Friday, September 30, 2022

Nasri hits out at ‘disrespectful’ chants

Samir Nasri has broken his Twitter silence to express his unhappiness at chants about him during Saturday’s game against Newcastle.

Arsenal fans, unhappy at having to go through another transfer saga with Nasri refusing to sign a new contract and reportedly on the verge of signing for Manchester City, re-arranged the lyrics of his song to call him a cunt.

On Twitter, Nasri said, “I heard what the fans were singing about me on Saturday and it is really disrespectful because I’m still a arsenal player” [sic].

Whether this is Nasri laying the groundwork for a public reconciliation or knowing he’s leaving and therefore having a little parting shot remains to be seen.

Perhaps a clue could be gained from his next Tweet when he referenced the departure of Cesc Fabregas. Nasri said, “Congratulation to my mate @cesc4official i will miss you world class player and top men” [sic]

Arseblog News would stand to be corrected on this but we’re pretty sure ‘congratulations’ is not quite the word to use in the circumstances.

Earlier, Arsene Wenger said he wanted the Frenchman to remain at the club, saying “Ideally I want Samir Nasri to stay, but as much as we were in a strong position on the contract side with Cesc, the situation is a bit different, but hopefully we can sort the situation out.”

Nasri’s comments will only add to the Arsenal manager’s headaches ahead of what is a crucial week for the club.

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The Red and White Observer

Samir Nasri TWITTER Official

“I heard what the fans were singing about me on saturday and it is really disrespectful because i’m still a arsenal player”


However the song was nasty and unneccessary. The boy is not made of stone… we push and insult our players because of our own insecurities and then complain about the games when things go wrong.


Who cares what they were singing we should also sing a song about overrated jack wildfire who agrees

Joey Barton

I like this guy.



Froggy Style

What were the chants?

I heard “spend some fucking money” but didn’t catch anything directed at Nasri.


“Na na na na na nah, Samir is a ****, is a ****, Samir is a ****…”


“You’re a greedy ****, you’re a greedy ****!”


na na na na na na na na na na na, Nasri is a cunt, is a cunt, Nasri is a cunt.

to the tune of “give it up”

I don’t agree with mugging him off,

however he has pissed the fans off big time, because he was fast becoming a fans favourite.


As I said to @gunnerblog – I’ll defend him here. His English is pretty shit, maybe he just didn’t know which word to use?

Still think he’ll go, just don’t think he meant congratulations in a ‘rude’ context.


yeah i agree with the “congratulations” bit. Nasri wouldn’t have realised with poor English that it sounded snide, also, it is a happy day for Cesc, he’s going to his hometown and the best team in the world. I don’t think Nasri meant it in a negative way.


He can hardly be accused of deflating the situation can he, and respect is not only earned but has to be maintained. I’m disappointed that he’s become so lost in his fame. He could clear it up very easily with twitter, but then like Cesc they don’t like to lose any money.

Matt H

For my money the “spend some fucking” money chant was significantly more disrespectful, when you consider it was directed at Arsene.

Tell you what, lets spend £100million on distinctly average players, as Liverpool have done, and then listen to the vitriol.

Come on lads, lets keep it together…


Valid point!

Sanchit Shorewala

Succinctly put.
Agree totally.


Well said matt


I’m still trusting (hoping at least) Wenger will surprise everyone with a side that can challenge for the EPL. Nasri can go fuck himself though- he has no future with Arsenal, and he’s seen to that himself.


Right, because you can only spend £100million on distinctly average players. There’s certainly no one out there who’s better than Aaron Ramsey or Tomas Rosicky? Juan Mata could still be had for £20-25, you telling me he’s not “better than what we have?” Why not just spend the bloody £17 and get Gary Cahill. Please tell me what we have to gain by nickle and diming everyone while our season falls to shit? With arsenal supporters, you either have to buy Pastore, Benzema and Aguero because it’s so easy, or you can’t spend any money because you’d be liverpool. How… Read more »


The issue with stating Liverpool are in a more positive position and then saying we’re not is due to the fans. Liverpool fans are “supporting” their team. Our stands are packed with people who believe they know better than anyone else.
Personally I don’t believe them and do believe the people employed by the club know what they are doing.
If we (as fans) were to get behind the team maybe we’d see a change??


