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Mertesacker hails Wenger’s ‘giant reputation’

Per Mertesacker has admitted that the last gasp nature of his move to Arsenal has taken its toll on his integration into English life, but stressed that he and his new teammates will soon prove their full worth to the Emirates faithful under Arsene Wenger’s stewardship.

The German centre-back, who moved to Arsenal on transfer deadline day, has so far done little wrong in his first six matches for the Gunners, proving to be a no-nonsense performer, while simultaneously escaping any kind of injury at a time when most of his defensive cohorts have taken to the treatment table.

Speaking while on international duty with Die Mannschaft (find me a better team nickname), the Teutonic Tony Adams fan told the German Football Association website:

“I still have some problems with communication, but given the circumstances this had to be expected. Because of the late transfer, I hardly could prepare myself

“I have only been gone from Germany for a month. It is hard to put all into perspective. Sometimes it feels like an extended vacation. Gradually I’m starting to get used to the fact that my life is now actually in London.

“I feel I am in good hands. Our team brings together many nationalities, we are a mixed bunch. Nevertheless, or even because of that the atmosphere is very pleasant, very relaxed. We have many new players, but I think we have found together very quickly.”

Having revealed recently that Arsene Wenger had contacted him about a move as far back as the summer of 2010, Mertesacker also expressed his full faith in the Frenchman’s late movement in the transfer market and his ability to guide the club out of its current difficulty.

“For years, Arsene Wenger has been the pride of the club. The manager would not sign a player if he was not absolutely convinced. He shows me that in the daily work. That knowledge gives a lot of confidence to me and the others players.

“Over there, he has a giant reputation and ultimate backing. To Arsenal fans, Arsene Wenger is a hero, he won’t lose that status. We have a talented squad with a lot of potential and it is only a matter of time until we are able to show it.”

Thanks to @simonafc at for his translation of the original quotes. 

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win a fucking header mate.


football play with your feet not head all the time mate…


sorry ne, but if this current crop of gunners played a little more with their “heads” , we wouldnt be in such a shitty spot. (ehhhem theo and ramsey)


Looking forward to seeing him and Vermaelen team up. For those five matches a season where TV is fit our defense will be solid! 🙂

I’m only kidding guys n gals (about the injury I mean)


i got ripped for saying that about tv5 and rvp yesterday. its sad but if were being realistic, its true. 50 million pounds plus squid, dj and rosicky should be enough to pry hummels and subotic away from dortmund no?


I reckon once our two first choice CB’s are together for a run of games they’ll be solid. Mert is a more subtle, calm force… will intercept alot of passes & position himself very well. TV’s the combative one… will win us headers & outmuscle strikers. Praying for an speedy recovery with Sagna… just not entirely convinced with the LB’s although Gibbs is making strides. I’ll be chuffed with our defence if and when they’re all fit and have had a run of games, hopefully through the new year and into the summer. Let’s face it: Szczesny behind a wall… Read more »

Jim Deen

Now this is a reasoned comment – not even a tinge of hysteria. I share this view mate.


any relation to jimmy dean?


I think Santos/Vermaelen/Mertesacker/Koscielny would be more solid

Dave Gooner

I think Santos looks really promising. He is top quality.


Well said, I’m fed up with the constant negativity some keyboard warriors bombard the internet with. Your comment is a breath of fresh air.

Jermaine Pedant

Anyone but the Squitzer.


