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Wenger tight-lipped over Cesc and Nasri

Arsene Wenger has refused to be drawn about the futures of midfielders Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri. Despite intense speculation that both players are on their way out of the Emirates, the Arsenal manager deflected questions about their sales.

He confirmed that neither player was in the squad for tomorrow’s game against Newcastle, ruling Fabregas out because of a lack of match fitness while claiming Nasri has a ‘sickness’. When questioned about their possible departures, he said, “I expect nobody to leave the club. At the moment there is no news. What we want today is to focus on the players who can help.

“I have not been disappointed by Nasri or Fabregas’ attitude. They have been professional”.

The manager’s focus is rightly on the players he has available to him for tomorrow’s game and must surely have been taking the mick out of the press corps when, after more questions about the two players, he said, “I have told you Fabregas and Nasri are not in the squad. I do not understand why the press conference is about them”.

Arsenal fans looking for some clarification about their team, just over 24 hours away from the new season, will have been frustrated at the lack of clarity. They might ask why it is that information regarding the possible departures of Eboue and Bendtner is fit for the public domain while different rules seem to apply for Cesc and Nasri. However, if injudicious words might scupper these deals as we head into the final stages of negotiations then Wenger’s stance is sensible and understandable.

And with the focus on tomorrow’s season opener at Newcastle, Wenger said, “At the moment we have too big a squad. We are not in a position where we are short of players. We want to have a fully committed squad on the pitch. What is important is that the players who play give 100 per cent.”

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Peter Gasston

I’m not sure why everyone’s so annoyed with what he’s saying; if you’re selling something and you want to make sure you get the most money for it, you don’t go around telling everyone you can’t wait to get shot of it.

Aaron Lawrie

When there is only 1 buyer and they shout about it clearly it’s happening…..don’t we want them to come in with a low price so we don’t sell? Keeping Cesc should be the priority here? That’s why so many people are annoyed……right…..?


Oh look, twitter just exploded.


Wengers slip into dimentia continues,soon he’ll be turning up for matches in his smoking jacket and slippers….the arrogant fool

Jimbob McMillan

It’s like Comical Ali.

rectum spectrum

maybe that people should appreciate the impossible task he had with cesc and stop whinging like a buinch of fucking twats day in day out and just fuck off till the start of the season.


Jimbob McMillan

Newsflash “Rectum Spectum” – it is the start of the season.

Also, I’m not moaning, just saying that it’s quite clear at least one of Nasri or Cesc will go, and Wenger says he expects no-one to leave. That in itself is quite funny.

Calm down.

rectum spectrum

LOL – where in your post was all that? It’s like Comical Ali was all i could see. Maybe i need internet explorer 10 to read the rest.

i was replying to blogs, not you. calm down.

and this forum is full of miserable assholes so i think i’m pretty much spot on chief.

Jimbob McMillan

Lighten up son.

rectum spectrum

sure thing comical ali


The match fit excuse about Cesc is a joke. No player would ever play again if they were left of the squad for not being match fit.

I would be happier if Wenger just put his hands up and said they are both going. He doesn’t have to say he wants them to leave but he could just say he has no choice to sell them and is trying to get the best price for them.


“I have not been disappointed by attitude of Cesc or Nasri. They have been professional.” Arsene’s gone loco.
I think hanging around Nasri 2much is turning cesc into a big cunt


When has Nasri been unprofessional? Greedy it seems, yes, but he has stuck with the squad the entire preseason and he trained today just like all the other players, and he’s remained quiet in the media instead of demanding a move out.

Bromley Gooner

There will be a few people eating there words I reckon once the season kicks off, once these two are gone the squad is settled and the confidence restored after a few big wins the quality in this team will be apparent, even with out cesc we have a number of playmakers in the team that will come out of themselves now they don’t have cesc to fall back on!! Two decent signings for defensive back up and we have a team that can challenge on all fronts




I totally agree!


Wenger’s full of shit….. All I care about is that crappy defence not them two losers….. For gods sake Arsene can you not see that’s difference between this team winning a trophy and winning sweet fuck all…. Grrrrrrrr…..


ya like for realzzy man. That is just fucked up sitzzzz. I am so angry GRRRRRRRR


Grrrrrr indeed


I wonders if they got jack wilsheres protective boot from the little boy in calipers that is a charity box standing outside Clarkes in Angel – until it got looted that is ?!


Nasri can run,(maybe swivel) and jump! Cesc I have a lot of time for always gave his all, but his red shoes worked in the end!! Bye cesc


To be fair he didn’t appear overly keen on talking about them either, quite rightly preferring to focus on the team that’ll play tomoz.


In Arsene we trust, No harm in playing poker with your cards hidden.


