Friday, December 1, 2023

Arsene wants fans to channel Erasure hit

Arsene Wenger, knowing full well it will make little difference, has called on Arsenal fans not to abuse Samir Nasri should the French midfielder feature for Manchester City in tomorrow night’s Carling Cup showdown at the Emirates.

While City teammates Kolo Toure and Gael Clichy can expect warm welcomes after long stints in N5, compatriot Nasri will no doubt be readying himself for the same feisty treatment which angry Gooners dished out to Ashley Cole, Nicolas Anelka and Emmanuel Adebayor on their respective returns.

Speaking on the issue, Arsene reiterated his tried and tested line about respect. “You want to respect our players who have played for us,” he said. “That’s what we expect. It’s always more important to support our players rather than be negative against the players of Man City. What is important is that we are united to win the game.

“Also, in the Carling Cup we have different people who are very young,” added the boss. “It’s an occasion where we make the prices very cheap for young people and you feel there is happiness to be there on the night. Hopefully we can keep them happy.”

Arseblog News doesn’t really feel it’s in a position to preach a message of peace and goodwill, but suggests that if Arsene wants us to focus on backing the team, then perhaps that is where energy from the terraces should be directed.

While we know all too well that we too, if headhunted, would probably jump at the chance to double our salaries whilst doing haif as much work, the fact remains that football’s tribalism rules out rationality in such cases.

And if you can’t discover a little something to make you sweeter, treat him like a pantomime villain because that’s as much as he deserves. We’ve moved on, he’s moved on and in the grand scheme of things he doesn’t matter one bit to us anymore.

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That Nasri’s a cunt, isn’t he?


I know he’s a cunt and all but I actually miss having him on the pitch. He was so stupid to leave. Everything that people predicted would happen has happened: Arsenal have well and truly moved on to new exciting midfielders, he is fading away at City, and he is utterly despised by us gooners. Hope it was worth it. I personally wouldn’t boo him, but I certainly wouldn’t discourage others from doing it.


He tried to discover a little something to make him richer, oh Arsenal refrained from breaking the bank…..


Nasri = Lesbian


Is that really the best you can do?


So Liza Minnelli, Michael Mcintyre and a fucking ugly asian girl got together and produced a cunt?


Agree with Nasri being a cunt. But you don’t have to be racist.

Rickard M C S

Not sure he’s said that all Asian girls are fucking ugly or that she’s ugly because she’s asian..


There was nothing racist there buddy dont be so sensitive!


How can be calling a asian girl ugly be considered racist now days? I never said they all where. What do you want me to say, Nasri has asian eyes I am hardly going to call him a ugly african.


@SmokingGunner, loathe as I am to be ‘Mr Factual’ during a good old tongue lashing but Nasri being of Algerian decent would in truth be more appropriately referred to as an “ugly African.”

That is if one were inclined to make fun of the looks of another man, for whatever reason strictly heterosexual reason. I am sure that irony didn’t escape your defense. Nor the irony of the inherent racism in assuming everyone on the vast continent of Africa is black…

Carry on then!


No-one is able to tell fans how to behave. All it takes is one to start the avalanche.


Even though Arsenal have good fans they are not that passionate since they moved from Highbury. City fans are really passionate. When Arsenal played against City, the crowd was amazing. That’s what I wanted.


Just kidding. I just took the money and ran.


yes he is a cunt (nasri) but i cant completely disgaree with what he says about the fans…our fans are only passionate when they boo wenger or moan about a bad result….its sad really…no drums no flares no flags no choreos no synchronised chanting no schizophrenia on the terraces im afarid….too many posh people with posh arsenal scarves…tourists….


While no doubt improving his retirement fund a great deal, Nasri may have risked destroying the chance he had to become a legend in the football world.
Time will tell, but as you said, we’ve all moved on.


I agree.

The problem with transfers to Man City are that while you have a substantial wage increase for 5 or so years, unless your performances are exceptional and you are firing on all cylinders (Aguero, Yaya, Kompany) AND you are towing the company line (unlike Tevez), you are just bench/loan fodder.

