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Chamberlain: It’s good for me being at Arsenal

Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain believes his move to Arsenal has given him more confidence to compete for a place in the England under-21 set-up.

The Southampton Academy graduate made his debut for Stuart Pearce’s side against Italy in February, but has since concluded his first season in the Championship and sealed a move to the Premier League.

Speaking to, the young Gunner spoke of the mood in the under-21 camp ahead of Thursday evening’s crucial qualifier with Azerbaijan.

“It’s been really good and I’ve enjoyed the first few days of training,” said the Gunners’ summer acquisition.

“This time I feel a lot fitter and a lot more confident in myself, as last time I was getting back from an injury and I didn’t feel too confident in myself. This time I am starting to play near my best and I am really looking forward to the two games this week.

“Coming from Southampton, when I last came into the England set-up, it was a big step up.

“I wasn’t used to the big names that played in the Premier League, and being more involved and around it at Arsenal now, you realise it is a step-up. It’s all about applying yourself right and making better decisions more often, which is what these boys do.

“It is good for me being at Arsenal, I feel I have had to step my levels up and that has helped me with England.”

Chamberlain is joined in the England under-21 squad by Arsenal teammate Henri Lansbury who yesterday sealed a season-long loan move to West Ham United. Emmanuel Frimpong had also been called up by Stuart Pearce, but has since withdrawn with injury. Reports suggest that the 19-year-old enforcer wishes to play for his homeland Ghana despite representing England at youth level.

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I can’t believe he’s signed a 17 year old winger and not a centre half, the cunt.
Oh wait………….


Everyone was getting upset like signing him would mean we wouldnt be signing anyone else thickle fans.


Arsenal fans have terrible spelling and grammar!


I dont fink thickle is a word


Don’t you mean fickle?

Also, the kid’s name is Oxencart-Chamberpot. Please call him by his real name.
Oxlade-Chamberlain, yeah right, what kind of name is that? pfff…


thickle = thick + fickle. Good word and he’s used it appropriately.

Austin DeChief NIGERIA

If the figures are to be believed, then this teenager is our most expensive signing of the summer….have I missed something ovbious when I say Cahill would have contributed much more to the team?


He is expected to be one of England’s bright stars of the future virtually every top Premier League club was wanting him as well which kind of justifies his price.
Cahill may have done more for us this season but he’s not worth the 17 million Bolton wanted for a player in the last year of their contract and especially when there were more better experienced players imo for a fraction of the cost.


We could have had Cahill for 13 mil. Not worried because we got Mertesacker.

T - 3.5 days.......My rant

He may do more than Oxcart-Chamberpot in the short term, but the future is bright for the kid. The price we paid was due to demand for the kid. Do you really think Cahill is worth more than £11/12m? Even El’ Twitchy refused sloppy seconds. If so, I bet you also think Henderson is worth £20m, or Bent is worth £24m, or Carroll is worth the same as Cesc. Its a British premium, and I am glad we did not pay it. He’ll be with us in a year………for FREE. Just how I like it. And no Jeffers Mach II.… Read more »

Gooner In Red

He came to us when Nasri left…..Chu young …Chu Young
And not a lot of cash was spent…..Chu young …Chu Young
He’ll take the ball and he will score and then he’ll eat your Labrador…..Park Chu young …Arsenals number 9!!


Like it!


I salute your work…

Save 75 cents



replace “left” with “went” and then it rhymes? dig it though! hopefully he’l be on the pitch to hear it.


excellent. lets get this going!


a bit off topic, but does ANYONE have any news on Jack Wilshere injury? is he coming back anytime soon?


According to his tweets, he is hoping to make a comeback to training during the interlull… I think he might be available for Dortmund.. wouldn’t risk him against Swansea


ok, thanks mate. hopefully he’s back soon. i miss that little terror


na$riisacunt. its now officially one word.
definition: – adj – two-faced money hoarding cunt fuck.

La Gooner



Is it the Oxford English dictionary yet ? am sure I’ve heard old people on the street muttering nasri is a cuntfuck or similar. Maybe it was can ” my big is full ” who nos with crusties eh

Goon Fishing

Menoschester City – Menos que un club

Henri Sekzmasheen

why you guys so ruff on sami the nas? not his fault we cashed in on him. he would have seen out the contract he signed like a tru pro. can’t expect him to sign a new deal when he can make twice the cash and play in front of pashionate fans at citeh instead. get reel!

Goon Fishing

If his cash gash were below his belly button instead of his nose he’d be able to make even more money by selling that too!


