Friday, December 2, 2022

Hill-Wood dismisses ‘nonsense’ Wenger reports

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has dismissed suggestions that Arsene Wenger’s spell at the Emirates could be coming to an end as “complete and utter rubbish.”

The coach, who is enduring arguably his toughest stint at the club since arriving in 1996, has been heavily linked with a move to Paris Saint Germain since the French side were boosted financially by Qatari investors.

Despite the persistent rumours Hill-Wood told the Daily Star that the Gunners board were still satisfied with their manager’s performance:

“It’s complete and utter rubbish and absolute nonsense. I think he is happy enough and we are happy enough.

“We have brought some new players in and although I don’t know that much about many of them I think, generally speaking, they are going to improve the squad.”


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Lionel Marc Yelibi

to be honest, hearing from kroenke himself would have been better.

She wore

Why does prince Phillip of hill-wood only talk to the shitiest paper, oh yeah- it’s because he is the shitiest chairman



Jay Chapman

Don’t know that much about many of them? Good to see we’re run by such a knowledgeable man.


I’m a bit disappointed that he didnt say “i don’t know much about them, but i do know that na$ri is a cunt”


this really made me laugh




Did he really say “although i dont know that much about them?”….Really?….Jaysis…..


Can someone please tell this old man that we loves to see him go more than we want AW to go?

Save the prayers for himself.


boooooooooo!!!! get wenger out! we are a big club we deserve a better manager. mourinho or guus hiddink not this clown X(


Mourinho? Are you fucking mental? Wouldn’t want his boring shit anywhere near the emirates.

Black Matta

Die in a fire?


die trevor, just die

Jim Deen

What. A. Loser.




Hill-Wood ‘happy enough’?
HAPPY ENOUGH??!!That says it all about our board,time for the old dinosaur to become extinct & get someone younger in…


What’s wrong with PHW not knowing much about the players we bought. If Wenger said it then I’d be worried!

I’m sure he means Park and Santos too. Which is a fair comment.


Good point mate. There were probably quite a few fans who don’t know much about those 2 either. And lets face it i can’t really see him looking them up on youtube


Well said Craig.

PHW has been a great chairman for the club. People should be careful what they wish for.

It’s not PHW’s job to know about the players, it’s the manager’s. Better to have a chairman that knows his role than one which thinks he knows best.


So what is the role of PHW exactly?

mike h

i think standard definitions apply… search for non-executive chairman. should give you a fair idea.


I’m guessing his role in Non-Exec Chairman
He’s not the team manager….


divying up the huge pots of cash we have lying around. Deciding which prawns to use in the sarnies. Getting wonderful investors like silent stan on board. refusing jabba and Dein access to help the club. Can’t say I am convinced by PHW tbh..


abramovich is a great chairman. hill wood is an old fuddy duddy lemonface. get rid!


Really? He may have bankrolled huge amounts of cash into the Chavs, but if rumours of interference with regards to team selection, tactics and players bought because they were ‘his kid’s favourite player’ (Shevchenko) are true, then I personally wouldn’t want him anywhere near our club and using it as his own personal plaything.


No doubt, Krakfish, you wouldn’t want the three league titles, three FA cups and league cup that Chelsea have managed to win since we last landed some silverware – all despite Abramovich’s “interference”


Clearly to know fuck all about anything…

Samir nasri

Bonjour, je suis un cunt

Master Bates

I giggled

why is my name required

happy you say? we, the fans are still pissed mr hill wood we trusted the manager and the club for 6 years since we won a trophy. we had to endure world class players like henry, gilberto, bob and cesc leaving our club and not replaced properly. we had to endure the shiteload of injuries to key players since god knows when. we have seen mid table clubs like chelsea and shitty and their reputation boosted by sugar daddies what about our club? where have we gone since 2005? we had faith in the board and the boss, but man… Read more »




I agree, 5 year ago, we were on a massive high! And giving ferguson et al, stick, with our new found optimism and hope, only to fall so far behind manure, so pitifully!! FFS

George Wong

PHW can say anything he wants ath the moment.What will his stance be if Arsenal are unable to challenge and are stuck in midtable come Xmas?
Then I suppose a new tune will be in the air.


the man is a proper “dinkle”… (im in mild moderation mode)….over
nasris a proper cunt! i thank you..

Midfield Corporal

The chairman is old skool, happy to be wined and dined and smoke fat cigars. If it hadn’t been for Dein and Fizman we would be on a par with Everton or Villa. The fact that he makes no reference to Na$ri being a cunt shows he is out of touch with the fans.


News!!! News!!! our prayers are working…
Na$ri Breaks bone…

The Cunt!!!


He must’ve dropped his wallet on it the cunt.


Nearly pissed my self. Quality. Wish he’d drop it on the floor and it may hit him on the back of his head on the way down cos he’s such a money grabbing twat


I didn’t think cunts had any bones..

Midfield Corporal

Shame it wasn’t a bone in his neck.

King Tony Adams

That is a bit to harsh mate. HE WOULD GET MORE PUBLICITY FROM HIS DEATH!!!


Samir Na$ri est un chatte

The Ice Age Cometh

No point firing Wenger. Le Dude loves the club and we can’t contest what he has done for us. Apart from you-know-who, no other manager has done more for a club in recent times (last 20 years). If we get a journeyman coach, our team will be in constant transition mode. Fact. The best we can do is get an ex-player/legend to take the reigns. Mourinho WILL only soil the name and professionalist of this club. Also that means UEFA will hate the club AND the manager. Great. Fuckd. I’d opt for Bergkamp. He knows the club, the fans, some… Read more »


get in alex ferguson or mourinho. even fan that has been playing FM for 5 or 6 years who really knows his stuff about the talent in the market would be better than wenger.