I don’t care about Cesc or Nasri. Wenger agrees and wants to focus on those who are 100% committed and so do the fans, so the sooner we get shot of the ones who want out the sooner the club can lift itself out of this stinking,miserable, depressing situation


I think Wenger is right to try and place the focus on the game and not endless transfer speculation. That said, if this had been sorted earlier, as it really should have been, we wouldn’t need to discuss it on the eve of a new season.


Will pass judgement when the window slams shut.

As a general comment, the management of the club at every level this close season has been the worst I can remember in recent memory…

Wenger doesn’t seem like a man who’s cock is on the block to be honest, the board obviously aren’t as concerned as the fans…


Why the hell did I just type that?
Because I bloody well can


Do you type it into a calculator alot, too?

Agree with Den15. If we get some sort of replacements in and we do well, this saga will quickly be forgotten.

Of course our recent history of getting in quality replacements is not the greatest. Is Christoph Wreh still about?

Double '71

It’s quite simple really, the behaviour of both Cesc & Nasri this summer has been orchestrated with one clear purpose – to make their future at the club completely untenable. This leaves Arsene & the club with no other option than to get the best possible deal for these players.
If neither $amir “half a season” Na$ri or Cesc “the hostage with strange DNA” Fabregas wants to be part of the Arsenal family any more then fuck ’em both. Players come & players go but there will always, always be The Arsenal.

Jim Deen

This is simply how Arsene is, now and forever. He has never been the motor-mouth when it comes to transfers. That is the exclusive domain of cunty Barcelona.


And Harry Redknapp.


No surprises then. If anything this whole saga will spur tomorrows squad to show that they CAN manage without Cesc and Nasri. It happened when Thierry left and as was quite rightly pointed out in the Arsecast, we managed brilliantly up until Eduardo had his leg broken. I have complete faith in Wenger to sort out our defense and, more importantly, in the team to get a result tomorrow. Whilst people’s frustration is understandable, the best thing we as Gooners can do is get behind the players. I also have a sneaky feeling that Arshavin and Rosicky may well blossom… Read more »


Wenger doesn’t need to lie, he loses credibility every time he tells a lie.
The latest being “Nasri has sickness”, this is despite him play for France two days ago!


Sickness of the mind, greedy Nasri, Nasri, greeeeedy Nasri!


Agreed. I wish Wenger wouldn’t lie or have such false faith in crap players. I read an article saying he thought that the team didn’t need any more central defenders. Really?

Arsenal has quality but injury prone starters and no depth. That’s the problem.

steve chilcott

So our squad is a big one ? Maywell be a big squad full of kids,where’s the quality? 3 players in 1 really good one , 1 expensive teenager from lge 1, and another kid from blue square lge. 6 first team players out 2 of them our best players


With every new day my love of football dominishes. Now, I’m a firm believer of love ur club not the player but it seems player run the clubs in this modern era. Firstly, thx cese GOODBYE! My concern is we have not bought adequately no defenders, no strikers and a shed lot of midfielders. Jenkinson, Gervinho u cry! Pls and wot r they suppose to do. I know play well for six months then demand a move to Santos coz they like the heat. Seriously tho I get the Ade vibe from Gervinho. To sell the players now and not… Read more »


Yeah. They’re black and look alike. Well done.


holy shit…go outside…the sun is shining….have a delicious cold beer….everything is going to be ok

Martin (I'll eat you) Keown

“At the moment we have too big a squad. We are not in a position where we are short of players…..this worryingly sounds like we don’t need anymore players unless the “2” leave!!! Eh hello…defence!!!!!!


I think Wenger is right not to be drawn on the issue of these transfers now, it’s common knowledge they want to leave. The most important thing is getting a good start to the season against Newcastle, because the following 4 games ( all big ones ) will shape the tone the fans and presses ( who cares really ) have towards the team. It’s very negative at the moment and good results could go a long way to change that.


For an exhibition in second-language English, click here.

Jimmy the Saint

Google translate is a bitch?? And Batigoal is a cunt.!

Joan Jensen

There was this old geezer that used to go into Waitrose & Morrisons in Holloway. He was absolutely minted but to tight to spend his cash on the food everyone else pays for so he would wait until just before the shop closed when they would put half price tickets on goods and ones that were just up on the best before date. Most of the time he went home hungry cause they brought fuck all out or what they did bring out was shite but he still refused to pay normal prices and would rather starve. Tight cunt died… Read more »


I also knew this old geezer once upon a time. He would be desperately hungry, but all he would buy would be underripe fruit. Granted the underripe fruit was by and large edible, had great potential to turn into really tasty, mature fruit, but this old man would keep buying and buying and buying this underripe fruit. So, I asked him one day why he liked underripe fruit so much. He told me, “One day this fruit has the potential of turning into something great.” To which I responded, “But you’re hungry now, why not buy some ripe fruit and… Read more »


He has told me to tell you they are both leaving. He asked if you’ld be kind enough not to let money €£t¥ from middle east lands know about it. And dont repeat it in spanish and let dani cuntvez wank over xavi’s wide open massive mouth until iniesta is done trimming the camp nou grass with nothing but his shitty saw teeth.
Wait atleast till that cave man is done exciting the shakiras with his bushy fur on his head


That was for you Craig. Damn these reply commands.


