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L’Equipe claim Arsenal talks with Brazilian Jadson

According to French publication L’Equipe, representatives of Shakhtar Donetsk playmaker Jadson have travelled to London today to discuss a potential move to Arsenal.

The 27-year-old Brazilian international, who took part in this summer’s Copa America, has spent the last six years plying his trade in the Ukraine having moved to Eastern Europe in 2005 from homeland side Clube Atletico Paranaense.

An experienced operator, who can play either in the centre or on the right side of midfield, Jadson has garnered considerable success in Donetsk winning 5 league titles and helping the Donbass Arena outfit to the 2009 UEFA Cup title.

It is understood that Jadson is under contract until December 2014, but an offer between €8m and €10m could be enough to lure him to pastures new and still afford Arsenal the chance to make further manoeuvres in the transfer market.

Arsene Wenger and Shakhtar boss Mircea Lucescu did business as recently as last year when the Gunners sold Croatian striker Eduardo to the Ukrainian giants.

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at last!


Who the hell is this bloke?


Jadson and Mata to replace Nasri and Fabregas, would be a start.


I think it is Mata OR Jadson if you know what I mean. I have never seen Jadson play (I have but was not paying special attention to him) but he sounds similar to Mata…

cynical hippie

Jadson could replace Nasri ( can do a better job than Nasri), but Mata would be an awesome addition …he’s more of a one touch player and I think thats what is lacking in Arsenal for a long time ..I really hope wenger gets Mata !!!

Jack Wilsheres Dad

Thoroughly uninspiring news.

Mo - Ya'eesh

Can he play on Saturday?


First they have to agree .. then they have to pay .. then work Permit needs to be sorted .. then he will train for a couple of weeks and sit on the bench ..

so .. nope


I am wearing my boots to the match, they might need me!

Ejiro Esiri

This is great! gogo wenger… he ‘s better than fabregas right? mind my sarcasm.

Gordon Freeman



He is a good player in FM2010

rectum spectrum

i guess the reality is denis bergkamp is and will be the last world class player we will sign.

one could argue nasri and reyes has quite high profiles when we signed them i guess.

but i think we have to stop hoping for a wesley spider sastyle signing. it will just never happen. it probably has mopre to do with wage demands than anything else. Scott Dan isn’t going to be asking for 150k/week.


Arshavin was a big name signing, the only one of it’s kind the last decade.


Do you mean world class players at the time when they were signed for the club?

rectum spectrum

yeah, and yeah i forgot about arshavin. i guess looking at the last few seasons its easy to forget he was such a hot player when we were after him.


Sicknote was quality when we bought him, right after the 2006 WC.


or right before the 2006 WC even…




Loving the avatar Rectum

rectum spectrum

cheers big ears!


Vela and bendtner are good in fm2010. how are they IRL? lol.


Jadson is an amazing player. He can play holding midfielder and attacking plus he usually shoots out to the wings when needs be.
One of the best midfielders in the Ukranian league and that might not be saying much but he’s quite good at International level also.
He was instrumental in Brazil’s win over Scotland in recent months.

rectum spectrum

he’s held in very high regard, although i’ve never really seen him play. Like I said above we’ll never sign a wesley spider, Jadson is the kind of lower profile player that fits within our wage structure – which is the biggestt restraint i think at arsenal more than initial purchase price.

i am happy to say ‘in arsene i trust’. Just make the signings, and get the season on the way. its been a touch, depressing summer. its time for some signings, then some football. another month of this i think we’d all go crazy.


The only reason we’ll be after him (if we are) is because Wenger thinks he can get him cheap. Much better options out there.

I’m telling you now Shinji Kagawa is the man. The guy has come from nowhere and he’s a bloody world beater. Obviously in a dream world we’d sign is unbelievably talented teammate Mario Gotze but Dortmund would be well within their rights to expect £30m plus for him.


Good player but I am pretty sure he recently signed a new deal at Dortmund.


Great, shopping in the bargain basement despite having over £60m to spend coming in and god knows how much in the bank already.

Buying second rate players like this demonstrates that there is no chance of a return to trophies under AW, a change in manager may be the only way to really address the underlying problems at AFC. Saying that was unthinkable this time last season, but not any more… 🙁 sad times.


I’m brazilian and I’ve watched Jadson a lot. He’s a good player, he’s no Fabregas, but he would add quality to our midfield. He’s good with set-pieces, plays with intelligence and doesn’t force things. If that will translate to the Premier League, I don’t know, but he has more than enough quality to play for the Arsenal.