Exactly Kevin,,,,Even though Liverpool fell down from grace and in shambles and trophy-less for 5 years, their fans are even more positive than ManU fans throughout unlike us, who hog negativity,self-importance,”know-it-all attitude because the media backs them up” and greed……Tell you what, this all started by the xenophobic (most)parts of media after Arsene arrived here……….They were finding something or the other reason, they were blaming and hating Arsene all the time,,,,,,,,Now the fans have joined them, because Arsene is so good that they think if he adds players, We are GUARANTEED trophies…….


blogger is right to an extent in saying the club isn’t helping itself in the moment, but neither are some of the more vocal fans. There’s too much disharmony amongst the supporters and it’s counterproductive (not to mention a bit sad). I understand why, of course, but I think a bit more discretion would be advisable (I realise ‘discretion’ and ‘football fan’ aren’t words that necessarily pair well together). furthermore, while I again completely understand the rationale behind it, chanting ‘spend some fucking money’ cannot be a terribly supportive thing to hear for the players that are actually on the… Read more »


The PR at the club is awful and Wenger’s ‘doublespeak’ is really not helping. We need him to be decisive instead his statements reek of indecision which makes everyone more jittery and nervous.


This is true. The thing is Wenger is a genius; he listens to no one but himself. That’s how he got this far in the first place. He doesn’t listen to fans, pundits or anyone, ultimately. But us fans refreshing NewsNow every 10 seconds expect more from him. I think the answer is we need to be less obsessive about every word that comes from his mouth, and he needs to get a little bit more in touch with the fans. I don’t blame him though. With a nasty niche calling him things like “Cunt” and bringing up his race… Read more »


here here, Sir Johnnio


“Spend some fucking money” has nothing to do with players; it’s totally an anti-Arsene statement. The players are probably thinking the same thing. Calling Nasri is a cunt is bad, but can be easily fixed. I don’t have a Twitter, so I encourage all of you (since we know have proof that Nasri cares what we think), to say Sorry BUT ask him why he hasn’t extended his deal yet. Bombard him with tweets demanding that he re-sign. Cesc is gone, Nasri can have the central role he so covets; if he’s not greedy, he should extend, right? That would… Read more »


But if Anti-Arsene chants are sung while the team is playing, players will come to know(you say the players aren’t thinking the same as us but i disagree because they know so much more of what happens, they are not dramatized so much like us fans…….)If they lose respect in Arsene because of such petty matters, then we are fucked and our team will lose,because chemistry and spirit instilled by Arsene is lost to deaf ears..


Then make a statement to the fans. Quit having Wenger wind us up with this “1 or 2 signings” shite. EVERYONE knew we needed a CB and a Gervinho type when last season ended…..AND NO DEPARTURES. NOW, we lose 9 sr. players and add Gervinho?!?!?! And Wenger tells us “1 or 2” ?!?!?!? That’s the club’s fault. THIS IS WHAT HAS CONFOUNDED ME FOR YEARS. Why not come out and say this: “Because of the club’s financial state, we cannot reinvest all of the Cesc funds back into the squad. Instead, because of those constraints, we are going to have… Read more »


Unfortunately they didn’t create this environment. People in these exact places doing these exact things did. Whipping themselves into a frenzy with misinformation and hyperbole.
Why should any business come out and tell you their financial information? Public domain is for everyone to use so information that arrives there can be taken by anyone. Hence the way that when we try to sign players all of sudden there are a number of clubs also competing.
As for stating the obvious about reinvestment, why bother?


