Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wenger challenges media to help end ALL abuse

Having been subjected to some abhorrent abuse from opposition fans since arriving in England 15 years ago, Arsene Wenger is well placed to talk about the stresses and strains that come from dealing with vicious verbal attacks.

Speaking at the end of a week which has seen the whiff of alleged racism hang over both the Nou Camp and Stamford Bridge, the Frenchman told the media that further work is needed to eradicate outdated attitudes on the terraces and made clear that the press has a role to play in both condemning foul language and in educating people.

Acknowledging that vast improvement have been made during the Premier League’s global expansion, Wenger reflected:

“I have always found racism stupid but I believe that England works quite well on that front and that sport has done a lot against racism and will continue hopefully.

“Compared to 15 years ago when I arrived, football has become much more international, England has become much more international, a lot more tolerant, a lot more open-minded. It’s a massive improvement. At the start of my time here I had Ian Wright and how many times did we have problems on that front? It has improved tremendously. We have to continue to do work but the situation is much better than 15 years ago.”

Talking about the foul-mouth tirades that he himself has suffered at Old Trafford, White Hart Lane and other venues around the country, Wenger finally laid down the gauntlet to the national press.

“There is an issue of all kinds of abuse. I have worked for 15 years in England and I have been abused how many times? And that doesn’t shock anybody. And the media has a part to play as well. It is not only about racism – any abuse is wrong. Nothing is done [about some forms of abuse].

“I would like to see people sitting on the [bench] for one day and hear what people chant. And you know it’s completely wrong – it’s the same as racism.

“You have to punish people and you will see if the rest will do it again. This is an important subject, racism, but it’s not the only one. Any kind of violence, or abuse, you have to fight against.”

Let’s hope Arsene’s call to arms, which is pretty feisty for a cheese eating surrender monkey, works…

(That’s a joke, save your bile).

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Lets kick racism out the game, literally.Starting with Terry today.

Boris Godunov

There’s a belief, which takes roots in the Bible, stating that some nations will have to bear the mark of Cain, considered by most whites to be skin colour and facial features. It was a way God punished nations, just like with the Jews after king David has sinned. Now what is wrong with reminding people of who they are? We as gooners will always love Ts4 although we know who he is. Now what is wrong when Walcott looses the ball and someone shouts “what ‘s wrong with you, nigger”? g


You’re a prick, fuck you you racist inconsiderate dick, go back to the stone age. Nothing like that should ever be said, we are all human beings in the end of the day and should not be categorised and named by the colour of our skin, we are given names….Is it really that hard to say ‘what’s wrong with you THEO?!’ No it’s not so wake up to the modern world not some medieval interpretation of the Bible.


I have never met a person named boris who WASNT a piece of shit knobjockey. Thanks for continuing the tradition.


Anyone who think’s their better than someone else due to their skin is not only morally corrupt but clinically insane. Thankfully most people are brought up to dislike someone because of their bad character, personalty and bad deed’s rather than race,creed,faith,gender etc etc, racism is not only bad and evil in sport it’s bad in all walk’s of life.


You are quite simply a piece of human shit


Ah yes, Boris, it’s hypocritical morons like you who hide behind scripture as an excuse for their pathetic drivel.

Boris Godunov

pardon my spelling, it’s hard to comment from a cellphone in a moving car.

the invincible arse

Dont mind, nobody misses your comments.


Here’s hoping you crashed and died as a result of texting whilst driving you wank stain


It’s also against the law in some places. Are you deliberately inviting abuse because you’re a masochist?


Totally agree – in theory – with stupid, hateful, mindless, abuse. But does this extend to Ashley Cole or Adeybayour being on the receiving end from Arsenal fans ? Way back in my halcyon youth of the 1970s there was a West Brom player called Asa Hertford who was diagnosed with a hole in his heart. I had the dubious pleasure of standing on the North Bank next to a group chanting “Asa’s heart’s got holes in……La-la-lal-la” when he came on during and encounter with the Throstles – as they were then known. Does it even extend to dear David… Read more »


Go away Boris. You are not a gooner, you’re a twat.


you massive ignorant racist, life-endangering twat

Boris Godunov

I’m not a rasist, as some of u suggested. If I were, I’d be rooting for Lazio. I Love and respect humanity and life in general in any form or shape. I just stated the facts as I saw them. Godspeed to all my beloved gooners, let peace and glory prevail by the Almighty among us.


You’re a ‘rasist’ fisting cuntbubble who treats the Bible as fact. So not just a cretin, but an insane one too. Deal with it.

Boris Godunov

Sweetheart, I would rather be hellbent lunatic, believing in Bible as a guide to immortality, than a self-righteous atheist going into oblivion with a sound of nails being driven down the coffin.


you shd see a Psychiatrist Boris. You’re really sick in the head!!!

Jesus calling

I’m sorry I died for you. Also, you’re giving my other followers a bad reputation. And get off your phone while you’re driving, or I will crash that tin can of a car of yours.

Smeer Nasri (with shit)

Idiot. If you had ever been on the receiving end of racism you wouldn’t have the tenacity to say such stupid nonsense. And I also don’t think you represent your religion very well. Most Christians would be repulsed by your insane ramblings Boris. And stop thumbs upping yourself to try and make yourself look better, you sad dick.

Merlin's Panini

Fucking iPhone!!


Godspeed you to the grave you racist cunny


Get fucked Borat.


Boris is obviously not serious. Ignore the troll


Can Blogs make sure this Bible basher can’t post again here? This really isn’t the place for such nonsense. we don’t believe in goblins and ghouls anymore. Time to grow up.


Yep, done.


However, it’s excellent the way the community moderated him. Sterling work everyone.


What a nutter. Glad he could be banned. You’d think at ABN of all places to be safe from religious fervour & racist filth.. Though I’m not personally slighted by it, “bible-basher” is a pretty derisive term to a group of people, Airzy. They’re not all c**** or even responsible for their beliefs (I’m not meaning Boris here – he certainly is a c***).. Culture your born into obviously has a big effect on which beliefs systems a person adopts, so on similar principles you shouldn’t tar everyone with the same brush (not being as offensive as the ‘n’ word… Read more »


I attended OSU from 1962-64 and PSU from 1964-65. I then entered Willamette law School under their old program and graduated in a total of 6 years with a BSL and JD. I think this is great to start up again. The 4 years of undergraduate is not necessary for everyone. Most of us in this program did very well in law school and thereafter.


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