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Arshavin gives Russian interview, says stuff

Andrei Arshavin has given an interview in Russia in which he complains that very often his words are taken out of context by the English press. They take snippets of interviews in Russian, translate them badly, and after a couple of re-writes a Chinese whispers effect means his words are twisted beyond all recognition.

Well, we at Arseblog News want to help Andrei set the record straight. Not for us any manipulation of his words, no mangling of the language, no using a word to make it sound like he said something he didn’t.

Our Russian department has been on the case and here are some selected questions and answers from the piece.

In the “Arsenal” Wenger once you identified on the left flank. In your opinion, nothing agreed to play in the wrong place?

In principle I am in the “Zenith” came out on the left. And I, too, Wenger said: “Play, where you want.” Therefore we can not say that I am confined to the left flank. Although the “Arsenal”, I agree that acting on the edge anymore. And in a match with “Olympiakos”, for example, the second time at all actually played left back. It all depends on the circuit. “Arsenal” still prefers the 4-5-1 and not 4-3-3.

After the match, with the “Bolton”, where you scored and gave the scoring pass, Wenger said he plans to use you in the position “under the striker.” True, since the field was not released. Do you have an explanation?


Everybody says that Wenger’s own, not anyone’s game similar philosophy …

It’s true. Let’s go out sometimes on the field and know: how much you played in the 70th minute, you will still be replaced. And sometimes you sit on a bench in full confidence that the 65th just come out.

You are friends with Nasri and Clichy. Expected that both tempted by the offer, “Manchester City”?

Clichy went on quietly. Before the transfer window about any conversations were not. Samira, I pleaded to the last day of stay, “Please, stay with us …”

Fabregas also discouraged?

No, Cesc I knew. Man must play in the team for which he was born.

Pavlyuchenko in all their troubles blamed Redknapp. You have to blame someone that does not appear in the starting lineup?

No. Just at the moment Wenger has more faith in Walcott and Zhervinyu.

Van Persie – a good captain? And what do you mean by this notion, given that the team and themselves wearing a bandage?

Captains are different. But, first, of those who are now in the “Arsenal”, he spent more than all the matches. Secondly, it has a wholly support for Wenger. Third, he was vice-captain in Cesc. Therefore, another captain simply could not be. He leads us.

What does it mean – “leads”?

I hope for something.

Which is better – all the time to play “Zenith” or sit on a bench in the “Arsenal”?


Recently, the second time you passed the exam on the British driver’s license. It’s really so hard?

It is not easy. By the way, tell me: is it possible that in Russia the famous football player did not get the right once? While I was taking the exam in Russia in all seriousness. But in England all the more difficult. The first time I is not seen a woman have been collected to set foot on a pedestrian crossing. And on the tenth minute – and then we went for another half hour and full voltage – you feel sort of monkey behind the wheel. We immediately sent the error would be, but now have chosen all the required 40 minutes. “Joke” was still in the fact that I always recall with irony about the women behind the wheel, and an instructor, I just had a woman.

The second ever carefully prepared?

When he came to take a second time, the instructor said that his Russian girlfriend. I immediately realized that my chances have increased dramatically! (Laughs)

British “traffic cops” ever stop, breathe into a tube made?

Breathe – no, but was stopped four times, mostly for talking on the phone. Once again turned the wrong way. I was standing at the traffic lights – and I do not see what’s behind the police car. And how do I play football? The arrow just to the left, and I – right. Braked. “What the – ask, – the sign can not see?” – “Well, yes – I say – I do not see.”


Never fined. Limited to oral reprimand, and was discharged one day something like a warning.

In England there are players like you or extensively with his Twitter?

 “Twitter,” many – the same Wilshere does it almost every waking moment.

I do not mean just fertility, and the extraordinary ability to write and tell the truth, the uterus, which is especially appreciated by journalists?

Frankly speaking, interview English players does not learn – often lurking on the diagonal. Perhaps someone more like journalists, some are less, but I do not watch for it.

So there you have it. I think it’s fair to say that nobody could misconstrue anything that Andrei is saying after that precise and exacting translation, from the original Russian article.

And who amongst us could argue that English players need to do less lurking on the diagonal of their fertile uterus?

None of us, that’s who.

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Zhervinyu’s been great this year.

Merlin's Panini

haha, I was about to write something very similar after I just finished reading that, but you beat me to it!
That’s gold.


WTF??!! I laughed so hard my ribs hurt 😀 – “Zhervinyu”


I don’t even…I just can’t…how do I…fuck.


Wake me up for the Norwich trip..

Aus goon

Is this the real interview or wtf have I just read?

Goon Mate

His words would have been “taken out of context” and “twisted beyond regognition” if it were anyother way.. Hehehe 😀




So can Arshavin. The interview was in Russian, Blogs used an Internet translator to render a portion of it (it’s a really long interview) into English. Hence the hilarity, because Internet translators of Russian are bad.


I can’t believe that there exist people so stupid, thinking that those are real words, and that russian player talks to russian site using that “broken English”.


lol. This barely makes sense. Finally something funny to light-up this dark interlull.
Btw, I wouldn’t mind reading a less ‘Russian’ version.


that shit gave me a headache!
But i understood every single word, i think!!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

1) Drink three pints.
2) Read it again

The headache won’t happen, and you will be certain to understand every word.