Nice info, thanks


He looks a bit on the small side – but I guess that hasn’t stopped Modric. Actually lets sign Modric, it would be hilarious.


He’s small indeed, but that hasn’t stopped Arsene from signing guys before, heh?


Think Modric got 3 about goals and 3 assists last season.


I think if we’re going to replace Cesc we need someone different to Cesc. I honestly believe Jack can fill Cescs boots but he needs someone along side him who can charge at the defence and score goals from range. A lot of teams like to park 10 men behind the ball against us and it’s these types of games were Cesc was usually quiet. A different type of player is needed. I have no idea if Jadson is this guy.


Wenger better not Roy Hodgson this up.


Nice. Add Matta and Dann to the basked and we’re good to go.

rectum spectrum

if we’re getting all these cheap players, aside from mata, then i would expect money to be invested in a LB also seeing as we’ll have it. Cesc is irreplacable but we can use the funds to strengthen the team as a whole.



rectum spectrum

oh and a mature 2nd choice keeper.


We already have Rosicky quality, is he much better than Tomas? Do we need another ploddy midfielder with no real edge?


shit this is all happening fast!!


Fair enough he may not be world class yet but at least he is seasoned. Atop with the madness about only a big name signing being the answer. Then what if we sign a Sneijder or Mata and he ends up being pony. Have faith in the gaffer if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be so high up on our fan base pedestal. I want signings of high calibre we all do but I want balance and a great team ethic. We will sign and we will get on with things but it was also players like Cesc and… Read more »


Well said Pierretrix, I believe well be grand with out Narsi and Cesc. And if I do recall it was a pretty young lad that lead United last season. Why out of know where, are we against the Arsenal way. We have been spoiled by the all Champions league and I like the idea of developing a young lad. There is still alot of quality in are side and if some wankers don’t want to stay or come to a club as brilliant as Arsenal they can piss off also. So let the boss do what he has done so… Read more »


People are so fast. I checked out his WikiPedia page and there’s already this line:

On the August 10 2011, reports suggest that Arsenal are currently in talks to sign him as Cesc Fabregas’ replacement.[3]

If you check the reference, it’s a link to those copycats over at – the morons edit every WikiPedia page and add their links to boast their Googling PR.


Lets just buy the whole Rubin Kazan side for 60m, and go from there.



Schweinsteiger. He’s definitely world class and he’d tear up the premier league. Better than Sneijder in my book, too. But good luck prying him loose from Bayern München.


lol we didnt want to sell fabregas, and you think bayern would sell him?


He’s dropped off big time.

Goetze, Mata, Good DM, Cahill, and a LB.

rectum spectrum

amazing player. i’d rather have goetze though.


Arsene never reads the books of someone else other than Pat “the hitman” Rice.


Schweinsteinger earns 10M€ per year…

rectum spectrum

Lets hope Spain default on their debts and 10m$/year works out at £75k/week


As long as the deal is done by 12:00 Friday they can play on saturday….I think the first team as it is can deal with Newcastle but it is important to get these players in for the Liverpool game….This has been a difficult window but especially with the Scott Dann deal things look promising. Dann is a very good defender and if had been fit for the whole season last year Birmingham would of survived.


@pierretrix – with 60m+ coming in to top up the existing funds I think we have every right to feel disappointed at the prospect of signing a 27 year old with little to no reputation. At this point we should be bringing in a prove top quality player to demonstrate the clubs ambiton and make a real statement of intent..

What we don’t need is more average ability players or is Jadson this “super quality” Wenger talks about?!? In my view he is not.


Seen him play often then?


The scout in you should check youtube. The boy has steel and determination unlike your world beater Francesc “the fanboy” Fabregas.


i’ve seen him play a few times, he does look like a very good player to me. I would welcome his arrival.


I guess Wenger is damned if he does and dammed if he doesnt.

Everybody has complained that we are not buying a Cb, we’re linked to somebody pretty good, and people moan. Cesc is ‘about’ to leave we are linked to a replacement and people bitch about that too. I’m just happy that we are trying to move on from the sagas of the summer and as long as the players he buys are willing to play for us and how passion when they play I’m happy……….. Unless they turn out like Ade 


He’s has a horrendous task now, but most of it is his own doing leaving it so late to secure replacements before players left.