$amir? Is that you?


because instead of being loyal to his club, fans or manager – the cunt (often known as samir na$ri) decided to bail the second we hit that rough patch last season. So instead of knuckling down and working hard to improve your team, he opted to join the souless devils that are man city. If u want to see how a proper player should act, look at Wilshere or Van Perise.


Come on, loyalty? In football? This is 2011, the days of a one club man a la Tony Adams are over. The Bosman ruling messed everything up. But I understand that those players who retire at the club are always loved more, and that’s why I’ll always love Bergkamp a little more than Henry. Remember when our highest ever goalscorer penned a 4 year deal, then the next minute he went over to the team you beat us in the CL final…am I bitter…yeah when I think he could have stayed and finished his career with us and we could… Read more »


Had to laugh at the Cahill to spurs fail and more amusingly the epic fail game of brinkmanship gartside tried to play. Wanted 18 million for a player in the last year of his contract. Egg on your midget face wanker !!
Who’s a bellend now??????

Johnny Massacre

Yeah and now he’s gonna get zero for the player. Hope those cuntz go DOWN!


He’s so good that even big spending Liverpool had to buy some foreign youngster instead of Cahill.


love it. my sentiments exactly. i hope we sign him for free next year, chamakh stylee


If our defense falters I bet we get him for 5M in January


Frimpong’s withdrawal from the England U-21’s with injury might be less to do with considering playing for Ghana than not wanting to play for the Raymond Domenech of English football, the dickheaded, useless, cack-brained shitewipe that is Stuart Pearce.

Wise head on young shoulders, methinks.

Or it could be the Ghana thing too, I suppose.

Luke Baker

*to the tune of too much too young by the Specials.

He scores so much, Park Chu-Young
Playing with Wengers kids, when he could be eating dogs with Ji-Sung-Park with Ji

He scores so much, Park Chu-Young
Scoring goals for fun, when he could be earning millions at City

we don’t want, we don’t want
we don’t want no more Na$ri

Junglist soulja



Lack of internal rhyme ruins the rhythm.


you fucking mug so shit cunt off




September 1, 2011 at 12:22 pm
He came to us when Nasri left…..Chu young …Chu Young
And not a lot of cash was spent…..Chu young …Chu Young
He’ll take the ball and he will score and then he’ll eat your Labrador…..Park Chu young …Arsenals number 9!

Ha ha class!!!

Lord Teddy Ears

I am surrounded by poets

I love you guys but not that horse faced lesbian FUFU Nasfuck

Sidcup Reds

Pleased than I was 24 hours ago. New players definitely gives the fans something to get excited about. But we got Mertsacker instead of Cahill because he was cheaper. We got Arteta instead of Mata because he was cheaper. We got Santos instead of Baines because he was cheaper. WHY? WE DID NOT SPEND ONE PENNY OF OUR £50m TRANSFER FUND!!! All the money spent was less than we got in for Fabregas/Nasri/Clichy/Eboue. The board have managed to keep their grubby paws on our money in a transfer window yet again. Where is our back up goalkeeper? Why are we… Read more »


First off Vela, Denislon and Bendtner aren’t on our books as they are all loaned out for a season so i doubt we are paying their wages.
Secondly its only been 3 games into the season how can we be too far behind to fight the league? As at some point of the season every team will drop points and it will be our job to then capitalise on the situation.
And i can’t see whats a problem with making some kind of profit when they’ve actually gone out and spent on experienced proven players in this transfer window.

Sidcup Reds

They are still on the books running their contracts down thus becoming worthless. No one wanted to buy them.
8 points behind a strong United and City team is too far. Our players will need time to settle in, especially as quite a few of them will walk straight into the team.
You can’t see the problem with making a profit? I can, why stick our season tickets up 6.5% if you’re not going to use the money?


Why are you still an arsenal fan?
At least one crap fan still on the Arsenal’s book.

Sidcup Reds

Because I care, does being a season ticket holder for 35 years not give me the right to complain about our board’s spending policy? If your passionate about your club does that mean you cannot question things involved with the club. I’ll still be there week in week out for another 35 years hopefully supporting the club….and you?


I see the glass is still half empty in sidcup then. . . .Usmanov? Seriously?

Sidcup Reds

Guess what? Russians actually know what football is, they were brought up with, unlike yankee Kronke who stumbled across it 5 years ago.
Kronke will only take money out of one of his successfull franchises (Arsenal) to pay off debts in the US on one of his other US teams. Seriously?

