Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Arsene: we must remain humble

As Arsenal fans continue to celebrate the 5-3 pasting of Chelsea in which the blubbering penalty shanker slipped over and landed on his face to allow the Gunners to score their fourth goal, Arsene Wenger has reminded his team that they need to continue the good work of recent weeks.

We’ve now won eight of our last nine games and have built something of a foundation for ourselves after the traumatic start to the season, but the boss is aware there’s still a long way to go and says that the new arrivals settling into the team has made a difference.

Speaking at his post-game press conference, he said, “What has changed is that we got half of the team in on August 31 and we had to qualify for the Champions League. We had to rebuild a complete unity in the way we want to play football. Every win makes you stronger as well.

“So now the players get used to the way we play so we get stronger but we have to remain humble, keep focus and work very hard together. There is still some ground to make up to come into a stronger position in the league and teams in front of us do not drop many points. But that quality we have shown today should make us more confident”.

And as all the plaudits are directed at Robin van Persie, the manager praised defender Laurent Koscielny who added to his burgeoning reputation with another excellent performance. Police have since launched a desperate appeal for £50m striker Fernando Torres who went missing at exactly 12.45pm yesterday.

“I think he was outstanding”, Wenger said. “He was the one at the back in the first half who looked strong. But I felt in the first half we gave them too much room at the back and in midfield and in the second half we got much tighter. We kept being dangerous going forward but we were less in trouble defensively”.

Wise words all round from the Arsenal manager, and it’s right to ensure his team remain focused.

While we remain focused on John Terry slipping over, haha.


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Malaysian Gunner

I was jumping like mad when Van Persie scored our fifth. Knew right there and then we had the 3 points sealed.


nothing like confidence in the team heh, only knew we could win with 2 min left and a 2 goal lead….

It is understandable, Liverpool at the end of last season left us all a bit traumatized


I could watch that slip all day.

Wise words from the boss, especially regarding glad to see competition returning to the defence. Let verm fight for his place like all the others!


I agree that the team should remain humble.

However, as fans, it is our god given right (and duty) to rub the result in every chav’s, we meet, face.

ps After futher study I’m starting to doubt that JT actualy slipped. It looks more like he’s decided to pray to Allah for forgiveness for all of his racist behaviour and general cuntishness. .


You give JT too much credit for actually having a soul.


Just heard John Terry says he never fell,he was showing the ground what it would be like if actually did fall.He is looking forward to clearing his name


This team feels more hard-working than the one we had last season. No place is guaranteed when most are fit (except for Robin, Per and Sczc at the moment), while the new midfield trio looks more energetic than it was majestic last season – not necessarily a bad thing though.

Almost a complete metamorphosis I’d say, and can’t say I dislike it.


I’m not sure Mertesacker will be guaranteed a place now, with Vermaelen back and Koscielny looking impressive..


i would say kozzer, rvp and scz.


Yeah i would say that if any of our defenders should be guaranteed a spot right now it should be Kos. not Per. but hey? isnt it good that we can have a debate about which centre backs deserve their starting spot? its certainly much better than having to throw song back there… hes too important to our midfield.


What about Bacary? When fit he’s got to be in right?


Yes but we know have the considerable potential of Jenkinson behind him rather than what can only be described as Eboue. Midfeild is good, we’ve got the choice of playing Arteta and Song for games where we want to play more a physical game in midfeild, with Coqfrim behind them. Wilsheire, Rambo possibly Chamberlin in the near future, Ozy depending on his loan spell. Probably got enough as far as wingers go, it’ll always be a shame the way we lost Fab but the club seems to be recouvering at last. The difference with this team does seem to be… Read more »


Good admonition from Wenger. Now let’s teach Marseil
Some football lessons.

Malaysian Gunner

On another note anyone else had the displeasure of listening to ESPN commentary? As biased a commentary you’ll come across to. At one moment Koscielny did brilliantly to dispossess Torres by blogling him off the ball, then later smashing the ball in Torres’ face. I thought it was good play. But the commentator was going on about how it should be a foul. Then when Lukaku blocked Santos the commentator went on saying “there’s not alot in it. I thought Lukaku was just staying his ground.” Totally spoils what is a great game IMO.


Don’t stress yourself out son. If a commentator can spoil your enjoyment of a 5-3 victory over the chavs, then you probably need to re-asses your priorities. Or just hit the mute button.


Well at least it’s better than listening to Shebby singh lol.. I wish they directly broadcast commentary/analysis from Sky/Espn UK, rather than giving some ex malaysian international acting like a know-it-all on the Prem..


If you’re carrying on about Ian Darke, I wouldn’t worry. Most folks recognize him as the tool he is.


ESPN and all their pundits sucks and are biased
jamie reeves and paul masefield are lil better though


ESPN’s coverage is f*cking pathetic and the majoirty of commentators are a classless bunch of biased c*nts. This isn’t opinion, it’s fact.


Remember…… A minute or two afterwards Gervinho was blocked by Cashley, but the commentator said it was a good challenge…..lol…… biased Xenophobic English pricks


And also when Ivanovic elboved Persie’s center of neck vertebrae and commentator says coming of bodies….. fuck them

Malaysian Gunner

blocking him*


I could sit and watch that clip for hours.

lord wenger

even in victory,he remains humble.dis man oozes class.Terry was definitely tripped by d spirit of martin luther king.LOL


Hahahahahaha, the racist chav falling on his boatrace. Brilliant. Love it.

Now, what’s this thread about? I got distracted there.