Pele of Romford

I was in Germany on the weekend gone past and watched borussia, and a player called marco reus. He is mustard. Just what we need I thought, then I come back and here old rowley was there to watch him?? Anyway arsh, rosicky, chamakh, are gonna have to do one soon. Although arsene is nice to players, we’ve got to compete. So if the meerkat is saying this, then happy days. Next year, Joel Campbell, myaichi (who I’m not sure about) and hopefully this fella will be coming through so time to move on for the older lot. Anyway ze… Read more »


Rossi been alright when he’s played this year. Always given Arsene good controll of the bench. Good for keeping the ball and taking the sting out of games. Chamakh, oh well, he’s even got two great songs, what kind of a player gives up when they’ve got two great songs to play for. We probably should have overcharged dem Russians for Arshavin a while ago. All that, we want him back stuff, tell you what, if they’d offered 10, I reckon the club would have bitten their hands off. I’d like it if we got Reus, lad looks class. Unfortunatley… Read more »


Agree about German talent…look up Annette Schwarz….

Ejiofor Ogbodo

“I do not mean just fertility, and the extraordinary ability to write and tell the truth, the uterus, which is especially appreciated by journalists?” I laughed so hard my colleagues stared weirdly at me…


The original Russian is almost as weird–it’s somewhat of a non-sequitor by the journalist (he’s talking generally about how Twitter is a medium that allows players to post things that are truer than those statements going through a club’s PR branch first), but then Arshavin responds about he doesn’t read the newspapers in England so he has no idea which players the English journalists have a bias towards. Also a non-sequitor. Nothing about uteri in there though…


So did he run over a woman during his driving test ?


As a journalist, I can confirm that we do indeed particularly appreciate the uterus.


As a sales operative in the timber industry I can confirm we too fully appreciate the uterus.


Genius. There’s no point trying to think up a witty comment to make. Let the article itself stand alone in it’s glory.

Merlin's Panini

“And on the tenth minute – and then we went for another half hour and full voltage – you feel sort of monkey behind the wheel.”

urgh, I feel a bit monkey. I’ll have to pull over.


Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.


Surely it must be a Google translator. Could have given this task to somebody who knows Russian. For example, to me 🙂

Merlin's Panini

no one’s stopping you


you’ve got the link to the russian version man. Get going: the job is all yours!

Black Matta

This is the greatest thing on the internet.


This beats all the “andrei arshavin conducts the greatest q&a” seasons by a mile. Well done blogs.
And did he openly say ‘i just had a woman’ in public or blogs added it just to turn my uterus on a diagonal laugh?


Please make a regular go at word for word translations? Not only is it very amusing it’s actually interesting to get the real context, albeit a little difficult to read. I’m sure in the long run it will be very benificial.


Well, to start with, you could take some English text (let’s say, Wilshere interview), push it through Google Translate, make German first, then French, then back to English. You will be very amused, I hope.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No you won’t! He’d sound just like John Terry does without any translations.


Hey blogs,

Will the hardcover version of the book be available for purchase online? Due to my Americancollegestudent-ness, I’m unable to attend the launch.


So did he kill the first woman? I am confused. We WANT ANSWERS, BLOGS! ANSWERS!


When he came to take a second time, the instructor said that his Russian girlfriend. I immediately realized that my chances have increased dramatically!

brilliant, just brilliant..big up blogs!!


“The arrow just to the left, and I – right.”
toll language. cant stop laughing.
never will.


LOL! Fantastic piece! This coupled with his Q&A make for some hilarious reading material! He’s doing better than Eboue as the joker for now! 🙂

He also pleaded with ‘Samira’ to stay? And the cunt still left for the money…


more please.


The only thing the Russian boy left out was details of the Rosicky abduction plan….


“Limited to oral reprimand”….I might try that one with the next fat aggro Aussie cop who starts off at the mouth….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

A warning and a discharge from the Victorian Police is VERY different to what Arshavin got in London.


’twas a joke, fella….but trust me when I say that Footscray police don’t prick about with niceties….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, I got that it was a joke. Then I made one. We have the rest of these folks rolling in the aisles.


Arf indeed. We’re either light years ahead or behind, I really don’t know which it is though…


This reeks of google translate the words said here make no sense in Russian. I’m fluent in both.languages. The “Russian” dept has cut out for it. The Wenger one just cracked me up


What a man feels, whose team plays “Chelsea” with a score of 5-3, and he sits on the bench?

– That game at least it was fun to watch. And when the score 3-0, you let out 10 minutes prior to the end and you just want to play myself because everyone else already see out … Not the most pleasant sensations.

using google translate from the original link…..his move away looks inevitable.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Use it a second time and he’s moving back from Zenit to Arsenal. he’s a busy fellow 🙂

[…] and, well, as you’ll have guessed there isn’t a great deal going on. Andrei Arshavin gave an interview in Russian yesterday and said various things about his situation at Arsenal. Some of the things he said […]


what kind of language is that??? wanna publish something publish it professionally.

This sucks…


It meant to be some kind of moron humour, I guess. “Haha, very funny, look at that stupid Russian, I’ve put him into Google Translate, hahaha. ”

Something like that.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, it is meant to be a humorous take on the atrocious and deliberate mangling that the British press gives to any interview given in any foreign language (in order to create controversy where little or none existed or make points that fit their own twisted agenda and weren’t made in the original interview). It is not belittling Russians or Arshavin. I am proud that the British (and Irish) can laugh at themselves (not completely sure about the Welsh, they seem a rather sensible lot on the whole), but I am saddened that many non-British people cannot grasp the concept… Read more »


You’re right about the Aussies getting it…after all, we’ve been enjoying gallows humour at (literally) our own expense since 1788…


hahahahaha i could only read half of the interview

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No problem, I read the other half for you and it was funny too.


One off. Get a sense of humour. It is clearly mocking google translate. Get that chip off your shoulder. If you are so itching to be offended by something, piss off to spurs.


And critic, how ironic is it that you call the blogger a moron, and then continue to read the blog? Get a life mate.


Give me a shout if you need a proper translation. There were some interesting answers missed by the press completely.

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