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Frimpong eager to push ‘Uncle Alex’ out of the team

A couple of weeks ago the football world didn’t know much about Emmanuel Frimpong. It’s fair to say they do now…

After cameo performances against Newcastle United and Udinese, the 19-year-old midfielder proved a hit with the Emirates faithful during his full Premier League debut on Saturday when an all action display against Liverpool saw him earn a standing ovation despite a costly red card which forced him from the field of play with 20 minutes remaining.

All muscle and energy, the Ghana-born teenager has already proved himself a bullish presence in the centre of the park, while his barbed tweeting in the aftermath of Samir Nasri’s move to Manchester City has also hinted at a grounded personality aware of the importance of loyalty and the perils of chasing big money contracts.

A likely back-up to Alexander Song for the season ahead, the youngster paid tribute to the man he has labelled ‘Uncle’ before making clear he has his eye on his mentor’s position in Arsene Wenger’s starting XI.

“I probably don’t talk to anyone more than Alex [Song]; he’s a great person,” he told Arsenal Player.

“Obviously sometimes he gets a bit funny and goes ‘Oh, Frimpong you’ve come to take over my place, you don’t want my kids to eat, how am I going to get money for them?’ and stuff like that. But he’s a great player.

“I’m happy to be learning from him. He’s a funny guy and great example to me. Hopefully I can learn a lot from him and when the time is right I will push him out of the team.”

Having joined Arsenal seven years ago at the age of 12, and having come close to being cut loose by the club during his mid-teens, the significance of potentially sealing a regular first team berth at the Emirates has certainly not been lost on Frimpong.

“It’s very hard to get into the first team at Arsenal,” he continued. “I’ve been dreaming about this since I first came to the club and I’m just thankful to all the coaches who helped me to get through.

“When I was about 15 or 16 I was doing a lot of rubbish that perhaps I shouldn’t have done, but they kept giving me the opportunity to improve and change. I have to just say that I’m happy and thankful to them for giving me that chance.”

“I want to make it, man. I don’t want to make it at any other club than Arsenal, because I’m an Arsenal fan. I want to be here for as long as I can. I can’t see myself being anywhere else.

“I believe people like Jack [Wilshere] are the way they are because they realise how hard it is to make it here. When you do make it here, you want to make it your home. Hopefully I can play here for a number of years.”

Given the spate of injuries at the club and the number of established names who have left in recent weeks, Arseblog News salutes Emmanuel Frimpong’s positive attitude and wishes him all the best in the coming weeks as he looks to further establish himself at the Emirates. #DEEENCH

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Nicholas Blendy


Adam Mitchell

I’ll just be happy if we have enough fit/unsuspended players at some point this season that it becomes a choice between playing song or frimpong rather than how far out of position to play one of them.




Oo ee oo ah ah, Ting tang walla walla Frimpong, Oo ee oo ah ah, Bing bang walla walla Frimpong!

Gossip Gooner

You just made my day!
I’m crying I’m laughing so hard!


Apparently it got an airing on Saturday. Here’s the source:


now that’s a great chant NB!
I hope that cottons on.


Thanks, Rains! I think the Flintstones one(s) might get a bit of airing too. The Frimster deserves multiple songs in my opinion …and a medal and a bag of money just for those tweets today 🙂




Cheers 🙂 Let’s hope it he stays on the pitch long enough for it to take off!


More of this type of player please.

Oh as well as the odd world class midfielder, experienced CB/LB and goal getter, in the next week. Please.

Le Arse

Song and Pong.



He should be able to keep Song out of the team because, it’s not like he would be as fucking stupid as Song, with regards to getting suspended over bullshit, right at the start of the season…

…oh wait…

The pope



What in the name of Tony Adams is this “dench” thing Frimpong tweets about incessantly? I live in California and have no idea what’s going on and can’t find a reference to it online. Please illuminate.


Dench means sick…cool….that sort of thing.


I’m from Toronto and I’m with you; no idea what these English people are talking about. Even the entry on provides contradictory definitions.

I don’t think we should worry though; this word is too weird to cross the pond.

Top player, though. I’d start him over Rosicky tomorrow. Song and Pong guard the back four.

Black Matta

You aren’t a true gooner if you’re from across the pond. /bnp


After today’s twitter comments about Nasri, it’ll be hard to find a Arsenal supporter who isn’t a fan of Frimpong. He is clearly going to be a top player for us, and his dedication and commitment to Arsenal is really a breath of fresh air from the money mongs we’ve seen these last few years. Even though he needs to control himself on the pitch a bit more, he’s shown his potential these last 2 months, and I can’t wait for the impact he’s going to have this season.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

black Mata…….hide your head in shame!


I came here to shout Dench, but I see my input won’t be needed.

Oh who am I kidding?!?!?!



Oh and incidentally, I just got caught in the rain and got #DREEEEEEENCHED!




What gave it away? Was it the baguette and string of onions I left on the #BEEEEEEEEEEEEEENCH?