These 2 are gone. Bye. Tata. See ya. Move along. Nothing to see.

Now no matter how much you may have Wenger, no matter how pissed off you may be we ain’t (yet) signed Sahill/Camba/Dannielka, your team has the mother of all starts to the season.

If there’s been a more important start, I’m fucked if I can recall it.

So, support these boys for all it’s worth please.


I don’t really see the issues here, cesc and nasri have won us nothing, both have been absent in the big games (apart from cescs stunning backheel!) I say fuck em, we’ll be fine. Every year the pundits write us off, and every year we prove them wrong, this could be the shake up this team so desperatly need. This is ramseys year….

Joan Jensen

we havent proved the pundits wrong since reaching the 2006 CL final


pundits can kiss my arse


Maybe. I would prefer the shake-up of getting rid of our deadwood. Wenger keeps saying we have a big squad. No-one denies that. My problem is we have a squad with too many bad players whom Wenger believes in for some deluded sense of loyalty. As soon as a player turns 30, it’s one year contracts no matter what. But if a player is crap from 24 to 27, he’ll give him three more years.


Spot on Peter Gasston.

If only half the people on here had some of that sense…


At this point, I don’t really care what Wenger has to say in these press conferences. We know they are hardly an indication of what is going on, and Arsene’s words can be very very frustrating. What I’m really worried about is how long these transfer sagas have taken, and whether or not we will have the time to replace & add players to our squad. Unfortunately, at this point, I don’t have much confidence in our management to do what is fully required by the end of August. But, everybody know what needs to be done, so I suppose… Read more »


Joan you know what I mean though, how many times have you heard people say we’ll finish 5th or lower? I’m not fully optimistic but I still think we have a much better team than liverpool, and hopefully we haven’t even seen our biggest signing of the season yet…


At the end of the day, this is big business – a combined transaction fee of 60 million pounds. He is not in denial, he is not mad. He wants to get the best possible price for two prized assets. This press conference is not talking to your mates to your room. I understand the frustration of the fans wanting to know every last detail about what is going on, but you will never hear it, so lower your expectations.


I didn’t get why people are saying we don’t have quality. We’ve quality, but we are short of experience. We’re like the Aston Villa team of last season.

RvP: quality and experience
Vermaelen: quality and experience
Song: quality and experience
Sagna: quality and experience

SCZC: quality
Wilshere: quality
Ramsey: quality
Walcott: quality
Miyachi: quality
Oxen Chameleon: quality


All of this is noise. Watch the matches and see what happens by August 31. Then you can judge Wenger


August 31st might be too late. We could be 6 points behind Utd. and out of the Champs League by then. Wenger should have hurried up.


AW needs to wank to death


Grow up. Idiot.


Just a thought: In terms of their behaviour, isn’t Nasri actually far less reprehensible than Cesc? All Nasri has said is that he is not interested in extending his contract. What’s wrong with that? He committed to play for Arsenal for a certain time, and he would do that. Once his contract is up, why should he sign another one if he can earn more money elsewhere?
Cesc, meanwhile, signed up until 2015, but he wants to leave. It would seem that Cesc has less regard for his contract than Nasri.


And, even more importantly, we’re getting a fee reflecting Nasri’s true value because he simply wants to leave the club. Whilst, with Cesc, we’re not getting a price worthy of his ability and remaining contract length because he only wants to join Barca. Certainly I can understand his desire to move there but his demands have clearly done us far more damage than Nasri’s.


Good points, Nik and Kris. I guess the perception is that Cesc has been good for us for a long time and his tried his best to get us a trophy for many years. Whereas Nasri only played well for a months a few months and took the first opportunity to get paid. Cesc clearly is going to Barca for the chance to win not the money; hell, he’s taking a pay cut to leave. Nasri sure isn’t. What I find the most galling about the Cesc thing is that we caved. We set a price, Barca kept negotiating through… Read more »

rectum spectrum

jesus if cesc wants to play for his home club we can hardly hold that against him.

rectum spectrum

the only thing that cesc has ever said, despite massive pressure from barca, is that of course one day he would like to play where he grew up, but he is happy at arsenal, and own arsenal a lot. that if he is to move this summer it is up to arsene, he is the boss.

hardly bad.