Sedara Percy

Can u be more positive man? Let’s get behind the team now.Too early to say we are behind already. U should be glad there are reinforcements in the team now. Don’t believe Song should be included in your list


And dont you ever dis the Song again, ever! Like demento once told his mancs who always moaned ‘go support fucking chelsea’. In our case, to all those who still have something to bitch and moan about, go support fucking money €£t¥. They coulda bought baines but they bought clichy, coulda bought mata but they bought na$ri, coulda bought kevin davis (your stricker definition) they went ahead and out did you by buying el kun. Sorry am not trying to bash your views but i would do with you not trying to bash my little excitement from the TDD. Stayed… Read more »


Song is a great defensive midfielder, and wenger wants to develop frimpong into another great defensive midfielder, and i like that, i think frimpong’s a good player, so we don’t need another defensive midfielder in my opinion. i think gervinho will be another awesome player for arsenal, once he understands van persies patterns in the box he will cross the ball well and set up many goals. i think in our set-up, we can’t really have a strong bodied striker as well as VP in the same team, but that’s just me, once again. and i don’t want my team… Read more »


i like your style johnny boy

T + 2 days



You don’t have a clue. being a 35 year season ticket holder doesn’t make you any more of a fan than anyone else here. you’ve prob just devoted you life wastefully to Arsenal football club cause you’re life is pretty poor. you’ll look back at your life at the end of the road and realise you were nothing. I can love Arsenal with all my heart, but not obsess about them day in day out, I work on my own life making my self a better person and I’ll always be there when Arsenal play, whether on TV or at… Read more »


The players you mentioned are there because no one else would dream of playing some of those muppets and pay em around 50 k a week for the privilege.


Not to sure I agree with you sidcup, I think Mertesackers 75 German caps + Arteta and Yossis premier league experience beats Cahill and Mata in my opinion. Santo v Bains well we shall see I suppose. As for Usmanov, no thankyou very much.

Sidcup Reds

“Usmanov, no thankyou very much.”


Mike Hawke

You mean besides the fact he looks like Jabba the hut?


Sidcup this is you are not looking at things in the right way. we are not capable anymore of winning the title anymore. The sooner we as fans see that 4 th place is an achievement and as good as we can expect the better you will feel honest. Maybe an fa cup final or league cup win but that’s it. We can’t compete no more with city or Chelsea and clearly have no ambition or the nouse to compete with united. It’s better to embrace it sidcup and you will feel free and joyful like the rest of us.

Sidcup Reds

Popeye, we could have won the league last year if we bought in January in the right areas. Did our lack of activity not frustrate you as the board said the money was there and then it wasn’t spent?


The fact is the money was there to buy mata who has hit the ground running for chelsea such is his quality, I doubt he wouldnt have come for the 25 odd million chelsea paid and fabregas’ wages but we, yet again stuck stringently to our transfer policy i can only hope that our inability to pay over £18m for any player, even when the money is there to invest a wafer thin squad, will not affect our champions league status. arteta could be a good buy then again he’s past his peak and will most probably only get worse.… Read more »


Arsenal has a goal, not to win the league, but to pay off all the debt accrued by the stadium. Until that day I think everyone can forget about changing the wage structure and 30M signings. The good news is that after this transfer window I would guess the debt can be paid down to under 100M. It is dangerous game they are playing, because alienating fans and/or losing CL football could send the club into a downward spiral. However, tryng to buy success with outrageous spending is also a dangerous strategy, unless you earn 100M every day, like the… Read more »

I Bleed Red

To a degree I can see where SIDCUP is coming from. There are positives in that we look stronger in terms of CB’s. We now have an injury prone Gibbs but I’m hopeful santos will do well. Our midfield remains weak and we actually have even less strength and depth at the moment. We signed experienced and proven players. But none of whom are good enough to replace Cesc of Nasri. Arteta is a good signing and what we need but we need even more. What we have is (hopefully) signings that bring some stability. This a foundation to build… Read more »


Because I fear for are soul if he where to take over


Sidcup I said most of what I wrote Tongue in cheek and infact agree with a lot of what you said. We should never see 4 th as success but sadly thats the benchmark that many of our fans and certainly our board have set. We have no serious ambition to win the league as a club or would not have handled things the way we have these last few months but we are were we are and sadly it’s easier to accept it, because mate its not gonna change anytime soon thats for sure despite our millions in the… Read more »


And had man u not spanked our arses so badly we would not have had any new players in at all. So we owe em really or mid table was beckoning now maybe 4th at best.