This response below is nonsence. Why share your financial information? Why the hell not? It’s a matter of PR. You can’t whinge about the fans discontent if you don’t fully inform the fans. You can’t whinge about the fans unhappiness for paying Man City prices and getting WBA spending, WHEN YOU RAISE TICKETS 6.5%. Apparently in Kevin’s world, fans should just shut up and be happy. Pay exorbitant tix prices and don’t ask questions. Hey Kevin, tell me how it hurts our position to admit we have no bloody money? If anything, it would go in line with Arsene’s policy… Read more »


If you knew the 1st thing about PR, you’d be able to consider the fall-out of such a declaration. We’d never be able to sign any decent player after publicly announcing we’re skint (though we’re not), and have to get by. Also, don’t really get why you had to bring Rambo into it earlier. He’s a young player who just came back from a full leg-break. If he can get some consistency going I think we’d have to spend a LOT to getter better in than Rambo, though it’s pretty hard to be encouraged by our strength in depth at… Read more »


Right, because Arsenal have been signing so many top level players. I am sure the likes of Carl Jenkinson and Alex OC would not sign with us because we say we are skint, while WE PAY AVERAGE PLAYERS LIKE DENILSON 50K+ PER WEEK?! This, “we do things the right way” crap is just a way for Gooners to make themselves feel better now that we don’t get it done on the pitch. Sorta like starting to compliment your wife’s “Super Quality” Hairstyle now that she’s gained 4 stone :/ Oh, and “Genius” since you know so much about PR, help… Read more »


So what would you do, WB? Give her a cheeky c*nt-punt for eating too many chocolate eclairs?

Agree we need some senior level signings coming in otherwise we’ll flatter to deceive again (at best).


WB, Read what i replied to Kevin properly……..I didn’t say fans or people in general are picking bloggers’ or media’s minds “now” BUT the initiation of negativeness(and all that for different reasons at different times) was started by media years ago……….Now both(media and fans) go hand in hand, in greedy visionary and way of thinking……………..That “taunting Wenger’s ways” , “trophy less exaggeration like it’s the end of the world” , “they must get this and that player and they will win the league for sure(like a common sense expert approved by others around)” was what media was doing and “now”… Read more »


Oh dear. Light blue touch paper and retire a safe distance. About 170 miles to Manchester should do it.


Couldn’t figure out the Muttley laugh either, Mooro. A simple #*%! might have to do. 🙂


The c**t doesn’t deserve to wear an arsenal jersey-congratulating cesc for leaving. Hope the door doesn’t hit his stinking ass on his way out. Also wish he gets squashed by De Jong during some training


you think cesc is sad he left?


Yes I think he wanted to win something for the fans but he wanted to play for his home town club but Barcelona players have come out of this bad the constant comments in the papers piss me off as for nasri a good half a season last year and just like adebuyor is suddenly one of the bust players in the world get rid

The Red and White Observer

Wow…… I guess you are very angry today steve.




RvP just posted Congrats….you want him out too?

Persie_Official Robin van Persie
Congratulations to @cesc4official move to Barca. We will miss u here! Enjoyyy it! Respect amigo


The Red and White Observer

ARSEBLOG: NASRI’S INCLUSION OF CONGRATULATION IN HIS TWEET: I love the technical discussion and in today’s world any genuine offer of congratulations should be appreciated. And you are right – the offer of congratulation in this case is not the correct etiquette; as one is not obligated to offer congratulations for events. He could have said “good luck my amigo” which means he wll miss him and he wishes him happiness.


Nasri is stupid. I’m sure “Good Luck” is what he meant…but he still should understand why the fans chanted against him.

Because he’s healthy (sick my ass) and he didn’t play against Newcastle because we don’t want to risk injury before his inevitable departure. Therefore, cunt.


Maybe Nasri will come to his senses and see he’d be playing game in game out here, if he goes to City, well good luck playing on a regular basis, especially when Mancini has boners for De Jong, Yaya, and Barry…where would he fit in? As I recall, he doesn’t like playing on the wings!


If you’re still AN Arsenal player (he’s a frog therefore his english is shit), then why wern’t you playing against Newcastle? Sign a new contract or sod off.


Nice racial attack there. Yes, how dare this idiot not speak the mother tongue! *sarcasm*


If you’re going to use a racial epithet and criticise someone’s English, you might want to spell “weren’t” correctly. Just a thought.


