Thursday, February 9, 2023

Wenger: plenty of right back options

Arsenal fans may be dismayed at the absence of the awesome Bacary Sagna but Arsene Wenger says he’s got plenty of options to fill the Frenchman’s gap. Erm. You know what I mean.

There has been some chatter about Francis Coquelin being used there as he’s more experienced than new boy Carl Jenkinson but the manager says that’s not really an option.

“I think it is more down to Jenkinson because Coquelin has never been at ease as a right back,” Wenger told the official site. “He is not somebody who likes to play at right back and his confidence is not high at right back”.

Which is fair enough and considering the good job he did in central midfield against Sp*rs it’d be strange to then shunt him into a position he doesn’t like. The boss went on to explain some of the other options.

We have Jenkinson and we have Koscielny who has been educated as a right back. Djourou can play there too. Koscielny was always a right back, so he can play there. Even Santos can play there I think so we have plenty of possibilities.”

Arseblog News believes we should move Arshavin back into central midfield, push Arteta forward, ask Theo to play as an old-fashioned inside right, re-create half-back position, change formation to a 2-6-4 and then pick Jenkinson anyway.

He might not be ready but without playing he’s never going to get there.

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Why am I not filled with confidence…..?
We need the verminator to come back and help solve our defensive woes.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

At right back?

Zain Cannon

Kos at RB and Verm at CB.

Goon Mate

Heh. Formation eh?

the only sam is nelson

1: carl jenkinson is a real life gooner

c: better to blood him now when there’s no risk of losing our lead at the top of the table due to defensive mistakes

vi: condemning/judging a young player before he’s had the time to prove himself is counterproductive, snide, and fucking stupid

7: come on you rip roaring glorious golden gunners


fucking LOVE this comment.

Master Bates

g. He can cross better than Sagna

iv.He is bigger than other fit RB options’s only sunderland , they have average wingers and Bendtner(not Ashley Young or Gareth Bale)

Xii. I remember he shut down Stewart downing

p.he is 19. there is room for improvement

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They don’t even have Bendtner on Sunday.

Master Bates

Koscielny as RIGHT BACK , jenkison not ready. The only problem is Djrourou will have to fill the CB position.


i could play right back.

Black Matta

No you can’t.

You’re a frog.


“djourou can play at right back” done great at Blackburn as i remember Leave it to jenkinson at least it’s his natural position and he just needs help from those around and in front of him. Drill that home to them and it might work.

the only sam is nelson


although it does mean dropping arshavin who doesn’t appear to understand that “helping” means more than a once-a-season mad chase to your own byline to regain possession in a moment of crowd pleasing solidity


I’d add Theo to that. Jenks needs help, not some wallah giving him stick which is what Walcott seemed to be giving him at that game that might have happened up north earlier in the season where we let a couple more goals in than we should’ve.

If he was giving him stick about his defensive work, that’s like Jozef Fritzel criticising your parenting skills.

the only sam is nelson

it’s like shane macgowan criticising your teef

tend to agree about theo but have absolutely no fucking idea what game you’re on about

Disparate Dan

I’m fit. I can rise like a salmon, hang like a hawk etc. plus my head is shaped like a fifty pence piece, so my headers are unpredictable. Come on Arsene. Give me a go.

Love, Igors


I personally feel that the critisism of Jenko is a tad unfair. He is certainly great going foward, and does decently in 1 v 1’s. He gets exposed at the back at times but then again, who doesn’t?
The more experience he gets, the more he’ll cut mistakes out, and with game time comes experience. So it’s only fair that he is given a chance.
The kid’s very passionate about the club, and from what I’ve seen, tries hard in games, so let’s get behind him because he’s most probably starting on Sunday!


As much as I agree that it is unfair fair to give him stick I think the biggest problem is we had Eboue for all his faults was a better backup player than what Jenkinson is. The kid could not break into the Charlton team and is far away from Premier League quality at this stage in his career it’s all very well giving him game time. But if his mistakes cost us points then what are people going to say?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Eboue became a better back up player with game time and experience and a fair bit of suffering along the way. Eboue got that time in the first team and got booed doing it. Jenkinson deserves the same chance. If he makes a few errors then so be it.

Hopefully the sensible majority of our supporters will resist the urge to join in with any booing directed his way while he does his best to fill Sagna’s big boots.


Djourou can’t play at right back as he displayed. He’s a defensive midfielder, not even a proper centre half.

Koscielny would seem to be a better prospect at right back, and if he can be taught to play LB as well, then he would be a handy utility defender to have as backup for when (if) our first choice defenders are fit.


Squillaci at RB anyone….?

No? Just me then.

the only sam is nelson

zinger! have you swallowed a joke book?


I tried but couldn’t get it past my teef. How did you know McGowan had been having a pop about em? Bastard.


I prefer squillaci at left back. You know, like left back in France.

