Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Kos and Woj say draw will build confidence

Arsenal’s 1-1 draw will help restore confidence within the Arsenal squad, according to Laurent Koscielny and Wojciech Szczesny. Belief will have been in the toilet, and the Trainspotting toilet at that, following the game at Old Trafford but last night’s performance will help the Gunners continue down the road to Confidenceville, after the first tenative steps that way on Saturday against Swansea.

Koscielny hailed a battling defensive performance, saying, “We played a great game defensively and it’s a shame we conceded two minutes from the end, but we came up against a very good Dortmund team which played well in possession. We got stronger as the game went on and we didn’t lose, which was the most important thing. We leave with a point, which I think is the fairest result.

“We’ve had some difficult moments but things look a bit brighter. I hope our season is up and running now and that we can continue like this.”

Goalkeeper Szczesny, who ensured Arsenal hung onto their point with a great save in injury time, said, “For 90 minutes, we defended really, really well. Even from the free-kick they scored from, we defended really well and he will probably never score another one like that.

“To get a point away from home, in Dortmund – probably one of our toughest fixtures – gives us a confidence boost. I think we showed a lot of people what we’re made of”.

The Gunners have another tough away test at the weekend when they face Blackburn at Ewood Park.

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Lets face iit we ain’t going to win fa this year so its just about regaining pride and decent league position and maybe a cup run. Last night went some way to help achieving that.


Tell me the club has not regressed. I’ll certainly come off as hopeless or insatiable no matter the result, but the squad has not learned any lessons. If it’s not set pieces, it’s goalkeeping blunders or miraculous volleys. This defensive frailty is painful to watch. Wenger made an attempt to resolve the experience issue now he must fix the ineptitude for when we don’t have possession.


Goal keeping blunders? What team have you been watching?
If we are lucky that pole in goal will be there for the next 10 years


What game did you watch ken?? Honestly, some people just love to go out of their way to moan


Negativity is all around Change that mood. The Old Arsenal is gone… we now have a new way of playing…. let us all adapt to this new method, for it will bring success… I feel it and know it. My Team….One Arsenal Many supporters (usually very young) seek just a glorious win in all occasions….just for bragging rights etc. There is not one Goal Keeper in football history that could have saved that Lob… until he was 7ft 7 inches tall. The Pole in Goal was magnificent… Song was a Gladiator, Kosser in the second half was a Warhorse… even… Read more »

Ray Bandana

Yeah, Wenger better start training the team to deal with miraculous volleys. How many other teams concede miraculous volleys? When was the last time ManUre conceded a miraculous volley? Ferguson wouldn’t stand for that, and that’s why he is so great. When he retires, we should convince him to come out of retirement and bring some of his miraculous volley defence training with him. Good shout, ken.

Rickard M C S

We got a draw away against the German CHAMPIONS with a team that hasn’t really played together. Wtf.


I figured I’d get some heat, but you can’t tell me I’m wrong, haha. Anyway, when I watch the team I don’t generally succumb to pessimism in the slightest. It’s just when you look at when we failed to impress in the group stages last year, we ended up playing the best team in the tournament and got screwed.


Is Koscielny doing his impression of a velociraptor in that photo?


Nah, he’s just been kicked in the knackers……


Has anyone else noticed that Theo has become very lazy and a real moany whinger. There was a moment last night when the dortmund left back went on the overlap, around Sagna who was defending against their winger and Theo just stood there watching the left back who received the ball instead of tracking him back. Luckily enough the cross was poor. Sagna then had a go at Theo who didnt want to listen. If Theo wasnt fast he would not be a pro footballer. He’d work in mcdonalds or something. His technique and touch is disgraceful for a pro.… Read more »


The problem with Theo is that all our losses affects him emotionally especially the 8-2 against ManU. Additionally ne had to deal with the fall back of that loss with the ManU players during International break. Alas what he should be doing is playing better to ensure that a repeat performance never happens again. Lossess such as that 8-2 affects people in different ways. His contract is up for renewal… so really he should be playing out of his skin to ensure ManCity comes after him… because they want all our players.




Quite quickly, and with little justification that I can see, he seems to have turned into a Charlie Big Spuds. My patience with him is running thin.

Burt Reynolds

Theo was a little lazy, and his attitude is a bit off, but 5 secs before that incident he had just beaten three men on a long dribbly slightly lucky sprint that was only stopped by the 4th man (Hummels, who else) and then ran back most of the way, but then let the left back run past him. He does this after he feels he’s done his bit. He needs to be told off by Pat Rice or Mr. Capello that you’ve never done your bit for the Arsenal – until you run through that wall!


Theo may have become a bit too comfortable in his position at the club. Although, looking at who Wenger has signed in the summer and who he has developed, I wouldn’t assume my future was without doubt if I were Theo.

I do hope he can pull out of the tailspin, since any positive contribution to the team is very necessary right now. But if someone else is willing to hustle, make way…


‘Thats the spirit’…simply hilarious

Charlie Georgious

Can’t believe some of the negativity here and elsewhere.

Got a real buzz watching the new players yesterday. Great team effort. Really good result. I’m even starting to like that new strip.

Can’t wait for Blackburn.


Players bleeding from the ear hole, players throwing themselves on the goal line to save a goal, sublime goal and assist from our forwards, and Song the tackle champion. If you can’t appreciate that, go watch golf.


Look at Kolscieny in the above……..He looks like one tough monster-man

Arsene about

Moaning about Theo is harsh I don’t recall Pires bombing back to often most wingers don’t. Let’s not forget in 3 CL games he’s scored two and set up rvp last night without him we could be in the European carling cup with the spuds. If the supporters don’t do there job how can we expect the played to.


A Theo-Pires hybrid would be nice. There’d be no giving out about his lazy moanyness because he’d be assisting and scoring ten goals a week. Any scientists on here who can create this please?

[…] and Szczesny are of the opinion that his game would benefit us.  I don’t think I am particularly heartened by this true be told. It probably shows the low […]


Comparing Walcott with Pires?Oh dear.The only thing they have in common is wearing red & white.If Walcott wasn’t quick he wouldn’t get in a pub team as his delivery/control/decision making/attitude is shite.Good result yesterday though.

Rickard M C S

Good ball for RvP though.


theo has had some good finishes this year so he clearly is a professional footballer
i think ppl aren’t as much upset with his physical abilities and skill as they are with his slipping attitude of late, for me i’m slowing getting the vibe he expects it to be given to him or that he deserves the success which in reality is complete bs for any professio in life

Eric Irish gunner

Good result considering they haven’t played much together, give Oc a chance soon and let theo sweat a bit, come on you gunners x


Ken may I suggest commenting on the online gooner posts, a lot of negative bastards on there too x

[…] spoke about how confidence would be boosted by almost beating the German champions away from home. SZCZ said: To get a point away from home, in Dortmund – probably one of our toughest fixtures – gives us […]

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