Yes I messed that one up!


Sounds like we would all be better off with you down the Lane mate. Trying speaking English correctly yourself. Embarrassment to yourself and our club.


Anywhere than there!


People sing were arsenal till we die song…. The same people who sing these songs…. Basically your arsenal if we spend money or only win the league. Support your team through thick and thin or piss off down the lane. This fans bullshit is ruining our great club wenger is the true legend look at the dignity he shows in his players even when they leave. If u think he is not a legend u haven’t got a clue about football as all the rest is paper hype.


If people don’t know the difference between GOOD and BAD human values, then it’s difficult for them to understand our club and Arsene..

The Goonet

Like Omar would say he ain’t got the heart for this right here.

John Devine

Whats wrong with chanting “Spend some fucking money”? The disrespect the Board have shown to the fans is much worse, they have been taking the piss out of us for years. Ticket increses, beer and food prices, inability to get transfers sorted quickly, bastard away kits, denilson’s wages – the list goes on.

And Nasri you are a massive money grabbing cunt you fuckin lesbian lookalike

Arsenal Whinger

I agree, bastard away kits, and denilson’s wages really was bad business. My own problem is the ‘Emirates’ logo eventually peels off after so many washes. Please Arsenal, get another sponsor, or have proper logos made out of proper material that doesn’t peel off, like the old kits with JVC sown on to it.


Really, is this much anger worth it?! be critical, but this amount of negativity doesn’t help anyone, and isn’t good for the team, the manager, the rest of the supporters and importantly to your health!

Also, lay off the ‘lesbian’ jibe – its rude and offensive and totally unnecessary.


I agree; lesbians deserve more respect.

John Devine

but he looks like a lesbian so that statement wont be withdrawn

he is also a cunt so I stand by both statements

nothing wrong with lesbians I enjoy all their films (except “Money Grabbing French lesbo’s 3 – Dildo Wars”)


i think the Nasri situation has been handled totally terribly, and my issue is with the lack of communication about what the fuck’s going on, and why he wants to leave.

i have no issues however with cunts or lesbians, and unless you do, then i’m not sure what relevance it has here….


Not helpful – homophobic and inarticulate rantings such as these may help to explain why the Board/Arsene don’t bother taking the fans seriously

Alex the bear

So much anger from arsenal fans. We should back those on the pitch, not demoralise them with chants that can only imply their not good enough.
Back the manager and more importantly the club to come good as they always have previously. Let those that want to jump ship jump, and support and cheer those that ate left.
Come on arsenal!


Well said!

Arsenal Whinger

Perhaps if he just came out and said “Although the contract situation is not sorted out yet, I’m still an Arsenal player and will give my all to the club that made me what I am today. Because before Arsenal, no one had really heard of me, and I’m grateful to Wenger and Arsenal for making me the world class player for half a season that I am today”.


Anyone else got the feeling Nasri would have signed on if we just would have ended the Cesc-saga earlier in the summer? Reports earlier in the summer suggested he wanted a more central role and couldn’t see that happening with Cesc still in the team. Blame the cheap cheating bastards in Barcelona for all our troubles!


Nasri isn’t good enough for that roll in my view. Wilshere and Ramsey have better vision than him.


you’re kidding right. ramsey cannot play right now at the highest level, and any arsenal supported that thinks that is beyond themselves. unless we have a creative signing we MUST keep nasri and play him central. we have no other creative midfielder right now (wingers yes, attacking/central midfielder no).

i could actually sleep knowing our midfield would be song nasri and wilshere.

if nasri leaves and we dont sign a creative midfielder we are fucked.

defence is not the priority anymore, we couldnt break a team as shit as newcastle down, hows the rest of the season going to go


Good god, this is delusion. Ramsey isn’t in the same paragraph let alone sentence as Nasri at the moment. Quit drinking the potential Kool-Aide.


Baz, just a point, Newcastle drew 0-0 with current English champions at the back end of last season, so be careful before you say someone shit….