Having a few problems deciding what to put in my roll…. was thinking either ham or cheese. what do people reckon? …could do both and go mental i guess but i’m just not in the daring kinda mood today

I Bleed Red

Go with cheese


Can anyone confirm if the rumours of Na$ri being a cunt are true or not?


Yes sir, i believe he is. Hope this helps




Na$ri is a cunt?



Was also confirmed on radio unless I
Is heard


Meh I’m with the guy defending Nasri, I think some of his comments since he left were a bit questionable; whether taken out of context or not but personally I think he’s been given a bit of a rough time. So he wasn’t a die hard gooner and didn’t want to stick around the club when it wasn’t showing ambition. I personally hope we prove him wrong now the board and/or Wenger have splashed the cash a bit but I certainly don’t think he’s a cunt for leaving.

I Bleed Red

Agree with you NothernGoon. Might get berated saying it but Silva and Nasri made an awesome combination against the Spuds.


Noooooooo blasphemers!

Just a genuine Arsenal fan...

Having read some of the negative views from Arsenal fans above I have to admit you remind me of Ian Wright doing his best to keep his collumn in The Sun…Love the club, really do, swear it…but quick to kick us while we’re down! Can’t stand these unsupportive ‘so-called’ supporter’s…there is a choice if you want to watch some millionaire build a squad from scratch! Arsenal aren’t the team if you want to watch success bought because we’re going to earn it playing inspirational football & not signing your ‘marquee’ signings! Our manager (Bless his soul) has brought a whole… Read more »


thank you, exactly what i think. glad there are still some good supporters for Arsenal FC

Robin Yer Pursie



The reason Na$ri is a cunting cunt is simple – Wenger did right by him and he didn’t do right by Wenger. I could give a fuck if he thought The Emirates is an unispiring place to play, Arse fans have no passion or Shitty’s “training is a level above Arsenal’s”. In the words of the Legendary Lebowski, “well… That’s line your opinion, man” and that’s all it is. But Wenger signed him, gave him a shot and Nasri has gone on to say Wenger’s been like a second father to him, in which case, where’s the motherfucking loyalty to… Read more »


To be honest, I don’t think it was a case of Wenger gave him a shot. Nasri was pretty well known before he came to Arsenal and was touted as the replacement for Zidane in the French team. If you talk about Wenger making a player I would say that would be Cesc. Atnd with your logic, as he left just when he was on the cusp (if not already) of being the finished article, that would make him the bigger “C U next tuesday”. Wenger made him, didn’t want him to go, tried to convince him to stay…yet he… Read more »


Being touted to replace somebody and actually replacing them is two different things. As far as I am concern He hasn’t been able to do that. Nasri is talented but needs great players around him to do the work. He hasn’t shown the ability to put a team on his shoulder like the great #10. I am not sure he will even reach that close with the french team.

N. Bendtner

I’m way prettier than Nasri.


Why is anyone who dares to question the way arsenal is being run or god forbid question wengers selections etc classed as disloyal or ” not a true supporter ” total rubbish. We all have opinions and they will if differ but surley if something is clearly wrong then it can and should be questioned and those responsible brought to explain their actions. Fans are the only constant in any football club, we don’t get payed, we are supposaed to follow blindly the decisions of others. Well bolox to that why should we. This season was handled disgracefully. Last season… Read more »

Sidcup Reds

Well said Pops

Just a genuine Arsenal fan...

While we’re at it we may aswell bash the board for Van Persie getting sent off at Barca last season & the Arshavin’s goal that was but wasn’t thanks to a linesman against Sunderland not too mention many more incidents that i’m sure Mr Popeye above could prob remember! Had we of been treated fairly by the FA’s robot’s (Ref’s) in our games we would have been looking pretty good towards the end of last season….But, lets just blame the board after all its them that aren’t securing our future as a club, built us an iconic stadium down the… Read more »

[…] England. Lansbury assisted and scored two goals, both of which were provided by Ox-Chamberlain. The Ox believes that being at Arsenal has helped in to be more confident being in Stuart Pearce squad. He […]


what the hell man?
take this racism somewhere else, like the grave you old fashioned scum, ARSENAL is a free club for all cultures races and societies.


Now we see your true colours sidcup.


What. A. Helmet. Sidcup, you should be ashamed of yourself.



7 Black Arsenal players who have played for England = fact

Micky Thomas, BLACK = fact!

Arsenal’s 2 highest scorer in history both BLACK = fact!

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