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Arsenal draw Marseille, Olympiakos and Borussia Dortmund in UCL

The draw for the 2011-12 Champions League has taken place in Monaco this afternoon and after qualifying for the competition proper for the 14th successive season, Arsene Wenger’s young squad will now face Marseille, Olympiakos and Borussia Dortmund.

Full Champions League Draw

Group A – Bayern Munich / Villarreal / Manchester City / Napoli

Group B – Inter Milan / CSKA Moscow / Lille / Trabzonspor

Group C – Manchester United / Benfica / FC Basel / Otelul Galati

Group D – Real Madrid / Lyon / Ajax / Dinamo Zagreb

Group E – Chelsea / Valencia / Bayer Leverkusen / Genk

Group F – Arsenal / Marseille / Olympiakos / Borussia Dortmund

Group G – FC Porto / Shakhtar Donetsk / Zenit St Petersburg / APOEL

Group H – Barcelona / AC Milan / BATE Borisov / Viktoria Plzen


Arsenal Fixtures (All matches to be played at 7.45pm)

BV Borussia Dortmund v Arsenal / Tuesday, September 13

Arsenal v Olympiacos FC / Wednesday September 28

Olympique de Marseille v Arsenal / Wednesday, October 19

Arsenal v Olympique de Marseille / Tuesday, November 1

Arsenal v BV Borussia Dortmund / Wednesday, November 23

Olympiacos FC v Arsenal / Tuesday, December 6
PLEASE NOTE: Tottenham Hotspur are not in the Champions League.

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Tough draw.How I hoping to hear anything but Dortmund come out for us,well can only beat whats in front of you i suppose. COYG !


Sting in the tail


Group H – Barcelona / AC Milan / BATE Borisov / Viktoria Plzen

What an exciting group…


We should beat each team with ease! However… some generic comment on Arsenal inconsistencies.


Beating the German champions is never done with ease mate, though its well within ourselves to do it. I have faith in the lads, but I’ll definately be wearing my lucky pants the nights of the Dortmund games.


Me too. They need a good scrubbing after last nite though


Couldn’t be happier with the group – Dortmund not the easiest from the 4th pot, but no huge trips which is a massive plus IMO. Such a good group it’s ALANS

rectum spectrum

Lol alans 🙂


haha its almost like a new signing lol


Could’ve been worse, could’ve been better i suppose. I see manUre got their usual tough draw! Loving that last sentence Blogs, you sir, are a legend.

Gunner expat

Look again…it’s messer Andrew Allen who wrote this piece.


Oh yeh so it is! Thanks mate i stand corrected. Nice one Mr Allen!

She wore

Those last two in group h sound like a pair of Russian brasses


ha ha!

Arsene about

City get the group of death bit of karma


Should finish at the top of the group but it certainly won’t be easy. Dortmund and Marseille are quality for sure.


tough group but could have been worse tho.. nasri is still a cunt aswell


Tasty group.

Looking forward to seeing Subotic and Gotze in action…

She wore

Oh yeah I forgot nasri s a cunt


how could you forget something like that?
It’s like forgetting your own name, or that the sky is blue.
Just one of those everyday constants we can be sure of.


Its a tough group but if we care of things at home I’m confident we can get through.


Very tough group.
German league winners
Greek league winners and
French league runners up.
Tough but possible. Especially if no more red cards!

Bonus is they are all short trips.



Greece is pretty far


Loving the look of what Mankini and his team of integrity free plebs have gotta deal with. Av it.

La Gooner

Nasri is a CUNT.period.

Arsenal Bystander

not an easy group this is


Yoda?! Is that you?




Was really hoping not to get Dortmund. Marseille weren’t a bad draw from pot 2 and wasn’t too fussed with Olympiacos, but Dortmund will be a tough one.

But in a way, considering the “easy” group we had last year, maybe this will keep us focused throughout!

Arsenal Bystander

True, we do love to make life difficult for ourselves, may turn out to be the impetus we need to be focus!



How many times have we turned out against ‘lesser’ teams, seem like we’re not focused and get rolled? Good to have some known names to make sure the team is at it.

Game of Hangman anyone? I’ll start:

Nasri is a _ _ _ _


is it LESBIAN?


is a ugly little rat faced lezzer who likes to swollow donkey spunk.


Not a easy draw but look at some of the groups they all look interesting with the exception of C and H. We should be able to get bare minimum to go thru

Roy Mooro Walker

Yes & Skinnygooner……….it’s gud, but it’s not roight….

Watch Mr Chips now…..what’s he doing…? Look, he’s holding that badly packed kebab, standing next to the ripped out fireplace…..there’s a clue fer yers…


Only team that should be trouble is Dortmund

Lord Teddyears

Listen not 48 hours ago we where as good as out so fuck the Germans the frogs and The Greeks are ok

Screw man city and that red nosed twat at united we are Arsenal and in Arsene we trust

Ps Nasri is a lady flower


the harder the better (thats what my girlfriend says anyway) !!

i raher beat good teams and build some momentum than get beat by galati and basel….. good confidence boosters for utd……. not!!!!!

p.s benifica gonna kill utd……… TWICE!!!!!!!

Jon Hume

Can’t complain too much, bookies don’t fancy us though as they dropped us to 20/1 … Would love to make it through the group stages by winning the group. From there, anything can happen.