Beautifully said AW.
I think you may have a position as Na$ri’s twitter mentor and master!!


To deflate the situation, this is all Nasri has to tweet (forgive my poor spelling, I’m imitating a tweeter): Cum on guyz! Barton’s da real cunt; innit? Im playing vs Udinese, Come on YOU GOONERS!!!

Done and dusted…


So spurs fans cheer Modric and we call ours a cunt.

What benefit is it to call a player a cunt whilst he is playing for you?

1. Will it make him stay? No
2. Will it make him working hard in that one game? No
3. Does it reflect well on Arsenal football club? No

It achieves nothing. Yes Nasri has let his contract run down but isn’t that is right? Just because you sign a four year deal, does it mean you have to keep renewing it? Idiotic to expect that if you ask me.


Spurs didn’t play Saturday…they were to busy looting. I wonder what the fans’ reaction will be to him; Modric has been much more forthright in stating his desire to leave


I agree 100% Alan109. And they already cheered Modric very loud at the first home preseason game Truegooner.

Lord Teddyears

Spurs where not looting as no fucker went near their wanky club shop they where in fact on a fund raiser trying to buy a player they just using comet to fund it.


true say. maybe as arsenal fans we should try to win over the players. chant something like please stay nasri.


There was a time when players would come out on the official site to state their intentions or rubbish media talk etc. The fact Nasri has kept quiet only adds fuel to the paper talk, If he was going to stay, he should have signed up and ended this. Ultimately he’s going to triple his wages and play dank dour football. We just need players who want to play for us, not mercenaries like him. Nasri doesn’t want to go home does he? Don’t forget when we signed him in 08 he was disrespectful to Marseille claiming he signed on… Read more »


In the (Cesc lauds Arsenal) interview, Cesc said that he was under orders to stay quiet about all the speculation (and he wasnt happy about it) Maybe Nasri has the same orders??

Diamond Jim

By the way, you can still be a ‘man and boy’ Arsenal supporter whilst also being critical of the management or players – it’s your right as someone who contributes towards the club. People telling others who dare to be critical to ‘fuck off down the lane’ are a bit naive. Someone who says ‘Wenger out, french cunt’ (or similar) may well have gone to every game ever throughout their lives which might validate them being a passionate fan but it also shows them as a bit of a dick who can’t create a proper argument. Anyway, I see Nasri’s… Read more »


i couldn’t be bothered to read your comment but i saw the last sentence that said “i won’t miss him”

i’m sure no one cares mate, and i’m sure nasri doesn’t care either.

keep your opinions to your self fuck nose

your better off dead, you empty person.


Wow, what a strange person you are. Better off dead? Check yourself into the Priory mate. It’s on the NHS I think.

Diamond Jim

‘keep you opinions to yourself fuck nose’ – forums probably not the best place for you chap.

good luck with everything.


empty person


Shit bloke


haha timmers, don’t make a fool out of yourself…..Although many points what he said might be right or wrong, but without reading full, judging by the last line is truly laughable and disrespectful……Actually he said a little in favor of Nasri…..
ARSEBLOGGER does this, he reads the first line and doesn’t read other things(because he replies related to first line only)……Although BLOGGER, due to time restraints and shitty material by some of us, might be giving a miss, but not reading the whole thing and replying(judging) on the first line sometimes is disrespectful and foolish on his part.

john day

You mugs who sit there and take all the crap and just think everythings all rosy can be the one’s to piss off down the lane. Those that sit there and take crap after crap are the one’s who are making this club go backwards.No ambition what so ever. I am tired of wenger’s crap,i can’t even listen to the man who i adored not to long ago now.Ask yourself’s this then all you so called loyal fans,why isnt the champions league game sold out and why are so many tickets going out to red members now.A couple of seasons… Read more »

Nic Bell

I hope Nasri stays because we need him. Fans can be a bit thick and tackless. Look a some of Nasri’s goals against Fulham and Porto then watch the Arsenal/Newcastle game from the weekend. Desperately need Nasri or a player like him that can come up with something. Let’s face it Wenger probably won’t buy “super quality” so I hope Nasri’s stay as he has “super quality”.

