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Park: I’ve got a role to play

Ju Young Park says that he’s got lots to learn at Arsenal but also that he needs make a contribution to the team if it’s to be successful.

The South Korean captain hasn’t yet managed to force his way into the first team reckoning on a regular basis but, speaking to Arsenal Player, he is convinced he’s got a part to play despite his place behind Robin van Persie in the pecking order.

“My goal, first of all, is to play in as many games as possible and to show what I can do,” he said. “That means scoring as many goals as I can and making people happy. I have to prepare well to be able to do this. I just have to do my best in my role.

“For the team to succeed we have to win all the games and for that to happen all the players have to do their job. Only then can it be possible. I think I have to learn more and prepare more to be able to do that and give my best form.”

Although he signed just before the August transfer window closed, Park has yet to make an appearance the Premier League. Clearly the period of adaptation, along with van Persie’s form, has been keeping him out of the team, and Park says he’s been surprised by the commitment of teams in England.

“It is the best league and I do think the football here is very fast. Also the people’s desire to win is much stronger than I had expected.”

He has been scoring regularly on international duty however, almost always against Middle-Eastern teams. Which probably makes him a good bet for a goal in the Carling Cup against Man City.  – hat tip, Toby.

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rob johnson

Can’t fault his attitude and can’t wait to see more of him.

and by the way, ‘…probably makes him a good bet for a goal in the Carling Cup against Man City.’ – is simply a genius line.
Thats why we love arseblog so damn much!!

Sneaky fucking Russian

I hope his name is in the papers for all the right reasons after city. Our team desperately needs that second striker who can contribute. I would rather much give an opportunity to a striker like Carlos vela then chamakh. He genuinely looks afraid to shoot.

Sneaky fucking Russian

Shame we sold dudu aswell… Now there’s a real clinical finisher.


I want Park to succeed so badly. Every performance he looks a bit more comfortable. His goal in the League Cup was class; he clearly has what it takes to be a solid #2 to RVP.


Solid number two! Heehee. Cheque please.


Heh. I’ll grab your coat for you.


His goal in the Carling Cup was pure class, definitely. Reminds me of how Henry takes ’em goals by the damn throat.


‘He has been scoring regularly on
international duty however, almost
always against Middle-Eastern teams.
Which probably makes him a good bet
for a goal in the Carling Cup against
Man City.’
classic! Though man c were a team in Europe. Thanks for the enlightenment.




owned by a guy based in the middle east. hence the nickname Middle Eastlands ….


Hahaha, fail


Good luck to the lad but until the boss decides to go back to 442 no striker other than RVP is gonna get to play 7-8 games on the bounce, bulid some confidence or a partnership. I seriously doubt vela, chamak or parks ability to score the goals we wanna see. And if we do see 442 again we all know it will be RVP & Theo

Goon Mate

Yess! Yesss!! Yesss!!! Signs of real football returning!


Hallefuckinlujah brother.


Fancy he’ll get some minutes & his name on the scoresheet against the mighty canaries. COYG

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

This is the ideal time to rest RVP. He’s had the midweek off and if Park were to play at the weekend then he would get a decent break.

So what I want is a hat-trick for Park in 60 minutes, then substituted by Chamakh to see how many he can score in the last 30 against a floundering opposition.

It might be a big ask, but I want something big to watch after this damned interlull.

Pele of Romford

Interlulls are sooo shit.


Very refreshing stuff from Park and I wish him well. Makes a nice change to hear a striker say they need to learn and work hard. Of course if you’re TGSTEL, you needn’t bother with such trifling concepts…


Shouldn’t it be TGSWEL? There is a difference in English, you know, between animate and inanimate relative pronouns. You British people are ruining the language!


Good point. Now far cough.

(Smiley face thing – no idea how you do those).

Bromley Gooner

What cunt just comes on here to put thumbs down on every comment get to fuck you fucking gobshite! Ps the irony won’t be missed when I get the inevitable thumbs down

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Your comment is winning 10-5. Chill out man. You have overcome a slow start to finally get a winning run going.


Park is saying all the right things, but I’m sorry, he will never make it at Arsenal. He just isn’t good enough. If he hasn’t made it as a top-level striker at his age then he never will.

Cue the slagging-off of Fatgooner, but deep down you know I’m right.

The shame is that right now we desperately need a top second striker to compliment RvP, but rather than bite the bullet and pay the market rate for a goalscorer of proven quality, penny-pincher Wenger wants to do it all on the cheap.

WHEN RvP gets injured, we’re fucked.


Just can’t let go of that misery eh


No – I’m just a horrible realist.


To be fair RVP two years ago was roughly as old as Park is now and you couldn’t say that he was world class at that point. He was a top striker for us and of course still is but at that time I don’t think he was anywhere near being the kind of player he is now. So the thing about not making it at the top level at 26 is a little premature if you ask me. Of course he might end up a total flop like Baptista or he might thrive when Robin isn’t playing if given… Read more »


Like I said, cue the slagging-off of Fatgooner. Here are some positive thoughts: We have some very good underdeveloped players at the club, i.e: Chez: could one day become the best keeper in the world. Wilshere: will probably captain England. Ramsey: will become an all-time Welsh great Fringpong: could become another Vieira. The Ox: Will be great for both Arsenal and England. not to mention Le Coq, Jenkinson and Gibbs. All these guys are young and very talented. If we don’t sell them to Man City then they could be real stars at Ashburton Grove. But the likes of Park… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

absolutely bang on. couldn’t have said it better. realist does not equal pessimist. It’s about having a balanced view. Some people have their heads in the clouds sometimes, and some just can’t give credit when it’s due. We haven’t seen enough of Park to make a concrete judgement on him. His league cup goal was great, we’ve also seen he can create chances for himself. He scores regularly at international level, so there’s no reason why he can’t replicate it. If anyone can bring the best out of a player with raw talent it’s Arsene Wenger. We all know it.… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Fatgooner. How old was Ian Wright when he started professionally? 22. Old for a pro footballer. And only at Palace. He joined Arsenal at 27/28 and became our record scorer.

How old was Didier Drogba when he came to England? 26/27. I hate the guy but you can’t deny he’s been a brilliant striker.

It is possible for players to become late bloomers.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mate, if you didn’t invite people to slag you off in your comment then perhaps they wouldn’t ? I believe that Park can make it at Arsenal. I believe that he has a sense of urgency about making it. He will be going back to S Korea to do his National Service in a couple of years, so if he is going to make it on a big stage then now is the time to do it. I think you’ll see a lot of commitment and hard work from him. I believe commitment and hard work are to be valued… Read more »

jason x

Yet if he was a youngster you would also whinge. Go and support citeh

[…] to share the burden with the captain. Chamakh isn’t that guy at the moment – and while Park says he’s got a part to play he’s yet to play a single minute of Premier League football since his […]


Panini: if you think that Park is or will ever be in the same class as Ian Wright or Drogba then you need your head examined.

He’s a bum.


Now isn’t Panini’s opinion just contrary to what you think is the ‘truth’? So if someone thinks that Park is not capable of being a top player it’s perfectly normal but conversely hoping and believing that he can make it requires a mental examination? Again Henry was not a top level player when he joined us, there were glimpses of his ability that we got but nothing special in the first few months and yet he ended up a legend. Now, of course I am not claiming Park will or won’t do the same- frankly I don’t know what will… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Fatgooner. I’m not saying he will be in the same class as those two. I’m saying we don’t know yet so give the guy a chance. He had some success playing in a crap team in France. 12 goals for a relegated side is pretty good going. So before saying he’s shit and a waste just give the guy a chance!

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