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Arsecast daily edition – 20.09.2011

Here’s your Arsecast Daily Edition for Sept 20th

On the agenda – Gazidis denies Arsenal are in crisis and talks about Wenger and Stan. Plus a message from Arsene to the fans and a look ahead to the Carling Cup.

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No way is the club in a healthy position. What a joke Gazidis. Just shows that the ambition over the years has gone wayward and now it’s just about running a business rather than doing the basics and winning football games.


It’s painful to listen to gazidis it really is. ” we are an extremely well run club” and ” most clubs want to be like us” is this bloke for real. The way we have gone about our business this is a complete shambles and if he really can’t see that then we are in more trouble than we realise. The man talks about how clubs will have to prudent with money etc in these hard times. So why ask us the fans to pay the highest prices in world football. Its clearly hard for the club but not the… Read more »


The business part of Arsenal is run well and healthy but the football side is not that healthy but again if we do stay in top four and win one of the domestic cups then things are not that bad. Again thats at the end of the season but again at the moment things on the pitch are not good but off the pitch things are very good. Two different things.


Off the pitch is run well? Really? after the shambles of this seasons transfer dealings and the pr that went with it. Not a word from our owner and thats well run? God help us


Talking of a financial model, yes it is, even Alan Sugar said that in terms of business model it is the best run club in the league. Transfers dealings are different again they are football issues.

The vast majority of Premier League clubs are in debt and do not make profits. If the banks asked for their money back tomorrow and the rich russian and sheik walk tomorrow. Only three clubs survive Arsenal, Man Utd and Stoke.


Emmanuel Frimpong is 18/1 to frimpong his first frimpong hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha 😀

Bromley Gooner

Popeye-your blood pressure must be through the fucking roof all you do is moan and bitch!! Arsenal continues to be well run and the full interview is frank and honest. We cannot afford the wages man shitty chelski or utd pay yet we have battled with them for yrs, at the end of the season start your moaning untill then FUCK off I’m sick to the back teeth of your negativity, this should be a place to celebrate being fans of the best club on earth. Simples!


Realist Bromley a realist thats all mate. Keep ya head in the sand.


Same realist whos moaned all summer about all and sundry, whatever the reason, or for none at all. The same realist, who on the post about the Carling cup this Evening, said; and I quote ” Who gives a fuck really ”. True supporter material that is, and theres no falling back on all your b/s ” Just wanting whats best for my club” rubbish. If you can’t give a damn EVER, about a result in any competition, regardless of the here and now.. then you don’t want whats best for ‘your’ club at all. Were all down about the… Read more »


Daily Arsecasts are tha shiznit:)

Fuck talk of crisis, just grit your fucking teeth gooners and ride this shitstorm out, it will pass!

Eric Irish gunner

Well said come on you fucking gunners

another bloke

well said good bloke – it depends which way you look at Gazidis’ comments, off the pitch obviously we are extremely well run, that is apart from transfer dealings, as many people say it’s not as easy as football manager, but we certainly make it hard for ourselves. Supporting a team is not all about the good times, something needs to be changed I agree, but for now all you can do is ride it out. I for one am not going to get worked up and raise my blood pressure over it, been there, no point. Judge at the… Read more »

Bromley Gooner

Another bloke – well said that is spot on my man good times and bad, as gazidis said wenger hasn’t become a bad manager over night!! Anyone callin for his head should remember how far we have come and what we have achieved in his time


Was I the only one laughing during the 10 seconds “insert your own joke” silence lol

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