Case in point Adebayor, does not fit in and is too expensive to unload. Will be loaned out until his contract ends. Hopefully his shop window performances at Tottenham will pay off but you never know. Moving for temporary money is a big gamble.


Love ya arsene your the best manager that has ever been no one could do what you have done with this club on your budget not even fergie but nope it ain’t gonna happen the little arse wipe deserves some abuse just for looking strange let alone shitting on the arsenal am not going due to work but hope its a no holds barred abuse. At the very least it will add to the terrible atmosphere at the grove that seems to be even worse than normal of


Never again use the word “arse” when describing that ugly little cretin!


Best bet would be to ignore him. Just give him the attention he deserves which is nothing.

Eric Irish gunner

Spot on, let him no he’s not important to us fuck him


I don’t see a problem giving him some lip since he’s not wearing the shirt anymore. It was when fans were deriding him during games when he was an Arsenal player that was ridiculous.

He’s a grown man; if he can’t handle angry chants and insults from other fans, he should stop wearing colorful underwear or something… I don’t know.


Aren’t we forgetting about Clichingchy also?


Clichy’s move was quiet and respectful. I have no issues with him.

The invincible arse

Fact is that if Clichy was important to Arsenal and fans really wanted him to stay, we would be talking about booing him also.


Cesc Fabregas was important. I doubt anyone will boo him. Thierry Henry still had a part to play when he left (evidenced by winning CL with Barca and scoring goals), no boos. Kolo Toure could have been considered important, no boos. Clichy, although he was a kind of hypocrite by stating that only players looking for money go to City (though they are serious title contenders now it seems), he was respectful the whole time and never said a bad word about anything. In comparison Adebayor “AC MILAN IS SUCH A GREAT CLUB” *kisses Arsenal badge* “YOU KNOW WHAT LETS… Read more »


It will be harder to abuse him when he’s warming their bench.

It’s just one of these things that happens in the game. Players should expect stick from their former club if they leave on bad terms.


Back the team, but also let Nasri know how much of a cunt he is.


Jon Hume

He’s not going to get a game, so won’t make a difference. Appreciate the sentiment though about the young fans going to the game, have fun and play nice everyone who is going.


“Arsenal have good fans but not that passionate since they moved from Highbury. City fans are really passionate. When we played against City, the crowd was amazing. That’s what I want.”

You cant make comments like that and not expect a lot of stick, even if he dig try to back track from it. Showing respect to your old club is by keeping your mouth shut when you leave and not making shitty little comments like that.


Thing about that comment is that he NEVER fucking played at Highbury.


Just puts more emphasis on the fact he was being a pathetic little wanker about it.


Always wanted to see K. D. Lang but alas I can’t make the trip.


I hear she’s playing a few solo gigs at some venue called Eastlands….it’s somewhere near Stockport, I think….


Re: Clichy, he may not have been everyone’s favorite player towards the end of his Arsenal career but he was a servant during his time here. Publicly quashed the Real Madrid speculation when it was false, and quietly left when the City rumors were true. A good player that I will continue to respect.


I understand players moving from one club to another big club(ARSENAL) to improve but that wasnt the case wid dis cunt. One thing players should understand when they have settled in a club and finally start improving their game getting a nice reputation why d hell you want to change tat its not just you its the other team players who have understand what kinda runs u are gonna make what are you good at. Unless you are a damn ignorant fool like nasri..


G-yeah…wat dat gangsta sed in txt speek…..


nasri is a buck toothed short arse cunt,. but remember who the real villain is here, Darren dein, now he is truly a monumental king of the cunts. the fucking cunt.


Tune of ‘What is love’

Oh, we all know why you’re not here
We gave you our love, but you didn’t care
So how much are, you getting paid?
Can I borrow a fiver?

Sitting on the bench,
Not playing, no more
Sitting on the bench,
Not playing, no more

Whoa whoa oh-oh wanker
Whoa oh-oh wanker


what is love from the legendary haddaway? …oh my god what an era…ace of base and scatman


Well, we wouldn’t be singing Haddaway’s ballad “I Miss You” to that tawdry Marseillle spiv, would we?