Frog and fatgooner, you are exactly the sort of arsenal fan that has really frustrated me over the last 5 years. So negative so hysterical. If I’m honest mate it’s very tottenham of you. I’m not trying to wind you up or have a go, but look at the reaction to your comments over the last few days. Some have been blocked! The thing is that even when things are crap you have to remember you are a supporter. That means you should support the team. I don’t know you but there are so many people in the pubs and… Read more »

Master Bates

“it’s very tottenham of you”

I almost literally LOLed


And hold on a second cometoseeeboue, no one said spend 200 million to buy the league. You said that. Saying spend 200 is different than saying what we said. We said , and I’ll say it again slowly because apparently you’re to slow to fully understand was, ” we sold cesc, nasri , eboue and Clichy for around 70 million, we would like the club we SUPPORT both emotionally and finically, to reinvest THAT money into the squad”. The club failed to do that. We are now in 15th place, and have no chance of winning anything. But hey, we… Read more »

Master Bates

it’s not as easy as just spending the 70M. There are so many things videogames don’t teach you .It’s not just about the Transfer Kitty , it’s also about the WAGE structure .Take Falcao for instance he gets paid about more than 100,000 ,oh and et’oo is highest paid athlete in the world .

So obviously you don’t use your brain or just don’t know what you are talking about ,It’s okay if you don’t ,most of us don’t. So just shut up and support the team ,you are never wrong that way .


No shit. So your saying that we couldn’t afford to buy a striker even with 70 mil and wages? Who sets our wage structure? O ya, the board. That’s my point. Your telling me athleticico


Madrid can afford to pay falcao nut we can’t? And etoo and falcao were just examples, there are plenty of strikers in the world that we could buy that are a whole shit load better than chamakh but we bought park, who maybe good, who knows. Point is , your rite this isn’t football manager and I don’t claim to know everything, what I do know is we got 70 mil or so and we bought arteta park and mertasaker for a grand total of about 17 mil. We were going for AOC before cesc and na$ri left and Santos… Read more »


Frog has a point. If Atletico, who were financially on their arse before they sold Aguero, can take that transfer money and immediately re-invest, affording both Porto’s fee and Falcao’s wages , then why can’t we? Falcao’s a cracking player too…

Voldermort not from Bromley

Agree with your sentiments eboue but I think what Frustrates a lot fans is the fact that with a bit of forward thinking and not man city type spending we had no need to be in the situation we are in now.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t know that forward thinking would have avoided the problems we have. I will admit that a determined effort to grow our revenue in the mid nineties might have put us in a stronger overall position. However, with the scale on which football clubs were working between 1995 and 2003 we were doing fine. We had started pulling in revenue from Europe and things were looking rosy. Many of our present problems come from outside our own control, and some of them (fairy Godfathers spunking 400 million on a team and still happy to splash more) could not seriously… Read more »


Head of nail hit firmly and squarely. Well done sir.


Well said eboue and just what this clubs about – class. Would some people prefer to see us sell our soul for a trophy or do it our way/the hard way. Victoria Concordia Crescit


Mertesacker is stupidly good on FIFA 2012- he’s impossibly fast. I know that has no relevance whatsoever to real life as he turns slower than the titanic but I thought you all might like to know.

Master Bates

Mertesacker has good positioning skills , He is sooo good ,he teleports

what no one has said

Park-Chu Young was a god in PES. Man I wanna see him play real bad.

IQ of 150 too. Shit that’s cool.

Martin Keown is my hero

This website is fast becoming “don’t dare criticise anything to do with The Arsenal”. And negatively rating posts is a form of censorship.

But I don’t give a fuck……..

“Nevertheless, or even because of that the atmosphere is very pleasant, very relaxed.”

Thats great to hear. We are 15th in the league, with 7 points after 7 games, but I’m happy that the boys are relaxed.

what no one has said

A lot of things were highly disrespectful or uncalled for. Here’s Mertesacker talking about actually ADAPTING to life in England and here’s another cunt whose hero is Martin Keown and who will not care about what Arsenal players do unless they are above 15th place in the league and have more than 7 points in 7 games. Mertesacker didn’t ask for a fucking fight, and it’s rude “I know it all and everybody hates the COLD TRUTH” pricks like you who think air-banging your head in a tram doesn’t make you look bloody stupid because “you are who you are”.… Read more »

Martin Keown is my hero

Shut the fuck up you dick. The point I was making is that the Arsenal players are too fucking relaxed. It is evident on the pitch and now Mert aludes to them being relaxed. If I was doing shit in my job, I would not be relaxed about it.

