Friday, September 30, 2022

Good Night, and Good Luck: Fabregas saga nears end

If this was a Hollywood movie, Cesc Fabregas would be about to board an aeroplane for Barcelona only for an emotional Arsene Wenger, fresh from hurdling passport control (imagine it’s pre 9/11) and having clocked a pretty impressive five minute mile through the terminal, to talk him into staying at Arsenal for the rest of his career.

Unfortunately, this is real life. Arsene is probably at home scanning the latest scouting footage of a 14-year-old kid from Uganda, while Cesc is likely being high-fived by Xavi and Puyol, while that dunce Pique froths at the mouth knowing he can finally dump Shakira.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the end is nigh. Cesc Fabregas is finally going to leave Arsenal and wouldn’t you know it, it’s Barcelona who are going to sign him.

A rather uncomfortable looking Arsene Wenger confirmed this afternoon in an interview with the Arsenal website, that our captain’s future would likely be resolved before the weekend.

Speaking candidly in response to suggestions in today’s media that a deal taking the Spaniard back to the Nou Camp was imminent, Wenger stated:

“That is completely the truth. We hope it will be sorted out very quickly one way or the other.  We’ll know very quickly.”

Now isn’t the time to indulge in misty eyed farewells, but for what it’s worth it has been a privilege watching Fabregas since he broke into the first team as a 16-year-old and I’ve no doubt he recognises it has been an honour to be part of the Arsenal family.

Arseblog News wishes him all the best for the future.

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So long, and thanks for all the fish……and assists and goals.


Love the piece. Sad about Cesc going


Barca P ricks didn’t Cock up OR cock off! The Arse will live on though…….

What’s the chances of Jack playing Cesc off the park next time we play Barca just like Cesc did to Paddy?


It’s cough up*

They definitely cocked us about though.

Edward M Chukwurah

What are the chances of Cesc being on the pitch next time we play Barca?




Very very very disappointing. Why sign a five year contract? Why leave when you are captain? Why when on the eve of leaving us did he post on twitter ‘I just got a new blackberry’ His light in arsenal history will not shine as bright for me personally now.


Very sad time to be a follower of the Arse. The fact AW has spent years building the team around him… Alas, we didn’t win anything with Cesc as the main man, so maybe there is a silver lining here (if we spend the dough on experienced talent)


Cesc gave us some great memories but it’s time to move on


good luck and hope xavi breaks his leg


Or he breaks xavi’s…and everyone else who plays for Barcelona.


Farewell Cesc. I don’t care what people say, you were a pleasure to watch and when Vieira left who would have thought yiu would step up to the plate. Now we hope that Aaron or an incoming player takes his opportunity to create a new chapter. I just hope you don’t end up regretting the move and I for one think that despite the goings on Arsenal will win something this year and Cesc may look back knowing it could have been him lifting honours for the gunners. No player is bigger than the club. Take note Samir Na$ri. Wenger… Read more »


Can’t say there are any hard feelings towards Cesc from me. Always a dignified and dependable player for Arsenal and I would love it if he came back to us to try hard mode with us after winning all his games on easy mode with Barcelona. Always wanted to see him lift a trophy for Arsenal and always will. Still, good luck Cesc. Just do us one favour: “accidentally” break Puyol, Pique and Xavi’s legs in a serial scythe challenge spree in training won’t you? Oh, and don’t forget your Eboue to take with you, it’s in this brown paper… Read more »


i meant xavi breaks his own leg not cescs fyi


Oh wait, what I should’ve said was “break a leg Cesc (make sure it’s Xavi’s)


huge pressure on le boss now,.

Why Not

So now we have just players big clubs will want – rvp and jack. The year by year decline in the squad in the last 6 years is unbelievable. Only matched by the growth in share price and reduction in debt. AFC has not been run with football as a priority.

Bring Back Brady

Here, Here!


Hate to be pedantic but it’s Hear Hear! 🙂


There there.

Bring Back Brady

Woops! Nate lite lisdexia …

John Mohan

Good Luck Cesc, may you bring the same success to Barca that you brought to Arsenal. You have been a great player and I hope you continue to play the game the true way. Those of us that have supported Arsenal through the late seventies and early eighties know what a barren spell the club had, we could not even beat York City. Now we are in the top ten clubs in the world and some people think this is a disaster. Catch a grip ye gang of glory hunters, AFC are more than trophy chasing gobshites, AFC are about… Read more »


“Good Luck Cesc, may you bring the same success to Barca that you brought to Arsenal.” No trophies you mean?


