Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Gibbs set for hernia surgery

Kieran Gibbs appears to have suffered another injury setback with rumours abounding that the England left-back will undergo surgery this afternoon on a troublesome hernia.

Gibbs last played for the Gunners against Sunderland on October 16th but was forced from the field of play that day with a stomach injury. Despite initially being ruled out for three weeks it appears the player could be sidelined for some time yet.

Wishing his teammate luck via his Twitter account, Jack Wilshere stated:

“Good luck to Gibbo today! Sure you will be fine mate and back in no time! All the boys thinking about you pal!”

Arsenal have yet to confirm Gibbs’ latest setback, but are expected to do so shortly. Andre Santos is expected to continue as cover when the Gunners play Norwich on Saturday.

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Wasn’t Gibbo a puppet from the Simpsons?


Gabbo: I’m a bad little boy.


Fuck about. Poor sod. Get well soon Gibbsy!


who will win the competition of most unlucky player?
Gibbs or RVP?
PS:Diaby does not qualify for this type of competition as he belongs to a class above these players.


Hopefully RVP has had his quota of bad luck and he’ll stay injury free for the rest of his career.

Gibss has such a lot of talent and potential. I hope he recovers well and gets back to full fitness soon.

the only sam is nelson

agree, gibbs looks like he could be the business

best left back since sammy nelson? could be…


Here is how the most common procedure is done.
takes quite a while to recover


just wondering why gibbs would be left for a month with a stomache strain that suddenly turns into a hernia that requires surgery and out for even longer , makes you think with all that has gone on in past injury cases that this is more of the same .I mean wiltshire has an ankle problem that should be a month then they suddenly realise he needs an operation and will be out for five months , diaby the same , surely the medical team and procedures need looking at .If wiltshire had a proper scan straight away they would… Read more »

[…] In other news, Manuel Almunia and Sebastian Squillaci could be on the way out in January, while Kieran Gibbs is set to have hernia surgery which could leave him out for a while. Luckily we have enough strength in the squad to cope without […]

the only sam is nelson

heh, stories derivating from a player’s twitter feed?

surely not

next we’ll have eton boy toff PHW talking to an improbable media outlet such as the daily star

oh, wait


get well soon Gibbs. Let’s hope Andy Two Saints can improve his game and cope over the next month or 2. We do have a fair crop of defenders at the moment, though. We should be ok for cover. Kos or the Verm could move out wide if anything happens to Dos… you never know. Unrelated, but in the Septic-Bladder-is-a-massive-racist-cunt row, FIFA posted a pic of him hugging a black man, “see some of my best mates are black!” kind of thing. But the guys name is amazing; Tokyo Sexwale. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Sexwale Seems like a bit of a legend! Go on… Read more »


“Andy of the Saints,” fyi.


sexwale is a corrupt dickhead. maybe thats why Sepp n him get on so well…

Pele of Romford

Get some protein shakes down gibbo, blessing is santos is the looking like he might be a ledge. Fella is awesome.


Get well soon kieran :'(


Now more than ever I wish the rumours about us buying Vertonghen are true!

Master Bates

we really need him him now not as a CB , but as a LB and defensive Midfielder.

Thomas !! start tapping up your buddy


Wow the luck this guy has! Poor Gibbs I hope he gets well soon and stays fit for a bit. He looked very promising when he was playing.


He probably sneezed and injured himself again….Cheeky bid for Leighton Baines in Jan will be brilliant….cannot see Santos play in that position week-in week-out in PL and CL.


Not again! I was luking 4ward to this guy getting rid of (ca$hley cold) 4m 3 lions. Get well soon!


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Merlin's Panini

amen to that.


Best rule in the history of rules. Cheers


get well soon gibbo, we all hope and pray things go well for you mate 🙂


Santos induces squeaky bum moments a little too often but I guess even that’s entertaining, as long ad he gets away with it… Great personality though and certain to be remembered when he’s gone I say. Hopefully this is Gibbs getting his career quota of misfortune out the way early too. Get well soon matey


jesus christ, sort it out son! how can one player be so injury prone? wish him a swift recovery but theres no way santos has the fitness level required to play week in week out in the PL/CL! cheeky bid for baines in january anybody??

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But playing so regularly he will probably develop the necessary fitness level. If he doesn’t explode some critical part of his anatomy first.

I guess it’s fingers crossed time for both Gibbs and Santos.


Am I the only one that feels that even if he was back in the squad today, he’d have a rough time winning his spot back from Andy the saint anyway. Let’s be honest here, yes Gibbs has shown some potential, and yes he is English , but in my opinion, Andy is the better choice at lb rite now.

Remember, John terry is English too, so being English doesn’t give Gibbs any sort of advantage. I’m talking pure ability today. I would pick Andy over Gibbs.


It’s time to rename him the papermache man, i dont think i’ve every known a player to be so injurie prone. There is no way on earth this guy should be given a new contact until he proves that he can play 3 games in a row, even then we should about it……………..then think again and again. Poor lad had the potenial but i think thats out the window now, his development has been hampered by the continual injuries it’s a shame.

[…] Jenkinson’s injury is the second full back blow coming after Kieran Gibbs needing surgery for a hernia. […]

Melissia Goree

Hernia can be best remedied through surgery. Hernia can be also hereditary and there is not much you can do about it. :;’.:

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