Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Wenger: We achieved a double target

Arsene Wenger has reflected on his side’s 5-3 win at Stamford Bridge and praised his side’s attacking quality and mental strength [what else?].

Losing 2-1 at half-time, the Gunners struck twice just after the break through Andre Santos and Theo Walcott only to see Juan Mata level things up again with ten minutes to go. Despite several hair-raising moments in the closing minutes a late brace from captain Robin van Persie sealed a hattrick for the Dutchman and three vital points for Arsenal.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the match the Frenchman told Geoff Shreeves: “It was absolutely fantastic to watch. I felt both teams really went for it. In the first half they had chances, we had chances.

“In the second half I felt that we were completely dominating the game and creating chance after chance. We got tighter in midfield and overall we have shown quality and mental strength.

“Going down just before half-time against a team like Chelsea and coming out like we did shows that there is a great resolve in the team.

“I felt in the first half we looked fragile in the first half defensively. In the second half much less so, we were much more in control. We always looked dangerous on the attack and that’s why I invited my team to keep going forward.

Responding to suggestions that the match could prove another welcome turning point after a tough start to the season, Wenger continued:

“We achieved a double target. To win a big game away from home and to do it with style and class. Of course it is an important day for us. We need to keep our feet on the ground, move on from that and focus on Tuesday when we have another big game [against Marseille].

“I see the game in a positive way because we played the football we want to play. You always think that the defensive mistakes that we made you can get rid of, but when you have no potential to go forward it’s more difficult to give it to the team.

“I felt that we did well today and that it should lift the confidence of the team again. We showed consistency in our spirit and in our performance. Let’s do that again on Tuesday night.”

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Reports of Wenger’s demise have been greatly exaggerated


Yeah you started those reports. A la Fickle

Merlin's Panini

we certainly didn’t seem to lack a little bit the sharpness today! 🙂

Johnny O

Boom we r the bOllocks fuck everyone else


Like that he wants to keep his feet on the ground, and just take every game in its stride. next up, marsielle


I’ve achieved way more than a double target this afternoon. I’ve shit myself multiple times and come in my pants 4 times. All in the space of 45 second half miniutes……

FallRiver Gooner

I haven’t stopped doing the Happy Happy Joy Joy Dance (mixed in with a little Snoopy 2-Step). 😀


I know this is slightly irrelevant but I just want to point out the away support today.
Absolute class once again. Out-singing Manure despite losing , out-singing the spuds, and today they finally were rewarded. Representing the Arsenal fans for the full 90 minutes out-singing the Chavs for the entire game!

Who else heard “It’s so quiet at the Bridge” I fucking loved that. hahaha


Not irrelevant at all my friend! Great away support as always!


Not irrelevant at all.
If you are the away team at that shithouse you need all the support you can get.
Those of you who are fortunate to attend at the Grove please make an effort to instil a positive energy into the team.
It is my opinion that the team would perform better with less negativity from the Emirates fans.


the Chelsea fans were oh so quiet at one stage it was the same voice as it is at the emirates

Nutty Gooner

We didn’t play with a hand a little bit on the break…we took it off completely. Hahaha. Fun game really.


Someone beat me to the handbrake comment!!!

There was no handbrake today! Shame that two of Chelsea’s goals were down to poor defending -but you can’t expect to play a perfect defense every game.

szcz can be a little erratic when coming out of the box, it has not ended badly yet… yet.


Where are the Wenger naysayers now?


“Where are the Wenger naysayers now?” Right here. We never went away. Pleased with the win, and Robin’s great run of form continues. But let’s keep it all in perspective. Yes, we’re out of our crisis period, with this run of wins. But “we’ve shut the gate after the horse has bolted”, as the saying goes. At the time of writing this, we’re still 12 points off the leader, Man. City. This, in a season in which we supposed to be challenging for the league, remember ? Or so Wenger led us to believe, ( as he does every season… Read more »


While we can always look back on that summer, I find it interesting that all you guys find the need for perspective when we win and not just win anywhere but at Chelsea while playing well and scoring 5 goals, but disregard that same perspective completely when we lose? If when we lose it’s the manager’s fault or so and so’s mistake then surely when we win you have to give credit where it’s due, otherwise you just come off as a miserable person always looking for something to whine about! You can have it both ways but not just… Read more »


Everything sure looks pretty straightforward in hindsight doesn’t it. Go moan on a chav blog.


