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Blackburn 4-3 Arsenal: By The Numbers

Arsenal All-time Premier League 5 game record

2011-2012 P5 W1 D1 L3 F6  A14 GD -8 Pts 4
2010-2011 P5 W3 D2 L0 F14 A4  GD 10 Pts 11
2009-2010 P5 W3 D0 L2 F17 A8  GD 9  Pts 9
2008-2009 P5 W4 D0 L1 F11 A2  GD 9  Pts 12
2007-2008 P5 W4 D1 LO F10 A4  GD 6  Pts 13
2006-2007 P5 W2 D2 L1 F6  A3  GD 3  Pts 8
2005-2006 P5 W3 D0 L2 F9  A4  GD 4  Pts 9
2004-2005 P5 W5 D0 L0 F19 A5  GD 14 Pts 15
2003-2004 P5 W4 D1 L0 F11 A3  GD 8  Pts 13
2002-2003 P5 W3 D2 L0 F12 A6  GD 6  Pts 11
2001-2002 P5 W3 D1 L1 F13 A4  GD 9  Pts 10
2000-2001 P5 W2 D2 L1 F10 A7  GD 3  Pts 8
1999-2000 P5 W3 D1 L1 F7  A4  GD 3  Pts 10
1998-1999 P5 W1 D4 L0 F3  A2  GD 1  Pts 7
1997-1998 P5 W2 D3 L0 F9  A5  GD 4  Pts 9
1996-1997 P5 W2 D2 L1 F9  A7  GD 2  Pts 8
1995-1996 P5 W2 D3 L0 F5  A2  GD 3  Pts 9
1994-1995 P5 W1 D2 L2 F3  A4  GD -1 Pts 5
1993-1994 P5 W4 D0 L1 F6  A4  GD 2  Pts 12
1992-1993 P5 W3 D0 L2 F8  A6  GD 2  Pts 9
————–Old League One———————-
1982-1983 P5 W1 D1 L3 F4  A6  GD -2 Pts 4
1973-1974 P5 W1 D1 L3 F5  A10 GD -5 Pts 3*
1963-1964 P5 W2 D0 L3 F10 A19 GD -9 Pts 4*

Arsenal Record Since Carling Cup Loss

P16 W3 D7 L6 F21 A30 GD -9 Pts 16

7.72% — Conversion rate (goals/shots) in those 16 games
16.67% — Defensive conversion rate (goals allowed/opposition shot on goal) in those 16 games
12.77% — Manchester United conversion rate 2010-2011
8.03% — Manchester United defensive conversion rate 2010-2011
4 — Blackburn shots on goal
4 — Blackburn goals
4 — Time in the A.M. that I had to wake up to watch today’s game

More of this kind of thing on twitter @7amkickoff and


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Thanks for this, it must have been painful putting it together. I take mi hat off to you.

Arsenal Bystander

Infinite times my heart is breaking seeing Arsenal play.

Liam Brady's Number 7 Shirt

Those stats are scary when put side by side with previous years. Relegation form.


We are finished, lets tell ourselves the truth.


Blogger, do you happen to have the amount of goals conceded from set pieces in the post Birmingham till now period ? Possibly compared to that of United , City or Chelsea?


I’d be interested to see how those stats compare to the 5 game records of teams that have been relegated from the Premier League


We’re not finished. We’re anything but. Yeah we’ve got off to a very bad start, but we’re only a couple of games in. Anything can happen. Let’s hope that that anything is the downfall of other big clubs and the rise of Arsenal. Keep the faith. Things can only get better.


We ARE finished – done, dusted the fat lady is singing. This is the WORST Arsenal side for decades and we are managed by a complete FOOL. The premier league season is now over for us for yet another year. Wenger is incompetent and clueless and should be sacked but we know he won’t because the priority for Arsenal is to make money – fuck winning trophies because its not important just develop great players and sell them on. Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis spell the death of Arsenal so don’t patronise me by telling me to keep the faith you… Read more »


Was there any need for the insult? Why don’t you go and manage then eh? Don’t criticise Arsene when you yourself couldn’t do the fucking job. You fucking sad cunt.