It doesn’t really bother me that we are 15th. It bothers me that the players aren’t busting a gut in every minute of every game, in order to get things back on track.

And by the way, you know nothing about me, you deluded cock jockey.

what no one has said

These replies hint me that said person is not well-versed in debating and arguing in general. Obviously, all my name-calling were AD HOMINEM ATTACKS. Not sure what they are? Google them up. It’s not uncommon for insults to be thrown here and there when people are blindly attacking players. Look, even if you do “shit in your job”, would you shout or shrug off questions about your personal life? Here’s where the shit gets real; the personal lives of both celebrities and footballers become intertwined with shit from fans like you who can’t appreciate a human being behind the player.… Read more »

what no one has said

Also, if you met someone you respect (and is winning in the league) and want to say some form of criticism, you’ll be the first one to say “No offence”, and then go on with a ridiculous tirade.

Here’s a pro-tip, why not take special attention to how you present your ideas? Presentation alone can make you seem like a majestic cunt, like right now Mr. Cunt.

Rather than hysteria, this is just pure faggotry. Piss off mate, I’m sure if Arsenal are 1st place now, you won’t even leave a comment.

Martin Keown is my hero

“Also, if you met someone you respect (and is winning in the league) and want to say some form of criticism, you’ll be the first one to say “No offence”, and then go on with a ridiculous tirade.”

Practice what you preach. Your sentences are incoherent.

what no one has said

“Also, if you met someone you respect (and is winning in the league) and want to say some form of criticism, you’ll be the first one to say “No offence”, and then go on with a ridiculous tirade.” Practice what you preach. Your sentences are incoherent.” Did I say “No offence”? No, I meant 100% to offend you. Do I know you? No. When my friends insulted Arsenal for losing 2-1 to Spurs, did I tell them to shut the fuck up? Yes. You see, I always ask myself subconsciously if I would dare to say so and so things… Read more »


Amen brother. I don’t give a fuck either. I’ve got some wanker posting above on this thread that I sound like a fucking spud supporter because I realize and said that our central defense has been pure shit for the last 5 years. Everyone and there retarded fucking uncle know that you win championships by having sound defense. So we sell cesc and nasri and eboue and Clichy for about 70 million pounds and some fucking pussy is telling me I sound like a spud for saying we should have spent the money to buy two proper centre halves( hummles… Read more »



the point is that you are entitled to your opinion, but if you could put it a bit more eloquently rather than swearing and gobbing off, then your opinion would be respected a lot more. you wouldn’t speak to anyone like that so why write it!

what no one has said

“Amen brother. I don’t give a fuck either.” That’s great. The problem was that the OP insulted Mertesacker. “That’s great” and hints very blatantly that he thinks Mertesacker doesn’t care about Arsenal’s league position. Insulting, and that’s why he was a cunt. He could have phrased it better, but chose not to. “I’ve got some wanker posting above on this thread that I sound like a fucking spud supporter because I realize and said that our central defense has been pure shit for the last 5 years. Everyone and there retarded fucking uncle know that you win championships by having… Read more »


Wow!! I can’t believe how many delusional twats there are posting here. No wonder our squad has been aloud to decline into a state of pure stagnating shit. With a bunch of window lickers like you lot it’s amazing we haven’t been relegated yet. Of the whole lot of you, itseems thee of you are capable of being able to form a thought and opinion of the arsenal on your own. The rest just go along believing the crap hand fed to you by gazidi and the rest of the trolls. 22 years I’ve loves this club with everything I… Read more »

what no one has said

Also, if you meant

“Frog and fatgooner, you are exactly the sort of arsenal fan that has really frustrated me over the last 5 years. So negative so hysterical. If I’m honest mate it’s very tottenham of you.”

as the comment that pointed to you as a Spurs fan, then no, he didn’t really call you a Spurs fan.