Yep, that’s what I think he was implying. very clever.


Best comment i have seen recently sir…..You are right when you say that we are unique and about honesty,integrity and playing beautiful and the right way…….
We won’t be run by the fickle wishes of RECENT GLORY HUNTING HOPPERS OF FANS, WE will be run by our own unique standards…..That’s who we are and you can’t change that…

Jim Deen

I bid Cesc a Fond farewell – he was a tireless servant to the club, and deserves applause all around. Recall his superhero cameo against Villa, his broken-leg performance against Barca, the dink to Adebayor that won it against United, etc. etc. etc. Having said that, I see this as a very, very good development: (1) the drama is over, we (and by we, I mean the players and coaching staff) can move on. (2) Arsene is now forced into making some changes. (2) is the most important for me. I love the way we have played for the last… Read more »

Mike Oxbig

Eat a dick you twat! I hope you rot on the bench. The only good thing about this saga is that Cesc didn’t pull a Nasri.


very mature


In the words of Jim Carey in dumb and dumber “goodbye my Looove” lol.

Great player and poor class on and off the field! Best of look cesc! U deserve it!


Finally he’s gone!!! Lets get some “super quality” to replace him and boot out Cuntsri and were off! Verminator for Captain!


You could have been a true Arsenal man, but seems like you’re being called somewhere else. Best of luck.

Also, please give us a nice back-pass if (more accurately, when) we play you in the Champion’s League knockout stages…it’s only fair, right?


Well we might finish 4th this season and apparently that’s good enough.


See later scumbag hope your happy now cock


Fuck you cesc, nothing comes good from this – stick your vibrating dildo in xavi’s ass you fuck!

El Loco

Bueno suerte Cesc. Love Cesc (F*KA BARCA).


Don’t fear – Jadson will save us!!!


The mighty Jadson… 🙁


Thanks Cesc. It’s been great having you show up the Spuds at every opportunity. I can’t wait for you to go to Barca, realise it’s shit and smelly, whack Xavi on the cock with one of those fairground test-your-strength mallets then fly back into our (my) arms so we can give you a big cuddle just in time for our title-winning run-in. See you in 6 months, you little Spanish rascal 🙂


A true man at 16 a true momma’s boy at 24 at least xavi is going to be able to cum after all these years; hasta la vista let verminator lead by example and a big mouth on the pitch


I’ve never forgiven him for that awful mullet.


and all the tabloids are going to fall silent

Adam, Watford

If Cesc is off, Barca, you have dragged a class player in by your classless behaviour. Arsenal should have told them to fuck off and put a deadline on the deal if they were really serious.

However dignified Cesc has been, he has chosen them, he was a great player for us but will not be a legend. It truly pains me to say that.

Ultimately, though, people are judged by the company they keep, aren’t they ?


what a great captain, well done you have shown everybody how an Arsenal captain should act…………………………..prick now go suck xavis cock.


problem: We have money to spend now, but no one to spend it on. I’d love to see Mata join the club, but I think that’s all the ‘super-quality’ we can expect.


Why wish Cesc fare well? He reneged on a contract he signed as an adult.
My guess is that barcelona told him early in the summer that they would get him, not telling him that they would use his commitment to cheat Arsenal out of getting full value. A pox on barcelona, and on Cesc for going along with clearly despicable corporate behavior.

Now I expect the “honorable” and “noble” AKS fans to immediately start blaming Wenger for losing Fabregas, along with Flamini and Nasri. May Cesc and Samir have as successful a post-Arsenal career as Mathieu has had.


Since the team has been based around Cesc we’ve fared better in Europe and worse domestically. Perhaps Cesc’s sale will see a reversal.

Or can Arsene find the formula to suit both?

Either way, I wouldn’t want any other manager on the planet trying for us.

There’s only one Arsene Wenger.


He better sign a transfer request or, he better be made sign one. We’re getting f’d
in the a enough with the price, he’s using our money to reduce Barca’s wages, and people are saying he’s paying for it.

He isn’t paying shit. No platitudes unless he does the right thing here.


MO me thinks the time has come for you to be keeping that ti your self.


Hey guys and gals, dont worry this will be the end of Cesc but not cescy football at Arsenal! This is sad,like when ET finally went home,but its for the best!Well be fine!

