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Park: I will return to Korea in 2013 for military service

Chu Young Park has given his first interview to Arsenal Player; here’s what the 26-year-old striker had to say about his move to the Emirates, his respect for Arsene Wenger, the progress he has made in his career, comparisons with David Beckham and why he must return to Korea in 2013.

On moving to Arsenal…

I’m very honoured and I feel very happy to be at Arsenal. They are a team that I dreamed about when I was young. I always liked Arsenal and I cannot believe that I am here.

When contact was made and I was told of their interest I could not believe it, I was really happy.

I got a phone call from my club and they told me Arsenal were interested in signing me but at first I didn’t believe it. I needed to check that it really was Arsenal. I want to thank everyone who made this move possible for me.

On Arsene Wenger…

He is an Arsenal legend. From the moment I liked Arsenal he was the head coach and I have always admired him. He has been here for many, many years and he is one of the best in the world. I am very happy to get the chance to work with him.

I’ve always heard that Mr. Wenger is very professional and that he thinks about football all the time. He has a reputation for being a good man and for treating all his players with respect. I hope he will be nice to me too. His reputation in Monaco is very good, because he was a manager there as well.

On the current state of the Arsenal side…

I think they are one of the best teams. It really is a dream to be here and I am very, very proud to be an Arsenal player. Now I just want to show how good I am and prove myself.

I don’t know any of the players personally, but I played against Gervinho in the French league. I have seen him since I came to the training ground and he talked to me and told me he is very happy since coming to Arsenal. He is the only player I know though.

On taking a step up in his career…

A lot has happened in two days and it feels like a big, big step up but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to perform. I will work very hard, I will train very hard and I will show that I am able to be part of this Arsenal team. I will work hard to prove myself and build a reputation with the Arsenal fans.

When I first went to Monaco I got better and better. I scored more goals the longer I was there. At the moment I am prepared to show even more  at Arsenal. I need to get to the point where I can be at my best and that will require concentration and hard work. I will be strong and hopefully I will show my best form.

On being compared to David Beckham…

I think that is not possible. When I was in Seoul I scored many goals from free-kicks, but at Monaco I didn’t score one goal from a free-kick, so I don’t think the comparison is accurate.

My best position is up front. I feel very comfortable as a striker.

On getting up to speed in England…

I didn’t have a full pre-season but I have two games for the national team [coming up], so I expect my condition to improve very quickly. After that I will come here and make sure that I get to my peak condition so that I’m ready to play for Arsenal.

On the difference between England and France…

I’ve heard from many players who play in England and they say English football is very strong and very fast too. The French league is almost the same because it is very tough as well with quick players. I feel that I need to concentrate on my skills, so that I can fit in with the Arsenal style of play.

On being an ambassador for South Korea…

I feel more responsible now because I am the national team captain of South Korea and I am in a very big club like Arsenal. There are many Arsenal fans in Korea, really big fans of the club, so I feel more responsible now to show what I can do and to play well here. If I can do that then the people of Korea will be happy for me. I know I must perform well.

On returning to Korea in 2013 for military service…

Yes it is true. I don’t feel rushed [to make a mark at Arsenal]. I just feel really proud to have two and a half years at Arsenal. They are the last team I will be with before I go back to Korea from Europe. I am really happy about that. I will do my best to show what I can do in the next two and half years.

On speaking with his cousin Ji Sung Park at Manchester United…

No I haven’t spoken to him yet, but when I do I will ask for advice. He is experienced in the Premier League so I will ask how he settled in, on and off the pitch. It is a new country for me so I would like to ask how he adapted when he came here.

On Korean football…

We are preparing for the next World Cup as we speak. In Korea we have many, many young players so we have to get used to each other and set ourselves a goal. All the players in the national team have to work together to reach that goal. We are in a process of evolution, and getting better year by year, but at the moment the team is still young.

On what Arsenal could expect if they toured Korea…

I think the Asia tour was very good for Arsenal. If the club went to Korea I think they would be amazed. They would get a reception they really wouldn’t expect. It would be a really good experience, the Korean fans really love them.

On his message to the fans…

I’m really happy to be at Arsenal. In my opinion this is a great club. Now I have to show what I can do on the pitch. I will do my best, I will never give up, I will show heart and I will give everything I hope you will support me.

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This is going to take our injury problems to the next level.

fuck off one john hawley



hahahahaha quality


Overall, I believe Chu is a little short for saturday. He has a little ankle problem, they are in Korea, he is not. He should be ready in 10 days.

Bob the Gunner


Arsene's Wonga

Glad he’s got a haircut


Seems like a nice guy.

Na$ri is a cunt.


How long is his bullshit military service for??
Is that the end of his Arsenal/football career??

Le Arse

Can’t see him returning to European football after that.Shame.


He’s required to serve for 21 months and it isn’t “bullsh*t.” Military service is rather noble.