He`s only gone to shag shakira

in reality, congratulations is the only word to use in this case. For example, when you want to congratulate someone on a singular working out of matters that went contrary to the very ruthless logic of capital you can say congratulations by all means 🙂


To be fair to Liza Minnelli, If I were Cesc’s teammate and not a gooner then I would also ‘congratulate’ him as it’s something he’s obviously wanted for a while. And if English wasn’t my first language, I wouldn’t think to consider the specifics of using that particular word on twitter.


We wouldn’t spend the money from selling Nasri anyway so might as well keep him for one season

john day

Nasri was the man last year and we loved and backed him all the way.But when you now look and see the rat that he has become,he can just go.

I’d rather they gave the shirt to lansbury and get rid of that no good dirty rat,keep slagging him of gooners.he deserves it.

Vincent O'Carroll

Everyone wake up and smell the coffee…our problems are much greater than Cesc and Nasri leaving….after watching the Newcastle game I could not believe the actions of our players and how they were prepared to shake and hug that Cunt Barton at the end of the game……does anyone think Peter Storey or Tony Adams would have given him a hug and a pat on the back….the fuck they would…..look back at the reaction when Van Pricorly missed his last minute penalty at Old Trafford……Keown was all over the cheating prick…..we need to face up to the fact that we have… Read more »


I agree, almost spilled my tea when i saw them hugging him.


Well I’m going tomorrow night and I’m going to put my energy into supporting the team and Wenger. Massive respect to the away fans that travel and give their all most weeks but I don’t see the point in any negativity. One it won’t influence Wenger in the slightest and two the anti Nasri energy would be better directed singing for the guys on the pitch. Rambo, Theo, RVP could have used a lift and might have got us the win up at Newcastle. Unbelievable negativity from Goons, if Wenger came out and said he’s going to replace Bendtner, Denilson,… Read more »


Seriously what did he fucking expect!?

I wish he’d just fuck off now, I’ll drive the cunt to Manchester.

I’ll join in with that song tomorrow night if it’s sung.

Rhys Winnett

I have a huge amount of sympathy for you Arsenal fans, I am a Liverpool supporter and I was distraught when it seemed all the Liverpool players wanted to jump ship and especially when Torres left. But look at us now, you dont hear anyone speak about Torres and I hope Arsenal can do the same post Fabregas. Its not fair that a REAL club like Arsenal are going through this, it was right to let Fab go and I think if Nsri wants to go that bad then let him, if you want a midfielder then give Kenny a… Read more »


Please give us Raul Mereiles who looks like surplus at your place ;D…..#KEEPTHEFAITH

Froggy Style

Uh oh, RvP has sent his “congratulations” as well.

What does ABN make of that?


C’mon now. Congratulations as in everyone knows this is what you wanted, and we’re happy for you. He also said I will miss you as in if you stayed I would still be your teammate but since your leaving I will miss you. Haha I mean honestly there is no point in reading into it. You’re generally very fair ABN, but you never really give Nasri a chance.



I don’t really know what you mean by not giving Nasri a chance, he was taken to fans hearts and held in high regard by everyone at a club that has really helped him realise some of his potential.
He has decided to throw all that back in everyone’s face because the poor cunt can’t survive on the meagre wage AFC pays him.

Fuck him, I hope he enjoys the same career progression as Alex Hleb and Adebayor.

Fed up of Barca

I fail to see the issue here?
Nasri is being precious. Fact is if he signed up (like he promised he’d do in the summer like he said was the plan wyy back in the winter months instead of letting his contract run down and threaten to leave on a free then no body would think he’s a cunt.


RVP just congratulates Cesc. Let’s burn him down too right?

Honestly. If you’re going to the game, please cheer the gunners on. The Emirates is lacking a homefield advantage. Leave ur agendas at home, and get behind the team.

