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Russian qualification eases Arshavin’s mind

Andrei Arshavin says Russia’s qualification for Euro 2012 has left him feeling relaxed and ready to perform for the Gunners.

Speaking to his official website after the Sunderland game, the lilliputian Leningradian said, “I’m really in high spirits right now. You know, after the game against Slovakia I feel like a load has been taken off my mind. I was pressured by the responsibility for the outcome. And now after we qualified, I’m totally relaxed and calm. When a player feels good, it’s always much easier to play”.

The lack of pressure may well have contributed to an effective second half cameo as Arshavin replaced Gervinho. He almost scored when, having dribbled through the Sunderland defence, he toe-poked just wide, and he made a much more positive contribution than in recent games.

Yet after the win against Sunderland, Arshavin was under no illusions as to the task that lies ahead and said there was no time for celebrating the win against Sunderland. “After the final whistle we started thinking about the upcoming match in the Champions League”, he explained. “We have already begun preparing for Marseilles. I am glad that we won. It is time to crawl out of the place we got ourselves into”.


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It is indeed ” time to crawl out of the place we got ourselves into”…
Well said Arsh!


My thoughts exactly, true pro, and we saw it with that cameo.


Come one you lilliputian Leningradian you!!!


Translation error? Or fantastic turn of phrase?


Blogs, with the impact that Arshecastavin has had on what we hear in our heads, when we read anything he’s said, you can probably save yourself a bit of a job and not bother replicating the words “a” and “the”, in any of his reported quotes.

[…] has gave an interview, and believe that Russia qualifying for the Euros has taken a load off his mind. Maybe that is why we could see him playing slightly better […]

Burt Reynolds

Does AA23 need therapy? What’s with the anxiety? His comments typically carry some sort of morose assessment and then a sweep-it-under-the-carpet throwaway line that cries out “avoidance strategy.” I love our unstable little Rusky: get him on some meds and watch him play a blinder.

Come to think of it, I wonder how many of us have upped our dosage since last February? Let’s see: Hands up!


He’s five foot four,
He’s five foot fooouuurrr!
We’ve got Arshavin,
Fuck Adebayor!!!
(and Nasri cause he’s a smelly little cunt)


I like him and he did make a difference on Sunday, but I couldn’t give a toss about Russia’s qualification. His priorities and mind should have been on arsenal the people that pay his wages. That said long may his cameo form continue. Rather see him than Theo at the moment he looks lost.

Bromley Gooner

With all the players acting like cunts and leaving recently I almost forgot what a tremendous thunder Ashley Cole was, then I saw a picture of his smarmy little gob shite face and all the memories came flooding back, what a ferocious little twat he really is, I just hope there is a god of football and he and John Terry have some bizarre training ground accident!! Ideas of what welcome!


I think Terry will slide in on Ashley and somehow end up with Coles dick in his mouth

[…] for the Euro Championships,I somehow feel he is pretty focused on playing well for Arsenal. His recent interview seems to be good evidence of that. If you need more..well..take a look at this […]


Well, inability to qualify for WC broke his heart and his form. This might turn the fortunes…fingers crossed. He was the sole reason we finished in CL spot in 2008-09 season, can’t see why he can’t do it again.

Pele of Romford

When he was banging’em in from all over the gaff, and was our anfield specialist. I honestly had him down as our best player. Mental to think that now. However, Even in his pony-est period for us and though he might not work that hard, he’s inventive and direct. And I think as good as Rosicky was against Sunderland giving arsh a go behind rvp (Giggity) in his natural position (Giggity again) might be the re-awakening we’ve been waiting for. He’s still decent for Russia there as well. And let’s face it, even on his wedge Rosicky couldnt score in… Read more »


i honestly think arshavin would suit better playing infront of van persie… he can certainly beat defenders one on one… and van persie is better at dropping deep and picking up the ball. if the two of them fire…. it would be magic to watch. Although Rosicky played well against sunderland and i was glad to see little mozart finally pulling some strings again. if he can get his confidence back and start firing in from range like he did for dortmund a life time ago… that would be magic.


I just can’t for the life of me figure out why I like this little twat so much. He’s got a bi mouth and always seems to say stupid shit,he’s infuriating to watch on the pitch 80% of the time and yet, instill really like the little fella. I don’t get it.


* big mouth. ( although I guess bi mouth is pretty funny)


We have a serious lack of quality in the team at present, and a frustrating as this guy can be at times, he is quality which is something we desperately need at the moment. We’ve had glimpses of his quality in an Arsenal shirt and if he can get it going on a regular basis, we are better for it. Hate to say it, but him playing to is potential is LANS!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but it seems to me that he is essentially saying that he got depressed / fed up with football in 2009 when Russia failed to qualify for the World Cup, and that he only started feeling better last week when they qualified for Euro 2012. By ‘eck, he takes his international football seriously. He has been a bit of a disappointment during the ensuing two years, though I am sad to say it, so I really hope this is a sign that he is about to get back to his best.… Read more »

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