Oxford cambridge, better than oxencart chamberport any day


Good signing. Keep them coming.

As for the grumbling for a centre back, the initial phase can commence by the weekend (if no CB is signed ahead of the newcastle game) and can go into overdrive (if no CB is signed) by the end of august.


News about this broke quickly and rather all of a sudden and it was wrapped up in a day…maybe we’re not as incompetent as we thought?


so we have bought a 17 and 18 year old and a forward from a french club. good to wenger’s is learning from previous mistakes!!! you couldn’t make it up.

Jimmy the Saint

I didn’t know I was living in France! Sacre blue.. saw him a few times at St. Mary’s last season, looks a good prospect. Welcome to the Emirates, Alex!


League 1 not Ligue 1


It is a bit like sending your wife to the shop with a £20 note to buy dinner and her coming back with a cushion set, as lovely as they are – its not what you’ve asked for.


ha ha so true


Have you seen the official photos? Why the fuck is he barefoot? I hope he’s not going to be playing like that, especially with our injury record!


haha…thought it was kind of weird myself

Professor Plum

he looks a little flat footed to me


He’s the son of “GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE” who is the master at HARDNUT football.


Make them all train barefoot with thumbtacks spread randomly on the field, that will turn our gunners into mean savage angry destroyers


cue rage-filled comments from people who have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes but choose to fill in the blanks with the tabloid’s gossip columns. bet this exciting young prospect is thrilled to have signed for us… until he sees all the negativity in his direction from the fans. probably wonders what he did wrong


Much like a feature film or a series of a Larry David sitcom, a transfer window must be viewed as a whole before it can be truly understood. There are still three weeks of this one left. A good way of putting us fans’ minds at rest would be to secure targets by order of priority – defender first, striker second, 100 gallons of healing Holy Water third and teenage winger last. I suspect putting the fans’ minds at rest isn’t chief among Messrs Gazidis and Wenger’s concerns though, and rightly so. I’d hope they’d tick things off as and… Read more »


A fan of Larry David usually can’t be wrong, but i’d have to disagree with some of that. This is the most difficult test of the club since the boss arrived, and it comes before the window ends.

You have to make business happen when you are under the kosh. Waiting for the transfer musical chairs to stop, or for Barca to cough up the money so we can grab a bargain on whatever leftovers are around and can be bought, won’t cut it this month.


I appreciate your polite disagreement, a bit of a rarity at the moment. I guess I just don’t really understand what you’re referring to when you say it’s the most difficult test since he arrived – is it the fan/club relationship you’re referring to? If so, maybe, but it’s not hugely important when it comes to running a football club. I mean, of course it’s important, but I never want to see Wenger buying someone because it’ll appease the fans. He won’t be fit to manage the club anymore. I believe he has to add to the squad for it… Read more »

rectum spectrum



So we can pay 12-15 million for a young prospect but can’t 17-20 pay for a capable center half? Doesn’t this play into fans complaints rather even further.


I think he went for this option because Valencia didn’t want to sell. We don’t do it the Barca way and annoy the other club to death. They said no and we respected that. Ox will be good now and great in two years time! Come on you Gunners!


Had this be done when it should have, months ago, everyone would be excited, and the kid would get the welcome he deserves. The timing of this will be like a red rag to a bull for many fans. And frankly, what on earth are the boys upstairs playing at we’re not paying less now than last season for him. This is a huge fee if the 7 up front, 6 later, and 3 in bonus reports are to be believed. That’s three below the apparent clause of Juan Mata. Two below Cahill, five more than Samba. Sorry for the… Read more »


Go take a xanax.


Hey now, no need to advise anyone towards xanny’s here.


He’s a fantastic player. Quick and very intelligent. Although young he will put in 100% every game for the rip roaring reds. He has wonderful passing ability and reads the game very well. Let’s hope this is the start of our spending spree. Don’t forget the centre backs Arsene


This is great news can’t wait to see who we loan him out to hopefully they will let us still pay his wages up the gunners


It will be a good signing if wenger sign a center back with a midfeilder so wenger pls put a smile on our face!


Good signing, 3 weeks left and we have bolstered the midfield. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Nasri go now. I’m itching for Wenger to hijack the wesley snijder deal with the cash


Sneijder? You are having a laugh


Going to step right into the first team? This is a brain on crack.


A transfer – yay! Er, not the quite the one we want…(ahem, stop it – ed.)


He could actually be our record signing.


He is i guess!


Is this considered a “Super Quality” signing? I just want that clarified.



How is he defending set pieces?


Another complete waste of money from the nutty professor.


Am I the only one that does not think we have a surplus of natural wingers. We certainly don’t have a surplus of whingers.


No, you’re not the only one. The additions of Gervinho, Ox and (probably) Miyaichi would all point to one thing – more pace and incisiveness in the final third, a weakness which was largely to blame for our break-down last sason. The defence didn’t get any worse in the seond half of the campaign (of course I’m not arguing that it doesn’t need improving) but our attacking play did. With Nasri off form (or returning to form? Too early in his career to say) our attacks broke down with no-one running into the box. Fans complain about our “tippy-tappy” approach.… Read more »


Welocome on board you Moaners would have been going mental if he signed for one of our rivals……..centre half and mata next!!!!! Keep the faith!!!


per mertesacker says he is excited by interest by arsenal, and bremen have promised him they will listen to offers? maybe our future isnt looking so bleak after all.

I went to southhampton vs manu at st marys (fa cup) last season, sitting with the home crowd obviously, and he looked quick and sharp, hopefully a good exciting player for a explosive sub impact.


Meant we certainly do have surplus of whingers. Carry on moaning


Great prospect and am excited to have him at the club. Hope this puts a real end the moaning about no English backbone, especially if we sign Cahill too. To the rest of the moaners screw off, lets welcome this exciting prospect, who is already really good and will only get better, to our club. The lad is happy to be here, lets not change that. Come on, I’m excited about this and you should be too.
(It also will start the influx of signings) 😉

Chris Kennedy

Welcome aboard, Mr. Oxlade-Chamberlain! If you’ve read this far, you’ve already proven you have the work ethic to make a name for yourself.


Well he aint a defender, but thats not really his fault is it? Looking forward to see him play in the shirt.

I know we al want some experience right now, but for my part one of the most exciting parts of the game is seeing young talentet players of today become superstars of tomorrow (and probely sold to Més que un cunt, but apart from that)


Now that is how a signing should be done, 24 hours, then BOOM! He’s on board, not quite sure if it’s the right one though, but we shall see. Nasri, time for you to go mate. Cahill and Benzema next and we will be cushdy


I can’t wait to see him play, although I suspect it will be a season or two before he makes an impact. I’ll be surprised if he’s good enough at his young age to break through and get some league starts.

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