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Wenger hits out at Bolton over Cahill

Arsene Wenger has reacted to Bolton’s public statements regarding the club’s bid for defender Gary Cahill.

Described earlier in the day as ‘not even close to derisory’ by Owen Coyle, Bolton chairman Phil Gartside took to Twitter to re-tweet a Bolton fan’s opinion of the reported bid.


When quizzed about it in his press conference, Wenger said, “That number is completely wrong. If Gartside can say I am lying I am ready to confront him.. You can believe Gartside or you can believe me. It’s not right. It’s not the truth.

“The truth is that we never speak about our negotiations. If a club doesn’t want to sell a player it can keep him. When we sign a player we come out here and tell you and keep the price a secret”.

And just to make things even more clear, Wenger said, “If you ask do I want to buy your house and you are not happy with the price you say no, that’s it.

“Why should you feel insulted? I don’t understand. If the player is not for sale they can keep him. I don’t understand the problem. If we want to buy the player we buy the player. I do not have to explain for how much.”

Arsenal’s chief negotiator, Dick Law, was in Bolton on Monday to try and broker a deal but clearly the difference between the clubs was too great, and with this very public falling out, it remains to be seen if Arsenal will turn their attention elsewhere.

Also, Phil Gartside has a midget’s head. Seriously, he does.


Arseblog News suspects that Arsenal will try and do business with a club that isn’t run by an oversized Time Bandit.

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Has that picture been fiddled with? He’s got a face like a melted welly.


you sir are a poet.




a midgets head
a melted welly
an oversized time bandit ……….
seriously find me another website let alone blog with this kind of humor


A bit of a shame it has come to this – but I’m sure a couple of phone calls can repair any damage.

Unprofessional though from Gartside – he probably fed a lie to his own manager about the price…


Omd that picture of Gartside nearly had me fall off of my chair. People in the Coffee shop giving me some seriously funny looks.
Cahill will be an Arsenal player by 31st August ’11!


It’s like someone drunk has drawn a critters face on a fat persons knee

Rectum Spectrum

remember the movie ‘critters’?

frankie frankie

I’m not a ‘wenger knows best’ but in this case i fully agree with him. If they dont want to sell then they should say so. To this oint they have not come out once and said he isn’t for sale. I know arsenal normally have a figure in mind for a player and never really budge on that but i really dont think it would be that low. No matter what the bid was they should not come out and speak about and critise it. i think arsenal should buy but if we dont then i hope bolton go… Read more »

Jim Deen

“No matter what the bid was they should not come out and speak about and critise it.” Actually, that’s exactly what they should do. Secrecy and quiet and decorum benefits us in keeping the price fair. As Wenger says, when the negotiation is between two parties, then a rational price is agreed to. But when you get media and social speculation, with all the buzz surrounding that, then you tend to get the sense of inflated prices. Bolton as just doing what is in their best interests, as classless as that might be. I think TexasGooner got it right –… Read more »

red or dead

is nasri still a cunt?

vox in Oz



Nasri always will be, and remember Ade****ur has graduated to be a bigger one.

red or dead

I thought so. Thanks for clearing that up guys.

Rectum Spectrum

Nasri’s earliest known ancestor was Baron Jeane De Cunte au Bourneville.

I Bleed Red

Samir Nasri is of Algerian descent. His name in Arabic means “Helpful Companion” or one who helps (the name Nasri derived from the verb Na-Sa-Ra). In other words he is still a cunt

vox in Oz

$$$$$he is the cunt of a cunt.$$$$$

Eric Irish gunner

Ye a proper cunt

Rectum Spectrum

just really poor transparent tactics at inflating the price. wankers. fuck them.


Just a case of small club mentality on Bolton’s part.


And tactics like this are the reason bolton wanderers will always be a small club.


Seems a bit suspect to me, that don’t look like a retweet it looks like a QT inside a RT, looks like it’s been tampered with?


A what inside a what? Not taking the piss, I just don’t know.


When someone tweets something, you either Retweet it or you Quote it…not Quote a Retweet (QT – RT). Maybe some shit stirring going on?


Yeah, that’s what I thought….


Yea that and erm that too


Blimey…..I thought people were mean not to RT because i thought they didn’t want others to gain RT numbers, until now……Thanks for clearing


The problem is we have a lot of money to spend and other clubs know this. Our penny pinching tactics won’t work right now. We have to pay them the going rate and stop fannying about making derisory bids (even if it wasn’t 6m it was still described as derisory). Arsene, we need players – now is not the time to fuck around. Most logical people say we need at least 3 players. You’ve got 2 or 3 days realistically to get it done with match day on sun and bank holiday Monday. My fear is that we won’t go… Read more »

vox in Oz

Cahill will be superb at arsenal. Cmon, sort out the poitics you fuckin Midget faced twat. Tell the fuckin truth… I fear some of the problem here is that with The Board/Wenger leaving transfers so late, other teams like Bolton do not have time to find replacements?? They will need to be compensated and Wenger is too fuckin arrogant to pay a little extra… We lost Jones, Wenger dont let us lose Cahill.