“Dench means sick…cool….that sort of thing.”

Isn’t it a mate of Frimpongs’ shonky clothing label?

Black Matta

If by mate you mean fellow Ghanian immigrant anf GRIME SUPERSTAR LETHAL BIZZLE, then yes. you’re such a dench

Toby's Arse

Time to call off the search for a DMC? Time will tell if he has the quality to cover/challenge Song for a place in the side. A nice option may be to play them alongside one another when trying to close out a narrow victory or to meet (physical) fire with fire on a cold Tuesday night at the Brittania?


a DMC who can run, preferably

George Blazenby


Joe Goon

Shame we sold jam master jay to ipswich!


The difference between Nasri and Froimpong is that Frimpong been with us half his life, while Mr. Nasri came here three summers ago. But I guess nobody will read this so….



thank god……… frimpong will be our legend soon


Im expecting a baby boy and he will be named DEEEEENCH.



Miss E Elliot

Get Ya Frimp-ong
Get Ya Frimp-ong

Archangel Arsene

Genius..!!! tears in my eyes…



Alex the bear

Hi guys, not on twitter, so what did the lad say about mr nasri?

The pope

Jack wished him luck, frimmy said “pfft, come on jack!”

The pope

Also said that money is the root of all evil


Frimpong : Money is the Roots of all Evil
Jack : Good luck to my friend @Nanas08 (mr Nasri) learnt a lot from him. World class player! Will be missed!
Frimpong : RT “@JackWilshere: Good luck to my friend @Nanas08 (mr Nasri) learnt a lot from him. World class player! Will be missed!” Pffffff comeon Jack

The pope

I though that #Deeeeeeeench was like hench?


there’s no way Wenger or the board will buy one




I just done a Richard, left a right Judy Dench.


Good work Good Bloke. I too was after the Judy link but got nowhere.

And glad you enjoyed your Queensway.

Midfield Corporal

Damn, good-bloke you beat me to a Dame judy drench pun. Showing our age? Perhaps she’ll play at the weekend, add some experience. She’d be an improvement on denilson.


With the emergence of Frimpong, I think we’re well and truly rid of Denilson. Diaby is next on the hit list of useless young midfielders.


We need to bottle Frimpongs DNA…and inject it directly into the brains of Song, Arshavin,Walcott and Chamack….then we might have half a chance of top 4 this season…


Frimpong, Frimpong, Frimpong, Frimpong, Frimpong iddle I po……


Why thank you Corporal & Mooro.

Nice to know people can still apprieciate, a bit o’ the ol’ rhyming slang and toilet humour.



Bob the Gunner

If i’m a midfielder playing against Arsenal. And i get to choose who i want to play against, i would choose Uncle Alex any day.

Midfield Corporal

Is it iddle I Po? I always sing yiddle. It’s a good chant G73.


I think so, thats what the google search came up with for the ying tong song anyway. Don’t suppose it matters really!! Would be funny to get the emirates singing this!!


How nice it is to read something positive today! Nobody’s called anyone a cunt or anything on this one!
Top man Frimpong, especially those tweets today, keep it up son we need a few more like you!



Your a cunt 🙂


Is he gonna play tomorrow night or be on the BEEEEEEEEENCH?


“Frimpong ain’t got shit on me” the movie Training Day. Although that’s an insult on Frimmers…definitely King Kong or Donkey Kong related nickname needs to happen.



[…] Finally, some bonus reading, the already near legendary Emmanuel Frimpong (this tweet from yesterday did nothing to stop my fast developing Frimcrush), talks about making it at Arsenal. […]

Eric Irish gunner

Good luck to the lad better then song at that age but don’t put pressure on him and certainly not legendery status now, what would the Adams,vieiras and henrys think about that and making eboue into a cult figure made him be even more stupid and none funny


If Frimpong starts………and finishes………we will be in the pot for the CL proper.


I did laugh at the tweet through the link on the blog(my first ever go on twatter). Then I started to read more and from other players to and my god I didn’t understand one word of it. So all I say is Deeeeeeench!! Whatever the fuck that means.

[…] high that i fear the youngster would be unable to cope and let the pressure get to his head again. Frimpong has said that he wants Alex Song role. I say leave Frimpong out of it till the last 20minutes of the game or so when we have a commanding […]


With all this DENCH stuff, how long before he gets called Dame Judy?

[…] Marvin Martin. I know, great name. An interesting topic, Emmanuel Frimpong looks determined and set to try and push on. Does his emergence mean we no longer need a defensive midfielder? In case you didn’t already […]

Jay Ron

Since that cunt left yesterday I no longer smell the #STEEEEENCH! of an unloyal mercenary..Riddance!

Eric Irish gunner

Ye fuck him the buck tooth wanker


Sorry guys, but what does #DEEENCH mean?

[…] appreciated in value.  Sure he has a cool, funky haircut, some personality, and is a true player in the dressing room just as much as he is on the pitch, this is all very endearing indeed.  He’s vastly improved […]

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