There’s always gotta be someone who has to be negative after a result like that ain’t there?


And there’s always some gloating asshole after a victory that doesn’t really mean a lot in isolation. As if this one result makes up for the last 6 years of shit! Very welcome of course, but Arsenal remains an underachieving club.


I swear your a waste of space go away to a Chelsea blog or some next shit you fag. No one likes you. Bye, have a shitty day.


Hey James, of course one result doesn’t make up for 6 years! Why, even six results or sixteen may not be enough depending on how you look at things….but then the 2-8 hammering we got didn’t mean much in isolation either! And you’re having a dig at fans gloating? Maybe you haven’t been following The Arsenal because of our ‘underachieving’? Let me bring you up to speed: 1. We won a game. (Any win is good, anytime for any team, anywhere in any league) 2. We beat one of the so called ‘big’ sides. (Reason to gloat) 3. We beat… Read more »


A swit victory tho some decisionz were goin against us. Congrats to all gunners fanz


We got some good decisions too. Fuck Chelski! The more bad decisions they get the better.


absolutely a class result to do chelski in their own backyard. get game from d lads today. thought when rosicky came on he’d stand off a bit but he got stuck in like d rest. celebrations at the end were a massive confidence booster s well s d win of course! hopefully we can keep this form goin into tues night. COYG

Malaysian Gooner

Is it really their own backyard? I thought they rent it?



Big Ben

Good to see the hand brake is well and truly off!! Onwards and Upwards!!


Apparently we’ve sold the handbrake on ebay!!! 😀 COYG!!


AR – The vehicle’s had a service, and is more roadworthy than before. But we’ve still got the same nut behind the wheel. And we’ve still got a 12 point roadblock ahead, in case you haven’t noticed. But to you the destination isn’t important, you’re happy to simply be taken for the same ride year after year after year. We might have got further if Wenger had remembered to fill the tank, and plan the journey beforehand this time. Seven years we’ve been following his map, and he still leads us down the wrong roads. Time to hire a new… Read more »


alright, I acknowledge your opinion and there’s nothing wrong with the way you’re looking at it. See if we were Chelsea where we have a new manager every other season, your views would hold more weight. I am not saying Wenger is an angel and has no flaws, what I am saying is, he’s the manager of our club and has had success in the past and quite possibly can have success in the future. The key though is he IS our manager and by all accounts will be for quite some time since those that can make the decision… Read more »


Nobody’s perfect.

In case you have missed it:

Arsenal don’t have a sugardaddy
Arsenal have financed a new stadium
Arsenal are underachieving with regards to sponsors. The club needed long-term deals to secure they could finance stadium debts and interest


C-H-3-L-5-E-A v AR53NAL… What a game! Call the fire brigade…RVP is on fire!!!


Goonarmy re our away support: too right mate. loved RVP’s celebration at the end and him giving the geezer with the piercings his shirt ( bet he sinks a few tonight!). RVPs way of saying thanks methinks


My favourite game at that chav dump used to be Kanu’s hat trick in the rain…
but not any more because that match didn’t have ‘the biggest wanker in football bar none’ falling flat on his face & looking like a complete fool as Robin scored!!!COYG!!

Bergkamp Rules

Had a sneaky feeling we’d do it today. Awesome! And we’ve still got Wilshere and the Verminator to come back – not to mention Sagna! Who says our squad is to weak? Happy Days!




Hey I think we’ll even win the league ! Oh wait. We’ve already had to give up on that, haven’t we ? Thanks, Arsene.
” In Arsene we rust.”


