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Keown: Clive Allen is a wind-up merchant

Former Gunner Martin Keown has accused Tottenham water carrier, Clive Allen, of a history of winding-up Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Speaking to TalkSport, Keown said, “A few times in the past, and I’ve been privy to it, he’s goaded Arsene Wenger, certainly in Martin Jol’s time. I think Wenger was just trying to avoid him really, feeling as he was after that game, and I think Clive was just trying to push the point.

“He wanted a bit of eye contact because he’s just won a game or just been part of the team that’s won a game. Clive should know better really. You’re looking for him to be above all that, let’s hope he is in the future”

Certain sections of the media have criticised the Arsenal manager for not shaking hands with the Tottenham janitor, but Wenger said, “I shook the hand of the manager and the assistant manager. How many hands do I have to shake? Is there a prescription?”

Last season, during the 3-3 draw at White Hart Lane, Wenger found himself barged out of the way on the toucline by the Tottenham message boy, and clearly the manager hadn’t forgotten.

It’s a peculiarity of the English game that a man is supposed to stand there, listen to abuse from some no-mark, pudding-headed twat like Clive Allen, then at the end of the game, shake his hand like nothing happened.

And maybe, if Allen really wanted a handshake and not to create a story about himself, he ought to have approached Wenger without the face of an angry drunk looking for a Saturday night scrap.

We here at Arseblog News are sure that the Tottenham training ground cone dispenser will be warmly welcomed by the Arsenal fans when Spurs visit in February.

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I would never shake hand with the Tottenham janitor.

Gooner King

…with a cunty face too. ugh


He’s just an angry little cunt with all the manners of a pissed up bum. We need some old boys back who’ll put the minge in his place.

micky readman

adams or keown as defensive coach, raymond parlour or manu petit as midfield coach and get wrighty or the iceman as a striking coach…..

lets get some fucking balls back in our club!


Adams as a coach your having a laugh hasn’t he been sacked from every club he’s managed/coached that he’s ended up in Azerbajan. At the end of the day its great throwing names out there of coaches we need but there is no guaranteed that they would be able to turn the clubs fortunes round.


micky readman = idiot!!

Gooner King

This the Premier League mate, not the NFL!

micky readman

see you slagging adams off u never slagged any of the other names of….cant be that bad an idea…………get some balls back…..cos our squad and club is a bunch of fairys.

Master Bates

“I shook the hand of the manager and the assistant manager. How many hands do I have to shake? Is there a prescription?”

HAHAHA! this cheered me up . looking forward to Sunderland Match and the return of THE VERMINATOR , hopefully we’ll forget yesterday’s defeat(except ramsey and jenkinson)


I’ve missed Wenger wit. Do hope we can get it back, man needs support, wish he’d high some coaches, for nothing else other than to back him up and lighten the load somewhat.


“the Tottenham training ground cone dispenser”

HAHAHA that’s pure gold.


What a sprunt

Gooner King

Wenger should’ve chinned him! Where’s Martin Keown when you need him…he’d put him back in his rathole.


Isn’t it odd the all the “c*nts” in the footballing world have the same common denominator:

Arsene Wenger!


this is pretty embarrassing, 59 thumbs down, 1 thumb up, and it’s probably your own

micky readman

get big keown in on our bench, allen wont say fuck all to him the little mingebag….


micky readman = idiot with good comment!!!!

micky readman

you sir are a nonce…get back to kiddy fiddling you no good sack of shit cunt.


Look at the face on it. Like a dehydrated ballbag.


Lol I like this thread


Otherwise known as a face like a burst arsehole.

This is the same Fuckwad that saw fit to barge into AW from behind. I’d love to see a large Gooner return the favor some time if the sniveling little turd is spotted out and about in town somewhere.

Eric Irish gunner

Haha classic, he’s a proper little fucking runt


There’s an old saying that applies here: “A face like a Bulldog licking piss off a thistle”.

Still, maybe with all that publicity Sp*rs’ll let him use the sharp knife and cut up the oranges for half-time. That’ll cheer him up.

micky readman

be quality in that picture if AW went to shake the blokes hand and sneakily uppercutted allen!



micky readman = idiot!!!

micky readman

david dickinson’s dad, sat to the right of AW’s shoulder….fella with grey hair and glasses…..



micky readman = idiot with no good comment!!!!

micky readman

ere at least i dare put my real name u wannabee cunt…make some input yourself instead of trying to get a laugh by “trying” to get a laugh by making jibes at me……….WELL IT FAILED YOU THUMBS DOWN CUNT.

Dave Gooner

I am staggered that such a no mark could create a ‘controversy’ simply by having a go at AW. A resounding 10/10 for the pic though.