Spurs are the epitome of ‘fucking wanker’ in the Arsenal fans’ dictionary, and the poster was just saying you were a fucking wanker of an Arsenal fan.


shut up. what are you the know it all uberlord of all things aresenal blog related. fuck off mate. nobody wants to read your long drawn out sherlock holmesian deductions of previous posts. the point is, your looked at as a lepar if you dont blindly follow along with every shitty move the club make. dont try to tell me we replaced cesc fabregas and samir nasri with arteta, benayoun and ramsey. thats pure busch league crap. thats like replacing your mazerati with a miata and saying “job done”. i Ipersonaly dont care who you label as a “dick” because… Read more »

Save 75 cents

Some of you put fair-weather American fans to shame….get it together.


What the bloke is saying is that he’s not allowed an opinion without being called a cunt etc, or disloyal. It seems the only ” loyal” fans are those that toe the line and don’t argue against the way the club is being run. I personally cannot understand how anyone can think that the club is in the position it’s in due to anything other that negligence On the boards behalf. And I dont advocate spending city type money just the money that we have come in on transfers etc and in the right areas and when it was needed.… Read more »


Exactly voldermort. Don’t say I’m not a supporter because I’m not towing the company line. That’s bullshit. These assholes whom sit on the board of directors at arsenal are making a fucking fortune rite now by pocketing the cash made by selling our captain, second best midfielder and two defenders, meanwhile, us supporters are paying a metric fuckload of coin to watch and finically support our team with second rate players even though we pay the highest ticket prices on earth. There’s supporting your club in good times and bad, and then there’s getting fucked up the arse, by the… Read more »


Makes sense that Na$ri’s nickname is Frog…

Rectum Spectrum

i don’t think its about toeing company lines. when you make stupid comments like ‘the board of directors are pocketing cash form fabregas’ sale’ its stuff like that they attack. stupid pointless, incorrect unfounded junk like that they tear into mate. by all means critisise the club. but don’t just make shit up or exagerate. we all have girlfriends to do that for us, and its just as annoying when they do it. innit?


Dear rectum spectrum, asshole, maybe you missed it a few months back so I’ll let you slide on this. I will however , refresh your memory seeing as you say I’m making shit up and exaggerating. I believe it was Lady Bracewell-Smith who came out on some interview or social network and opened all sorts of dark closet doors upon the working of the BOD at arsenal. Among other things she said, was the act of the current board members padding their pockets with revenue gained from the sale of players. I don’t quite understand why so many arsenal supporters… Read more »


Okay okay. Woooww. I didn’t mean to start a big argument with anyone. Frog, sorry mate. You seem pretty annoyed. Most of my points were not directed at you personally or anyone else on hear. It was just indicative of the frustration I get when talking to most arsenal fans at the minute. I know most have the hump, and it ain’t how we ALL want it to be. But I was just trying to make the point that we are better than the spuds cause we shouldn’t argue with each other, we shouldn’t post tyrants of swear words calling… Read more »


hey shithead, dont go apologizing and trying to say you didnt mean me or anyone inparticular, the first words of your post went along the lines of ” Frog, and fatgunner, your the type of fan,,,,,,,, some bullshit about tottenhamish” so if im honest, your an asshole internet troll who was looking to stir shit, and your point about us being better than spuds….. guess what, they just whooped our second rate squad and your sitting here defending the people who put us in this shitty situation and taking shit to gooners who call it how it is. i am… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

HAhahh hahahahaha hahahahaha

Eric Irish gunner

I see Walcott on sky praising the granny shager Rooney saying he’ll be back and hopefully he plays well for them ( the manc scum) the ball licking fool, get your finger out of his hole and start fucking worrying about your own fucking team BALL LICKER


Negligent of frog’s parent to forget to set the child lock on their internet.


I retract my earlier comment. You are just a pleb.


Thank you sir.