Brian wallace

Don’t worry, I’ve made a small lesbian looking nasri doll and will be pushing needles into it’s lady regions during the game. Pure voodoo shit


I’m very pleased that tickets are cheaper for Carling Cup games. Those youngsters need to start learning how to dish out vitriol from as young an age as possible.


Another reason to hate him for betraying the taste of one of the best manager in the world who made cunts like him world beaters,idols for so many.surely ARSENE will continue to develop nuture youngsters but he will have his doubts.
Hope u get frimponged.


Nasri is a an avaricious midget for all I care. Pour cyanide on him!


Arsene & Arseblog have chosen our new team song!!! I think it would be a good singalong song before the game to lift the crowd


Nasri is a cunt.

but i don’t care where he is now. We’ve got cash from his departure and hope (as always) we can reinvest and gain from that. Anelka same. Adebayor same. All greedy ambitious asses that contributed the club while playing for it (sort of) and then contributed with cash.

Hope Nasri is booed, hope Clichy gets a little bit of applause, but not too much (if he is play) and Toure …. little clap is ok, but not too much. Not his first return v.s Arsenal.

Nasri is a cunt.


Who’s this nasri chap you’re all talking about. Never heard of him.


Le Boss is a very wise man. Reminding us we have a player like Nasri coming may be his way of telling us to prepare for baragging. Wise boss.


Vince Clark in the Erasure vid looks spookily like our esteemed Pole in goal!


Nasri is a poop head, and that’s about it really. In Gervinho I think we’ve found a player who makes us more direct than Nasri ever was (and if the Ivorian can find his shooting boots, he’ll easily eclipse Nasri’s scoring record for us). I really don’t think the team needed Nasri like we needed someone like Gervinho. The problem for several years has been our ability to work the ball up field with pace. Nasri was a crab. Mind you, I’m enjoying him playing second fiddle to David Silva, who is a much, much better player than Nasri ever… Read more »


he is a crab

The invincible arse

Forehead is way better than poop head.


I torn off the N-A-S-R-I off my #8 shirt. Women now swoon when I don the 8.


Nice bit News, your comment about rational thinking was definitely true which is a real shame.

Anyone person who says they wouldn’t do the same is a liar. The only time I think there is an exception is if there is some emotional tie. Nasri never had that so for him he was a man doing a job.


Would love for le boss to unleash frimpong on na$ri tomorrow night. Man mark him and rough him up a bit, get him wishing he was back in his place.. The man city bench

George Blazenby

“You’re back, in their reserves,
Playing our reserves,
Na na na na Nasri,
You’re playing our reserves”


I’m sorry in advance to all children attending the game, but I cannot. I repeat, I cannot, leave that twat (cunt) alone. I pay good money and I expect to be able to enjoy the pain he will go through Tommorrow. I just hope that enough people have got there sarcastic minds on. Cunt! Never forgotton


Like I’ve said before, I don’t understand all this Nasri hatred. He never claimed to be an Arsenal fan or professed any great loyalty for our club. He got a chance to move and massively increase his salary, and he took it. He was an above-average player but never a superstar (hence the time he has spent warming the City bench) so we didn’t lose much went he left. And we made a nice bit of money out of him. I am going to the game tomorrow and I certainly won’t be booing him if he plays. Arsenal Football Club… Read more »


The only thing I will remember about him will be the two goals he got against united his first season. That was huge. The rest was nothing to write home about. I truly don’t care about him. If gervinho can pull his giant fivehead out of his arse in front of goal and get a few, he’ll be a better player for us anyhow.


All I can remember about him is a few goals and the annoying habit he had of wearing poncey gloves and a roll-neck.


yes ok i know what you mean..its not like he grew up an arsenal fan like say ashley cole…but just for the disrespect him and clichy and cesc have shown to wenger by abandoning him after the time and effort arsene had invested in them, they deserve to go through what figo went through when he entered the camp nou as a madrid player. and dont give me the cr@p about cesc going to his boyhood club….he should first win things with arsenal and then consider any return to his barcelona…and even though im a mourinho hater i hope he… Read more »


Wenger is partly to blame for the exodus of top players from the club in the last two seasons. Three years ago we had a squad of players which was on the verge of winning a Premier League title and possibly even a Champions’ League. The problem was that we lacked three key players: a top-quality goalkeeper, a commanding centre-half and a decent second striker. The logical thing to do at that point was to just go out there and get them – and if it took 20 or 30 million quid then so be it. But Wenger and the… Read more »

Oleg Luzhny

But he could have become so much more here. He would have been a vital cog here, now he is a spare part at City. Money is one thing, but wouldn’t you rather be playing at the end of the day?