I think Wenger wants to turn the team into a rapid counterattacking team again like seven or so years ago,no more indecision around the box,hust out run the defence and knock in the goals.Would this explain a lack of emphasis on defence but on speed?

Why Not

In 2004 we had the best team in the world. Since then the board and manager have chased money ahead of football. I love what wenger has done but for fans to say the arsenal model is best is nuts. If u r happy supporting making shareholders incredibly rich then fair play. Me I’d prefer we bring in the superstars that Henry, Cesc and this summer RVP and Wilshere gave openly cashed for


Wenger did not make Arsenal’s shareholders rich. The Premier League and UEFA did on the strength of TV rights deals. Wenger made Arsenal competitive, both financially as well as on the field.


Sorry but I don’t understand this ‘Farewell Fab, thanks for everything’. Yes, it’s true, perhaps we should of teamed him up with good players, but ffs the break up of the invincibles has been built on the belief that Fabregas would lead the team to success. You could call it wengerism ideology for want of better words, but it’s not like he hasn’t been rewarded generously throughout his Arsenal career. He consistently has failed in big games and ismarked out of them. Again, it could be wenger’s tactics of no real tactics that are at fault, but this ‘captain’ has… Read more »


see ya cesc. he’ll always be a great in Arsenal history and i’ve loved watching him play in the red & white, but the despicable behaviour of his beloved barca has tarnished his reputation in my eyes. he has not acted like a captain or leader in the past few months. so i wish him all the best and on to the next, someone who actually wants to wear the great badge of this club.

as for Nasri… CUNT


Yeah, Nasri is and looks like a proper cunt thoug. Just look at the mangled boat


Spot on, that’s what I still remember… and I think he was stiffening the rest of the players, so step up Jack, Aaron, etc. (and Robin as captain).


Arsole Wenger – destroying Arsenal since 2004

Wenger out!


What was he doing pre 2004?


he was winning us titles..

Limpars Wand

No, Wenger never confirmed that Cesc was leaving.

He was asked about media reports saying his future would be decided in the next few days. To which he he replied ‘that is completely the truth’. I.e. Arsenal would be making a decision very soon.


When Ronaldo wanted to move, and there really was only one club that wanted him, Utd managed to sell him on their terms and pocket a premium transfer fee £80 million. However, Arsenal have allowed themselves to be bullied as well as letting another player run his contract down so that we have no option but to sell. Poor management


Good player, but left too soon. This whole saga also means that for many their memories will be coloured by him favouring a rival club, with very little class, above Arsenal. His departure will also be seen as one devoid of any honour or integrity.


He is a great ambassador for The Arsenal on and off the pitch , but sadly a deal with Barcelona is inevitable and the constant speculation is an unwanted distraction for our Mighty Club.

If this does happen this year, I just hope we don’t cave in on our valuation of him.


Seems like we are just a feeder club for Barca and City


Who isn’t considered a feeder club for Barcelona or City at the moment?

Be realistic… Barcelona have the plaudits, the prestige at the moment and City have crazy money at the moment. Even other top European clubs would find it very difficult to stop players leaving if Barcelona applied the same kind of pressure they have over Cesc (who is unique with his personal history) or equally if City opened their seemingly limitless treasure chest.

Have faith. We are building strong foundations for the long haul.


Good comment Gnasher and I agree entirely with your sentiments, I think that we are very well placed-for both the near future (2-3 years) and the long-term future (2-3 decades). With minimal debt, a large young squad, a host of quality youth players coming through (Aneke, Toral, Miquel, Szczesny, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Bellerin, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Myaichi amongst others!), a rich albeit anonymous owner and one of the biggest stadiums in Europe; which can be expanded to seat upwards of 80,000 once the local council give us clearance…. we’re not too badly off. However we are Arsenal FC, the third richest football… Read more »


in answer to your first question….united


Sad how this ended up. We should’ve stuck to our guns and made Barca pay what he was worth, £40million minimum, I just feel gutted now. Wenger and the club are made to look like fools, ‘..if we sold Nasri and Fabregas, what message would that send out?…’ Well, not one that fills us with confidence at the way things are being run. We should have sorted all this out at the start of the season, reminded Cesc he has a contract and if we don’t get what he’s worth, he’s not for sale. Instead we allowed Barca, and probably… Read more »

Ken N. C

Great player, but not a legend.

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