Friday, May 20, 2022

Wenger: Nobody is responsible for Wilshere injury

Arsene Wenger does not blame the England set-up for the injury sustained by Jack Wilshere, despite the 19-year-old being ruled out for at least two more months with an ankle problem sustained initially on international duty against Switzerland during the summer.

Speaking to the press ahead of Saturday’s match with Swansea, the French coach explained that despite suffering the knock, Wilshere opted with youthful vigour to head off on holiday rather than have his foot assessed.

“I don’t believe that anybody is responsible in there. He has felt it the first time against Switzerland from a kick.

“He then went on holiday. Like when you were 19, when you felt a kick somewhere on an ankle you go on holiday and assume when you come back it’s alright. That’s what he did, there’s nothing dramatic about that.

“After he came back, it was inflamed. I’ve always been told he’s had a little ankle problem but that he was okay.”

Wenger had asked The FA not to select Wilshere for the under-21 European Championships during the summer claiming his youngster was suffering from fatigue, but maintains he had no problem with the teenager representing Fabio Capello’s first team in an important qualifier.

“I invite you to look back at the newspapers and the stick I got when I said he shouldn’t play in the under-21 [European Championships], but I completely understand that he plays for the first team against Switzerland.

“An accident can happen. He was tired at the time because I over used him a little bit, but I understand that he played against Switzerland.

“Maybe even if he wasn’t tired, you can get a kick from anybody and suffer after from an inflamed bone, that can happen.”

While England may not be worthy of blame, you can’t help but ask why Wilshere was taken on a tour of the Far East and how he featured in four halves of pre-season football if he was known to be carrying a knock.

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Clay Davis





All you shareholders…. Dividends in our future??
Looks like the yank is gonna CUNT us a new one, Gillete/Hicks style…

Oh, Na$ri is a CUNT.


Per Mertesacker has been chatting to Kuntz who confirmed that Na$ri is indeed a CUNT.


Why don’t you jet get over it, or try to get a life?

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

Leave us to it. If you don’t agree then you’re no better than a fanny Sp*rs numpty.

Na$ri = Cunt.

Joe Goon

Heard Nasri was responsible for Jacks injury…..Cunt!

Samir Nasri

Bonjour guys, ahm sorreeh zat ahm such a cunt.

Heh, as you are sayeeng loljk, I am playeeng monehy jenga

Samir Nasri

Ah ahm beeg fen of zee hoses. You cen coll me samir neighsri.

Cunt out.

norniron gunner

i mean really like, seriously? ……………….


In Arsen we trust, but sometimes I wonder…
For example, at the Liverpool game, after receiving a yellow card within minutes, everybody and their aunts knew that Frimpong is going red. And what did Wenger do to prevent this?! Exactly nothing!
Way too many times it seems that the average fan would be cleverer.
Still, I desperatly hope that I’m wrong.

[…] of injury, Arsene has moved to ensure fans and supporters that Wilshere injury is of nobody’s blame. I am really nonchalant about whose fault it is. The fact is, our player of the season for […]

She wore

Clay Davis is more slippery than an eel in a bucket of snot, he should have been doing our transfer negotiations this summer

Jim Deen

Hah! That got me, sheeeeeeeeeeyit.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

Bloody Mr Nobody, someone better sort him out. The prick.


If my bone is inflamed…it’s been a good weekend! har har



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