Thursday, August 18, 2022

Arteta: Don’t call me Cescy

Mikel Arteta has again played down suggestions that he is a direct replacement for Cesc Fabregas and made clear that the only way he will be a success at Arsenal is if he focuses on his own game.

Despite sharing similarly lush Spanish hair, doughy eyes and a lovely ability to pass a football, the former Everton man is adamant that choosing to walk in the shadow of his compatriot could only bring about failure in North London.

Speaking to the Mirror, the deadline day acquisition stated: “I am not here to replace Cesc, if I try to do that, it will turn out badly.

“I’ve been here for three weeks and he was here seven years.

“I have a personality which is definitely different to his. I would be making a mistake if I was trying to be the same or even better than him.

“I have to find my own way. My own style. Cesc was the best player of Arsenal and one of the three best players in the Premier League.

“My aim is only to try to give my maximum level as a player and help the team as much as I can.”

Although Arteta has previously revealed that Arsenal showed an interest in signing him at least a week before his deal with the Gunners was completed, the 29-year-old admitted that when push came to shove the final details of his move had to be rushed.

Indeed, just like Yossi Benayoun, the Spaniard signed on the dotted line at the Emirates without undertaking a medical; something of a risk given his history of knee problems.

“It was very stressful,” Arteta said of his move “.At 6pm, they said everything had broken down. Then, at 8.30pm, everything started again.

“But there wasn’t time to have a medical. I went to the offices of the club [Everton] and from there I told Arsenal to trust me and that if some medical problem was found it would be my responsibility.”

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Jeremy Mathews

I guess, since none of our players have ever had injuries before, the Arsenal transfer folks didn’t concern themselves with physicals.


That’s what I like to hear – Wenger taking risks!!

Pity he didn’t move Coquelin to RB and push the Ox in against Spurs to have got us back in for a win/draw…..


I’ve seen this rumor floating around the blog that Coquelin can play right back and I was wondering if there is anything or anyone who can substantiate it? I sure hope its true.

Im glad the Ox did will for the U-21s but lets not over-inflate our expectations of the lad just yet.

I like Arteta and I think he was a great signing but he definitely disappeared for awhile at Wet Shart Lane.


The Ox wasn’t even on the bench against Sp*rs. Anyone know why?


yep, he spent alot of his loan games at right back, and reserve games too. it wasnt til his last loan spell that he got time in CM. he prefers midfield so he’s eventually ended up there.


but why ruin something good? the coq is killing it in midfield, should stay there in my opinion. plus, i trust jenkinson to be good enough to start at RB.


We used to do everything so so right…..


Le coq can play right back. He played there against stoke on his debut.


Le Coq doesn’t have the pace for full back, i distinctly remember it from when he last played there.


Plus Koscielny would do better at RB

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

I don’t think using a centre back at right back is a good idea. If Koscielny were to be injured it’d be a step closer to having the Squid back in.

[…] evidence that the summer spending was hasty as Mikel Arteta, like Yossi Benayoun before him, was signed without a medical. At a club like Arsenal, where injuries are as much a way of life as shoplifting your tea is at the […]


Let’s be honest, were so used to not dealing in the transfer market that were actually not very good at it and it’s only the media who say he is the replacement for Cesc, I doubt Arsenal fans really think that do they?


Nah I don’t see him as a replacement, jack the lad will fill his boots. Arteta is about the only decent Spanish player I can think of who doesnt want to play for real madrid/Barca and who’s prepared to take a pay cut. Great player at everton and will be great for us when he settles

[…] Arteta (who joined without a medical, like Yossi Benayoun) has been rubbishing comparisons between himself and Cesc Fabregas. Speaking about his move on deadline day, he says: “It was very stressful. At 6pm, they said […]


let’s face it. with all the injuries and transition(s), this is a lost year. clubs have come back from worse and so will the arsenal. the only thing that gives us glimmers of (false) hope is that spurs and liverpool aren’t very good — making it seem that our lumbering, ailing, disjointed squad has a chance at 4th.

Naija Gunner

I agree with both of you!


I’ve just watched the England / Montenegro game. England are a bunch of embarrassing losers – they couldn’t even hold on to a 2-0 lead against a very average East European side. They are going to get well-and-truly stuffed by the first decent side they come up against in Poland/Ukraine next summer. The worst thing about tonight was the form of Walcott. Apart from one cross he was complete and utter shit. What the fuck is he doing in an England or Arsenal team? Isn’t it about time he fucked off to some shit team like Blackburn or Wolves where… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

I agree does not deserve place in either team, time to put the effort in and less of the book signings


Calm down guys Walcott is not a bad player, the lad is short of confidence like all the Arsenal players, what he and the Arsenal lads needs is encouragement to help them get out of the nightmare

[…] Artety has plead with the fans to stop associating him with Cescy, saying they are two different players. Well, truth is, if he were, I wouldn’t think we would […]

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