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Arsenal 1-0 Swansea: By the Numbers

Arsenal have now played their fourth League match of the season and are starting to generate some useful data. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because we can compare how Arsenal are playing now to previous seasons and bad because Arsenal haven’t started really firing yet so the numbers they are generating are pretty poor.

Still, you gotta start somewhere!

Before kick off

Arsenal Totals (Premier League only 2011-2012):
2 – goals scored
10 – goals conceded¹
– goals conceded when down to 10 men
3 – consecutive matches with a red card¹
10 – yellow cards¹*

Arsenal Per Game Averages (2011-2012 League only unless otherwise noted):
– short passes
52 – long balls
20 – crosses
5 – though balls
511 – total passes
51 – percent possession
83 – percent pass success
49 – percent aerial duels won
20 – interceptions
10 – shots per game
4 – shots on goal
15 – shots conceded per game
7 – shots on goal conceded
17 – shots per game 2010-2011
6 – shots on goal per game 2010-2011
11 – shots conceded per game 2010-2011
4 – shots on goal conceded per game 2010-2011
0.29 – yellow cards per foul
0.15 – yellow cards per foul 2010-2011
0.1 – red cards per foul 2011-2012
0.01 – red cards per foul 2010-2011
0.002 – red cards per foul 2009-2010
100 – percent chance my head assploded thinking about those last three numbers

Swansea Totals (Premier League only 2011-2012):
0 – goals scored
4 – goals against
1 – yellow card

Swansea Per Game Averages (League only):
– short passes¹
70 – long balls
21 – crosses
3 – through balls
582 – total passes¹
61 – percent possession
83 – percent pass success
35 – percent aerial duel won
– interceptions
10 – shots per game
3 – shots on goal
17 – shots conceded per game

Today’s numbers:

60 – touches Frimpong by half time²
100 –
percent of 20 passes completed by Mertesacker half time
94 –
percent of 37 passes completed by Mertesaker at full time²
100 – percent of 23 passes completed by Britton at half time²
 3 – Key passes Arteta at half time²
4 – Key passes by Arshavin at full time²
34 – minutes before Arteta misplaced a pass (25/26)
20 – games since Arshavin last scored a goal (3/19/11 WBA)
6 – shots by Arsenal at half time²
13 – shots by Arsenal full time²
2 – shots on goal Arsenal at half time²
4 – shots on goal by Arsenal at full time²
43 – minutes between Arshavin’s goal (40 min) and Chamakh’s (83 min) shot on goal
2 – shots by Swansea at half time
8 – shots by Swansea at full time
1 – shots on goal Swansea at half time
2 – shots on goal Swansea full time
73 – minutes between Swansea’s first shot on goal (7 min) and last (80 min)
72 – number of players Harry Redknapp personally linked to Tottenham today
57 –
number of girls Harry Reknapp asked to the prom
89 – percent pass accuracy Arsenal
7 – number of Arsenal’s starting XI who passed at 90% or higher
82 – percent aerial duels won by Arsenal
0 – aerial duels won by Mertesacker
57 – percent possession by Arsenal
540 – passes completed by Arsenal
420 – passes completed by Swansea
0 – number of matches left on Song and Gervinho’s ban
0 – number of red cards Arsenal got today
3 – number of yellow cards Arsenal received today
1 – number of Arsene Wengers

¹ Leads the League in this category
² Lead both teams today in this category
*There is a disagreement over how we should all count cards. Some places report that Arsenal has 8 yellow cards because they feel that the 2 yellows that led to Frimpong’s red card are already counted in the red card. I disagree with that only because for official disciplinary table purposes the League states that Arsenal had 10 yellows and 3 reds before today’s game.

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Tim has forgot to mention that we’re definitely leading the league in the number of Arsene Wengers. 😉


There’s no need for abuse when you’re trying to make a valid point. Or do people not take notice of you until you start calling them names? Either way the waste of space complaint is always amusing – what space exactly are we talking about? Did you have an article on the site that had to be removed to accommodate this one?


I heard the Internet is almost full so they may need to remove this article for a celebrity gossip one. Too bad I enjoy reading this article after every match.


I think either (a) Tom is plant by that CUNT Na$ri, or (b)He’s the CUNT himself in disguise. Either way that CUNT SN is a CUNT and Tom is his prophet.


Perhaps a different format might help some people see the obvious comparisons. Some charts or tables might be nice. The article is still great though and its interesting to how bad our stats looked before this game.


What a good use of space on the internet! I care about stats and read this post for the comparisons and interesting numbers, you crazy dude!


You sir are what is called a dick, so don’t comment unless asked to, in other words ssshhhhhh dipshit


To confirm I was talking to Tom, the dipshit


Come on the Arsenal!!!


