Wednesday, May 18, 2022

RVP and Jenks hail character

Both Robin van Persie and Carl Jenkinson have praised the spirit of the Arsenal team after last night’s 2-1 win over Udinese.

The Gunners came from a goal down to qualify for the Champions League knock-out stages for the 15th consecutive time, and while the squad was weaker than many would like, a ‘proud’ van Persie reckons they made up for up using Arsene Wenger’s favourite quality.

“Some people questioned our mental strength, but if you look at the game that’s what we showed”, he told Arsenal Player. “Now it’s up to us to show that every three or four days, not just tonight. We have to do that over and over again, that’s just football.”

And new boy Jenkinson, making his first ever Champions League start, said, “Tonight showed completely how together we are, and our character shone through. We had some tricky times out there where a lesser team might have crumbled and would not have battled like we did.

“We’ve had some down times lately and that win is massive for us. It showed how united we are, how together we are.

“I’m just happy that over the 90 minutes we showed how good we are, got the win we needed and we’re in the Champions League where we should be”.

Arsenal go into the Champions League group stages draw later today which takes place at 4.45pm.

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Wow! he’s got one giant arm.


It also shows what can be achieved when you get rid of all the disruptive players that don’t want to play for the club. We had at least 5 of them in our squad last season, and our lack of achievement could largely be attributed to each of them at one point or another in the season.


Still waiting for the new signings……we will not the last with the current squad.


Oh Bless Him. Both him and Frimpong will improve.
I also expect him to get better in interview situations. Nervous boy.
Excellent left foot and he reads the game very well. Impressive.


Oops should be right foot. Too much wine with my sandwich for lunch


Arseblog Sir: Is you blog time on GMT. Just wondered. LOL


He is one lanky mofo for a fullback. Nonetheless he ran his guts out last night.

Big Respect.


Love the new attitude within the squad thanks to Wilshere, Frimpong and Jenkinson.


Or maybe, thanks to getting rid of the wantaways?


Maybe this was Wenger’s plan all along; sell some big players, not buy replacements, weaken and stretch the squad a bit/alot, let them cop criticism, those who want to jump ship can go, those who want to stay stay

Build character through adversity?

Rectum Spectrum

LOL – what a recklace strategy! 🙂 Arsene is not known for his ‘caution to the wind’ mindset…. 🙂


haha…….good one

Bromley Gooner

A friend of a friend who knows someone somewhere tells me that we are in for a centre half, have we been linked with any this summer, if so any clues??


My mom’s friend’s uncle knows someone somewhere who says that Jagielka, Cahill, Hazard, Jadson and Messi are all having a medical in north London as we speak.


My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess its some kid from France.


Seeing as Gibbs is so injury prone, was last nights selection of Jenks on the right and Sanga on the left the way forward? Must admit thats the most impressive our full backs have looked in a long time!!!

Still would like to see Wenger bring in Cahill/Jagielka and Metersaker… Hazard would be a welcomed signing along with perhaps Hamsik? Would obviously love the rumours come true and see Kaka in the colours of Arsenal.


are you crazy , in the 1st half we should of been down 2 or 3 – 0 , jenkinson is a average full back for the life of me i dont understand why we got him surley we have a right bk in the reserves that is as gd or betta then him, he cant attack for shit , we need a lb and cb and striker and 2 creative mid ASAP dont let this result seal the obvious flaws we have in our team , ramsey just dont look the same player before he got injured


On Ramsey, i agree with you..He has retained almost that engine in midfield but his guile seems to be lost(poor guy…..F*CK THE ST*KE CITY)
But last night almost “all” Udinese attacks came from the right(our leftback area)…….That might have been because of a rightback playing at leftback position…… Also even in the first leg, Sagna looked really shaky at his usual right back position…..If you don’t agree with me, WATCH BOTH THE MATCHES AGAIN AND DECIDE WHETHER TO AGREE WITH ME OR NOT…..CHEERS


I think such wild and consistently stupid inferences are only to be expected, when judging a young fullback who’s made the step up two leagues – after a couple of games.



Thank god for some feel good factor!!


sagna is the best rb in the prem once he starts playing there aain hel be solid @ genuis


Traore fit and still not in the starting eleven means Arsene don’t rate him that much. My selection for the game against MANYU is:

1. Szcecny
2. Jenks
3. Sagna
4. TV
5. Kos
6. JD-playing as a DM
7. Ramsey
8. Rosicky
9. Arshavin
10. RVP
11. Theo

What do you think?

Joe Goon

Agree Completely.


I agree with the Traore bit because I thought Wenger would play him because Traore has experience in the Italian League


I was thinking the same line-up.

Maybe Traore just had a knock and he’ll play left back against ManU. Better yet is that Wenger buys Baines for 20M + Traore and Baines plays on sunday.