The only Sam is Nelson

ahahahahahaha that’s brilliant, 9.5/10 – you lose 1/2 a point for not using full caps, but still a highly promising troll


Not for the first time trevor you are a complete plank with no repsect why don’t you f off you Na$ri!

Finnish Gooner

I think you forgot that Bergkamp doesn’t fly. Therefore he will never be the main man. An excellent assistant coach/manager? Most definitely.

The Ice Age Cometh

And, nasri is a Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunt


What a dick, this guy is going to try to drag arsenal to the lowest low the greedy cunt, he should gtfo.

Look. We could have done with a better prepared summer, but we’re still a brilliantly run club. Run with class, honour, and respect, all at the hands of a brillian manager. The only thing that’s midly troubling point is Wenger is ‘happy enough’ and the board ‘is happy enough’, not exactly a ringing endorsement. I dread the day when Wenger goes.


why do u dread when wenger goes! we used to win doubles and stuff. we havent won squat in 6 years with this plum in charge. get anyone else in and you will see us back at the top of the table where we belong. wenger has drug the club down too far!!


Agreed! We used to win doubles and titles all the time back when our manager was—

Oh, wait. It was Arsene Wenger then, too. Well, that throws a spanner in your argument, doesn’t it?


Stop commenting here you odious twat.


It’s the board I’m less than happy with, not the manager.


Does he know what day of the week it is? He’s getting on a bit now.

Regardless, he’s still a bit of a shit chairman

Tony Bone

Does anyone have David Dejn’s number please


Yeah, it’s 75,000,000

Gervinio's Forehead

The board are tight sphinctered, money loving CUNTS.
Their overlord is a Hee Haw, Hill Billy, Yank CUNT…
spend some fooking money…. You CUNTS before we bring out Usmanov… The cockmeister..


Wonder how much he knew about Th14 et al before they came. Is this a ‘vote of confidence’?

P. Hill-Wood Esq.

Please grow up gentlemen, the liberal use of filthy uncivil language is deplorable. This childish behaviour is quite unbecoming of those wishing to be counted as members of the Arsenal Association Football fraternity. In my day we used to respect our elders!


Fucking Na$ri the fingersnapping mother of cunting fuckhammering twatflapping cuntlock of cuntsville. Triplespacecunt.


One word sums this man up fossill now can we get rid of him Bring Back Dein now!


Be careful what you wish for !!
I couldn’t wish for alot worse right now ! Time to join the rest and get a loaded owner in and see real world class players playing at the emirates this time not playing for the opposition !

[…] chairman has come out and given Arsene the vote of support. I don’t see how they can afford not to give him support. If the cunt Nasri is to be trusted, […]

Eric Irish gunner

Give the man a fucking break lads, he was’ent getting slated when we were winning doubles, think back to the years of a midfield of jimmy carter, eddie mc goldrick, morrow, ian selly, we were spoiled in the henry / vieira era, we’ve great facilities, new stadium and not a bad squad, not his flault CUNTS want to leave to clubs with no fucking values all is not bad get behind the gunners and well get back with true support and belief, fuck the rest and na£ri you cunt

Samir Nasri

I was cunt all along, you just couldn’t see before, HAHAHAHAHAHA.


i hate the message boards on arseblog, why can’t people have a decent debate instead of calling the chairman a cunt, and wenger a cunt. and everyone else a cunt.


Because almost everyone on here is an uneducated cunt?


Peter Hill-Wood and the rest of the Board are a bunch of clowns. Instead of giving Wenger the dreaded vote of confidence (which means he’ll probably be sacked soon) why doesn’t he tell us fans the truth about the club’s finances? Why doesn’t he reveal to us what the situation is with regard to money available to spend on signing players and paying their wages? What is our strategy to compete with Man U, Man City and Chelsea? Can we still have aspirations of winning the league, or are we now just another Spurs/Everton/Aston Villa? The Board of this club… Read more »


Spot on. Notice throughout all the shit we’ve been going through in the last few months the board have been remarkably quiet and keeping their heads down – why? First they announce we have a £60 million spending pot then that we’re pretty much stoney broke. Why have we only seemed to spend what we got for Cesc, Nasri and the others that left this summer? Have we no other funds? Why is Arshavin and Rosicky still playing for us? Why didn’t we flog them for some dosh this summer too? Is is time for Arsene to go? I think… Read more »

Maple leaf

Hang on, Where the fuck has Denilson gone?

Eric Irish gunner

On loan corintians


What phw says is irrelevant…who cares!!

Ps Nasri AND Trevor are cunts!!


Good point, well made.


He also said he doesn’t know how good Diaby is, cause he never fookin’ plays, we need to cut the wage bill and get Diaby the utd luvin out!
Can’t wait for Diaby to come back, scored an own goal, the get injured again and be out for another season, he would be a LANI, Like a new injured player.


I know Wenger can be a stingy voyeur, however he has identified and targeted numerous players over the years that we didn’t get…. Xabi Alonso, Schwartzer, Mata, Ronaldo etc…
I just don’t buy the notion that Wenger was soley in control of the purse strings


… Hic’….
… Oh, Kuntz confirm…. Na$ri is a CUNT.


I agree! We were on a high massive high, 5 ago! We giving manure fans,and sir alex something to fear! Look what has happened, we’ve fallen so far behind, that’s what! FFS

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