Noble? I don’t see anything noble about an institution that has promoted sodomy and murder in every country for the last 5,000 years.


As someone who has served mandatory military duty, I’ll give my vote to “bullshit””


Yeh, it is bullshit. Big big bullshit.
Well said Martin.


For me the comments of Martin and the like are exactly what’s wrong with this country. Personally, I’d have hated Military Service at 18 (as it was over here in the UK) but I know it would have done me the world of good. Instead it took me a lot longer to grow up and I mooched around for a few years until I finally pulled my finger out and did something with my life.


It might seem a little less bullshit, should there be a aggressive, well-armed nation run by a mentalist about 100 miles away from your border.


Will struggle to adapt at first, will have to learn from rvp quickly. Good to hear he’s keen, best of luck to him


Seems a good lad sure hel give everything. So far we have spent 20 mil or less of the cesc and horse face money another 50 to spend great signings so far but badly need a midfielder or two. No excuses we need top top quality not fucking benyoun ffs hope thats just paper talk.


never heard of him. maybe if we boo him he’ll go home sooner and we can get someone better in


and that’s exactly the moronic attitude that helps make players play like shit, which, in turn, makes us lose. I seriously hope you don’t attend ANY Arsenal games in the next two and a half years!

Stepanovs is my Dad...

good man!

Stepanovs is my Dad...

‘Never heard of him..’ ‘boo him… get someone better in’.


you are a plank.

fuck off.

Les Bleau laGoon

Go support citeh you cunt… We don’t need fans like you


What a plank !


I think goonah was being sarcastic. I hope so anyways


Na$ri is a Cunt !

Silver Arrows

You sir have made one of the most idiotic posts I’ve seen today. Are you really an Arsenal supporter? I hope that Park does well and you get egg on your face.


you are not an arsenal fan…. you are a cunt


“goonah” is Na$ri methinks.. Anyway, Na$ri is a cunt

Le Arse

Great work Arseblognews.Thanks for the transcript for us cheapskates 😉

He looks a hardass in the photoshoot.It isn’t military yet mate,smile!


we might need some yakuza(eventho this is japanese gangster) type of players to kill barton IMHO heh


+1 like


I will tell you what’s the simple difference between “modern” 4-3-3 and 4-4-2….. For 4-4-2, 1 defensive(or semidefensive) central midfielder, 1 attacking(or semiattacking) central midfielder and 2 strikers(2 out-and-out or 1 out-and-out and 1 hold-up-player or player/s with both qualities) For 4-3-3, 2 central midfielders(both can be of any variations of style and mentality with an exception of “both can’t be full-attacking”), 1 central attacking midfielder(this position requires the player capable of being a “playmaker”) and 1 striker(out-and-out “and”/or hold-up) Other than this all other positions are same………What the above(if we pay attention to details) tells us that is “to… Read more »

Lord Teddy Ears

Let hope he kicks Nasri’s arse with some Jacky Chan shit !!!

Tripp Page

Excited for him, sad we won’t get that much out of him before he fights the menace from the north.


not a big fan of international football but i’ll be supporting the s.korean team in the olympics (technically an u23 squad) for selfish reasons obviously a la 2002 squad

come on Taegeuk Warriors!!! come on Tigers of Asia!!!
(태극전사 / 太極戰士)


He looks like he wants to fuck smeone up… Oldboy stylee!!!!

Bring it on… he already has the right attitude. Hope he does well.


I hope he can score a few goals from freekicks, Rvp used to be a deadly freekick taker but seems to have lost it 🙁

herrow preees!

Now he and Miyaichi can examine cones together…


He’s wicked good and committed. I like it, if this is his last effort before the army then I reckon he’ll really give it some. Who’s said they will boo him? Get real you muppet nobody wants fans like you.

Lord Teddy Ears

Anyone got any news of the GOETZE bid is it true ?


It’s true, probably made for PR reasons (look! We try to get top players! We offer good money too!) and 95% not gonna happen as neither the player, his manager nor Dortmund want him to leave before Euro 2012


Not sure about you lot but this is exciting maybe we should be shit every year and then look forward to who’s coming in… dam spurs fans have been so lucky since 61

La Gooner

Glad he joined. Now we have an annoying Park of our own ! 😉

and not to mention Na$ri is a Cunt.


no preseason? oh noes..one month before he can play then?

Hiroo Nakamura

this is the first time i hear they are cousins…dont think they are… just share the same last name (one of the three most usual surnames in Korea)


Yeah you’re right, he is really Ashley Young’s cousin




I have to reserve judgment until I’ve seen him on the pitch. He does look dreamy in that number 9, but that’s not enough.


He sounds really keen, and after this weekend that is commendable.

Welcome aboard Park.

Hope you’re as good as you are on Pro Evo.


