Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Wenger: Our 49 nationalities make us a global club

Arsene Wenger has revealed his pride at the club’s multi-cultural squad after being tipped-off that the Gunners have now fielded 49 different nationalities during their 125year existence.

From Lithuanian Tomas Danilevicius, Libya’s Jehad Muntasser and South African Daniel Le Roux to Australia’s John Kosmina, American Danny Karbassiyoon and players from almost every European nation, Arsenal have truly established themselves as a club of global reach; a state of affairs which sees the Gunners making the world a better place according to Wenger.

“Many things make me proud of this football club, but something new came to my attention this week  – we have now fielded players of 49 different nationalities,” the Frenchman told the Arsenal official matchday programme ahead of Saturday’s match with Bolton.

“I believe Arsenal has become, through these players, a worldwide club that is admired everywhere.

“The values of the Club are open-minded and down to pure sporting qualities.

“We can be very proud of that – it’s highly important in the modern world that football can be ahead of society and contribute to a better world tomorrow, so long may this progress continue.”

Now if that doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy on a Sunday afternoon, nothing will.

For a full run down on each of the nationalities represented, check out this very interesting article on


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We’ve RUINED English football!!!

Alpha T

Lol, How random?
Interestingly we had never signed a French player before Wenger!
But saying that we had also never signed a Nigerian, Russian, Senegalese,Ghanian,,,,,err,this could go on forever!


Was attempting to parody various figures within the media and Arsenal support. But yeah.. 🙂


No, Sky did that.

Joel Gariepy-Saper

It doesn’t make Kevin Palmer all warm and fuzzy. Read the words of this douche-nozzle right here:

I just know if it was Sir Alex making a similar statement in the middle of a bad spell, this same blowhard would be lapping it up and claiming it was a brilliant diversionary tactic by the wily Scot


So true about that article. If man u did the same thing it would have been call ”spectacular”!

Also read the Man U 1-1 Stoke report on espnsoccernet. They make up all these excuses for there draw. No Rooney, Hernandez left and all that. What happened to all that depth that Man U had 😀


Ha! he wrote an article a few weeks ago about the spuds and I was surprised to find it because my search term was ‘arsenal’….anyway, every third line in his ‘article’ contained arsenal so no wonder the search page listed his work. Long story short he writes about how the dirty spuds will become the greatest force in world football because they now seem able to compete with ‘arsenal in disarray’. For every achievement of theirs comparison was given by some silly Arsenal ‘fact’. Like how twitchy Harry is stable in his job but Wenger is unlikely to last till… Read more »


Am I the only person feeling underwhelmed by this?

Naija Gunner

Waooh! Why is this not reflecting in our income, unlike man u. and real madrid?!


Does the daily mail know of this outrage ?


Hats off to you (no sarcasm).


For all the sensationalism and lack of proper humour this is probably the only football related site I visit on a daily basis, oh and the official site of course. I realize that while not every journalist out there is wishing that we fare badly and/or lose….they definitely seem to get the same sort of ‘pleasure’ when we do badly so I’d rather have some humour and completely Arsenal biased views in my life. Come to think of it other supposedly Gooner blogs out there also keep coming out with melodramatic blogs and posts about how the grass is greener… Read more »


Cheers AR

Malaysian Gunner

@Joel I stopped reading any article from soccernet precisely because of that. No objectivity at all when discussing football matters. Stop giving them the hits they’re looking for then giving yourself a headache.


To be fair, Soccernet does have some decent columnists. Off the ball, Fifth Official, Norman Hubbard and the German guy (Uli Huesse or something?) are all well worth reading. It’s the “journalists” like Palmer, Harris etc who balance it out.

Overall I think its among the better sites, although that doesn’t say much about football news sites.


we still need a english foundation. we cant expect the team to have great chemistry when they are all from all around the world unless they are all world class of course.

More than a Name...

We are all entitled to our own opinions. But @hatespurs, for sanity sake, doesn’t this your comment make you sick?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We have a strong British foundation already. Just because a few of them are young and/or in the treatment room at the moment doesn’t mean they aren’t there.


@hatespurs…………really? What is an English foundation…… the national team?…like the bottom 4 teams in the EPL (70% British).?… Liverpool? Define an English foundation and state its advantages clearly and I might pay attention but since I know you have no idea what you’re talking about I guess we’ll never know! Your second sentence baffles me even more. What does having different nationalities playing with one team have to do with team chemistry, cohesiveness and performance. Based on your premise, 50% of the heterogeneous teams worldwide would be totally ineffective UNLESS they are like Real and are filled with superstars? What… Read more »


Or you could learn english…just a thought

Pele of Romford

Here here… AR- spot on. Not really bothered about reading the tripe from so called journalists- fear mongering and sometimes xenophobic reporting. Same reason I stopped listening to talkshite and my respect for Ian wright dwindled. Their personal agenda’s are obvious. Sky, with the help of Agents of cuntness like mourinho have helped perpetuate this culture of winning at all costs. No one mentions that he cheats, and only takes on clubs that ready made. It’s not football. Clubs like ours, managers like arsene and national teams like brazil and fans in England keep football true. In this murdoch impregnated… Read more »


Great post,totally agree lad.


I like most Arsenal fans have been going through a pretty dark period, I do read all these other sites mostly to make myself laugh but I think they actually make me more negative about the team. So very good advice I’m going to try and cut them out its just I’m an Arsenal obsessive and need constant fixes.

Sid The Snake

To be fair no one should read any website that has the word “soccer”.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

In January Arsene Wenger should spend a couple of million on the best Chinese player he can find. Then we should tour China next summer in pre-season. This will get us to 50 nationalities (which our PR department should find ways to capitalise on) and raise our profile in a potentially massive market. We are always accused of buying players for this reason (Inamoto, Park) so why not actually do it for once. With his expertise Arsene Wenger could also find a couple of young Chinese players of potential and develop them. Such long term commitment would surely raise our… Read more »


The raw talent should lead the way. We even had a Belarusian recently. I am really, really proud of ‘the Arsenal way’
KC has got the post that just takes the biscuit. How hard I laughed! Armand Traore!


Just checked the link.
Should be 50, but there’s a typo.

They have Na$ri in France, but France is a country, not a cuntery

[…] Onto other news today, Wenger has raved about our global appeal, as we have multiple nationalities in the squad. […]


Arsenal wenger should learn to spend before its too late becouse money makes
money and the earlier the better then also try to hold the players in position I mean the club should not become a shoping center for other biger clubs.
I believe with this arsenal will compete favourably


No chance

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