We all want to see the team win right? So let’s get behind them, and honestly if you want to chant something counterproductive, you might as well sit with the Udinese/Liverpool fans.


Dear Arseblogger
Please can you make it cost a tenner to come and comment here too?

John Devine

still cringe when people call the stadium ‘The Emirates’

Will always be The Arsenal

I miss Brian Talbot 🙁


You might be interested in knowing that RVP also congratulated Cesc on his departure to Barca… I dont blame Nasri for saying congrats but that is the only thing i probably wont blame that fucking money grabbing prick for.

nasri is a cunt, is a cunt…. nasri is a cunt!!!

Canadian Gooner

Who cares if he congratulated cesc or not, that has nothing to do with his gold digging cuntery. He deserves to be hit with the bubonic plague of the 1300s, then maybe his 200,000£ a week will actually be useful. Douche.

Lord Teddyears

I am laughing my tits off at the vision of that horse faced cunt with boils all over him.

Very funny Sir


I don’t get it. He acts like a cunt and then wonders why he’s called a cunt. For those who think Ramsey and Rosicky are no where near as creative as Nasri, have you all actually watched Nasri play in the center?
Over-chipping the ball 5 times in a row, just to have it intercepted 5 times, is not creative.


haha love how the fans are bagging him out. as a player why would you want to play for a club with a bunch of wanks as fans? Arsenal don’t deserve any good players, they cant even give them with a proper wage/respect. arsenal will forever be a stepping stone for youth players. after 20+ years of supporting this club i have never been so embarrassed. fans chanting about our own players in such a manner. we deserve to come in the bottom half this season. maybe the fans/wenger will pull their head out of their arses.


The biggest Cunts are the pathetic, and spinless fans who are constantly booing our players and getting on everyone at the clubs back. (always remember the clip on BBC when they showed blind football fans at the emirates booing Eboue, all part of the fun, even though they had no fucking idea how he was playing)
I wish other teams fans were wrong but I have to agree with the concensus that we have the worst fans in the country. Just support your team/players for fucks sake!!


totally agree. bunch of ungrateful pricks.

Lord Teddyears

How could you boo Eboue that’s like kicking a puppy

micky readman

now then lads, this has been coming for a while now and its pretty bad, im gutted cesc has gone but for me he should have went at the end of last season, thats the thing that pissed me off more…..we could have got better money for cesc and maybe a player from barca in return, cesc at times last season looked like he would rather be in barca by his body language and some of his performances during last season………im glad the whole thing is done and even though cesc has gone back to barca im gutted to of… Read more »


Ah yes the away fans are a bunch of “ungrateful pricks”. It’s not like they travel around the country spending a considerable amount of their personal salary to support the Arsenal! Only to have one of the best and loudest away supports in the EPL. Bunch of wankers..


yes they are ungrateful pricks. which other teams supports would slag off their players like they have (EBOUE and NASRI), shameful. “supporters” tend to support teams not slag their own players. you’re doing it wrong


strange some “fan” ask fot respect from the club but at the same time slag off our player,manager and board ,boo them,ask for head to roll from the comfort that people involve cannot defend themself from the abuse.
you arent very different from the idiot from the riot in have no respect but for yourself and you own little glory.


still i am behind the away supporter when they ask the club to spend the money they earn selling player in the last few years.we cannot continue to sell our best player and expect wenger to perform miracle


Sorry mate, I’ll defend my fellow Gooners who put money into the team over a player that pisses on the crest. As for the “spend some money” chant, the fans spend money for Arsenal FC, so naturally they would like to see some investment. Arsenal is a big club, I’m tired if fans acting like it is not.


mmm investment… so the new stadium wasn’t worth it? Isn’t that a bit short-sighted? I also agree that we should not be diverting any energy into booing players or Arsene. In fact, it’s pretty fucking disrespectful to boo our own manager. Nasri is frustrating, because he’s a great player and we don’t want to see him go, but I bet every fucking last one of you would want to double your wages if the chance was there. Players are different than fans. Nasri doesn’t have any emotional ties to us, not like we do to the club. He’s free to… Read more »

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