Best of luck to you Mr. Park

Also Nasri is a dirty, slimy piece of filth.


So if he gets injured and is out for two seasons, he will just head off to the military. FUCKED UP!!


So how come Manure’s Park didn’t have to go back to Korea? Somethings not right here…


Exactly what i thought!!!!!!


Okay, the world cup quarter finalists were excused and was like that for until recently when they reverted back due to “stupid” criticism….


Why is he going off to do national service when Ji sung Park was excused???

Seems unfair.

Johnny Massacre

Great news!


Johnny Massacre

Well if he plays like he has two years to live it can only be a good thing I guess.

And if NK attacks then fuck it, we’ll be fighting with him.


Park: “I will return to Korea in 2013”

By which time Chamakh may have discovered some form?

One can always hope.


Great attitude!
Hopefully it can rub off on some of the other lads.
Welcome aboard and good luck son!

The Pedge

idiot supporters like you pal, are exactly what this club don’t need…. ahem.


Some of you morons have no respet the boys just joined the club and is that the way u welcome him after he speaks of his love for the club and commitment to do well. Maybe u prefer muppets like denilson with no heart or maybe you just havent many brain cells or maybe u even need a good hiding to learn some respect. Wake up start acting like proper gooners!



If it’s national policy to perform military service, I don’t think anyone should be exempt. It sends a bad message to working stiffs. During WWII, many American star athletes and actors served. Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, served in WWII and Korea as a fighter pilot (John Glenn’s wingman). It hurt his career stats but I’m sure he didn’t complain.


stop gap signing in my opinion. I think Walcott is slowly being earmarked for a centre forward role, based on the way he has played so far this season, and I think he has the potential to be world class in that position. Who knows what he’s doing out on the wing. You need to be a dribbler and/or playmaker to be a winger, and he is definitely no that. Sudden flurry of signings should not paper over the cracks in the midfield. We need to replace the creative burden vacated by Cesc and Nasri. We need two midfielders. Heard… Read more »


So it’s a 2 and a half year loan? Great.


Just read he has an IQ of 150! thats only 4 short of carol Voderman… coupled with eboue leaving i think we could beat any other premiership team now in a pub quiz.


But without Eboue, who will cheer on the pub quiz team? There goes our team spirit…

Adam, Watford


Midfield Corporal

I hear we were in for vorderman too. Arsene was going to change his formation to two up top and five from anywhere else you choose.
I’ll get my coat.


at least miyachi will have someone else who can speak asian I suppose. I mean, that’s something 🙁




Headless stereotype, there is no common language of Asia and definitely it’s not called “Asian”…….:)


just keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you goonah. Your ignorance/racism is unbelievable.

m a s h

someone tell him the korean war is over ffs. o


Actually it’s not. Ffs.


The war was over the year i was born…….Now it is just being ready ffs


Seriously? You absolute weapon.

m a s h

No not seriously you Cunt


He can’t possibly be any worse than Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner, Chamakh…something has to give here!

And sign a midfielder, I dont want to hear Diaby & Wilshere will be new signings when they return!

Adam, Watford

How did you manage to put Eduardo in that list ?

Maybe ‘ Ju ‘ won’t get chopped down by some moron from Brum ? Unlike Eduardo, of course.

I wrote this reply for my benefit, not yours, incase I carried my annoyance with me for the rest of the evening.


Well put!!! It did benefit even me because even i would have carried annoyance on myself


Pre-injury Eduardo wasn’t exactly lighting it up. Basically trying to point out that a quality striker hasn’t been brought in for a while.

Bob the Gunner

“but at Monaco I didn’t score one goal from a free-kick”

Aww c’mon…………
when are we going to get a freekick taker?!


Some of our so-called “fans” really are fu*king ignorant pricks.
I’m absolutely loving his talk – some real passion in there. Really wish him the best of luck and have a good feeling for him. If he’s as good as he is in Pro Evo, he’ll def tear it up #Forward


Na$ri is a snide, lesbian, flid looking, horsemouthed piece of shit cunt.


Yes …. yes he is, sir


na$ri is a cunt




i concur


Jake-are you trying to say ‘Na$ri is a cunt’
If so,I couldn’t agree more…

[…] signed from Monaco, fee believed be less than £3m, which would make sense because he’s got to go back to South Korea in 2013 to do his national service. It seems extremely odd to me that we’d sign a player we are […]


Sack the board


His nickname shall be Chuey

[…] Monaco £3m for his services. It’s very much a short term deal because he’ll have to return to his homeland in 2013 to undertake national service, unless he does something spectacular like score a hat trick in the […]

[…] many times, he is 26 years old, and experienced, and should be seen more as a stop-gap measure. Chu-Young is liable for national service before the age of 30, and hence needs to return to Korea at the age of 28, giving him 2 and a half years with Arsenal, […]

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