He really is such a wanker.

Adam O'Leary

Clive is the two Bob. In fairness, the media haven’t made a lot of it but in this case I’d quite like them to, just to demonstrate what a gigantic twat that water carrier is

[…] the match, there was to be more trouble. Some crying pussy was moaning about how Arsene lacked grace in not shaking his hands. Grow up. If I had to cry over everytime […]

She wore

Clive Allen? Clive cunt more like

She wore

He so good at coaching twitchy has les Ferdinand coaching his strikers-go and clean the bogs you pie faced medalless cunt


wot a little cunt. end of

[…] I’m not even going to explain why Arsene Wenger doesn’t have to shake his hand, Martin Keown has done that for us. Instead, let’s just concentrate on what this supposed man did after Wenger refused his hand: […]

Johnny D

Clive Darren Allen = Clueless Demented Arsehole!


Allen is a sad little man who still hasn’t got over being played like a cheap violin when we exchanged him for Sansom. Never mind, Clive, have another bun…..


This is why we shouldn’t lose to the filth.


The press can fuck off aswell, always trying to hack out a doomsday story about Arsenal. Especially one which involves this little fuckwitted cretin.

Johnny Massacre

It’s interesting to see the truth behind how much of a twat this nobody is.

Joey was a gooner Deacon

What a doughy cunt bag. Please do a Van Nistelrooy on the manky quim Mr Keown!

Eric Irish gunner

Please lads keep up the CA ( cone attendent) abuse very funny


“Let us shag clive allen”
a good song to welcome him at grove? what do u think?


Fcuk right-off Keown. So Clive Allen should know better. Not the MANAGER of ‘The Arsenal’. Wenger has a lot of history with refusing to shake people’s hands and he constantly plays the bad loser. He thinks he’s above it all. Arrogant tosser. If you guys weren’t dirty gooners, you’d side with Allen who merely extended his arm and was shunned. Wenger’s excuse? ‘I’d already shaken the hands of the manager and his assistant’. Sorry Prophet Mohammed. Why don’t we bow down to your eternal wisdom. I am still waiting for the financial meltdown which explains while all TOP PL sides… Read more »


Does Clive Allen have a son named Steve? Maybe a love child spawned from a non-league tea lady. If not, then you were certainly cut from the same cloth. Just like Allen you have ventured into an area you do not belong and are certainly not welcome.

Eric Irish gunner

120 you fucking wanker fuck off reading our blog, Mr wenger proberly never seen Allen the little barrel of shit

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I am sure Arsene Wenger has seen footage of Clive Allen as a footballer as his knowledge of football is so wide-ranging. However, how the fuck would he have recognised that fat ugly bastard as the Clive Allen of old ? He probably thought “There’s that fat cunt of a Spurs fan who broke down the fence by rolling on it and then barged into me last year. They really should keep their lard-arsed smeggy fans under control. How am I supposed to shake hands with the Spurs backroom staff with ugly little shits like that trying to get his… Read more »


I swear I saw Clive Owen or a clone of him running amok on the streets of Seven Sisters during the riots!

Van Der Vaart



Blogs, didn’t you install an anti-cunt filter on this site? Still, nothings perfect I suppose, will have to update with the latest version of the software.

Van Der Vaart

If they installed an anti cunt filter none of you scummer mugs would be able to post anything about your shambles of a football club…lol


What’s the matter, run out of crayons?


Clive Allen joined Arsenal in 1980 and he was so good that we sold him 2 months later without playing a league match! Once a cunt, always a cunt!

H Salem

Water Carrier ? Janitor ? Message Boy ? I think you best review the tottenham employment structure flow chart Arseblogger !! As you have promoted that cunt several levels above his station !! I for one will be doing my best to secure tickets for the return game as close as possible to the away dugout & the earliest opportunity I shall proceed to invade the pitch to bitch slap that twat as hard as possible ! I shall slap him so hard, that i’ll concuss every yid within a 500 yard radius !! I only hope that this moment… Read more »

$amir Na$ri

Clive Allen is my all time hero. I love that chubby little chipmunk in a way that two men who only share true man love can appreciate. Garlic for your bumholio Clive dearest?

Oh, I forgot to mention that we are both utter cunts of the filthiest order.


you ars are a bunch of bitter mugs aint ya. face it. youve had your time . your defence is shit. herr Wenger is going slowly mad and you ain’t what you were are you ? I don’t think you’ll go down but what have you won since you left the libray with all those japanese new fans. good luck to ye. you fucking need it. xxx

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck you


As opposed to how many new fans your club is getting? Hush now silly little boy.

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