Black Matta

HAHAHAHAHA because he’s not good at the football sport


If my memory serves me correctly Pat Rice is an experienced right back, though obviously in the twilight of his career we should give him a go, why else is he on the payroll?


With his 397 apps for Arsenal he would certainly add experience and mental strength to our defence

Jim Deen

And we all know that he communicates well – something our defense sorely needs.

Szcesny, on Pat in the dressing room: “He shouts a lot!”


Pat Rice would truly be LANS


Carl jenkinsons’ play was quite decent so far. People are just slating them because
!) They generally like to moan.
2) Denilson is not there anymore.


I miss Denilson. Nobody likes it when you blame Ramsey for losing the ball then jogging back slower than the referee. slagging Denilson for that was a gooners second favorite activity the last few years. But god forbid you say that about Ramsey!


If Jenkinson puts his shirt on back to front and attacks when he should be defending, then defends when he should be attacking. I think he should do okay the way Arsenal have been playing lately…..

Dave Gooner

lf Jenkinson plays he has my full, unequivocal support. And if he doesn’t. No ifs. No buts.

I wish Carl Jenkinson all the best, and hope the crowd gets right behind him and give him every confidence. That support is crucial. He’s a great footballer, but he’s young and new to the pressures of playing in Arsenal’s first team, and support or derision from the stands might make or break him.

And I really hope its ‘make’.

Every success to you Carl. Oooo to be a Gooner.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

This is just a classic example of what all young people face in every work place across the country:

A: Sorry you’re not experienced enough for this job

B: Well why don’t you give me the job, and I’ll gain the experience?

A: No. You don’t have the experience to start with

B: But how the hell am I supposed to gain experience if no one will let me?

etc etc.
I really hope he gives Jenkinson a chance. What would be the point in having him here otherwise?


And with this economy, and not very many jobs out there, as a soon to be graduate, I’m F*cked..

Glory hunter

He can only getter and he’s a gooner! He gets my vote.
If not then Kosienly is a very good alternative especially when TommyV returns!

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

getter. I hope you meant to write that

Alpha T

I’m guessing u mean ‘get better’ lol
But I agree.


I like ‘getter’. It saves typing.

Frankly my wrist was put on this earth for better than getting RSI through typing bollocks on this iphone thing.


Yeh damn those midfielders eh? Not defending like erm defenders. O_o

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Whoever plays at right back will have an easier time of it if Arsene Wenger has told Mertesacker not to drift over to the left leaving the right back isolated. When Mertesacker wanders away the right back has to keep two eyes on the threat of overlapping attackers running down the touchline on his right and his third eye on the vast space to his left. With Mertesacker playing we need a fast right back. Djourou would be a poor choice and would be more use on the bench. I’ve written Mertesacker too many times. I’m not going to write… Read more »


I find it interesting how most of the old players who used to play under Wenger say he’s still the right man to lead us.

Based on what evidence? What they say in training when they were players?? Laughable. He’s never done it before in his life and he’s over 60years old. Infact, he managed to get one of his former French team relegated.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You’re thinking of A S Nancy in 1986-7 aren’t you?

Well mister fancypants cleverclogs I’ll have you know that they only got relegated that year because they had lost two of their most influential players before the start of the season. So ther…Oh


Oh wait I get it…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Seriously though, his record isn’t at all bad and his age shouldn’t matter one iota. He’s a damn sight younger than a lot of very good managers both now and in the past. His former players mostly worked for him long enough to know whether he’s any good, and if they say he’s the man, then he’s got my vote.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

By the way Mr Blogs, surely Walcott does play as an old-fashioned inside right?

He starts running up the right touchline and then because he’s not so great at crossing, he comes inside, right?

Alpha T

Lol, u shd start ur own blog!

Ps: he paid ‘me’ to write that!


You can trust Wenger to put the worst option there, whoever it is.


Care to be more constructive then as to who would be a better option?


can santos really play right back though? there aint many lefters that can play right.
ill play carl. not that hes good but we have no option hes the only natural right back. i would prefer koscielny to play right back but he has to play center back but i cant trust the likes of djourou or squalvestre in the center. i havent seen how good djourou or squalvestre is as a full/wing back but if they aint good then theres no point.

Always a gooner

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[…] the right back slot, Arsene Wenger has ruled out moving Coquelin to that spot, and rightly so. Putting the youngster there is a waste of his ability, just as it was […]


Jenkinson is simply not ready yet. He must not be exposed to top-level football at our club. The best thing for him now would be to be sent out on loan to give him some experience.


I would have to agree. I seem to remember there was a huge uproar when we signed him people saying how he couldn’t break into a league 1 team and now all of a sudden people feel he’s ready to play regular first team football in the premier league it is mystifying.

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C*nt

I like the constant ‘pained’ look on little CJ’s face…

Like Ben Stiller in one of his ‘serious’ roles.


Djourou your having a laugh Arsene. He can’t play anywhere. Absolutely useless

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