Where Premier League referees come from


Posted with comment and simply as a reference tool for the duration of the season. Bookmark it.

Premier League referees

With thanks to Jules from Arsenal Land.

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Biased cunts.

Le Arse

There is definitely a bias,but it evens itself out over the course of the league season.


they never even out. and i can tell you countless times Man u players escaped the red card in critical early stages of games over the last couple of years


Sorry but that is just defeatist attitude.Our league form tells all.


lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..referees decisions even out over the whole season…….that’s the joke of the decade….

Adam Scoggins

where are all the southern refs?


So, what you’re saying is that Swansea can expect to be screwed this season quite handily, right? =}


cunts. Wonder where the linesmen come from. And the CL refs. And the barca shirt wearing CL final cunt linesmen

No way



It never evens out over the season! We just forget about mistakes! Definite bias for teams in north west. When was the last time you saw one of their players booked for contesting a throw in?

Neil's Terminal Illness

Makes you wonder why arsenal don’t like it on a cold wet night oop north!


you have to wonder too why ” Arsenal don’t like it when they get kicked”


would love to see some stats on who benefits the most from dodgy on/offside calls


Check out Untold Arsenal at http://blog.emiratesstadium.info/ , they produced stats for all the Asrenal games last season and are extending their analysis to other teams this season. The stats definitely show that there are poor performances by certain referees. I would fall short of saying they are biased deliberately but there is certainly a natural bias based on where they come from.


I suppose incompetence is better than intentional bias, but either way its still ruining games and it beats me why the FA aren’t keen on technology to help refs do a better job.

Aside from anything else, technology could be used to show when they get difficult calls right and protect them from accusations of bias when its unjustified.


Wenger should tell the players to regard the Ref as one of the opposition, treat him as though he really is on the opposite side and expect nothing from him.

That way the corruption/incompetence of ‘the cunt in the black’ will have much less impact.


…apart from when Song treads on his foot at Gervinho slaps him.


*and Gervinho slaps him, sorry.


The only problem with that would be Song fouling him when he gets just inside our half 🙂


Chelsea have signed Mata.

Well done Arsenal another ‘Super Quality’ unavailable player has just slipped through our fingers.

If Wenger doesn’t spend before this window ends, I want him gone.
He can take the board with him too.


like you were going to pay his wages with your blood!


Double bollocks. I hear Wenger wants to pay top dollar wages for stars but the board reject it and ask him to pay within the wage cap structure . Hence why he’d rather sign no one rather than an ok player !?


Every time someone blames the ref, it’s off the mark. The game hinges as much on the refs as anything else, and their “power” is embedded in the game rules. Basically refs are people and make mistakes. That’s why it’s called a game and not a science (games so happen to have to include some amount of luck and/or human aspects, by definition). Now, if refs are biased (nothing in this article suggests so – it really just says how refs hometowns are distributed over England), the whole game in England has a problem. I urge people to think for… Read more »

North Bank Ned

Refs are biased, and there is evidence to support the assertion. Tobias Moskowitz, a finance professor at the University of Chicago, in a new book just published in the U.S, ‘Scorecasting’, using statistical analsyis shows that refs in all four U.S. professional sports as well as in football display a consistent (if unintentional) bias towards home teams proportionate to the closeness of any particular game (He explains it in terms of behavioural psychology theory). He also shows that in most sports this bias accounts for most if not all of home advantage. His research shows that the bias is consistent… Read more »

North Bank Ned

BTW, Moskowitz analysis is based on studying 15,000 Premiership, La Liga and Serie A games. One other interesting finding of his research, pertinent given our sending-offs at Newcastle and against Liverpool is that a yellow card reduces a team’s chances of wining a game by more than 2% and a red by more than 7%. So cards have a big impact on the outcome of games.


Great post, Ned. Cheers!


I think this is more an issue for the Fa and their recuiting policies, than refs and officials integrity. Can’t think that a teams location has any bearing on an offside goal. Officials have split seconds to decide, sometimes they get it right sometimes it’s wrong. I’m mire concerned with how we react to these mistakes. You can pathetically whinge about it or you can roll your sleeves up and crack on. Arsenal were unsuccessful in four competions last year because when it came down to it we weren’t good enough. ( with the exception of RVP’s dismissal in CL).… Read more »

wenger's missing cheeks

In my opinion, just like with continental and international competitions, the choice of refs should be very well scrutinized at the start of the season. Its really important to get the right mix ‘cos for a league as competitive as the the epl, every decision is of paramount importance. A missed penalty on day three could mean no UCL at the end of the season. A wrong call in one game could affect another game even on the same day (awarded penalty in a relegation battle?). The fact is millions of fan demeanors and billions of dollars are at stake… Read more »


Don’t the refs change from season to season? If so, that map would then change year on year.


You really haven’t noticed the same twat referees pop up year after year? (Atkinson, Dowd, etc.)?


Martin Atkinson phil dowd Lee Mason etc utter cuntbutlers


The fact that this is a news story rather than Arsenal transfer news drives me to drink my sorrows away.


And I was envisioning a picture of fergie’s arsehole.


That IS a picture of Fergie’s arsehole.


we don’t anyone find and punch him in the face? talk is cheap

vox in Oz

All decisions on the weekend were very dodgy, Frimpong’s 1st yellow… the penalty at Stoke against Norwich, great save Ruddy against the boganleg bashers…. WE NEED VIDEO REFERALS it is as simple as that. The game is much too fast for these mid aged ref’s to keep up. Give the fourth ref a fuckin iphone to watch the replay and job done…


The map says it all


Just so you know, here’s the link to the exact post on Arsenal Land, it includes a link to the source of the information: http://www.arsenal-land.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=478824#p478824

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