That was bizare to say the least. Winced through most of the answers, Jesus he’s better than that.

Now all the wanker’s have really lost the plot, does he even want thejob next season?

The Red and White Observer

I am always perturb by the quality of the wriiten word of some of these inputs on this blog. You support a team who is managed by an excellent manager ( educated to the highest level) and renown the world over. You say you winced through most of the questions, is it because you did not understand the answers to the questions ask. And another thing… W******, is that the best word you could find in your wide and varied dictionary to depect an adult man who has brought fame and quality to your team. You need to ask yourself… Read more »


Learn to read you clown.


Red and White is pretentious and condescending. How’s that for vocabulary?

Chris R

Cesc’s departure has been on the horizon for 2 seasons now. Surely Arsene has prepared for the season ahead without him, ie, Ramsey, Wilshere, Frimpong. His departure will be sad but a goodbye I’m prepared for.

Nasri on the otherhand comes across as nothing more than a Merc. If he wants trophies he’d be going to ManYoo. If he ends up at Citeh then it’s all about the money. He might sparkle there, he may warm their diamond encrusted bench. Either way he’ll undoubtably be booed and I’ll be joining in.

Optimistically Giddy Chris

I worry for Arsenal fan that doesn’t believe we’ll beat Newcastle. On paper our preseasons don’t look great, when you dissect them, when we played well, with the nearest thing to a starting 11 we were solid. The games collapsed when Arsene swapped players around to give them a try.

We are clearly underdogs going into this season aiming for a top 4 finish. But I truly believe we’ll come out the traps like hellfire and burn past Newcastle!

The Red and White Observer

It seems the deal is done.. Viva Le Capitan


Viva Le Capitan? He’s gone….

The Red and White Observer

August 12, 2011 at 10:45 am

Hahahahahahahahahahah hahahaha the clown reads . hahahahahah

Midfield Corporal

I know it would be tragic and a terrible loss of young life, but I think we could all afford ourselves a little chuckle if the plane taking Cesc home crashed into the alps just as the cheque cleared. Actually it would be better if he survived and fell into a coma until he was 35 and before fully recovering. I know we would lose out on the performance related add ons

Midfield Corporal

but it would be worth it to see the look on Sandra Rossells face.


I’d rather Cesc lives and Pique, Puyol, Xavi, Busquets, & Valdes all get the flesh eating virus. 4 of the 5 I mentioned are currently injured


Wenger : Nobody leaves

Three hours later : The deal is done.

Can we stop the humiliation and get our manager back, the one who used to give confidence in these situations.


Agreed. Why say “i expect nobody to leave.”? I understand being cagey, but what’s the point of mouthing such a bald-faced lie?

I’ll forgive the condescension and misdirection if he buys quality players AND gets rid of obvious deadwood (Squillaci, Eboue, Almunia, Bendtner, hopefully Diaby but asking too much I know). We’ve been hearing about Bendtner and Eboue leaving for days; get them out now!

If we sit on the money from the Cesc/Nasri sales and don’t sign anyone decent….Wenger’ll have no-one to blame but himself.


Unbelievable is the amount of criticism that fans are levying at the management of the club, and Arsene Wenger over the Cesc and Nasri situations. They are completely unmanagable. Let’s look at Nasri. He won’t sign through no fault of the club–his head has been turned by impossible-to-match lucre offered by the oil-rich. So Arsenal has two choices, sell him to a willing buyer this summer, or let him play out his contract. Now, we all can agree that in order to sell, there must be an offer on the table. No report has come telling us that Man. City… Read more »

rectum spectrum

well said


Resolve the situations earlier, simple as that.

Or we could have bought last January to reinforce our central defense, won something, and wouldn’t you know it, maybe one or two of Cesc and Nasri would have felt like staying.

Donjo Mac

Simple. Should have put it just like Harry did with Modric; the player is under contract and we are not selling. I couldn’t give two hoots if Cesc wants to go; if it doesn’t suit us for him to leave he should stay as, correct me if I am wrong, he hasn’t demanded a transfer and in his only public comment on the situation clearly implied he was “happy at Arsenal”. And if we were to cave in then, as holders if the cards, it should have been by a set date (say 1st Aug) and for a sizeable fee… Read more »


I think it’s obvious that Cesc has made his true feelings clear out of the public eye.


on bbc sports website…
“He bizarrely claimed: “I expect nobody to leave. There is no news. If there is news, I promise I will give it.” ”

I agree that it is bizarre, I like Wenger, I like his “principles”, but this just makes him look silly.


He’s obviously just trolling the media. Has become very good at it lately!

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