Who cares what the thread is about. Between that lame cunt falling on his face and koscielny robbing torres, smacking him in the face, then kicking the ball off his head, it doesn’t get much better. And o ya, it was 5- 3. Hahahhahaj


He slips on his back, and he hates you if your black John terryyyyyy, John terryyyyyy


Hehe lol, would love to hear this being sung loud and clear in the grove


Wahahahaha. Once you watch the video of the over rated racist chav wife shagger falling on his face yesterday, another menu pops up where you can see the over rated racist chav wife shagger slip, shank his penalty and blub his eyes out.

Carlsberg don’t do Arseblog News threads….


Laughing my tits off…. Could watch that fat clot munching grass all day long….

AFC dude from austria

excellent van persie – but have you english women and men not even a little bit strange feelings about his gesture in the video above? is this his usual behaviour? führer style shit ???hmmm…but he’s indeed one of the most intelligent players in the world of football (interview after the game – ramsey sounds like an austrian mountainfarmingfootballer but rvp great words and nice gesture, motm bottle back to ramsey for drinking with the lads….captain….


oh come on, surely he’s just caught up in the moment, and it looked rather cool anyway.


I have to say it struck me as a little awkward, too. then again, i do very much doubt that the captain of a multicultural team like arsenal has any racist tendencies. i suppose it’s just german/austrian people being more sensitive to this issue. but if youre looking for racists, just carefully watch the ground for any blue tossers lying around…
anyways, all hail rvp ! (in a submissive, totally un-right-wing extremist way 😉 )

Munich Gunner

I watched the game in a bar in Munich centre and I can assure you nobody felt awkward about the celebration…perhaps because we were all laughing so hard. And I can only speak for the people in that one bar, but overall I think he’s safe.


Don’t worry. It was fine. RVP is hardly di Canio is he..


Whenever anybody bemoans our not buying a big name marquee player I always says, yeah we could have bought Torres to partner RVP for £50M


The one thing that stands out about the win is the fact that we out scored our opponents. This is something that is being overlooked at the moment. Everyone is ranting about how useless our defense is. I don’t think that it’s going to get better. That’s why it’s important that this team improve on what they’re good at, creating chances and scoring goals. For every goal we concede we should score 2. Clean sheets are important but our defenders will get skinned from time to time and that’s where we need to go on and get one back, get… Read more »


Why does outscoring the opponent in a win stand out? I’m pretty sure nobody has ever won a match without “outscoring” the opponent.


Quite right Frog. This was a good result, against a team with similar defensive issues to us, although theirs are due to an ageing squad, ours are due to a variety of well-documented reasons that it isn’t worth raking over again. I can’t help but feel the sudden uprising of joy is a little over the top and premature. It’s one game. One week. Three well deserved, enjoyable, and needed points, but that’s all at the mo. Last time we dicked Chelsea (3-1 at Emirates), we were soon stumbling around dropping points against supposedly inferior opponents. I’m all for enjoying… Read more »



good head on those shoulders mate. Excellent reasoning. Objective thinking. Thumbs up.

Yar She Blows

I think the fuhrer gesture was making fun of terry’s goal celebration. Terry did an underhand sieg heil! Anyways, Kos was my MOTM. He was the only hope in the first half defensively and 2nd half he was a beast. Anyone else see Ivanocunt elbow RVP in the neck then swan dive like a bitch? Chelshe got what try deserved


Lovely coinage there! “Ivanocunt!” Awesome!


He does that celebration a lot, brushing off his shoulders I believe


I love the celebration when rvp brushes his shoulders off I do it at home whenever he scores the missus reckons I’m mad ….. I’ve watched the goals in that game a million times the missus has gone out never mind come on the ARSENAL

Bob the Gunner

Wenger: “We must remain humble.”

Theo: “Gunners are firing now”
Theo Walcott has warned Arsenal’s rivals the Gunners believe they are capable of beating anybody after putting five past Chelsea on Saturday.



Hey Bloggs,a couple of weeks back you said we need to get 13 points out of 15 in our next five games.have we played those and and how many points did we get?

Malaysian Gooner

Currently 9 out of 15.

Bob the Gunner

My video reply button is sore.


Wenger is right, we must remain humble. But we must be realistic too. We need to take a long, hard look at our defending and recognise that it is simply not good enough. Going forward we are terrific, and will always score goals, but if we are to finish top four then we must do something about the way we defend. For me, Santos is a decent left winger, but he’s simply not good enough to play at full-back. We now have Vermaalen fit; he must play at left back. And Wenger must do something about the way we defend… Read more »

9ja boy

How come no one but me saw the pistol rvp had on his waist wen he raced at cunterry that made me bow down and surrender.vanpersie the oppressor of terry






Screw being humble…lets get cocky and keep up our ruthlessness in front of goal!


Fuckin great….work tomorrow. Let me find them chav tossers…. Can’t wait. Work ain’t so bad when there’s piss to be taken…! Up the arse….


November is upon us guys!!! let’s prey we had our november in august and will have august in november.


We had lots to make make up for early in the season. Now it’s up to Wenger and the boys to keep improving even when we’re winning.

Let’s clinch our CL group you Gooners!


Rvp is the premier leagues top scorer at the moment with 10 goals. 🙂 just saying.


I didn’t realize that Fernando Torres went missing yesterday. I thought he left the environs of Liverpool last year and was never seen again.


Amazing win for us. I hope this isn’t the only highlight of our season and we go on to win games in style!

Vox in Oz

Great win and i could watch that video for a week and still laugh my ass off. Defensively we are still poor. hat off to Kos but everyone else beside Jenkinson when he came on… were shit. Lets not get ahead of ourselves…. But excellent win and just what we needed!!! RVP you are a fuckin legend!! stay fit please.

Stanley Rao

Good admonition from Wenger.

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