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Wenger: we want ‘Super quality’

Arsene Wenger has hinted that the club’s lack of activity in the transfer market is down to not finding players who have been sent to earth from the planet Krypton.

While many would accept that Arsenal simply need some players who are just a bit better than some of the ones they have at the moment, the manager believes he needs players of the highest calibre.

“We work very hard, we are non-stop working throughout the summer. I am positive because we have good quality and a style of play that is known by the players. So we want to add not quality but super quality”.

It’s a familiar refrain from the Arsenal manager who has consistently spoken about his need to find world players and then spent money on the likes of Mikael Sylvestre.

When asked if any signings were close being announced, Wenger said, “No, not at the moment. We hope to give you some good news soon. Next week, something might happen. But I can understand the impatience of people”.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s friendly against Benfica, Wenger also revealed that Emmanuel Eboue and Nicklas Bendtner were not in the squad because they were on the way out of the club. And he also hinted that Jack Wilshere might miss the start of the season.

Rounding up the injuries he said, “Koscielny and Nasri might be back for the start of the season. I don’t think Fabregas will be ready to start the season because he has been out for a long time and has had no games. Walcott might be back and, as for Wilshere, it is very difficult to say.”

As Arseblog News revealed on Sunday, Wilshere has an achilles problem and the club are most likely being cautious after the Thomas Vermaelen situation last season.

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We need a manager of super quality. Not an accountant of such.


Luckily he wasnt our manager when the invincibles were around.








[email protected]#

But seriously, I don’t think this summer has constituted “good management.” Of funds, of time, of anything really.


The problem is Super quality costs serious money. I don’t think we have serious money for super quality. Surely a super quality signing will cost at least 30 million.
Have we got that?


Yes, there is at least that much available and more if Fabregas or Nasri got for the sums being reported.


You must be on staff at Liverpool or Citeh because I don’t agree, I think it’s perfectly feasible to buy experienced or upcoming quality players for under 30 mil.


At least he’s searchin for “super quality” so we don’t have to worry that we will see again mediocrity like silvestre, squillaci, denilson, eboue again!. Thanks God!


Said the same thing before. He’s just a tired parody of himself now.


Stonroy are you saying Wenger is not a Super quality manager? Surely you have to be a top quality manager on our budget to be a top 4 side in the premier league!!


What is this top 4 terminology? Arsenal are the 4th best side on the most recent seasons’ results and haven’t finished 1st or 2nd for 6 seasons. Arsenal are very fortunate to have a manager whose values are so intrinsically linked to those of the club. Wenger has the best record of any manager in football history with the comparative resources he’s been afforded and he deserves our support now more than ever, especially now as the purse stings begin to loosen and the plethora of talent from the youth system he instigated when he sold Anelka all those years… Read more »


Im so fed up of checking newsnow to see if we signed anyway…wenger, after supporting u for years…fuck off


jesus how many times have we heard the words super quality used in the last 6 years? and the injuries have already started to kick in as well. it’s not looking good for the month of august.


He has been saying this for the last few seasons, so were the two devestatingly bad centre backs we bought last season super quality, I think not!!!!


I disagree; Koscielny is a player with the potential to really hit new heights this season. He reminds me, (as much as it hurts to mention his name) of Terry and (Vidic aside) could challenge for the best CB in the PL this season, just as long as he less rash in the penalty box and in last man situations. Vermaelin returning to the fold should help, not only his but also Djouru’s development and Squilacci is no mug for all his haters and a lot less egotistical and self-centred than the mercenary Gallas.


WHAT A FUCKING LIAR! ALL Arsenal fans can see through this transparent piss-poor excuse Wenger is making for his lack of new signings! Wenger is beginning to treat the fans with contempt. Anyone would think the money is coming out of his own pocket… Arsene, if you don’t want to do the job, and you keep taking the piss out of us and the club…. LEAVE!

Dave Gooner

Speak for yourself mate. Phil Jagielka would be a good signing, but Gary Cahill would not.

Put your bias aside, and admit it: signing mediocrity will not improve the Arsenal squad.


matty I’m just questioning who’s budget he’s on. Gazidis says we have the money, so no you are not a super manager if you don’t see the gaping holes and fix them. You’re just stubborn and arrogant.


Super quality and super low price for super cheap charley consistent fans b*llshitting super arrogant manager, what else could be worst than that?