You can’t rebuild a whole squad in a few days, he will have to take huge risks now.


jadson is held in very high regard by the brazilians and in ukraine for all that do not know


Hes obviously brilliant, 6 seasons in Russia and nobody else has come calling for him. Didn’t we just get rid of 1 useless Brazilian midfielder and now we are trying to sign another when we should be trying to add real quality to our rather feeble looking creative midfield options…

Still at least he is a bit older, I can see
Most of the squad nicknaming him grandad…


Jadson is more Nasri than Fabregas. If this is true there will be two players to replace Nasri and Fab. Jadson like Nasri is two footed (unlike Cesc) and plays good one -twos outside the box before charging in. Like Nasri, he takes good freekicks and has the ability to twist and turn leaving many defenders wrong footed. Jadson is NOT a Cesc replacement.


Thanks, I know next to nothing about him.

Marcos Anacleto

Alex, I can assure you Jadson is a playmaker in the fabregas mould, such as Ganso. as i saw him and Former United Player Kleberson lead Atletico Paranaense to win their first Brasileirão (brazillian league) in 2003.


I’ve heard he’s even better than Carlton palmer and Emile Hesky put together………

rectum spectrum

carlton palmer and emile heskey are so shit that carlton palmer is better than carlton palmer and emile heskey put together.

Michael Renzetti

He’s not that good. I’m brazilian and he’s not wanted in the national squad. He”s just a player going well in a minor league. That’s a ridiculous name to replace Cesc. Italy teams are financialy broke, we could go after some of their players. Hamsik would be a great sign.

One brazilian player that definitely shoud be bought is Paulo Henrique Ganso(wonderfull midfielder, makes the duo with Neymar at Santos), but he’s a youngster as well.


he is not wanted by natioanal squad!!!!
he dont play for brazil because it is the biggest maker of talented footballer in the world so sometimes very good player dont play or very little for them.brazil could produce 4 decent national team with the number of player they have produce.that doesnt mean he is not good just he is unlucky he is brazilian.look at the many very good one who play for other country


I’m going to miss Cesc, not just for his football, but also who he was as a person. He’s a role-model, very, very likeable, and a guy you just loved to say was in your team. I know some may say that don’t mean much but I prefer it when you personally do like them person.




Fabregas was inevitably going to leave, we all know this. I just don’t like the circumstances in which it is happening. I mean, how can he only cost 12mil more than JORDAN HENDERSON? If he is going to go, get his true worth. It’s not our fault Barcelona doesn’t have any money. As for Nasri, he’s a twunt. But if you get 20mil for him and replace him now, than it’s good business. Also, if Nasri goes to City and Cesc to Barcelona, don’t they realize they’ll have a lot more time on the bench? Mancini likes to rotate and… Read more »


Michael Renzetti, I may then have imagined the fact that Jadson played in the Copa America last month. He was preferred on the right flank to Robinho if I remember it right and scored against Paraguay. Once again, Jadson is a Nasri type of player and not a playmaker like Fabregas. Ganso is a Fabregas type playmaker.

Marcos Anacleto

I can assure you Jadson is a playmaker in the fabregas mould, such as Ganso. as i saw him and Former United Player Kleberson lead Atletico Paranaense to win their first Brasileirão (brazillian league) in 2003.


Marcos, while Jadson may have originally been a playmaker, I can assure you that at Shakthar and in the Brazilian national team he plays on the flanks. Since Fabregas does not play on the wing, I dont think we can compare Fabregas and Jadson.

Michael Renzetti

He played just a couple of games and only the manager thought he was at international level. The fans and the press don’t think he can be the one. Ganso and Kaka were injured and thats why he got to play in the first place. And in that very same game he scored, he was subbed of at half time.

I’m not saying hes bad. Hes a good player, but not in a level we need. If we KEPT cesc and nasri, he would be a good reserve.


ganso was pretty poor too and according to some brazilian press they feel he is not ready yet to be fulltime part of the selection


cesc is not the “angel” that some make him out to be,.. he had a lot to say & do behind the scenes to get this transfer “home” I suspect we as fans Wil never know the full story,. but don’t be fooled, cesc wanted to go full stop, & he’d have done anything to make it happen. he & barca will be well suited,.. arsenal football club are better off without players who do not want to be there. and remember NO player is bigger than the club.

Marcos Anacleto

Hey Guys, Brazillian Gunner Here, If we do sign Jadson i think you will be amazed of how good a player he is, he´s definitelly a natural footballer and in the national team has done much better than Ganso who is thought to be our best midfielder since ronaldinho… i´m very excited about this!

