Arteta: we can get betta


Mikel Arteta believes there’s still room for improvement after Arsenal’s 3-0 home win against West Brom today. The hunky Spaniard (come on, you know it’s true), scored the third goal to ensure the points, and while he says the things are getting better the team will be pushing to improve even more.

Speaking to the BBC after the game, he talked about the run the team was on, saying, “I think it’s a great run. The thing is we’re catching up so it’s always hard, you can’t make any more mistakes. We’re trying to improve everywhere, I think we’re doing it, and I think there’s space to improve even more so that’s probably the most positive thing.

“We played really well in the first half, scored 2 goals, could have scored more, and kept a good clean sheet and took the points. We’re really pleased because now we have a break and we can enjoy it”.

Arteta’s goal was reminiscent of Arsenal at their flowing best and the former Everton man was delighted to get his first goal at the Grove.

“It’s important because I said earlier in the week I wanted to contribute more to the attacking side. It’s always good to score goals and to score the third and help the team kill the game off, I’m very pleased.”

See the goals in the match report: Arsenal 3-0 West Brom

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The legend continues from Bobby to Fab to Mikel.


*Swoons too*

Pffft, one man team my arse-nal.


Think of how many different goal scorers we’ve had the last few games. And add the different assisters! One man team pffft!

Pele of Romford

We are officially turning the corner.

Jesus calling

On the 6th day God created Arteta, and He said: “It is good!”


we’ve turned the corner better than a young van Persie against Inter

let’s keep this run going lads, the football world is getting brighter every day.


This was at the emirates cup…phenomenal skill.

He’s skilled
hes dutch
he scores with his first touch
he shows no mercy
he robin van persie!

Goon Mate

Thank heavens Arteta won’t be off with those barcemadrid cunts during d interlull.. He’ll have a (much needed) rest. Arsenal!

The Don

Cesc who? We’ve got Arteta now!!!


I’d say Raised is taking on the cesc place. Arteta quality though.


Sorry Ramsey! He’s a good un, thank god he’s come back ok.


Youd thorw him at your sister.

[…] the match, Artetainsisted that we still can improve. We can, and we have to, not in the aspect of scoring goals or defending, but rather in general, […]


The massive – bollocked goal – line block against Olympiacos started my Artetitis, but you can add the steaming finish against Blackburn, the controlled performances under the cosh away at Marseille and Chelsea, and now the finishing touch against West Brom. Top lad.

Dave Gooner

Arteta is one really hard working player. (Actually to be fair, all the new signings are.) Really great to see Mikel get the goal though, and a thing of classical Arsenal beauty it was too – a proper “Arsenal” goal. Brilliant stuff Mikel.

It is great to see this Arsenal team taking shape before our eyes.