To get “super quality” you need to spend “super” amounts of cash. I’d prefer to see a string of quality signings to better the squad as a whole rather than the chance of us signing someone who is super quality. Wenger is an exceptional manager and should be praised for what he has brought to the club but unfortunately hold habits die hard/ can’t teach an old dog new tricks so wenger isn’t gonna change no matter how many fans bitch and moan about him on blogs.. He needs to sort things out for the new season and fast but… Read more »


Well said. I will never lose my respect for Wenger. Admittedly, he frustrates me to no end sometimes. But I support the club and Wenger. Bring on newcastle.


Well said. Finally a true supporter


Enough is enough!!!! as a 46 year old arsenal supporter im in tears tonight, where is our beloved club going? Arsene i hold you in very very high esteem but now i question you, i have been laughed at and physically abused in the past for defended you because i BELIEVED in you…now i question you like so many others! Be honest Arsene,be honest Arsenal, are we here for share holders? or for supporters and trophies? Im not smart but EVERYONE knows we need a centre half and yet we let one go on loan? we all know cesc is… Read more »


Bartley going out on loan is a big indication that a new defender is coming in. Bartley will replace Squilacci next year. We have Rosicky, Ramsey and Lansbury as ready made Cesc replacements. RVP, Arshavin Nasri, Diaby, Wilshere can all play that position to an extent. Wilshere especially is showing 10x the potential of Cesc at the same age. He really is a very special player.


@ Mistery, I seriously think there are some truly deluded fans and you sound like someone who laps up the idealistic dream-filled turd Wenger is serving up. There is not a single player with the same creative capacity as Cesc or with the consistency at which he does it. Cesc broke into our team at a younger age than Jack and was better placed to learn from the likes of vieira, henry etc. How can Jack have 10x the potential of Cesc when he does not shoot or even get 10% of the amount of assists Cesc does? Cec’s intelligence… Read more »


Gunnaflya said it all really, lots of people don’t seem to realized how much our team’s creativity revolves around Cesc. It’s sometimes hard to see during the course of 90 minutes, but Cesc’s influence is unrivaled. I actually believe that no player in the world could do for us what Cesc does. Why else to Barcelona want him? Are they trying to buy any other midfield playmakers? No, the best team in the world wants our guy… so that shows you how difficult/impossible he will be to replace. I honestly don’t think Cesc will go this season. Barca can’t pay… Read more »


GunnaFiya, I agree, Cesc is a truly exceptional player and the heartbeat of the team. I would have not problem in Arsenal keeping him for 3 more years and letting him go on a free. honestguy4u99 was asking why replacements haven’t been brought in IF Cesc is on his way and I was pointing out that there are players in the squad who are in the same mould as Cesc and the responsibility for replacing him can be spread collectively between them rather than spending a lot of money on mediocrity. BTW, the comparative stats for Cesc, Jack and Aaron… Read more »


The problem with that analysis is that Cesc has been super-awesome for all these years since the age of 19. I don’t think we can assume that Jack and Aaron will automatically be as good as Cesc. I’d love to think so, but it’s a big, big gamble.

rectum spectrum

i think you need to stop reading newspapers and just check in on the official arsenal site for transfer news.

it seems everyone is being swept away by the sit river that is media lies and speculation.

fucking relax people and get some perspective. we’re in the cage in the deer hunter with our heads just above water level. we know shit. we just have to keep our cool or we’ll really fall apart. like honestguy here.


what the hell is wrong with you?

fucking strange strange man…

bloody embarrassing that’s what that comment is.





What a wanker this bloke is.This has been his code in the past for I’m not getting anyone.Perhaps he means super quality like Denilson Diaby Squilacci etc.Someone sack this prick,


No longer moved by comments of the old man who has to tell lies in order to maintain fans backing. How of the so called quality will he sign? This team is worse than the team we had last season.



i love some of my fellow arsenal fans, like as much as i like my own shit on a plate.

and if you’re in tears tonight, well, hahahahahaha, life probably needs something new for you.


Like you have the skill in your decrepit body to actually shit on a plate,

rectum spectrum

i’m with you on this one.

get a fucking grip people. stop reading newsp[apers and gossip sites if you’re this fragile.


cracking name


Ahh, super quality. That’ll be a Silvestre or a Squillaci then. I wish UEFA would scrap this transfer window hell, so AFC’s chief accountant didn’t have an excuse to display such crass negligence every year. Bronze bust of Georgie Graham – now!