Up The Arsenal

Sometimes (only sometimes) it isn’t world class players you need it’s players that are going to put a shift in everytime they stpe on the pitch and keep going until the final whistle. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting the type of players I’m talking about or indeed those I am about to mention should be direct replacements for the likes of Cesc & Nasri but where is our Dirk Kuyt, where is our Ji Sung Park? They may not set the world alite, grab the headlines or be to everyones taste but you can’t doubt they do an… Read more »



The player peculiarly omitted from the CL squad.

Up The Arsenal

Big fan of Henri but not quite sure he is that player, comparisons to Ray Parlour are slightly tenuous. Lad certainly deserves a chance this season to stake a claim and prove himself mind you – if he can repeat the WHL performance on a regular basis then he could well be what I’m talking about

rectum spectrum

Park just seems to rise and rise every season. like you say, just putting in the shifts, tracking tirelessly without the ball, 100% fit and commited to the final whistle.

By ‘where is our Dirk Kuyt?’ do you mean wherre is our ugly inbred monster to scare away the younger opposition? Pascal Cygan was bought to fill that role but he became too much of a liability.

Up The Arsenal

Haha I guess Squillaci is the closest we have to that right now – he looks a bit like Skeletor dosen’t he.

rectum spectrum

or BEZ from the happy mondays after the weekend….


Uninspiring…I would prefer Christian Eriksen instead!


A very exciting prospect, but not the experienced leader we need. We have a lot of exciting prospects already – Wilshire, Ramsey, SZCZ, AOC, Miyaichi, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Frimpong, Afobe, Bartley, Miquel, Aneke, Henderson, Lansbury, etc., etc.


One day moaning about a talented but young signing another day moaning for more youngsters. Hypocriiiiiiiiiiiiiites


I have no idea who heihaci is and whether he was “moaning about a talented but young signing” but you obiously do – fiar play to your eagle eyes and photographic memory sir.


if we want experienced leader than we should go for Sneijder not Jadson

P.S i’ve only started posting here today


Welcome aboard.


Putting aside all the FM players saying ‘WHY NOT THIS GUY THAT WAS GOOD ONCE???’ this is utterly uninspiring. A decent player who’d add depth but would certainly not start for us, even after Nasri and Cesc go. Simple fact is we don’t need the squad strengthening right now, we have plenty of good attacking squad players.

We need people who can improve our first team, and this is the bargain bin version of the players that would do so.

If this is true, it’s a bit of a joke signing for me.


scout report on jadson- judge for yourself but dont let harry redknapp see it.

rectum spectrum

Dude WTF? Highlights include putting a cross from FK in a promising position onto the roof of the net. scoring a freak unintended goal from a cross. and several deflected shots which the keeper saved anyway!

LOL – if these are his highlights…….

rectum spectrum

He’s the poor mans Frank Lampard FFS!!! 🙂


Wenger was joking about super quality signings


YouTube servers are down after desperate gooners swarmed over the whole platform. The referral keywords ‘jadson’ and ‘shakhtar jadson’.


I hope Scott Dan is super quality. Like quids-down-the-drain-acchi, koschitty and chamkcrap. The worst summer signings in 30 years.

Up The Arsenal

Who would you sign then Pete?


I think the fact he makes “witty” contorts out of players names makes me think he’s around 5 years old.

rectum spectrum

yeah! he should (p)eat his words now…..

Kreame of the krop
Kreame of the krop I think he looks quite decent, but let’s see how he does when the pace is turned up a bit. But def has the touch and eye for a ball.


The Iceman could just hook us up with the young Dane, Christian Erikson….

John B.

I see Liverpool are about to sign Enrique.

Tell me, Wenger, are you seriously considering going into the season with Gibbs and Traore at LB? SERIOUSLY? Gibbs is a sick note (and not equal to Clichy) and Traore is all over the place.

[bashing my face against the wall]


Remember Cashley and Clichy became household names under similar circumstances…..Gibbs, I trust. Traore, not as much.

Vermaelen could always fill in at LB though. Besides, Wenger could change his mind in the next three weeks and bring in a LB.


There’s also the chance that Wenger goes for two CBs and shifts the Verminator back to LB. It’s not all fire and brimstone…until the volcano actually goes off.

rectum spectrum

is that not a waste of what is a great CB? shifting the vermanator to LB? If we’re buying two CB’s then why not buy 1 CB and a LB?

We could buy another 2 strikers and shift Gervinho and RVP to CM and LB?



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