Off topic. Frimpong on soccer am “spurs play like girls” the bloke is utterly brilliant, build him a statue now the guy will become an arsenal great.


Whoever said our defense has been shit for the last 5 yrs is wrong, been shit for ALOT longer then that but we’ve covered it up well by outscoring our opponent, 90% of the teams in the past wouldn’t okay us and played 90 mins flooding their box to keep the score respectable, now they all realize they can get at our defense without fear of TH14, bergkamp, pires, edu even as far back as anelka and overmars tearing open a new arse. Instead they can chill out knowing a fat little Russian, underachieving talentless Englishman and a clumsy moroccan… Read more »


Yup. If I said what you just said I’d have 86 thumbs down, my post would be deleted and is have all sort if clowns telling me im making things up and I’m a cunt and I’m not a supporter and I sound like a spud. To many people on here drinking the kool-aide an not using there brains.
Seriously, someone tell me who the last team to win the league with two shit centre halves was. Because we’ve had shit do CB’s for quite a while now.


Frog I think it’s the way you worded you opinion that rubbed people up the wrong way mate not what your saying. A different way of looking at our problems – I wouldn’t say our defense is the reason we’re struggling as bizarre as that sounds. yeah it’s not helping but the fact we’re scoring alot less then previous years is putting pressure on our well known shaky defense cause we can’t afford to concede now. attack is the best form of defense and that’s why we’ve had so much success over the Years. Who cares if we let in… Read more »


“Whoever said our defense has been shit for the last 5 yrs is wrong, been shit for ALOT longer then that but we’ve covered it up well by outscoring our opponent.”

That’s just false, revisionist history. The team of 04-05 that finished runner-up to Chelsea had just about as good a defensive record as “George Graham’s Back Four” (TM) in terms of goals conceded and lost one less game while accumulating more points in the league. “Wenger’s Back Four” (TM) of 03-04 was better than ’89. I wish everyone would cut the shit. Seriously.


I remember when we finished 12th in George Grahams last season. Yet some people would argue thats one of the best defence’s we had and under George Graham we were solid at the back which i feel isn’t the case. Under Graham i feel we were a very average cup team we won a few leagues a few cups but were nothing exceptional. Wenger comes along and took us to new heights in a short space of time. It’s a shame that he’s getting criticised so much because this is really his only bad spell he’s had with us. Fair… Read more »


More than you imagine possibly, some like me remember when we were truly shite in the eighties under Terry neil and Don Howe with under 20 k in the ground for most games, but those that went every game like myself loved it, it was our time and our era, football was real then, i remember chatting to Alan Sunderland on the tube as he was going to the ground for training i was going to pick tickets up. The arsenal was a different animal then, full of working class fans not the corporates or the islinglinton coffee set that… Read more »

Rectum Spectrum

“I’de take that time with real fans over the olivers and oscars that inhabit the so called modern arsenal of today”

funny 🙂 ‘Oliver? Oliver? over here Oliver, sit in beside Finlay. look boys we’re right behind the ole ‘dugout’. You can see the manger, that wenger man, the manager. They call him Le Doctor you know. Oh here comes daddy with my peppermint tea. Perhaps nows the time to tell him I had an abortion’


Is it true or near true that TV5 may return next week???? And can Kosser play right back instead of Carl (Leroy Smart)

The Interlull Madness

Dear Mr Arseblog This is long, so excuse me. I have been a regular reader of your blog for some years now, and may I say “Big Respect” to your writing; to your fairness and your visible love for your team which shines through daily. Occasionally, on reading your blog I’ve posted or tried to start a conversation on your “Arses” forum but alas I am often disenchanted and disappointed by some of the language used in response. (Please note they are short one line sentences, not long as this one (This is a one off so please bare with… Read more »