Some damn fine stats. Our decline during the 2nd half seems almost proportionate to the number of girls harry asked to the prom. This must be investigated deeply by wenger


Tim, could you tell me how many aerial duels Mertesacker was involved in? Also what was Arteta’s passing stats, like total passes, passing accuracy, no. of through balls?


Especially with Arteta, perhaps compare him to Cesc somehow, maybe against a similar opponent or something? And perhaps compare Koscielny to Mertesacker? I know it’s only one game and means practically nothing, but knowing quantitatively how the new boys stack up wouldn’t hurt. And as always, thanks for the numbers, always appreciated.


I did a similar thing with central midfielders on my blog during the transfer window. I’ll keep that in mind in the future. Thanks. Good to know that my ideas are generally well accepted.


That’d be the time near the end of the game when the Swansea striker used his forearm to climb on Per’s shoulders in order to head high and wide from a cross, if I recall. Per was right where he should have been, and the striker was never going to get a clean header. I thought he played well. And interesting that Swansea had the highest number of pass attempts per game until today and a large percentage of possession, too. They’ll be the next Barcelona, then? No, you know what they say: lies, damn lies, and statistics. Often the… Read more »


How does Arshavin put up those kind of numbers and look so lazy at the same time? any stat on the number of funny faces he makes per game?


Arshavin is not lazy. He does make tackles running back etc. What he does is efficient. He seldom do unnecessary move.


I have removed the arsehole comments because arseholes are tolerated too much

It might make some of the replies appear odd (am on phone) so sorry about that. But not about deleting arseholes.

And Tim, feel free to use charts/graphics as you wish. This is your column


“. . . because arseholes are tolerated too much”

Hear, hear!

Never mind Wenger’s supposed about face on his “youth project” after the Manchester game. In my Arsenal world, this is the most welcome shift in policy since the season started. Less cuntishness on Arseblog News, please!


0 – number of red cards we got today. LOL


I think it’s still too early to make too much of the 2011/12 stats. We haven’t looked good this term, especially playing with a weakened squad and having to play with 10 men in 3 matches. These stats mostly confirm this. Apart from matches against Barcelona, I don’t remember having such terrible possession stats during the Wenger years as we had in the first 3 matches. I would prefer to wait a little while to see how our purchases bed in, and hopefully we’ll start playing with more confidence. Then I’d be looking to the stats to see how our… Read more »


The only stats that really matter…points difference from last week +3…& percentage of Na$ri’s cuntishness…+110%….


4 – steps it took Mertesacker from one end of the pitch to the other ^^

glad about the 3 points. and the fans were superb. Almost moved me to tears.

We love you Arsenal!!

Jim Deen

I love these ‘By the Numbers’ posts – keep ’em coming!

One stat I’d be interested in tracking is the number of tackles won/lost, and perhaps the number of tackles initiated, if anyone keeps track of such things. The former would be an indication of how dominant our midfield is (plus other things too, of course), and the latter would be an indicator of how aggressive the team is.

Anyway, moronic imbeciles may want to stifle you, but I love the way you do the stats.


I’d love to see the stat for how many times Koscielny steps out from the back four and just stands still in front of an onrushing attacker.

Uncle Pats Rice

Interesting stats, think it would be useful to have more comparisons like comparing aspects of our game to previous seasons and earlier in the season.

Also a small narrative would be goof picking out the most interesting stats.

Les Bleau laGoon

First off, thanks for the statistical breakdown… Always amazing to me how arshavin, regardless of how shit he plays, seems to be one of the more statistically effective players on the squad…for me AA is a dude you bring in for the last 20 minutes when you are drawing at Wigan. A player who is always potentially a game winner but at the same time reguraly gives the ball up in precarious situations… Pains me to see kosciony make one of the most promising attacking runs of the morning… pains me to see coquelin

Les Bleau laGoon

Anybody else notice how salty Santos looked sitting on the bench? Also benayoun didn’t even seem like ke was on the pitch… Bringing him on was like giving frimer another red


Great stats. Always an interesting read (and on that point, if there are those not interested, then don’t fuckin read it would be my possibly overly simplistic advice), and always one or two of the points that make me grin.

Keep up the good work fella.

flying dutchman

Who took the armband after Van Persie was substituted?????

[…] from 6 yards out. However, with the amount of injuries that we have, maybe a little luck is due. With the amount of shots that Swansea had, I will be the first to admit, we did ride our luck for the Swansea […]


1 – number of Arsene Wengers

Hahahaha quality.


here’s your so called cesc-replacement-world-class-playmaker, ramsey
left me speechless

The only Sam is Nelson

I’m more worried about Blackburn on Saturday. Not sure how Morrow and Selley are going to cope with Batty’s aggression. Shearer and Sutton a worry as well. It’s a dangerous one. Damn these arriviste northern clubs with their sugar-daddy money.

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