These words are so frustrating to hear. I think we should wait to see what happens next week and, more importantly, how we go through the season but for the first time I feel like this could be Wenger’s last season with the club. If fantastic bargains were available all the time prices wouldn’t be what they are. noone is saying go out and spend £80 million but three or four signings of proven quality are a must and we were promised this ‘very active’ stuff at the beginning of the summer. you can only break so many promises before… Read more »


Francesc fabraegas is of the utmost “super quality” & as such, barca should be expected to pay a “super quality bid” somewhere in the region of £40-50m. anything other than this is a “super insult” after all, we cannot expect to sell our players of “super quality” & not replace them with “acceptable quality” so it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, & as I’ve stated elsewhere on here, the windows open til midnight 31st of aug. & traditionally we do 90% of our deals on the last 3-2 days, (well that’s how it’s been the last few… Read more »


notice that ALL transfers done at the end of the transfer Windows, BACKFIRED on us. (well, except gallas)


You think Gallas was a success? Guess again. He only destabilised the team and was the reason both Kolo and Gilberto left.

Success? My arse.


Here we go – super quality translated from Wengerish means “sorry but I could not find anyone who could improve the squad” which means “no one in the world is better than Squillaci, Djourou, Koscelny, Bendtner et al” which further translated means “No fucking signings this summer !”


His only motive is dividends not the performance of the team. Not to underestimate what he has done for the club, great work indeed, but let him tell the truth other than resorting to lies say; I will sign when time comes, there is no quality players on market, and now we want to sign super quality. Is he going to Lionel Messi or Ronald?


I wish Wenger would go – if he loved Arsenal as much as he says he does he should go right away. If there was a definition of “washed up has been” in the pictorial dictionary it would have his picture next to it. The man was finished years ago.


I just checked the “Pictorial dictionary”, and the picture is actually of George Best. RIP.


If want super quality then why have we let our better players: A) leave or B) run down their contact so they have 1 year left?

Man U have just given Henandez a new 5 contact after 1 year,because they realise he is ‘super quality’, our club never think like thisit’s all about saving money.


Kroenke is an American his only motive is dividends and thats all.


His motive is selling an ArsenalPlayer subscription to 5 million fans, thus doubling the revenues of the club. To be fair, he’s not actually taken any money out of the club in the way of dividends, consultancy fees or appointed an nepotisticly motivated people to the board (last two a dig at Man U for anyone missing the rhetoric).


We won’t pay the money, but want super quality ? we won’t buy the defender, but want win champion? still in the dream ???


Honestly speaking I do not see Arsene Wenger after six seasons without a trophy staging a come back to the limelight of football and drive this club to even greater heights. How I dream time to prove me wroong ! God knpws


One word for super quality squillaci. Why have this crap in the way of Bartley. So this buys him another week to string us along. Come the end of the transfer market he will say we could not find the super quality , mark my words. Who is running the club Wenger of Kronke? Someone need to stand up to Wenger and give him some pointers, maybe Pat Rice will tell him what to do in the defense department (ha ha) One thing i do know arsenal board, is that the arsenal fans will react if no new players are… Read more »


I’ve not even heard Tottenham fans bash Wenger this much, it’s fucking disgusting.

This close to the start of the season, some people don’t deserve to call themselves Arsenal fans.

Insolent glory hunting pricks.




Spot on


I’m with you there.

FFS, it’s a new season. Get I wish our so-called fans would get behind the team. It’s no wonder players want to leave as all they have to look forward to is our own fans booing them off the pitch after a preseason friendly.

If you don’t like the owner, manager, coaches or players, do us all a favour and “support” another team, as this kind of support we can do without.


The way people criticize Wenger et al makes it sound like they actually believe that Wenger doesn’t want to win titles and that he’s some kind of sado-masochist who wants to finish fourth each year. The game has changed. Oil money, Russian oligarch money… It’s a new world. Even if Arsenal had the money, would the supporters be happy signing a Torres or Carroll for £40m plus? A total waste. While we’re at it, cool down the Cesc-worship. He’s an excellent player, but one should question his leadership skills as captain. He’s not Viera or Adams as a leader. RvP… Read more »


Mata is super quality! but se didnt even want to buy him for 20 mill..

Wenger super quality cost money you are not willing to pay


And so the excuses begin. They were never in for any of these guys. Made lowball bids to lure us into a sense of possibility.

They only thing they’ve been busy doing is having a circle jerk.

The fans will treat them accordingly.

