Thursday, October 6, 2022

Miles: Arsenal are open for business until transfer deadline day

Arsenal club secretary David Miles believes that Arsene Wenger will be working on signing new players right up to the transfer deadline.

The Frenchman has remained coy on whether or not he will be adding high profile additions to his young Gunners squad, but having sealed Champions League football and with at least £60 million in the bank from the sale of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri he is fully expected to do so by success hungry supporters.

Speaking in the aftermath of this afternoon’s Champions League draw which pits Arsenal against French side Marseille, Greek champions Olympiakos and Bundesliga winners Borussia Dortmund, Miles told Sky Sports:

“I think that you’ll appreciate I can’t exactly give you specifics but certainly everyone is committed.

“If there’s quality players to be brought in I’ve got every faith in Arsene Wenger that he’ll do so.

“As you rightly say we’ve got just under a week. I’ve been involved myself in some last minute transfers so until the window actually closes I think that we’re still open for business.”

In the last 24 hours the likes of Swiss starlet Xherdan Shaqiri, French enforcer Yann M’Vila, Belgian playmaker Eden Hazard and Everton’s Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta have all been linked with the club.

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William Hancox

Good to hear!

frankie frankie

I may be a little negative but watching his interview on sky sports it souonded like we are not going to sign anyone.Please mr wenger, a Kaka and a Cahil would be nice. Thanks.

Lord Teddyears

I can’t see anyone coming in at the moment the language is all wrong I don’t think we will buy


Has it not occurred to anyone that the club might actually want it to look like we are desperate to sign players?


Kaka will be signed soon. Watch this space.


Hope so Bob

Lord Teddyears

Really ?

Bay Area gooner

C’mon Eden Hazard!


Hazard won’t sign, mainly because Lille won’t sell him now, but also because he’s not a playmaker but a winger and right now he is definitely NOT a priority.


he is actually a playmaker, he just played on the wing for lille. i hope they sell, he’s EXACTLY what we need

Alpha t

We can only dream!!
If Wenger pulls it off, then all is forgiven!!!

La Gooner

If we signed KAKA, I would be soooooooooooo happy !!!


Me too 🙂


Give it a week and we will have signed Tevez, Hazard, Timmy Mallet, Sideshow Bob, Liam Brady and a amalgamation of Cahill, Samba and Jagielka, who we will call Hill-Ba Jags.

…and this comes straight from a ‘source’ close to Arsene.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

And how much more than what Nasri wanted does Kaka earn??


Kaka earn? Pah!


Put the wages matter aside, and just ask the question that need to be ask: is this player fit and good enough? Is he the Kaka of 2007 or the Kaka of the last month? The twin of the Ballon d’Or who signed for Madrid?


If Fabregas asked for a wage rise, we would not have refused because of his consistency at top……But in Nasri’s case it is not the same………..Any player who’s consistent can be paid by Arsene………
You might say Kaka ain’t consistent…..Well he had his injuries but came back and played well…….He doesn’t fit into their system and Jose Mourinho is a game of “musical chairs” for some players………


Kaka, pffff…. Never liked him after his brilliant couple of year at Milan AC. I really don’t think he’s the kind of player that would benefit the team….granted, it would cetainly be a high profile signing, but that’s not really what matters. Certainly Arteta, Baines, M’Vila and Hazard would do serve us much better than Kaka, and we got the money do bring them to The Grove too! I used to say it would be nice to have Cahil or Jagielka, but now i completly trust Verms and Kosc to become the in-form central defenders in the league this year… Read more »


Are you kidding me?

Arteta and Baines better than Kaka?

Kaka is the rigth choice for us.

Safe bet

I just can’t see Wenger buying anyone over the age of 25! In his eyes he has already signed great players to replace the great players that have left! Sunday will be very interesting as Wenger can’t lose… If arsenal win then he can justify the team but if they do he can say he has tired to someone on the cheap. We still need three players and more of people leave. The squad is small and short of experience but loads of potential as usual. I think we should set our expectations are bit lower because the title and… Read more »

Alpha t

I know we are only speculating and in all likelihood we won’t sign Kaka! But I’m surprised some are doubting his quality, I accept he’s not the Kaka of old, but he’s good enough to be in our team & that’s a fact!!!

I’m not really fussed who we sign, as long as we sign someone, anyone!!!


Stop dreaming lads. Having watched wenger’s post most interview at Udinese, I don’t think.he’s too bothered about signing anyone. He went on about the several insured players that will be like new signings and strengthen the squad. I do believe he will be enquiring without enthusiasm about a couple of attack minded midfield nobodys just to add up the numbers. Watch this space.


Because saying his team is broken and in need of renforcements right at the end of a dramatic win is great for morale!


Thats not what he was asked. He was asked simply if he will making any signings..


Watching. Once more a naysayer put to bed…we won’t stop dreaming or hoping…as in essence thats what being a fans all about. Three signings made, maybe one more, watched enough.


Bloody predictive text. Post Match* injured*


I think Arteta would be astute. Wont be expensive (always an Arsene trait) is creative and PL experience.