Owned by Dave you cunt


Only a complete fucking idiot would throw an unwarranted insult for nothing. You have completely devalued your own point and made yourself look like a thoughtless gimp.



Don’t know whether you’re addressing that to me, him or both of us, but either way, probably shouldn’t have added that pointless insult on the end. But idiots like him who criticise players and managers for their work, yet couldn’t do the same job nearly a quarter as good need to be insulted. They’re idiots.


This is definitely NOT the worst arsenal side in decades. Get a grip.


Not you Dave, Leon.


Stupid cunt


Completely naive. Sad, but most people tend to ignore realities that make the sad.

what no one has said

How do I make a sad?


Number of times a team has lost when 5 of their players have scored?


Dave ur a ballbag


Maybe you should read the comment policy. No text speak or abusive language. Pretty sure you broke two of the rules. Plus why would you bother insulting a comment supporting the team you blatantly support. Unless you’re a Spud who’s decided to come and be an arse.


“Blatantly support.” Good lord, that is embarrassing.


Dave i will advise you to stay away from such morons. They want to feel miserable it’s their choice. They don’t want to accept realities, why are you wasting time and energy on such fools.

Positive and sensible people know what’s right for the club and they are incharge at the club that’s it.

But arsenal do keep repeating same mistake again and again for past 3-4 years. That is not down to money.


@Chris Get out. @ critic You’re right, they’re really not worth the time. And yeah, Arsenal do keep repeating their mistakes, but it’s not always going to be that way. The message that I was orignally trying to get across is that people should put a little trust in the team they support. But the idiots just seem to want to talk shit about Arsenal and say that the club is shit and that they’re finished. This is supposed to be the team they support! If they think Arsenal are shit maybe they shouldn’t comment and should go and support… Read more »


Tim I hear you… and yes it looks bad. Especially when you look at 2004/5…. 5 games … 5 win supported by Arsene Wenger history during the past 14 years. The numbers are not great this year, but I recall far worse drama in the club history, when we made it through. Using: 1994-1995 P5 W1 D2 L2 F3 A4 GD -1 Pts 5 data, the season when we were also in great difficulty at the start ( like now) , low number of points and negative goal difference. That season was in my opinion one of the most traumatic… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

A bit of belief amongst us


the final score really is unlucky. we still need to learn how to finish though. 2 own goals can happen to anyone on a bad day (although djourou missed tackles happen just to us). Even though we let in 4 I still was more annoyed at the lack of clinical finishing in the first half when we dominated possession. Make it count!!!


4-4-2…the fn formation we should be playing!


Yes! We dont have the players for this, still experimental formation. When we left the 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 thats when the decline started. I hope Wenger adjust and if he dont he leaves. This defensive disaster must end.


My dog can defend better than any of our players did today…sign him Wenger!


WENGER OUT !!!!!!!


The same cretin who was posting earlier, why don’t you fuck off to a Sp*rs board and stop polluting this website with your mindless drivel.


io ho posseduto PS2 e Xbox 1 e ti posso dire che la PS2 non mai ruticisa ad eguagliare al livello tecnico la macchina della microsoft.Sicuramente hanno fatto dei bellissimi giochi su PS2 ma quelli multipiatta se messi a confronto davano sempre la vittoria (e non di poco) alla Xbox..soprattutto considerando che era l’unica ad avere un sistema online funzionante


We are finished, Period.


Ok, period. What now?

Ray Bandana

If you really think that, you should just fuck off.



Bob the Gunner

FFS what is wrong with Arsenal?! 🙁

[…] I pointed out on my By The Numbers column at Arseblog News, Arsenal’s League record since the Carling Cup Final is just 3 wins […]


I suggest start supporting other teams, this is a sinking ship and will most likely be relegated. Same mistakes for 7 years, board and manager interested in profits only.

