Sunday, January 23, 2022

Arsenal and Spurs condemn chants

Arsenal and Spurs have released a joint statement relating to offensive chanting during Sunday’s game at White Hart Lane.

“Both clubs were extremely disappointed to hear the chants from supporters at yesterday’s game. Neither club tolerates foul language, racist chanting, homophobic chanting or any anti-social behaviour from its supporters.

“We shall be working closely with each other to identify the individuals involved.”

When you consider that the Spurs chants are about Arsene Wenger being a pedophile and the Arsenal chants were about Adebayor being shot dead in a terrorist attack in which killed one man and injured nine, it’s no bad thing.

The issue about whether or not this sort of thing should have been addressed years and years ago, when that chant was directed at Wenger up and down the country, is another one entirely but there really is no moral high ground to take here.

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Ok time to make myself a pariah. The chants especially about the togo team are sick. Yes adebayor is a cunt but come on… As for the nonce chants, yes it should have been dealt with years ago but then they’d have to look at certain northern teams then and the rules don’t generally apply to the one I’m thinking of.


They were nothing compared to what the scousers and mancs sing to each other but your 100% right rules don’t apply to teams up north


Right then. Next NLD at the lane will have 1000 away fans, and 500 home fans. Went yesterday, the Angola chants were noisy but not everyone joined in, and a few times it was headed off by “Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal” and other more supportive chants. The pedo chants are massive however and have gone on for years.

Both clubs will identify a couple of arseholes and bin ’em, and the handwringing will be over until the next time.

When Clive “two-bob” cuntchops turns up at the stadium.


I guess that “the next time” will be our visit to the Etihad Stadium…

Muggy Mug

Nothing racist was said. Unless you include the word Spurs fans call themselves.

Nothing homophobic was said.

Maybe Spurs can go back to footage from previous games at WHL where they were chanting songs about elephants and whores…


That’s not quite true I’m afraid. There was at least one racist chant from Arsenal fans. I was more upset by that than I was about the Angola chant.


HAHAHAHA I like the pic.

Excellent effort

Gooner King

Typical media bashing Arsenal with everything they could find… The racist and homophobic abuse directed at Sol Campbell in the past was worse than anything sung yesterday… The Adebayor song (elephants and whores) was coined by Spurs fans, and we all know about the Munich chants from up north…wasnt it United fans singing about that Leeds fan who got stabbed the other day? This is a nationwide problem, sick chants happen all the time. The difference here is the media agenda attached to this: Its Arsenal related so its magnified 1000X. Spurs fans were spewing “Let him die!” as Sagna… Read more »

Pascal Zidane

Brilliant comment. Agree 100%.


True dat!


And everton fans raining coins down on Liverpool players very little said about a far more serious incident. All part of being an arsenal fan at the moment it seems.and adebayor dont give a fuck what’s said or he would never have gone to spurs in 1st place as they coined the elephant chant.

the only sam is nelson

I thought the everton fans were chucking coins as accompaniment to the ditty “spend some fucking money” aimed at their chairman, bill kenwright

i would certainly expect a little more attention if fans were chucking coins at players, as happened at highbury a few years ago when we played… liverpool


He’s tall, he’s from togo, his team have a shit logo Adebayor, Adebayor !

Naija Gunner

This isn’t what should be happening now! Why Arsenal and it’s fans?


Yep the media seem to have picked up on an Arsenal (ans spud) issue but the fact is there is no place at my club for that kind of chanting. When it involves an incident where someone dies, or 1000’s calling the opposition manager a pedo its clearly wrong. Theres even people on talkshite defending racist and homophobic chanting?? Imagine how minority groups feel when they hear these chants at the club they support? Its a thin line, can I call twitchy twitchy? does it really upset him? Not everyone will agree on what is banter and what might offend… Read more »

Sick to fuck Dublin gooner

Racist chants are disgraceful no matter what.. Watching the rugby on sunday morning really makes you embarrassed about certain aspects of football and how low it’s stooped…


If I was making 80,000 a week – you could call me whatever the fuck you wanted.


For 15 years we’ve had highly audible chants from the Manc teams and Sp*rs and nothing has been made of it. On one of the very rare occasions Arsenal fans let themselves down we are dragge dove rthe coals for it by the media, well they can go fist fuck themselves, the dispicable pack of c*nts.

We’re Arsenal and we’re better than that yet they are trying to heard us into the same pigeon holes as the swamp dwellers and the rat eating pikies from up North. Feckers.

Sneaky fucking Russian

The club doesn’t listen to the fans when we say “hey arsenal you fucks, go buy a solid English centre half, we need another striker, we need a marquee signing!, 6.5% ticket increase is abit much isn’t it?” so why the fuck should we care about anything they have to say to us?


agreed. cheers

[…] something you could really smile at though. Arsenal and Spurs are working together, to weed out those idiots who were chanting way too abusive songs on Sunday. Now, friendly banter […]

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