Cunliffe? A flow assurance engineer by any chance?

I Bleed Red

Time… is….. running….. out……


Probably going to be upset because it’s the only offer they’ve received and they face the prospect of him leaving for nothing next summer or a doubly ‘derisory midget joke bid’ at Christmas. In all seriousness what did they expect! Never going to be anywhere near to the £17m price tag. Their best bet is to get some competition going but hardly helped by the tweet happy midget. More likely Arsene will take his bat home!


Blogs – it’s been troubling me….should that read dwarf’s head instead of midget’s?

Aren’t midgets small people but in proportion? Or is that elves?

I always get this arse upwards.


Some real dwarfs (or midgets) reading this? I dont think it is that funny. Something like ‘cunt’ may do.


have you seen dobby?? he wasn’t very much in proportion, apart from being the spitting image of vladimir putin


David: “Look whether or not Anton is indeed a midget, or a dwarf-”
Alex: “No he’s a midget”
David: “What’s the difference?”
Alex: “A dwarf is someone who has disproportionately short arms and legs”
David: “Oh I know the ones”
Alex: “It’s caused by a hormone deficiency”
David: “Yeah… bloody hormones”
Alex: “A midget is still a dwarf but their arms and legs are in proportion”
Gareth: “So… what’s an elf?”


In the same film.
Purgatory’s kind of like the in-betweeny one. You weren’t really shit, but you weren’t all that great either. Like Tottenham.


he’s a dwarget..


He could be an Oompah Loompah thinking about it.


Oompah Loompah oopidy doo
Gartside’s a cunt and Nasri is too
Oompah Loompah oopidy dee
£6m now or we’ll take him for free…


Interesting read on the offical website. Wenger still expects Bendtner to leave before the end of the transfer window, and cliams he has a ‘ankle injury’ which will rule him out for 2 months, but goes onto say it woudnt affect a move. Bit strange. He then goes on to sya he will be lookign for another striker, could be busy few days on the transfer front. Hopefully M’villa will now come in, apparantley Arsene tried fro him a few weeks ago, but the player didnt want to move unless he knew we could gurantee Champions League football, something we… Read more »


He’s a decent player and top end worth 17-20m in the current heightened market, but last year of contract he’s only worth half that, unless City are the buyers. I suspect Cahill might kick up a fuss, if he knows he has the chance to go to a big club – Arsenal are desperate for another CH, so they’re not going to do a Chamakh and wait 12 months for him, and I suspect he knows that. Gartside has always been a muppet, much as one hates Allardyce, getting shot of him was madness, as was his proposal to turn… Read more »

vox in Oz

my mail is that we offered 16.6.


what a mug he is


Wenger is spot on. And seeing Clichy go to city in his last year for 7m, and Enrique to Liverpool for 6m, I don’t think Cahill could be worth much more than that. Granted centre backs are usually more expensive but honestly for 17m, you should be able to buy two Cahills for that! English tax = Real player value x 2. But the market is what it is. However they would be negligent not to sell him before the window closes, ala the Supir Cuntri situation. As much as everyone is craving a signing, Cahill is not better than… Read more »


oh somehow i replaied to myself when i was meant to replay to you… i do subscribe to your way of thinking for the most part but i do think that cahill is superior to djourou and koscielny. added to his prem experience makes him a great buy (i’d prefer him to the other to choices for sure). i wasn’t aware that he is in the last year of his contract. if that is correct then £7-£8 million is right. mr gartside has to admit that there is no bidding war. man u are full of Centre backs as are… Read more »


Even Prof. Wenger would not make such a derisory opening bit for a player of cahills prowess. he bid £15-£17 mil for jagielka for goodness sake and cahill is of similar stature in the league. If he did however bid that low then i’d be a bit peed off too but the fact that wenger has ctatgorically denied bidding that low means that someone is lying. But I wonder if Gary Cahill would be in any trouble with mr gartside if he retweeted an arsenal fan saying ”hurry up gary and join Arsenal we want you here”? Of course he… Read more »


i do subscribe to your way of thinking for the most part but i do think that cahill is superior to djourou and koscielny. added to his prem experience makes him a great buy (i’d prefer him to the other to choices for sure). i wasn’t aware that he is in the last year of his contract. if that is correct then £7-£8 million is right. mr gartside has to admit that there is no bidding war. man u are full of Centre backs as are man city. i could only possibly see tottenham of the big 4/6 making a… Read more »


Wenger bid 12 mil for Jagielka. Not 15. If he had bid 15 – 17 he would be in the squad right now. Cahill is only 25 – 26 and if we get him we can sign him long term. I think he is worth about 12 mil signed long term to a 60 – 70 per week contract. Good business and everyone is happy. Now I want Hazard. Everyone has their price. Up the bid to 30. In 5 years he will be worth 45 – 50 so it is well worth it.