I have enough tension in my life , don’t need a team that ships in 4 goals in 15 mins and loses a 4 goal lead.


Jog on then I hear Man City are paying 5mil a pop for fans. True fans stay with their club through thick and thin.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

Well said Chris. The fact is, all teams have a period of being a bit shit. Unfortunately, it looks like this might be our turn. We’re not as bad as the results we’ve been getting. I think we’re in a rut and will kick out of it. I don’t have much hope for the season now. It’s not gonna be all trophies and glory. We must accept that. The team must just take each game as it comes. Put in the same effort in every game and they will pull themselves back on track. It’s time to get serious, play… Read more »


Bye bye. You won’t be missed.

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck off so,we’ve being through worse than this


To be fair I don’t think you are from the UK are you? Supporting a team is not a choice if you are British. You are given a team by being born near it and and it is yours for life no matter how great or shit it is. Even as early as primary school you knew if you had a team it was yours, to think of changing it was literal social suicide. This is the meaning of football. (unless maybe if you are a prawn sandwhich eating ManU fan).


Just to add I think after all said and done, we arsenal fans should feel we are extremely lucky and privilaged to be choosen by fate to be Arsenal fans. Think of all the great memories and moments we have had. Just sit and reflect…

Eric Irish gunner

JJ understand what your saying but me being born in Dublin dos’ent make me a less supporter, I follow arsenal all my life and haven’t stopped, was the only kid in school back in the 80’s with an arsenal schoolbag while the rest were either manc shit or pool lovers, my first game Paul Davis testimonel 2-2 v celtic never forget, second manc scum away 1-1 Adams both goals with father and 2 brothers all fucking mancs, they never converted me, I lived London 2000-2004 and had season ticket in clock end for two seasons which was fucking great, travelled… Read more »


Sorry Eric, didn’t mean to imply that all non-British fans were any less fans. I met pleanty of die-hard Gooners who were not from London or the UK. Conversly I have met other “soccer” fans who support several teams, or have no problem changing the team they support because another team is doing better. I have yet to meet someone in the UK who has changed their team or even mention they would even think about it. As I said it would just be suicide. I would go as far as to say people wouldn’t trust someone who did and… Read more »

Martin Keown is my hero

Eric, I too am from Dublin. My relatives tried to have me supporting the mancs and put me in manc gear. But as soon as I was old enough to tell them to f*ck off……I did. I was the only person in my area with an Arsenal ‘promo’ jacket…….do you remember ‘promos’?

I too lived in London between 2000-2004. Did a stint as a steward at Highbury.

Yet to take my young fella to a game….he’s only 4. But I’m looking forward to his first match 🙂


You can change your wife, your politics, your religion, but never, never can you change your favourite football team – Eric Cantona.
If you’re going to support another club because of a turbulent period then please never, never call yourself an Arsenal fan ever again.

Top gun

I second that completely. India is perhaps furthest away from the game when it comes to world rankings but one should see the love people have here for The Arsenal. They may have started following post the cable tv revolution but you have to be here to see the support. I’ve been a gooner for more than a decade now and frankly Saturday night game frustrate me. I saw some wonderful things happen like the Sagna-Gervinho partnership, Chamakh scoring again and Arteta open his account for the club. It was only the second league game after the last day signings… Read more »

what no one has said

And nothing of value was lost.



lolz, perfect example of glory hunting complete loser.

Ray Bandana



1 – Number of clubs that can salvage this weekend. (Liverpool)


Heartbroken, away you go mate, fuck off!

Ngaji chijioke

last season we wr cryin out 4 a trophy, dis season we re cryin out 4 a 4th place finish. Peepz, is it nt obvious dat arsene has lost it? D problm is nt d players bt d tactical approach 2 d game. Wenger nid 2 go nw. As 4 finishin 4th place, let me jst hv faith in God n nt arsene wenger


Just gone a quarter to nine mate.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)



what !!!!!