Spectrum I can’t understand your negativity – do you watch games hoping we lose? Can you not enjoy a win like every gooner? Who’s talking about winning the league? Chelsea are 3 points above us and they have a 50 million striker who doesn’t score goals – can they win the league? And I thought you Wenger haters would have realized this by now, but even if we were to lose another 10 games, Wenger isn’t going to leave. He’s not going to be sacked and he certainly won’t quit. That leaves you in a dilemma doesn’t it? You either… Read more »


Spectrum is the kind of guy who is hoping that we’d loose because he believes that it can get us one step closer to sacking Wenger. And according to his beliefs the next manager will result in the second coming of the Invincibles. Weird cult. Better ignore them.

She wore

Well over the 90 mins I shit myself twice came in my pants 5 times & was sick in my ashtray once and then I pissed myself when the Nazi fell over and rvp scored

She wore

I shall be sleeping in the car tonight


Watch out for doggers 😉


Fantastic result, no-one complains about Wenger talking of “mental strength” when it’s actually true! We showed character and grit in the 2nd half, the midfield really helped out the defence which made all the difference. I’ve been impressed with the way we’ve closed games out recently, and this must be down to the experience we’ve added to the squad. If this game would’ve happened during the second half of last season, and we’d conceded a goal to go 3-3 with 10 mins left, there’s no way we would’ve fought back to win. This group of players has something different, a… Read more »


The boys are really starting to become a collective unit under the new captain.

Now, let’s sign our captain up before Europe comes knocking.


Calm down you lot. It was a fantastic win. But in the context of our league season, it’s meaningless, unfortunately. You’re all relieved we’ve saved the family photos, whilst in the background our house has just burnt down.
” In Arsene we rust.”


Well if u can’t be joyous and happy and celebrating with fellow gooners on winning against a superb team(they are a good side) at their home, the team which is supposed to be pushing for titles, then dude u should just stop following arsenal.

You should come at the end of the season and moan that we haven’t won anything/ we have only won 1 trophy/we have only won 2 trophies/we have only won 3 trophies/ why we didn’t do this for consecutive years. Because that’s what u actually are – a moaner.


Fuck off you miserable cunt


You are so fucking stupid, acting like the season is over, just wait. Arsenal WILL end up in the top 4 hell, even top 3. And I will slap your moms tits when we do !


Where is the queue to slap some tits??


fuck off you stupid cunt!


We are the Arsenal.


On the down side… Nope there ain’t one. What a day what a week what a fucking life another beer please nurse

Jono Nono

MOTD tonight I’m unbuckling at half time


strait jacket?


I think he is going to pleasure himself to the sight of Arsenal knocking 4 past the chavs

Eric Irish gunner

5 mate


Spectrum, give it break mate. You were properly nailed by AR earlier. It’s a shame in some ways that your earlier post has been voted out as it’s a good example of blinkered stubbornness.

You’re to worried about the future to enjoy the present. You’re too stubborn to allow people their day. Mostly you’re too full of hackneyed idiom cliche. Teeth grindingly full. Just give up on the “In Arsene We Rust” crap. You’ve been pumping it dince July and it”s just not catching on is it?


TomC – “Enjoy the present ” ? What makes you think I haven’t enjoyed the win as much as anyone else on here ? And why am I any less of an Arsenal supporter because I focus on the bigger picture, and remind people of it ? Be happy, sure. But predictably, some of the comments on here are over the top in their exuberance. It can be likened to a team being 4-0 down with ten minutes to go. Their striker then scores, and celebrates wildly, ignoring the score on the board. How ridiculous would that be ? If… Read more »



I don’t think you enjoyed the match as much as everyone else for the simple fact that everything you posted since the match has been negative, sour puss, bottle-half-empty, piss-on-parade bollocks That’s my evidence.