Raid Everton for Arteta and Heitinga. Would be good business given their finances – 2 experienced premiership players with international quality… Still need a LB though.

PS Baines is A) overated and B) overpriced like all english players…


I agree lets get Arteta and Hetinga. I liked the part about Hetinga btw as he is A) Plays for the “best” national team in the world. B) Cheap


does Mr Miles have a son….. I think I know him lol.

Granite Gooner

Anyone will do
Creative I mean
Kaka, arteta or marvin Martin from schoux even the jadson guy
Just something with a spark


i think kaka will be great. he has an experience for our young squad. i think in madrid, he is not bad at all. just unlucky because his injuries. i dont know either hazard and m’vila. but, they are too young. but, we can sign kaka and both of them. or kaka and one of them. plus arteta too. 🙂 just my opinion.

Ejiro Esiri

i am waiting oh Mr Wenger… spend some fucking cash!


Any of you that seriously think we’ll be signing Kaka have proper fell of your rocker! More chance of Nasri not being a cunt.


We beat a team that would struggle to finish top 10 in a shit prem and everyone is acting like we invented the wheel.

We will sign no one and we will battle for fourth.

Thats fucking reality.


Thats the spirit 🙂


Loic Remy.


After reading the comments and posting my own I saw an article saying we were going to sign Sneijder, the fucking worlds gone mental.


One CB, probably Dann cuase he is the cheapest option and one very average playmaker will be our signings and thats if we are lucky. Total outlay will be £35m. The Dane leaving added to Eboue will mean that net we will have made £25m this summer, thats if the gready cunts dont grab another cheeky £10m for Arshavin last minute on TDD. You know the cunts wont resist.


Website for arsenal fans pal, try http://www.I‘ More suited for yourself I reckon


Why oh why does he leave everything to the last min….. Ps loved fabregas interview whilst wearing a barca top at a press conference talking about arsenal using “we” to refer to our great club. Very Henry like cesc you are a true legend. Whilst the cunt nasri who arsenal have made leaves the club and straight away digs out the arsenal fans… We got u your 200k a week u greedy cunt I hope u choke on it.


Yeah, that was good. Even thou he left, this speak volumes about his love for the club.


If kaka comes to arsenal I’m getting wengers name tatood on my ass. I’m half tempted just because he’s tried t sign him


Will you go on Sky Sports and give $amir Na$twat a red moon then?


Yes, yes I will.

micky readman

arse not ass, we are not yanks…

an ass is a donkey……



A few days ago there was talk of us getting Keisuke Honda. Have those rumours dried up? We could certainly use a dead ball specialist as RVP should be in the box for a lot of those situations, not taking them.


Arsenal are being linked with wonder kids.Chamberlain was linked and finally joined.Having secured the cl group stages,Wenger should know better than to sign kids again.If Wenger were to plan for the future that’s it.
Nasri said lack of ambition ie non signing of experienced players that made him quit.Wenger beware he has been given a respite and if he doesn’t get the experienced players and the gunners can’t compete for trophies,I expect RVP,Vemallen ,Walcott to quit the next season.
Man,make use of your second lease of life otherwise it could all go up in smoke.


Good to see a few talkin Arteta – his goal this week was exquisite but doubt Wenger would even bother enquiring…………..if he’d wanted him, he’d have got him some time ago. Don’t think Wenger’s ever even rated him :¬(


If Wenger continues with his scrooge management style and goes for cheap imports,he has lost his way. Ibelieve if he doesnt change his player recruitment policy and the gunners are unable to compete,he should be head of the academy for wonder kids.
This weekendls matche against the rfc,will set a marker. Having escaped against Udinese,it is by no means certain the gunners are out of the woods. If the fc were to stcik the knife in,what then?Of course nothing is guaranteed.The rfc has no divine right to win 100% of the time.

Ejiro Esiri

stupid $amir ca$hri


We wont buy anyone that were hoping for. Personally would like a creative midfielder, central defender and maybe a Scott Parker type mid who can wreak havoc on the other team.

Don’t think it will happen. Wenger will underbid and then after the transfer window closes he will explain that he tried but couldn’t get his man.


I fear that if we buy Kaka then he would be the only one to come in where really we need around 4 or 5. A loan would have been a good idea.

Also, Mr Miles, you said ‘everyone is committed’, shouldn’t it be ‘we work very hard’?
I will be very surprised if we don’t make a large profit this transfer window.


hey i just forgot something very important…..uhhhhhh what was it what was it….oh yeah!! Nasri is a cunt!


If we don’t sign at least 3 class players then let’s be honest we are fucked with the way things are now, we are no where near strong enough to compete and I honestly feel we will be embarrs


If we don’t sign at least 3 class players then let’s be honest we are fucked with the way things are now, we are no where near strong enough to compete and I honestly feel we will be embarrassed by a few sides this year. I don’t think hel sign the proven players we need it’s not his style maybe wel get some player from Europe that we ain’t heard of. Maybe it’s the Board that is the problem I have no idea but when the grove is half empty with 30k against the like of Wigan etc maybe then… Read more »

Ivan Itchianus

Will be just like all other transfer windows, frantic negotation on the last day, with no agreements made. then a statement with how we worked so hard but run out of time .