My head hurts


everyone really needs to chill out. today was a huge disappointment. Dave is completely right – it’s very early days. the new squad needs to get used to new tactics, a new way of playing and a new era.

we were terrible in the second half but the first half was really encouraging.

we’ve got a good squad, we just need a bit of time. it’ll work out in then end.


Why would time help the new players? We’ve been making the same lame defensive fuck ups since we threw away a 4 goal lead against Newcastle and that was with different defenders. So clearly time has absolutely fuck all to do with how we can or will defend and more to do with the coaching techniques or lack of.


It won’t work out in the end because we just don’t learn the lessons. But on the positive side the arseblog and Tuesday club are always funnier after getting beat. Roll on Bolton and spurs it’s gonna be bloody hillarious


I don’t understand what the fuck is happening. All summer we were crying for top class players and in need of some world class defenders and it’s like the board and Arsene thought we could cope with Koscielny and Djorou if Vermaelen got injured again. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH OUR FOOTBALL CLUB?????????????


Those who say we’re finished should go north with na$ri you cunts. Grow a pair and back our team or leave.


Some are realists, some have their head burried deep in the sand very few are cunts mate just because they have an opinion that differs from yours. Should try to express yourself better you thick prick

Johnny D

I am surprised nobody has pointed out that we our slightly improved defensive performance against Dortmund coincided with Wenger being banished to the upper tier and banned from the dressing room. I hope he can sort it out but I’m starting to seriously doubt he can.

aria island

One of the most disappointing results in years. I could actually see the problem today and can’t beleive wenger sticks to his strategy of zonal defending off set pieces which clearly doesn’t work. On one blackburn goal there were 7 arsenal players in the box with only 3 blackburn strikers. everyone was looking at one another to see who would clear the ball. (and we didn’t) More embarrassing was when djourou clearly asked mert who he should be marking on a corner! its not the players, its the tactics and only one man can take the blame for that. I… Read more »


The man only started using Zonal Defending this season and you have already given up. Give me a break.


I don’t think it makes sense to mark zonally against teams like Blackburn who see set pieces as a main method of scoring. At least Samba and Dann should have been man marked on set pieces. It worked against our European opposition but we need to have the flexibility to man mark when zonal isn’t working. And that’s where I hope the experience of Mertesacker takes over and organises our defence.



Mooros comment was genius. Also every team goes through shitty patches it’s part of the game. All you’s “supporters” who want wenger out or are suggesting supporting other clubs do us all a favour get out of our club and go jump in the Thames your no use
To your supposed club. Your suppose to follow a club through thick and thin bit of pride and support would be useful. Greedy fair weather supports can jog on to f**k


Just watched the post match press conference on arsenal player. My heart bleeds for Wenger, by the end he just looks confused. I really want us to start winning for Wenger’s sake. He is a great manager and really doesn’t deserve this. He is still the man for Arsenal in my opinion. In some ways he seems too honourable for the career he has chosen.


I was in tears today. Imagine that a grown man in tears because of a football match. I don’t know whether it was the fact Arsenal were losing to Chicken Farmers or that the the ESPN USA commentators kept on say shit about Arsenal even when we were dominating. Maybe it was both. Oh how to way I miss the days when I used to live in North London. Happy Arsenal ticket holder in 1999-2000 to now a crying TV Supporter in America in 2011. Who knew that would happen. Lets now move on to Bolton and kick some Arse.… Read more »


Oh please JJ, that man is a millionaire prob 30 times over from Arsenal cash and is doing a shitty job at the moment and has to answer for it. Boo hoo. If it was you or I doing as shitty a job we’d be on our asses scrounging for our next gig. He’s been brilliant but all things come to an end.


BTW are those Venky’s people the nastiest, trashiest looking owners in Prem history? Look like they run a pawn shop!


No, when Indian men keep beards they look like that.


5 – only the number of points we are off 4th place. After our worst start in donkeys years. Alright it’s odds on it’s gonna be more than 5 come the end of today, but still.


EBD……. did you mean pawn or porn????