Andrew Richards

Shame, Wenger has tarnished his reputation with lies and deciept.

rectum spectrum

you’re the nth person to mention lies and deciept.

if you know mopre than the rest of us real fans please feel free to tell us the truth. please don’t speculate or lie, or offer your own ideas on whats happening seeing as you propbably have no fucking clue.

just the behind the scenes truth that wenger is keepiong from us. can’t wait. proceed.

Walter Arrowsmith

Remember what he said sometime ago when there was a lack of transfer activity. He said he had some super quality players coming back from injury.Then what happened?The gunners failed ultimately. He better not think his tenure is permanent. Nothing can be further from the truth.No one is indespensable especially when results are not forthcoming. He is holding the gunners back with his one eyed vison and many fans believe with good reason this could be his final season in charge especially if the gunners are not up to the task. We know the consquences of failure at big teams.Arsenal… Read more »


So-called ‘Good bloke’: the difference between you and the majority of fans is that we are ARSENAL fans – you and the other kiss-asses are WENGER fans. The club is more important than one blind, arrogant man. As for ‘glory hunting’ – wanting to win something after SIX YEARS is ‘glory hunting’? Get your head out of your own naive arse, or better still go back to supporting Tottenham…


Agree!! Why should any spuds fans give a crap about how wenger keep telling us lies after lies?! I don’t give any damn if others club failed to give trophies to their fans for 20 years or more, I am just sick of seeing how wenger still act like ignorant god and got supported by board members and a*s-licker like so called good bloke. This is seemingly become fans abusing club. Third richest club but far from third greatest. I live in a country with 28 millions manc*nt fans, but I am not interested to become 1 of them, I… Read more »


You’ve got it completely wrong. So far all the majority of you guys are doing is skating Wenger off. Be critical yes but the way you’re doing it is pathetic. At the end of the day we love Arsenal FC and we have a choice; support the team or not. Whether you like AW and the board or not you should still stand by your team.

Personally I think the management at club have handled themselves poorly but let’s face it a lot of you guys are guilty of that one too.

Up the arse!

rectum spectrum

good man lets continue to be lights in the darkness that is arsenal forums for the last few months.


We’ve been through good times, we’ve been through bad times, we’ve been through mediocre times. This is what SUPPORTING a football team is. Stop crying at everything and enjoy the ride. At least you’re not a glory-hunting Manchester United fan or the village idiot Spud fan. Arsenal is in your blood, it’s your family, you’ll pass it down to your kids with stories of heroes such as Adams, Bergkamp and Ian Selley! Enjoy it as much as you can ’cause you can’t sing “Good, Old Arsenal” when you’re worm food!


Yep, the internet has a lot to answer for and if it wasn’t for cyber-boobs I’d give it a right rollocking. I remember a care free summer of no paper/internet hassle then “WE’VE SIGNED DAVOR SUKER” then “oh we’ve signed Thierry Henry. Never mind that SUKER!!!! *birdseyepotatorofls*!”

Simple times, good times, times of funny haircuts and better-looking girlfriends.

rectum spectrum

most of the people on here are clearny not cut out to deal with exposure to the twisted media on the internet, and gossipy shit rag tabloids throwing their tuppence worth in each day.

when i read through the bitter, frenzied, moody comments i get the feeling all arsenal fans are fat ugly women on the blob, just been dumped by wenger, mashing their keyboards for therapy


Love it. Enjoy the ride. Arsenal in the blood!!!!


Guys just out of curiosity, apart from contreau and aguero who exactly has moved this summer who would considerably improve us ? Let’s face it were not exactly as bad as some of you pre-madona’s would make out, the negativity surrounding the emirates is more likely to cripple us than a lack of signings Don’t get me wrong, we certainly need 2-3 players and I believe that we will get the right players in Why is almost every1 so pissed off at wenger ? What has he really done that is so terrible ? Why do players deserve2 be booed… Read more »


Especially Gallas!


Sorry the “Especially Gallas”, comment was intended for xoxo.

I agree completely with Rich. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Nuri Sahin and/or Phil Jones


There are super players meanining than the non super ones at the ES.These guys are priced at the market rate which he is not willing to pay. As a result t the gunners are suffering.
I say enough is enough. If the gunners can’t challenge by mid season,he better go before he is sacked and let someone more pragmatic who cares more for today and tomorrow rather than five years down the road.There are many of these guys a phone call away.