[…] for that game. Speaking at yesterday’s Champions League draw, club secretary David Miles said we’d be going the distance before the window closes: I think that you’ll appreciate I can’t exactly give you specifics but […]


Traore is going to QPR, I hope Wenger buys Baines


There must be business to be done with Everton, with the state they’re in, be it Jagielka, Baines, Arteta or all three.

Love the ongoing Schweinsteiger rumours. Likely to be a load of old bollo but a cracking player in my book, and a belting name when you say it out loud.

[…] Where still being linked with the players we’ve been linked to for months but as yet we’re seemingly no closer to securing signatures, that said it was telling that Ivan Gazidas wasn’t at the Champions League draw yesterday. You can only assume (and hope) that he is busy down in the bat cave attempting to bolster the ranks. In fact David Miles was at the draw and intimated that we are indeed pressing on with trying to get deals done and will be doing so until the transfer window closes. […]


Sorry to butt in and change the subject, but thought it had been a while.

Nasri is a cunt!!!!!!!!


Almunia is no more in Arsene’s plans but he’s still hanging in on the payroll why?

Is it because no one is coming in for him?
His wages has become problematic for would be suitors?
His wages too big that he prefers to run down his contract?

Honestly, i don’t know why he’s still hanging around.


Hanging around for the reasons you just gave we won’t pay very high wages but what we is pay all our players very well, making it hard to get rid o the likes of almunia , bentner etc

Midfield Corporal

I don’t see why we don’t stick the stiffs, Almunia, bendtner etc on a mini bus and let it have er……. An ‘accident’. Surely the insurance money will far exceed their real value, which I believe currently stands at £82.40.


6 mil bid for Cahill turned down. What a bunch of fucking arseholes we have on the board. Derisory coyle calls it and that’s being polite. We can be taken serious with bids like that ffs ok maybe a starting offer but i think it just shows we are not serous about bringing In New faces. What a fucking farce and a total joke club we have become.


“Arsenal have seen a ‘derisory’ bid for Bolton defender Gary Cahill rejected by the club.” – ESPN. Coyle said:”When I make an offer for a player, I’d like to think in the right ball park, but this wasn’t even close.” You just can’t make this shit up. Oh Arsene Wenger. Pennypinching in a time of need when we obviously have more than enough to spend. Yet, he’ll tell us that “we stay up all night trying to sign players.” LOL. He signs a teenager from a lower division and no premiership experience, for almost 15M and offers 6M for Cahill.… Read more »



1) Who the fuck guided us through 2 doubles and an invincible year

2) Who the fuck brought in Henry, Viera, Freddie, Eduardo (Pre-Injury), Van Persie and many more

3) Who the fuck kept us in the Champions League 14 years in a row.

If you want a team that will spend god knows on an overrated player than go support Manche$ter Citie or Chel$ea FC. We wont care if you go. We had passionate fans before you and we will have passionate fans after you

micky readman

well said mate!

still trust in arsene, fuck the johnny come lately cunts!


I’m surprised some of you are “happy to hear” this news. This irritates me. We have all summer to do business and then “work veyr hard” till the window closes???? NONESENSE!!! Our team needed strengthening even with last seasons team. And to think that we’ve lost Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, Eboue, Dennilson (and still have Almunia, Squilaci, Chamackh) without strengthening makes me sick. Even with last season’s team intact, we needed about 3 quality signings to be able to challenge. We have a ton of cash, we’ve lost a lot of players, still have a lot of deadwood, and have not… Read more »


So what are these players, just ball boys or something?
Out – Bendtner / Vela, In – Oxlade / Miyachi / Joel Campbell
Out – Denilson, In – Ramsay / Frimpong
Out – Squillaci, In – Verminator (LANS)
Out – Eboue, In – Jenkinson (proper gooner!)
Out – Nasri, In – Gervinho
Out – Ces, Clichy, yet to be replaced really.

Go moan somewhere else Wankee.


Ramsay, Frimpong & Verminator were all our players anyway… and at the start of last season (except Ramsay) were going to be in the squad. Bendtner and Vela (rubbish as he may be) had international experience plus several years being in premier league squad… incomparable to the 3 you mentioned. Given that Bendtner was only really used on the wing it is more comparable to say: Out – Bendtner, In – Gervinho Out – Eboue, In – Jenkinson Out – Cesc, Clichy, Vela, Denilson yet to be replaced really. In – Miyachi, Campbell, Ox (promising youngsters) Which goes to show… Read more »

Ali Inayat

Wenger should be judged on the outcome of the season. He has been our most successful manager and we should show a bit of loyalty, otherwise we’re just as bad as Nasri!

[…] transfers then, club secretary David Miles says we’ll be working right up to the deadline if there are quality players available for the right price and that we are working on deals. “I […]

Ivan Itchianus

Just heard we have bid £1.2m and hill woods 3yo Jag for Kaka… This is getting exciting !!


haha very fucking funny (sarcastic)

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