Arsenal need to get back to basics and remember the following:
(1) how to take a throw in!
(2) how to tackle without getting sent off!
(3) how to make runs into the box
(4) how to communicate with each other
(5) how to cross the ball effectively.
(6) hustling oppents when not in possession
(7) finding a captain who isn’t afraid to shout. Everybody needs one of those.

We are really good at the rest but it seems we have ignored the basics for too long.


You are the only true Arsenal fan.

Alpha T

Fellow gooners at what stage will you accept that enough is enough? No true Arsenal fan would suggest getting rid of Arsene at this stage(not that it’ll happen anyway) But what I want to know is how bad does it have to get before we admit we need a change? I’m sure u all remember when mourinho was at chelski & Manc Utd went 2 yrs without winning the league, some Utd fans were claiming SAF was getting too old and should be replaced!! That was cos they didn’t win the league for 2yrs(obviously those fans are fickle)but that’s having… Read more »

Ray Bandana

Given your final comment, I officially grant you permission to support another team.

Alpha T

Like I wrote earlier, unfortunately I can’t! I’m a gooner thru thick & thin!
U can’t pretend that ur not frustrated about the way things are going!

[…] put that in perspective, check out @7amkickoff‘s ‘By the numbers’ post on Arseblog News. We have never had a negative goal difference before, let alone -8. The numbers are startling, for […]


The similarity between utd loss and blackburn loss is that back 4 was unfamiliar.
The similarity between liv loss and blackburn loss is that we lost to offside goals.

Conclusion : I leave it to you guys.

Eric Irish gunner

No bother jj true gunner till the day

[…] are in their worst start ever to the Premier League. On the basis of this performance, we are about to experience our worst season ever. The time given […]


The numbers should read like this
18 Cunts
1 useless haven’t got a clue what he’s doing wanker


Mate I couldn’t disagree any more. You have a point with your last paragraph but to quote Cantona and tacitly agree with him is beyond my comprehension.

I was brought up supporting another team but changed my allegiances a long time back when I saw the light. I’ve never regretted it and I’ll certainly never move on.


… Was supposed to be a quote… Fail.


I’ve been a season ticket holder at Arsenal for nearly 20 years now, and times have been much worse, I remember the 18 years without a trophy they were bad, but now we’ve tasted glory this drought has been a bitter pill to swallow. There is so much potential in our team but we’ve been hearing this for so long that believe has dwindled amongst supporters. However there are numerous people in our squad who just either are no longer good enough or just lack the hunger. Arshavin, Djourou, Chamack, Koscielny, in fact yesterday I thought on Szczesny, Song, Sagna… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Every time I see the word ‘Djourou’ written down, my heart sinks. Untilo I see it written down in the context of a transfer.

Are AFC really paying good money for this level of shite.


It’s quite interesting that after Utd get beaten, the mantra from Old Trafford is always “must win the next game” and yet whenever Arsenal get beat all we seem to hear is excuses about confidence being low and we end up taking an eternity to get over it. I personally do not believe that AW is the man capable of getting us out of this rut because he has created this mentality at the club where we have been afraid of winning trophies and now i’m afraid we look like a club who are afraid of winning any games rarther… Read more »


Relegation battle ahead. Goal difference NEVER lies. Even worse, no Saint Totterinham’s Day this season Here is my team line up 3 -4-3 GK – Sczeznzceznezezy (superstar!) Backs – C Samba, C Samba (2) C Samba (3) 4 Arsenal Shirts in midfield another three Arsenal shirts up front. Attacking players can only score goals if we put 3 or four toxic waste powerhouse monsters at the back, remember Adams, Keown et al? AW has not varied the team’s play or style in spite of the fact that Henry, Pires, Goldielocks, Viera and our other MONSTERS have gone. If we had… Read more »


Maybe if we have a protest before the next game to get Wenger out, we will get a win like Blackburn did!

[…] season. We’re sitting in 17th after five games, and as 7AMKICKOFF so clearly points out in his article on Arseblog news, we have a negative goal difference for the first time since 94-95. We have managed to accumulate […]

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