Classic Blogs, classic


Personally I think every member of the squad should tell the press that Cahill has Arsenal DNA. Past experience should have taught Arsenal that it leads to signing players for vastly reduced sums…


Greg444 August 26, 2011 at 2:44 pm The only one who has seen the strategic viewpoint so far? Well done. It is about competition; alas the Chairman of Bolton is foolish because he should start that PR pitch last month. Cahill is worth more than £6m (he was bought for £5m some years ago). Don’t believe the hype and PR drive by Bolton. I personally think he missed tweeted… the sum may have been £16m not £6m. Also he got “rumbled” and deleted his tweet some time ago because it was unprofessional Well done Arseblog for obtaining a copy… it’s… Read more »

Fed up of Barca

Why the fuck are people in the 40’s-50’s using twitter

I don’t get it


Because they want to, there’s no age limit to it!

Twitter is not only for following celebrities and the like, there are other reasons to use the service.


Swap deal for NIcky B


Fed up of Barca
August 26, 2011 at 3:02 pm
Pardon me for breathing… eloquent as well. wow

hohoho down we go

to be honest i would of felt that way if i was in charge of bolton but obviously i wont go start telling the public. 6mil for cahill wenger is not serious. what makes wenger thinks 6mil will be able to buy cahill, why bother in the first place.


BREAKING NEWS FROM BBC WEBPAGE Bolton have signed defender Dedryck Boyata on a season-long loan from Manchester City, the Reebok Stadium club have confirmed. iS THAT A HINT???? SPECULATE

Rectum Spectrum

and MK Dons have signed Charlie MacDonald from Brentford! aybe we’ll go in for Dean Bowditch….15 league goals last season…


really!?!?! interesting. it seems they are anticipating a bid for cahill that they will actually accept. e shall see


That’s that deal fucked then what a shambles can we make more of a Mess of things this season. 5 days to go and we are arguing with one snow whites finest.

Peter Gasston

If you have a Mac you can use Photo Booth to make yourself look like Phil Gartside:



No. The Metro is fucking shite – just like most rags.


so we are believing the midget head Bolton chairman rather than our own manager. Arsene said he bid but not the figure being quoted and yet everyone is saying he is worth more than 6m and blaming Arsene for bidding that low. lol Bolton have 93m worth of debt (via @swissramble) and in no way can afford to let him go on a free but its their choice though. Its always fun sport to come out and sully Arsene’s name in the press. Reject the bid and be professional. when you go into administration you’d thank your stars for 1m… Read more »


I will just say what need to be said 6 Millon for Gary Cahil that is a joke if that is the correct price that Arsenal were willing to pay. We complain when we are insulted br Barca but are we not doing the same?


Perhaps you should re-read the post




I would say ten million is fair for a player with cahill’s history, and considering he is in the final year, blah blah. While I would be in the minority in saying I prefer jagielka, i dont see him leaving everton.


£6 million for Gary Cahill is pushing it, the cheeky cunts. If not then he’ll join for free next Summer if still needed.


Just pay the money wenger Cahill will be class with vermalean …….$ee na$ri I$ $till a cunt


Hey, I think I met that guy on the yellow brick road…


“You can believe Gartside or you can believe me. It’s not right. It’s not the truth”

don’t know a lot about the Gartside bloke,but Wenger lied more to the Arsenal fans than anybody in history,so i’m not exactly sure who to believe on this one

although,I’m sure Bolton is just taking the piss,Grandma sure worths a proper laugh!


Arseblog News suspects that Arsenal will try and do business with a club that isn’t run by an oversized Time Bandit

That had me laughing my ass off, I guess the reference flew over most peoples heads, or they did not think it funny


i was standing in heathrow arrivals cracking up like a fucking loony at that one


From Singapore

Wenger please wait till Jan 2012 n sign Cahill on bosing ruling and spend the 20 millions pounds which Bolton wants on the striker which u r looking for

[…] for Gary Cahill, which has been dismissed by Owen Coyle, claiming it was laughable. However, Wenger has refuted them and said that we offered more than what was […]

micky readman

now then lads….the way i see the bid for cahil regardless of how much money was on offer, all arsene is trying to do is turn cahil’s head and force boltons hand……..once cahil knows there is a bid on the table and we are interested he will ask for the move…… just wengers way of trying to get cahil on the cheap, a kind of barcelona cesc type move due to not that i have heard any other interest in cahil, (i may be wrong) therefore once cahil knows of the interest he is bound to want to come to… Read more »

[…] media Vultures have reported that Wenger has hit out at Bolton over the Cahill situation and it will only add fuel to fire on the […]


Therein lies the main problem of Arsenal. Arsenal are seriously lacking a deal breaker or negotiator to bring in quality players after David Dein has left. Dick Law is nothing but a puppet of Wenger. Wenger clearly does not know how to negotiate or how to value players. He can only spot talent and David Dein was the guy who went out and plucked it for him. Arsene can’t do Deins job as effectively as him. Infact, I think Im a better negotiator than Arsene. Really, what kind of analogy is that I offered a price and they should not… Read more »

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