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Wilshere: I love The Arsenal

While he sits at home resting his recently operated upon ankle and looking after the newest addition to the Arsenal youth team, Jack Wilshere has given Arsenal fans something of a boost by saying he’s happy at the club and that his focus is making sure he wins things with us.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he said, “No disrespect to Manchester City but Arsenal is the perfect home for me right now. I really am happy at Arsenal at the minute. Obviously, I want to win things and I want to do it with Arsenal.

“Some players have got their price but, to be honest, that’s not the way I look at the game. All I think about is playing at the highest level and in the top competitions so I can measure myself against the best in the world”.

And although he believes Arsenal get a harder time in the press than other clubs, he says it’s down to the players and the manager to put things right – and he’s also backed under-fire boss Arsene Wenger.

“We do get a harder time from the critics than most teams but we haven’t won anything for six years and that’s not good enough for Arsenal. It is harsh, though, especially on the boss.

“He has been there for 15 years and been great for Arsenal. The criticism Arsene gets is just a joke. We started a bit slowly but we still feel we can finish in the top four.”

Despite the fairly rotten start to the season, Arsenal are only four points off their total after this many games of last season, when we finished in fourth with a 6 point gap over the wanky Tottenham Hotspur.

It’s grim right now but all is not lost.

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“Some players have got their price but, to be honest, that’s not the way I look at the game”



All is never lost. Up the arsenal.

P.S. Wilshere you legend.


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Northampton History

Great to hear this from Jack but unfortunately its just the sort of thing footballers do say. Clichy said he wasn’t interested in the money and off he went. Of course they all want to win stuff – Jack is no different – the challenge for AW and the board is to build a new team around Jack to ensure that he realises his dreams at the Arsenal. After all a failure to do that is why we lost Cesc and why we might lose RVP


I was very happy to see Clichy leave, i thought he was rubbish. Denilson as well. Clichy wont be playing more than this season and then he will be a regular in carling cup or on the bench. I was happy to see Denilson go and extremely happy to see Traore go. I thought it was sad to se Fab go, but what can you do, he wanted to go. Nasri, I cant be sad to see a twofaced-cunt like him go. Fact is we need at least 4 more players of wilshire caliber to compete and im not sure… Read more »


Crazy isn’t it. We’ve spent £60M this summer and we’re still short of quality.


€60M not £60M….


Let’s not ignore the caveats of ‘right now’ and ‘at the minute’. We’ve got to build a team around him capable of challenging for honours. Let’s not repeat the Fabregas mistake again, though we’ll always have a better chance of holding on to Wilshire of course as he’s not hankering after mummy’s cooking in Catalonia.

O'nxt Arse

Just the way I saw it. Those caveat caught my attention too. Hope Arsene builds a strong team around him to make ‘right now’ become ‘for life’

Would also love to witness 36yrs J.Wilshere playing alongside 16yrs old A.Wilshere.

Up the Arse!


Fucking top man Jack! Great to hear such an attitude from the young man and you can just tell he means every word. And let the black & white photo be a reminder to the wanky tottenham hotspur of when they last won the league….


And not even one mention of the catalonian cunts.



“… All I think about is playing at the highest level and in the top competitions so I can measure myself against the best in the world” Now if that’s not pressure on the board to buy players good enough to beat shit teams like Blackburn, Spuds and co… and ENSURE we stay in the Champs League, I don’t know what is. No matter what you think of $amir and his ilk, look at our respective league positions. He went for Cash, but could win the league too. (CUNT). This summers business was a joke. Not so much in the… Read more »

Alpha t

Future captain, no doubt about that, unless Sczc gets in his way Lol

Ironically, although it gives us fans and the club a lil boost in morale! I think a Rooney esque statement(club need to show ambition or im off) would have made more impact to the board & manager!

Although saying that i doubt they’ll have any issue’s cashing in on Jack.

Master Bates

You’ve been playing too much FIFA12


Haha, ok you caught me out! But I stand by my point.

€60Million spent this summer to patch holes already existing before the departure of a couple of our best players. We still need reinforcements.

Makes you wonder what would have happened if we spent that kind of cash a few summers ago…


What’ve YOU been doing? 😉

Naija Gunner


I do hope he doesn’t get fed with those stingy board’s attitude, towards buying quality players and at right time too.


“It’s grim right now but all is not lost”.

I’ll be damned if it ever were!


in fairness we’ve been beaten by utd, spurs and liverpool so far. even at our pomp these games were always close. after this final interlul the team can get settled back into a decent long run of games. then we can judge them, not now.
ps i know blackburn was a disaster


Jack is a legend but Why the “No disrespect to Manchester City” comment? What the fuck have they got to do with anything? Not been tapping him up have they? Nasri could be an even bigger cunt than we realise…..


great stuff jack


Your ballbags are done with,it’s over for you live with it dickheads 🙂


Fuck off back to the swamp you tottenham cunt

Jermaine Pedant

You wrote that from a zoo, right?


It’s quite cute how you spend your time here, a blog made in honour of Arsenal, when no Arsenal fan would be seen dead visiting a site about the Spuds.


I didnt know the Sp*ds had a blog…they cant read and write, how can then…


Do Rottenham Shitspurs have a website?


My God, Whats that smell, oh right infiltrators in the camp! Fuck right off back to your swamp Cunt.

You’ve got to love our Jack (in a manly way), well said youngster, now I hope the club can and will match his ambitions!

Pele of Romford

No matter what those cunts ever achieve they will only ever live in our shadow. Thats their fucking DNA. They only exist as our rivals they are relevant no where else. They’re so upset about sol but that put them in the news. Honestly, I cant read or look at anything to do with that shithole. So it begs the question if u hate us why would they come on our site? Answer: Coz even in their couple of weeks above us, AFC’s failure is more important than that joke of a club’s little irrelevant couple of weeks above us.… Read more »


We are The Arsenal


It’s nice to hear these comments by Jack, but we all know that if our club continues to slide then he and our other remaining quality players will be off.

Unless we get rid off Wenger and the greedy American parasite then our club will be totally fucked – and no decent players will want to join us.

Jim Deen

I’m all for constructive criticism of the club, the manager, the players, etc. But come on, greedy American parasite? Really?

The only way our club will be totally fucked is if every supporter shared your outlook.


What the fuck has Kronke done for us since he took over? We are in the middle of a crisis and the one thing he should have done by now is to give Wenger his P45. Has he? No. And did he even ordered a huge spending spree in the summer to bring in the talent that we desperately needed? No. So why the fuck did he buy those controlling share in Arsenal? Simple: because he saw how much money we were making. As long as our ‘prudent’ manager is buying cheaply and selling high, the Yank is happy. Kronke… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You really are angry that Kroenke didn’t turn out to be a sugar daddy, aren’t you.

Glory cannot be gained by the footballing equivalent of selling your daughter to a stranger with a big wad of cash and a forked tongue.


Then what the fuck did Chelski do? And what are Man City doing right now? They will finish top three because they have spent the money. We won’t even be in the Thursday night club next season.

Midfield Corporal

Arsenal 13 League Titles-the Scum 2. They’ve never been our rivals, just our neighbours.

Clive Bullen

50 years and counting….

Jim Deen

I love this lad. He bleeds Arsenal red. When he makes his return, I hope the Emirates erupts like never before – irrespective of where we are in the league. Let’s welcome him back like the hero that he is.

Gillespie Road

Well said Jack. Always remember – form is temporary, class is permanent. Man City can buy our players, and probably buy the Premiership, but they can never, ever buy the class that is The Arsenal. (Those who chanted at Adebayor would do well to remember this.)

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