Wenger just was not playing him because he wants to sell before he gets injured (at least that is my fantasy)


Baines for 20 mil + Traore???!!!! Get outta’ here…..:D


Well, I’m sure wenger would haggle, and haggle, and haggle, then Moyes would get pissed off and Arsenal would buy nobody. I’d rather see him make some offers that cannot be refused


I’ll eat my hat if we buy a LB, I will eat my cat if we buy baines!
I just can’t see Wenger doing it.


Continued play of Sagna will backfire and the consequence will be disastrous. Could there be another disaster than Arsene?

Robin Yer Pursie


She wore

Jennkinson is one of us, he s a lambooner.plenty of ticker let’s stick with him on the right and baca on the left.


All very well. But over the course of season in 4 competitions, something has to give.

New signings now please!!!.

And no more kids Arsene, fight it the feeling.

The pope

Nah, I think jenks is going to be a big hit, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him move centrally. Having said that, he attacked well and I think he’ll grow as he gets used to the pressure. Still, signings needed.


Jenks plays RB till Gibbs recovers. May be there’s something about Traore that we don’t know. Attitude? May be not that good at training. Remember getting beat by MANYU in FA Cup at Old Trafford 0:4 three seasons ago? Traore was crap playing LB.

The team is shaping up with true fans playing for the club. Jenks, Frimpster and later to come Gibbs and Jack. The fighting spirit is already back.


To be fair there isn’t to much variation to choose. I’d like to see the ox get a game

vox in Oz

Great result. Finally something positive to focus on. The young guys were good, and wengers substitution excellent at half time. Sagna still looks shakey at left back, hope he doesnt get fucked up the arse by Nani or Cleverly on the weekend and fuck his confiidence. HOW FUCKIN GOOD IS TV??..jags or preferebaly Cahill next to him, we’ll be on our way to the best defence in the prem… Anyone notice Arsenal got an eighties theme at the mo?? We got B.A .Baracus in Frimpong and Rambo doing cartwheels(incidently… fuckin amazing player, like him a lot and will prove a… Read more »

vox in Oz

PS watched the game with my 3 yr old daughter who made the comment on Gervinho…”whats wrong with his head Daddy??”


hilarious, kids have no filter


Wait ’till she sees Rooney.

vox in Oz


Bob John

Fabregas interviewed earlier on sky kept referring to Arsenal as us and we!

Mr Teddy Ears

Never say that name again

Midfield Corporal

Can’t believe some of you are having a go at Jenks already. The boys only played 3 games for us. Tony Adams wasn’t all that when he started. Desire to succeed and a passion for the club go a long way. Look at Emmanuel-Thomas, all talent but didn’t apply himself.

Mr Teddy Ears

Dont forget the bell end hair cut

vox in Oz

Jenkins has a motor the size of a 747, he will be a class player. For what he is now/19-3 games he is spectacular.


great character in that game but we are still going to struggle this season.
Gervinho is a quality signing and we need those kind of signing in other areas of the squad before the deadline date!


We really need to add more fire power in our mid field….injuries will soon set in, and we need this reinforcement ASAP

Mr Teddy Ears

Is it me or does RVP as captain sound right ?

PS I have hit pay dirt I have been given 2 bloody tickets to the match on Sunday but in the MANC end will you guys ever let me on here again I didnt mean it honest the shame of it all


hard work will beat talent if talent doesnt work hard. im feeling really positive about the future, you ‘sometimes’ get beat down for saying it but i think wenger has done an amazing job. running a football club at this level trying to compete with the money involved in football these days must be intense beyond my comprehnsion, a sign of the times we live in is instant success right here right now, step back and get perspective. i wonder what camus and satre would have said about where their beloved football has gone does anybody else feel wenger is… Read more »


I think wenger is cautious because his big money signings in recent years has been Rosicky, Arshavin, and Nasri, see how most of those turned out. Rosicky out injured a lot of the time, Arshavin had one outstanding game and has gone steadily downhill (although he did have impressive # assists last year, I guess when you flick the ball aimlessly into space all the time, sometimes it will work), Nasri was injured a bunch, had 5 good months and bailed out for $$$. It is nerve-racking for the supporters, but the youth policy is working incredibly well, all things… Read more »


Continuing to play sagna at LB is not ideal. I think we missing his overlapping runs and crosses from the right. We need a fit LB.

Jenks me thinks was meant as a cover for sagna


Early days I know but jenks is impressing me already. He may not have the pace of clichy but looking back how much did clichy actually achieve offensively? Appalling crossing and shooting. Can’t see jerks getting caught dwindling like clichy did over and over. Finally adequate back up for sags


Ps. Traore is NOT the answer for LB. For now I’d stick with the way we are until Gibbs returns


I see that many are raining plaudits on Jenkinson, perhaps for his defensive performance. Unfortunately, on the offensive side, he didn’t go forward more than a couple of times, not to mention that a majority of his passes were lateral or rearward. The usual outside runs expected from a RB were not really there. Hope this changes with time, otherwise the attacking threat from the right may be relegated to bursts from Walcott.

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