The Interlull Madness

CONTINUED Arsenal Wenger at present. Pressure on that new man … he will have to win every game for at least a half a season but is that achievable in this competitive EPL season with both Manchester Teams, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs (don’t forget Newcastle); making inroads to claim the prize. OH YES! “SACK THE BOARD “: The job of the BOARD is to control the managerial succession process (involving hiring, assessing, promoting, and if required, dismissing the CEO), and also to provide high-level counsel to top management to include Arsene Wenger. Generally; Board members are appointed for a term… Read more »

what no one has said

Too long; didn’t read half of it. Dude, ‘being derogatory’ or simply ‘using offensive words’ does not mean we are stupider than you are (stupid is not a bad word, no one I knew ever minded when I said “stupid”), and you complaining about it means you just can’t handle the intensity. Well too bad, go home boy. I am going to promise a 100% ‘clean’ post without bad words okay my boy? But of course, my feelings that you are very stupid remains — just because you can’t bear reading through words that are ‘bad’. What are bad words… Read more »

what no one has said

Mainly, my real beef is that if you wanted to REALLY debate and argue, you would not have minded all the words being flung around. You could have just tried calming them down, calling for ‘our civilized nature’ to prevail over our crudeness and went on arguing. Clearly, you have no time to invest for such mundane and stressful task. Once I read that you found such words to be upsetting, I was wondering what you were doing here. You could have gone to the arses on the blog instead of here I think. The problem is, when people fling… Read more »


Too long. Didn’t read half of it . . .


What the fuck are you on about? You lost every tiny little bit of any inkling of credibility you may have at one point had when you said some retarded bullshit along the lines of “the team is now in it’s second phase of preseason. ” Are you mentally I’ll my Friend? It mid fucking October. The season stated 2 bloody months ago, remember, when we couldnt out a whoopin on Newcastle. Out season started the same day as eveyone else’s and were fucked rite now because of gross neglect of upper management. Everyone and there brother new cesc was… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck me how long did that fucking take to wright

The Interlull Madness

Dear Sir/Madam/Boy/Dude : You confessed to not reading the full submission and therefore I have ticked you down. Have a great afternoon

what no one has said

Hey, I read half, doesn’t mean I have an invalid point.

If my effort to read that humongous wall of text and my opinions were that awful, then whatever floats your boat it is then.

Martin Keown is my hero

“That’s great. The problem was that the OP insulted Mertesacker. “That’s great” and hints very blatantly that he thinks Mertesacker doesn’t care about Arsenal’s league position. Insulting, and that’s why he was a cunt. He could have phrased it better, but chose not to.”

Wow, what an insult! I should be so ashamed……………What I was hinting at, is that the atmosphere within in the club is ‘relaxed’. I don’t think a relaxed atmosphere is appropriate given our circumstances.

The more you post ‘whatno…….”, the more you embarrass yourself. Keep it up!


“football ‘Orb Sphere’?” How’s the view from up your ass?


“orb sphere” what a ” C word”. Hahahahahahahha cunt.

[…] at least a quarter of the season gone, Mertesacker has reassured the fans that his best is yet to come, as he after all has only just came to Arsenal. I sincerely hope so. I can’t understand how […]


ok ill settle this debate once and for all. to everyone who has left a comment on this thread : YOU ARE ALL CUNTS.
There, now were all on level ground, so quit the snivvlin you little girls.


Cool it Frog…ain’t worth getting wound up on here. We all support The Arsenal after all – well, apart from duffers from other clubs that jump up and down on here for a bit of a wind – up, but they’re bigger King Cnuts than Na$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ri and not worth the bother


Seems like you are the one doing all the moaning and foot stamping…..


I think the picture is a little brighter now, we need to just get a run together and that will build things further… a foundation, we just need to get away from the fake position in the table we find ourselves. Some teams and players have been very disrespectful of Arsenal and they will pay for that in due course because even Spurs think they can change the tide in one season whilst we just go through a lean spell, that’s easy to capitalize on, i think we need to get angry and Wenger should put some of the press… Read more »

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