Hence, he is a cunt.


Let’s be honest, it was a fuckload of money. And for once, wenger actually replaced the guy who left ( gervinho). Nasri wasn’t that great anyhow. Dribbling in circles aside.


Nasri is a prick. Is that ok to call him that, as I am pretty bored of the misogynistic and homophobic vein of most of the insults above?
Maybe Arses could even try the terms cock, dickhead, scrotum, bell end or, one of my personal favourites, dick wipe. Insulting someone by calling them a lesbian should have have no place in the Arses, leave that sort of talk to The president of FIFA. I am more than happy with the occasional use of cunt, but I think we can all try harder to broaden our use of genital related insults.


Haha pussy.

Eric Irish gunner

Piss flap



Let’s face it, as well as being a cunt Nasri is a big bollocks.

Sneaky Fucking Russian

not sure about you all, but if i was at the emirates stadium i would certainly let Na$ri the cunt know just how much he is “respected” at the emirates.

Kolo Toure, on the other hand, stand up and applaud the man who should of rightly deserved and been given the armband over cesc.


Show Nasrat some respect? Unfortunately, I’m 8,000 miles away so I can’t do that. But I suspect he won’t play so you folks who have tickets won’t get an opportunity for the famous chant.


cut the crap those trying to tell people to shut up(pretance)…he is surely a fucking twat.if i where present he could have heard is worst

The Noise

Since when does giving an opposition player some stick constitute ‘not getting behind your team’?

Yet more PC bollocks sifting into Football! Bore off!

The invincible arse

Didnt he want to win Bellend’Or ?

Merlin's Panini



well, never heard of anyone who won the best footballer from the bench. Waiting to see how he’ll pull that one off.

La Gooner

No can do baby doll !
we will trash that cunt, sorry Arsene, no way.

Nigel Rickards

The little knob jockey deserves to get stick from all the arses, He was never great and sitting on the bench he never will be now.

He’s shown where loyalties lay and thats filling his pockets. I hope he gets booed from the front row up to the back…………..thats if he even plays of course..


I’m going tonight as usual, sitting front row, and I intend on shouting as much abuse as possible at that cunt Nasri. And I’m pretty sure that the majority of people who usually sit around me will do the same. The guys a lesbian faced, money grabbing little prick who deserves what he gets tonight. Does Wenger think that we as fans are going to sit back and clap him onto the pitch?? Same goes with Clichy if I’m honest, he won’t get both barrells, but I won’t be clapping him either. Both of them went to City for more… Read more »


hehe well said james..and while youre at it ..spit whichever of them two little cunts in the face when they come near for a throw in …..i doubt they;re men enough to do a cantona…

Pat Onaji

Cuntish Samir, whether on the pitch or in his rightful place, the bench, should get some reminder of the type of dirty cunt he is. Im thousands of miles away but I will be watching.

david seago

as much as i would have liked to kept Samir, i think it is looking like another good bit of business, all things considered from Wenger. £22m for a player in the final year of his contract is a great deal, especially as we’ve replaced with Gervinho who is more suited to our direct style and who is having more and more of an impact with every game (hopefully his finishing will improve). If people abuse him, then well, it happens, but lets not make that the loudest noise in the ground, lets save that for our supporting our own… Read more »

Naija Gunner

The chant for tonight game would be “nasri is a crap cunt” how’s that people?


I think Roberto Mancini is actually a woman!
Everyone else I know who spends that much time with their cunt on a bench is…..


Just get some perspective. We got shed loads of money for someone who didn’t want to be there( Arteta, Gervinho, Santos all bought with that money). Personally, I couldn’t care less what Nasri does now. As fans we should just be bothered about what the guys in red do. Let’s hope the young players that come in tonight show the pride and commitment that genuine Arsenal players have.

Come On You Mighty Gooners !!!!

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