Tough draw for utdshit again I see.

On to what’s important now… If, and that’s a big if, we bring in the right people the group should be tough but do-able. Let’s avoid barca and then smash them in the final.

water bear

Tough group but it could of been a lot worse like group c
P.S Thought I should also just mention that na$ri’s a cunt incase anyone didnt know


Should be fine if we stay injury free, as of course its unlikely there will be any more signings!

You kissed Nasri's backside

All the morons that sang Nasri’s name at the weekend, cheered when he came over to take a corner, I barracked him, how silly do you feel now? North Bank to$$ers!


You don’t get it, do you? Last weekend he was wearing OUR colors. Now it’s different. He’s not one of US anymore.


Spot on mate! Now he’s just a cunt


Fool! You knew the greedy cunt was going and you lowered yourself to sing his name. LOL Mug!


I don’t recall saying i sang his name. Was merely agreeing with the sentiment. Wouldn’t lower myself to booing anyone wearing an Arsenal shirt

Eric Irish gunner

Ye sickened me to hailed as a fucking hero, fuck him let him rot with the shit he’s joined


‘Please note -Tottenham Hotspur are not in the champions league’
And Na$ri is a horse faced [email protected]


I still say…
nana nana nana nana na na na
Nasri is a cunt is a cunt
Nasri is a Cu unt…
Repeat until your passion leaves you!


Wenger should now buy Dortmund-diamond Gøtze 🙂


Hey on Saturday Nasri was an arsenal player and had a good game for us and hadn’t dissed the club or the fans, we support our players…
Now he is a cunt and will forever be treated as such, your not a soothsayer, booing him on Saturday was wrong, calling him a huge cunt is now the right thing to do!
Keep your vitriol for the shiteh mankini wearing cunts, not the fans of our beloved club.


Twat! Made yourself look silly eh son?


Enough of the insults mate. Save them for cunts like na$ri


We are the northbank, we are the northbank, we the northbank at the grove!


Buy mats Hummels .Now.

Lord Teddyears

I also say…
nana nana nana nana na na na
Nasri is a lady flower
Nasri is a lady flower lady flower lady flower
Repeat until time ends !


I’d rather this group than ManU’s group, sure they got it easy, but why even bother watching the group games then, it is not at all exciting when you know ManU are going to walk the group. Barca-AC milan has two draws written all over it, I bet both teams end up with even point from the group with 4 wins and 2 draws each. I hope Man City implodes into Nasri’s giant cunt.

Dan Smith

Haha! I love this site and how everyone has the same humour.


Ps. Na$ri is a C U N T!


Wait wheres Liverpool? I wanted to experience a “magical European night” ahahahahahah.


Liverpool will experience a magical european game this season when they go and play swansea.


lol like it

Ejiro Esiri

‘Please Note – Tottenham Hotspur are not in the Champions League.’ lol

Lord Teddyears

Also they have come 2nd to west ham on a new stadium


Man Shitteh have apparently made a £60m bid for our Champions League Group.


hahahahaha… nice!


Very nice…. lol

But we should not agree with that… hehehehehehe


and Arsenal agreed to sell the group to mcfc because of psychological and financial reasons


Nasri has a cunt.


I wonder if blogs thinks Nasri is a bigger cunt than the water sheringham


Am defo going Dortmond away!!! Come on you gunners!!!


We’ll take 3 of 3 at home as we usually do at this stage. As long as we don’t fuck up every away game like last year, we should top this group regardless of who the boss signs or doesn’t sign.
Na$ri is CUNT!!!!!


Put us in with Real, Manu & Barca for all I care, you’ll have to beat them somewhere along the line.

Fuck ’em all, BRING IT ON!

Thursday Spursday, hahahahahaha, pricks.

Celebrity Serb

Draw is always easy as long as Mr AW doesnt PLAY with our best 11 and save best players for following sat match against Wigan or QPR!


Not fussed about the draw at all. The Bundesliga is up and down every year so Dortmund is still unproven this season. They could be on a decline the way Bayern did last year after winning the title. You never know with the Germans.
The CL is just designed to make sure Man U don’t get a tough draw since they are so valuable to UEFA to have in it as long as possible.


Was noone actually at the liverpool game? Everyone sang for Nasri then mumbled he’s still a cunt though under their breath!


Could have been better, could have been worse. But overall happy that we’re in the champions league. It’s ALANS!


interesting draw that is. especially as dortmund were living arsene’s dream last season winning the league with a team full of 14 year-old prodigies…for some reason, everyone wrote them off for this season. sold players and replaced them with lower league kids – and then they absolutely spanked hamburg in the first game…must be something else arsenal is doing wrong then


who the heck wrote them off?


dortmund didnt sell a player besides sahin(no choice) and they already kind of replaced him.

All i can say is: Don’t underestimate us or we will spank you heavily 🙂 Gotze and Kagawa should do the trick ;D


yeah yeah fair enough 😉
point is though that they have a very young squad, sold an influential player to a Spanish giant, and now have integrated a lower division wunderkind into their squad – if you can see the analogy here 😉 still, they look like nobody can stop them in the bundesliga (Hoffenheim aside..), which is the point where the analogy doesnt hold…yeah and the fact they won the league last season.

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