Guys, you got it all wrong!!
Wenger wants super quality players for our squad, because our “winning eleven” are super duper quality!


We will watching eastendets and will be on channel 5 this season. Spend some fucking money for fucks sake. We will have £60m in the bank soon from fabregas and nasri sale, he will probably offer 2 bob for super quality players and then say I tried to get players in at his press conference on sept 1st.


Thats wat Wenger has been wating for Money!!! he does not have any money and Good that he does not want borrow any now..


“But I can understand the impatience of people” …. maybe this is because the season starts NEXT WEEK and we’ve still not signed a centre back!

Even if we do buy someone now they would have had no pre season with us so will need even longer to adapt to our playing style. It’s so frustrating when the likes of Liverpool and Utd got their business done early and we are lagging behind. I know they bought overpriced youngsters but still.


Chill People.
God arsenal supporters are so fickle. Arsene is not the only one in the club management heirrarchy. Theres the board, GM (Gazidis), thens theres the owner. Arsenes down the ladder in terms of real power. SO ALL OF YOU GROW UP AND BE PATIENT OR GO HASSLE THE BOARD.


I think Wenger is feeling the pressure and that is why he is raving.He wants to do things his way. The problem is it aint working and he aint willing to face the truth..As everybody knows the gunners only needed a decent stopper and to stop conceding shoddy goals they could have won more than one trophy. The delusion of the FM and his blind spot are well known.To get the gunners to the next level,he has to discard these two undesirable traits of his. That will be touching a raw nerve of his and he would not countence it..… Read more »

Real Talk Red

One week till the start of the season and we are already broken as a team and bickering as a fanbase

year on year we become more like tottenham


are you sure, spuds are this unhappy with harry redknapp?


While the manager should not be pressured into making any signings, I am surprised at how much Arsene is underestimating the level of vitriol aimed at his apparent non-action in the transfer market. Shit, I would be happy with at least a new defensive coach.


All we are going for this year again is 4th. Triffic. can’t wait to see leads lost and lots of draws. I’m gonna start watching cricket!


Or Man City! lol


I think we’ll be selling super quality not buying it, as per usual. I’m no shareholder so I don’t give a fuck what the books look like. Super quality costs big money, simples


Now I could say alot more on this subject but I’m not going to. Instead I’ll ask everyone a question instead. Is jenkinson “super quality”?


He will be if so-called fans give him a chance. Were any of our legends “super quality” at his age? Jenkinson has all the makings of a future Arsenal captain. Just give the lad a chance.


* Reserve team captain.
He is a true Gooner, so maybe he’ll bring some humility to the squad and emphasise what an amazing opportunity is it (at 19) to be given the chance to the play for The Arsenal.


Some of these comments towards the manager and the club are just downright fucking offensive. It’s like a competition to see who can post the angriest comment. Surely you can only judge the performance of the club in the transfer window once the window has closed? It happens to all clubs every year that the important transfers happen in the last week of the transfer window. Arsenal fans are quickly becoming a laughing stock because of the I’ll thought, reactionary shit that is posted on Internet blogs comment pages. Just fucking chill out and get behind the club, there’s enough… Read more »


FFS there are some cynical people on this message board. The team has been hampered by the impasse re Fabregas. Yes there is money otherwise but if Cesc and Nasri go then the transfer strategy changes. Thought that much was obvious.


Sorting out the defence depends of Cesc’s future? Who are you kidding?


Mistery has to be some sort of Wenger created spambot, roaming this site spouting shit yes?


SpARSEbot actually, only speaking the truth without prejudice

Johnny Massacre

C’mon Weng, banish the trolls by unleashing the Highbury leprechaun into ye olde transfere sweet shoppe from your pot o’ gold. Trolls be gone! Wenger, fear not the troll who mocks you for not having the wit of a sprightly 17 year old suicidal comedian, for I accept you repeat yourself occasionally, especially for the fact that no other manager can make Arsenal competitive and maintain the miracle of making us a global club from hardly any money at all.

In Wenger I trust. Until deathe.


I think it won’t be long now until we see that what Arsenal have been doing has been spot on, Well mostly spot on at least. There probably is about to be a huge financial meltdown, a lot of billionaires will probably become millionaires, a lot of big football clubs are going to get fucked how many “super quality players” are going to want to live in manchester without wages, I can’t really say how powerfull the weird pedophile grip barcelona have on their players really is (they all do look like they’ve been touched don’t they?), but the real… Read more »

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