I took half day from work Thursday to Wenger & rest in the arsenal AGM, and Mr Wenger talks about the fighting & spirit about this team, I though yeah yeah there he goes again! But while watching the game today, I kept hearing Mr Wenger voices in my head “we shall fight on the pitch” “we shall be united” “we shall fight intelligently” I think every fucking so called arsenal supporter should do their job, which is support the team specialy when they need our support at most! Like the true fan that 8-2 at old Trafford. Let’s not… Read more »


A month and a little bit a while ago if you told me that we would beat Chelsea 5-3 at the Bridge I would have slapped you because talking out Arsenal was a very sensitive topic for me… What a huge ass difference a month can make… Oh and Theo’s goal was SICK!!!!!! He had such a better game this week that last week… Looks like someone implanted a football brain into him and I hope that it wasn’t a temporary thing… But like I said last week he can give you some moments of utter brilliance! And sometime not… Read more »


What a great win, I’ve been thinking as well gooners. What about if Wenger is right and everyone else is wrong?

We’ve come from having a protest to get Wenger out to beating Chelsea in there chavy back yard and on an unbeaten run of 8 games! I bet the Wenger out brigade are gutted!!!!! Up the gunners and up the true gunner supporters!!!

Clock End Mike

Actually, mate, it’s five unbeaten (five wins, or eight wins out of the last 9 matches). But yeah, I’m happy to forget about the Spuds, too 🙂

Eric Irish gunner

What a great day, shame we have to play a game midweek I could listen to chelski get slaughtered for the fucking week and terry the slippery fucking racist


I think today was a really good insight to how good this Arsenal team can be. We were let down only by the defence at certain points, particularly Mertesacker and Santos (and Djorou for the first 15). But we still have Sagna, Vermalen and Gibbs to come back, who would all go straight back into the team. With the way everyone else is playing and Wilshire to come back, the future looks good. We have real competition for places at the moment with Park, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arshavin and soon to be Mertesacker and Arteta all pushing for a starting spot. We… Read more »


walcott could easily have ended this game with a goal and two assits(RvP and Gerv). His deliveries this time were inch perfect. Hope to see more. When he clicks, he is such a potent weapon.


AR – “Who’s talking of winning the league” ? Wenger was. Like he does EVERY year. Wow, you have a short memory. ” We were very, very close last season.” ( we weren’t ). Then he said we would buy “super, super quality ” ( we didn’t ). So presumably, with this new “stronger” side of ours, ( if you believe him ), we should be ready to go that extra step now, yes ? As you know, it hasn’t worked out that way. For the seventh time. He’s a master of spin, and you fall for his misleading statements… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Just enjoy the fucking win mate it’s not regular that we score 5 against chelski away from home and terry makes a fucking arse of himself


Ah, so the trolls go by the pseudonym Spectrum nowadays,is it.

the only sam is nelson

Spectrum, you’re full of shit mate before you were an arsenal fan (depending on how old you are you’d have been a liverpool or forest fan in the 70s and 80s, a ManUre fan in the 90s) you’ll probably not remember how many points behid we were in march 1998 before winning the title then. can’t remember the name of the manager then, but hey, i’m a fucking plastic glory hunter, eh. you stupid prick. of couse we can win the fucking league. it’s unlikely but by no means impossible. what is obvious however is that you don’t want arsenal… Read more »


Haven’t you got anything better to do than come on here to get slagged off, Spectrum? You need to get a hobby. Or find some friends.


Not likely to find any…


There is simply no point to supporting a team if you can take no pleasure in a win like that.
Why watch football at all if the pain of failures (and there will always be failures) outweighs the pleasure of victory.
Everybody will stumble this season, and every time they do, there will be “fans” who demand instant correction, and they always know exactly what the answer is. Just sit back and enjoy when you can!

lord wenger

spectrum,u r a shit of a person.how many teams do u tink wld win d league cum may?only one my friend.so go f*** ur sorry arse elsewhere.


Has everyone forgotten that John Terry is not only a wife-cheating racist,but also the son of a drug dealer & a shoplifter?Apart from these minor faults I’m sure he’s a fine human being,and not in any way shape or form a cunt.

[…] it ended 5-3 to the Arsenal. After the match, Arsene says that the win was good, as it helped us clipped 3 points off CL spot contenders, and also gave us a good boost in confidence. You have to agree, and even […]

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